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Chapter 1: Introduction

A young boy named Ashley aged 13 lived with his sister Sarah aged 16 and his mum aged 35 (Shannon). His dad was killed before he was born fighting for Australia in Vietnam. He and his sister now went to the same school as they were both in high school. Ashley and his sister were born from a small family and took from there bloodline Ashley was only 3'9 and Sarah only 4'1 There mum was 5'0 lucky for her she was a bit bigger then most of her family.

Chapter 2: Nana's place

One day I had to stay at there Nana's place for a week and she thought I was a 2 year old girl and me being small couldn't resist and even more bad luck caught me as my nana had bad hearing and when he said "I am Ashley! I am not a 2 year old girl" but she thought he said he was a 2 year old girl so she went and grabbed one of Sarah's old Dresses and disposable diapers and did him up and because his penis was so small and his nana had bad vision she couldn't see and wasn't getting glasses for 11 day now. So I was stuck in a diaper and dress for a whole day until his nana got her glasses but I liked the attention and diaper so much I decided to play along with it until nana noticed but she never did and after 3 days it hit Sunday and my nana was very religious and dressed up I for church.

Chapter 3: Church

When we got there I was taken to the nursery and treated like a baby. Until my bladder felt full I had always gone to the toilet behind nanas back but I had to go bad and after an hour I couldn't hold it and let go but it didn't all come out like a flick of a finger only a trickle came out when he let go so he tried some more and pushed letting a little more out. Now in pain I quickly pushed and pushed until it stored up in my penis and I gave a little push first I squirted and then wush, it poured out and flooded my diaper the feeling was sensational and from all that pushing I had accidentally pooped my diaper as well. As I found out when I sat down and it squished making the sensation even better but because of that the pee over flooded and pee went all over my dress luckily my nana got there just in time to change me as having that beautiful girl my age do it would embarrass me when she found out that I was a boy. When the week was over I wasn't able to change into my boy cloths so I kept my dress and diaper on as well as packing the leftovers of my pack for the bus ride home and maybe for home secrete too nana even gave me some dresses to keep.

Chapter 4: The Plan

The 30 hour bus trip from Perth to Brisbane went smoothly I went though 7 out of 15 diapers and only pooped twice I changed back into my boy cloths and made sure they were dangly just so mum didn't notice the diaper. When I got home a greeted mum and went to unpack I hid all the diapers in my winter jacket sleaves and packed the dresses in my sisters "old" stash. I wore the diapers around still using the toilet but the diapers were safety and lucky too and a wet my diaper twice in the first day and bet wet once but I had a plan I didn't want to tell my mum about what happened at nanas as I would probably get spanked and then treated like a real 2 year old girl in front of all my mates to make it worse. So I thought I would get my sister put into diapers and then take them a night as right now I was running out and I was wetting my self. So I came up with my plan I was going to slip a diaper onto my sister in her sleep then place her hand in some warm water and make her wet her diaper then I make the diaper look visible from the door and go tell mum I saw Sarah in a diaper.

Chapter 5: Backfire

I put the plan into action and it worked I then told mum and she ran in there ripped the blankets off and saw the wet diaper Sarah was speech less until mum said how could you and then Sarah gave those innocent eyes and said it wasn't me. Mum then looked at me I said "what?" she then said "since I don't know who it is I am going to diaper you both I have some old diapers I will go get them now." I thought o no my plan backfired my mum came back and changed my sister then came to me and pulled down my pants only to find a diaper on my I then thought this couldn't get any worse until mum said "great 2 baby girls," I looked puzzled and mum said "don't give me that look first of all your wearing huggies girls but I saw new little baby dresses your size in Sarah's old cloths pile." I blushed she then said "you 2 want to be babies then I will treat you as them" she went into my room and pulled out all my cloths and out tumbled my last diaper she sighed and said "I am sorry Sarah for wakening you and bothering you but I now see there is only 1 baby girl."

Chapter 6: The 3 baby girls

Sarah felling the comfit of the diaper said that she had taken that diaper willingly and will take responsibility of her actions I was confused and so was mum. After that my mum striped me and my sister down to only my diaper and said that's how we stay in the house and reminded my sister about her friend coming over tomorrow and told us that she will make us look pretty. Well the next day arrived and I had wet the bed and so had my sister which took me by surprise as I had made he go earlier last night. Well we got changed and my mum dressed me up with a nice baby blue dress with a picture of a fairy on the centre. Mum took us to the table and to our surprise there were 3 high chairs there I asked what the third one was four and she said "you will see." Well we were feed porridge (for those who don't know what that is it is hot oats with water and milk). When the door bell rang I opened it thinking it was Sarah's friend but it was instead the girl I had a crush on Jessica she brought in a suitcase and I over heard mum talking to Jessica's mum saying thanks for looking after the baby for the next 4 weeks I hope they all get along my mum said "I am sure they will" with a big grin. When jess unpacked I noticed a pack of diapers and when a asked her about she said "well when I heard of all the fun you were having in diapers I had to come join."

Chapter 6: Spring of young love

I laughed and said "so I have a thing I kinda want off my chest" she said "yer same" I told her of how I felt about her and she said she was about to say the same to me I was so happy. Then as we kissed mum barged in and said missy its time for you punishment and I watched as she was striped right in front of me and put into a diaper only to be sat next to me topless and cuter then ever but then I asked her about the punishment and she said my mum caught me experimenting with them and she told your mum last night. I then travelled off the subject and spoke what I was meant to say in my head out loud and said "o I want to touch and play with her nice tit I just want her sweat juicy diapered pussy to be mine" she just looked and me grabbed my hand and put it down her diaper and as she did it she peed and as she did so I played with her pussy and she had an orgasm I then pulled my pee covered hand out and start playing with her boobs then she come and has another orgasm at the same time I do I was perfect and to make it better I heard the car pull out so she was mine and I was hers for the next 5 minutes or so. She pulled her diaper off and I played with it and sucked the juices of her pussy. After 10 minutes of diaper sex we stoped and cleaned up as well and just in time as mum pulled in with a car full of diapers and young girl dresses.

Chapter 7: Love in the crib

Mum got out of the car with my sister and then another car behind her pulled up and mum got us to grab some diapers and take them into the lunge room and then turn on the TV and stay there so we did. After about 3 hours of the baby channel as everything else had been pass word locked. Well mum came out and said nap time and took me into my room and I gasped. All my posters and cloths were gone my walls were pink the was a large crib for 2, a changing table, massive packs of diapers, baby accessories and all sorts of baby girl out fits. Mum then grabbed me and gave me a change out of a mess I didn't even remember making. She then put me to bed with nothing but the diaper and then did the same to Rebecca mum then left again with Sarah. Rebecca then kissed me and this time stuck her hand down my diaper and start to masturbate me I felt joyful I came and she pulled her hand out and cleaned it with her tong and admiring the taste she took off my diaper and said I got an idea you lick my pussy and I will suck your cock and we did so then she came and the come tasted great and then I heard a voice say "I see you 2 like each other". I realized it was mum my heart thumped and I awoke it was all just a dream.

To be continued.....

Need ideas for part too now remember that he feel asleep before Rebecca came but his mum is still going to diaper him. Send ideas to but be quick I start writing November the 20th

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