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The Coming of Age of Cassandra Mooney

Chapter 5 - A Whole Bunch of Steps Back

It was 9am sharp, and Cassie's friends arrived at the Mooney residence, excited about the trip to the mega-mall. Cassie's mother had again expressed reservations about Cassie going on the trip, but Cassie stubbornly refused to listen. She had not wet the bed that night, and she had not lost feeling in her leg again. Before Cassie left, however, she emptied her bladder for safe measure. The group was disappointed that Cassie would have to leave early to make Cassie's doctor appointment, but Brian agreed to bring Cassie home in time. So the rest of them could stay and enjoy themselves, they decided to take two cars.

"Melanie, you want to ride with me?" asked Seth.

"Sure. You guys riding with Brian?" Melanie asked, referring to Kelly and Cassie.

Kelly and Cassie both looked at each other knowingly.

Melanie had been eyeing Seth for the past few weeks, dropping hints and being otherwise flirtatious. Seth also had an interest in Melanie, but being shy, was slow to pursue her. It seemed as though Seth had finally decided to make a move.

Cassie got in the front seat with Brian, and Kelly climbed in the back. Brian and Cassie had been officially dating for the past few weeks, but had not been on a date since the previous weekend. Cassie cuddled up to Brian as he led the way to the Mega-mall and Brian put his arm around her.

"I love bench seats," thought Cassie.

The mega-mall was a gigantic mall with three stories.

While it advertised as an outlet mall, experienced shoppers knew that the only time you save money in the mall was when the individual stores had their big sales. Many people came to the mall simply to enjoy its many special attractions. Along with an amazingly fast rollercoaster which weaves its way through the food court, the mall also boasts an Olympic size ice-skating rink, a 3 level arcade, several state of the art virtual reality displays, and a 5 story tall movie theater.

The group decided to let the girls get some of their shopping out of the way. Then they would bring their purchases back to the car, and head for the rollercoaster and the food court. After that, Cassie and Brian would leave, and Kelly, Melanie, and Seth would continue enjoying the mall. Before they started shopping Cassie headed for the restroom.

"Didn't you go just before we left?" asked Brian.

"Yeah, but I've got to go again," answered Cassie.

This was not the entire truth. Cassie felt no need to go to the restroom, but knew that if she did not keep her bladder empty, she might have another accident like she had in Math class the previous day. She was sure she could manage.

It did not take long after Cassie's quick visit to the bathroom for the girls to find themselves blissfully shopping in stores with 50% off sales! The girls found great new shoes and outfits, bags and phone accessories, jewelry and lingerie. The men busied themselves in electronics and sporting stores. Soon, the crew met up, everyone carrying bags as evidence of the holes in their pockets.

To be on the safe side, Cassie had made several trips to the restrooms while shopping, but decided to make another trip. Kelly decided to come with her.

"You sure have been going to the bathroom a lot today, Cass. Everything alright?" Cassie really didn't want to have the conversation she knew was coming, but could see no way around it.

Besides, Kelly already knew about the bedwetting incidents.

"Yeah, that's what I'm going to see the doctor about this afternoon." Cassie could tell by Kelly's face that she wanted to know more. Kelly was concerned for her friend, but also knew that conversations like this were embarrassing. She decided to change the subject.

"I hope things get better," Kelly said, "You going to ride the roller coaster with us?" Cassie never answered her friend. While washing her hands, she had set her purse on the counter beside her. Her cell phone slipped out of its pocket and fell into a sink full of water. Cassie ducked her head slightly in embarrassment as the expletive she shouted echoed through the ladies washroom. Cassie pulled her cell phone out of the sink and tried turning it on.

Other than a few black dots on its display, it showed nothing and made no noise.

"Oh, that's too bad, Cass!" Kelly said in sympathy.

"You don't know the half of it!" Cassie was horrified.

"That was my mother's cell phone." Cassie dried the ruined cell phone off and placed it back in her purse. The two girls walked out together and met the boys and Melanie, who were waiting in line to try one of the new virtual reality games in the main corridor of the mall.

"You boys having fun?" Cassie asked. It was a silly question. She could tell by the smiles on their faces and their pepped attitudes that they were having the time of their lives.

"No, this mall is kind of boring." chided Brian playfully.

"I'm going to do a bit more shopping, you want to come Cass?" Kelly said.

"No, I'm going to go get a quick snack." Kelly laughed.

