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Janice Slips Away

Another long day! Janice laid her purse down and kicked off her heals with a sigh of relief. Six hours of meetings in a twelve hour work-day and it seemed nothing really got accomplished. No matter, she was off the clock now, and looking forward to crawling into her nice cozy bed.

She removed, and carefully hung her pant suit on the off chance she needed it again before laundry day. Her skin bathed in the cool air, finally able to breath. With much pleasure she unclipped her bra and dropped it in the clothes hamper, glad to be free of that feminine bondage. Now, clad just in scalloped lace panty, she made her way to the bathroom and admired her tired but beautiful body in the full-length mirror that hung on the back of the bathroom door. It felt good to be free of those grown-up clothes, but she wasn't quite ready to relax yet. She slipped those pretty blue panties off and cast them aside, she loved fancy panties, but she loved diapers even more.

Opening the under-sink cabinet door, she pulled out a neatly folded disposable diaper and slowly un-folded it, enjoying the reassuring crinkle of the plastic, and inhaling the sweet

"baby-fresh" perfume scent of the padding. The diaper now ready to wear, Janice slid it behind her, then leaned slightly against the wall to hold it in place while she brought the soft padding up between her legs, and up to her tummy. She fastened the two tape tabs on the left side, then did the same on the right, careful to get a snug fit to prevent leaks. Next, she ran a finger around the elastic leg bands, adjusting the band for a comfortable, and secure fit. Janice admired herself in the mirror once more, fascinated by how a garment that felt so thick between her legs could hug and flatter her figure so well. She ran her hands down the front of the diaper, feeling the soft plastic, and enjoying the light pressure on her more sensitive areas. Suddenly all the cares of the day slipped away, and she was free and innocent as a baby, exactly how she wanted it.

Yawning - now relaxed and sleepy - Janice made her way back to the bedroom and retrieved a pair of juvenile-looking pajamas from her dresser. They were cotton-flannel, with pink stripes and flowers. She had craved their soft caress all day, and quickly pulled them on over her diaper. The warmth was wonderful, diaper and pajamas hugging her in softness, comforting her as she crawled between the cool sheets of her bed. She switched off the light and laid her head down on the pillow, pulling the sheets and comforter up to her neck; and curling up in them as her eyes started to close. As if in a last-second thought, she opened her nightstand drawer and fished around in the dark until she found her pacifier, which she greedily slipped into her mouth and signed ever so softly as sleep overtook her.

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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