"Suit yourself." Kelly walked off towards a clothing shop sporting a 25% off sign in the display window.

Cassie looked around. She had a craving for something salty. She spied a pretzel shop down the hall, and started off towards it. While standing in line, she began thinking about this trip. She was having a great time and wanted so badly to stay the rest of the day.

She thought about calling her mom and asking to move the doctor appointment. She had not had a single wetting accident at the mall, though her leg had gone numb for a few seconds while trying on shoes. Still, she thought, it is better to be safe than sorry.

She was nearly to the front of the line when she caught a blur of movment out of the corner of her eye.

A large man, running through the hall at full speed, was not paying attention and accidentally ran directly into the line for the pretzel shop. Cassie was directly in the man's path, and was knocked violently to the floor as the man tripped over her.

"Sorry!" the man said, as he jumped up and continued running on at full speed.

Cassie couldn't breath. The wind had been knocked out of her when she had hit the floor. Worse, she had suddenly lost feeling in her thigh again. Once she caught her breath, she got up. She noticed that several guards had run after the man.

"Can I help you, mam?" She wondered if the attendant at the pretzel counter had even seen what happened. Cassie began to order but cut herself off in mid sentence. She suddenly noticed a new feeling near her legs. At first she thought she was wetting herself again, but she didn't feel any actual dampness in her pants. The sensation was that of tightening, like her pants were shifting to make room for some new material growing inside them. It only took a second longer for her to realize what was happening. For some reason, she made eye contact with the pretzel counter attendant as she slowly put her hand around to her butt. The look of terror in her eyes was instantly replaced with shock. She was defecating in her pants. She could feel it oozing into the back of her underwear. She could feel a bulge growing on the outside of her pants. She was powerless to stop it. She tried so hard to reinstate control over her bowels, but nothing happened. She just stood there until her body decided to stop on its own.

"Miss, are you going to order something?" The unobservant attendant was completely unaware of the trauma unfolding before his very eyes.

Cassie ran out of line towards the bathrooms. She could feel the filth in her underwear shifting as she tore through the mall. When she reached a stall, she locked the door and pulled down her pants. What she saw nearly made her vomit. Poop had smeared all over her panties. She could feel it still clinging to her butt even with her pants down. She sat down on the toilet.

"What the hell just happened?" she asked herself desperately, trying hard to keep her unsettled stomach from emptying its contents as well.

Cassie was very upset, but she was too shocked to cry.

She just sat on the toilet rocking back and forth thinking to herself.

"What do I do?" she thought.

"What do I do?" She formulated a quick plan in her head. She began to clean herself up as best she could. The toilet paper did not do much but smear the fowl mass further over her butt cheeks, so she resorted to dipping paper towels in the toilet water to help clean herself up.

After cleaning herself up as much as she deemed she was able, she turned to her soiled panties.

She could tell her butt still had filth on it, so she could not wear her white pants without some kind of underwear. Gagging, she used toilet paper to scrape as much of the stinking waste off her panties as she could. She had no choice. While cringing at the unbearable feeling, she slowly slid her panties back on. She could tell she had not done a good job. She could still feel the mess in the back of her pants.

Without any alternatives, she washed her hands and left the bathroom to find Brian. She needed to find a way home! She found Brian, Seth, and Melanie still in line for their virtual reality ride.

"Brian, I need to leave now!"

"What's up, Cass?" Brian was suddenly concerned. They were not suppose to leave the mall for another two hours.

"Uh." she needed to come up with a lie, fast! "My mom just called me. She said I have to come home now. I think I'm in trouble for something. I've got to go." Brian was exasperated.

"Oh, come on! I've been waiting in line for this thing for almost an hour."

"Hey, If you want to stay, I'll take her home." Seth interjected, "I'm kinda bored anyway." Cassie could tell that Seth wasn't bored, but Brian took the opportunity regardless.

"Is that alright with you, sweetie?" Sweetie? Cassie was anything but sweet right now.

"Yeah, whatever, I just need to go. Now!" Seth suddenly realized what he had gotten himself into, but it was too late to back out. He and Cassie left for the car.

Behind them, Kelly approached the remaining two friends.

"What's going on?" Melanie turned and answered, "Oh, Cassie's mom called and told her she had to come home now."

"What?" Kelly asked.

"Yeah, she seemed like she was in a big hurry." Brian said without taking his eye off the front of the line.

"Must be in a lot of trouble."

"That doesn't make sense." Kelly thought out load, "She broke her phone earlier today in the bathroom. It doesn't work, I saw it" Everyone turned and watched Cassie and Seth walking towards the exit hurriedly.

"That's weird." Melanie said, watching Seth leave.

"I wonder what's going on." In Seth's car, Cassie squirmed uncomfortably.

"You and Melanie are close, right?" Seth asked as Cassie stared out the window.

Cassie could still feel the leftover goo in her underwear. It was starting to itch, and she really wanted to be alone, but had no choice but to listen to her driver.

"Do you know if she's interested in me at all? Oh man." Seth paused his barrage of questions to wave his hand in front of his face.

"Something stinks." Cassie didn't say anything. She just stared blankly out the window wishing now that she were dead as Seth quickly rolled down his window.

"Man! My dogs better not have crapped in my car again.

I'll be pissed!" It wasn't much longer until they reached the Mooney driveway. She ran out of the car and to the door, not even stopping to thank Seth. Inside the house, she ran to the bathroom, ignoring a concerned greeting from her mother and a baffled grunt from her younger sister. She slammed the door shut. As fast as she could, she stripped off her soiled clothing and got in the shower. She used a washcloth to clean herself more thoroughly, then washed herself three more times for good measure. No matter what she did, she still felt dirty.

While in the relative comfort of the shower, she had more time to think. She thought back to what had happened when the man had run into her. She had lost feeling in her leg the instant she had hit the floor.

Had she started pooping then, or was it not until she had gotten up? She tried hard to remember, but realized that the only thing she had felt during the incident was the feeling of the mass against her skin and the effect the mass had on her pants. She had not actually felt herself relieving herself.

She prodded her leg gently. She still had no feeling on her inner thigh of her left leg. While she tapped her leg, she noticed that some of the water going into the drain of the tub was a light yellow color. She examined her leg more closely and realized that she was peeing herself right there in the shower. She could not feel it. She could only see it.

"MOM!" The bathroom door swung open almost immediately. Helen had been nervously waiting outside the bathroom door hoping to find out the meaning of her daughters abrupt appearance. She immediately noticed the soiled clothing on the floor.

"Oh Cassandra. What happened?" Before she could began explaining to her mother what was going on, Cassie could feel the stress of the days events catching up to her. Her mind flooded at once with all the emotions which she had suppressed while dealing with her sudden emergency at the mall. Her eyes welled up with tears.

Cassandra had never before truly lost complete control of her emotions, but she could not stop herself now.

She sobbed loudly as she told her mother the story: how she had been so careful to use the restroom; how she had been knocked down by the man; how she had completely lost control and soiled herself in public; what she had done to get home. Finally she told her mother of her loss of control while still in the shower.

Helen listened, worried to tears for her daughter's health, and feeling helpless to lessen her daughter's intense grief.

"Honey., I know how upset you are. Are you going to be ok going to the doctor's office today?"

"I just want to stay in the shower." Cassie cried.

Helen wanted to take her daughter to the doctor immediately, but she knew that right now was not the time to argue the point. Helen would keep a close watch on Cassie, and once she had cooled down a bit, she decided, she would take Cassie to the doctor.

Seeing the condition her daughter was in, she was more worried for her daughter's emotional health than any physical concern. She called the doctor and rescheduled the appointment for first thing Monday morning, despite the doctor's protest.

Cassie spent almost two hours in the shower. When she got out, her mother had already taken care of the soiled clothing, and had laid out fresh clothes for her to wear. After getting dressed, she curled up on the couch with her mother and cried. Cheryl sat watching from a chair in the same room, concern showing in her eyes, but saying nothing.

Blake came home from football practice, and upon seeing the state of his sister, gestured an inquiry as to what was going on. Helen used gestures of her own to indicate that he should stay quiet and that she would tell him later. Cassie was too lost in her own thoughts to notice any of this.

Helen watched her daughter climb into bed that night still not feeling any better. She was so worried for her daughter. She saw her daughter glance momentarily at the vinyl sheet poking out from below her normal sheets. Cassie let out a slight sigh, and Helen decided that Cassie probably did not want to be alone.

She gently opened the door. Cassie looked up, tears still visible in her eyes. Without a word, Helen climbed in to bed with her daughter and held her in her arms as she went to sleep.

"Sleep tight, Cassie." Helen cooed softly, "Sleep tight."

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