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Common Interest

Hi my name is Chris and I am an ab/dl. Ab stands for adult baby and dl stands for diaper lover. This is a fetish of mine. It wasn't always so I did have some bladder problems and I started to use a diaper to help with my bed-wetting. I did have accidents during the day so I would wear during the day sometimes. At one point I was wearing diapers all the time 24/7. I am married and I met my wife while I was having wetting accidents at night. I eventually told her and she was ok with it. One night I stopped and thought about my life and I realized that I needed the diapers for more of a phyicialoical crutch than a physical one. I liked the attention I got from them. I told my wife what I thought and she said she tried to tell me that long ago. I just ordered a case of diapers so I still wore mostly at night, cause I did wet the bed (but only if I wore a diaper)

One Friday we were staying at a hotel for the weekend for a church seminar. We just checked in to our room when my wife yelled from the bathroom. I knew it only could be two things tp or pads. It was pads. I looked in her bag and she for got some pads. We needed to be at a meeting in a bit so I didn't have time to go get some so my wife Liz asked me to give her a diaper. I didn't think anything of it and finished getting ready. My wife came out of the bathroom all dressed and said we would need to go to the store later. After the meeting we had group meeting and by the time my wife and I got back I was after nine we both were tired and I knew I was wet. I told my wife I was too tired to go to the store and she was to. I went to take a shower and change my diaper and get my pj's on. After I got out my wife went into the bathroom to shower and get ready for bed. When she lay down beside my I put my arm around her and I felt she was wearing a diaper. I asked if that was the same one and she said no it was a clean one, she had wet the other and she was on her period also. I was a little surprised that she wet it and she really needed to go and was late for a pray group. We dropped the subject and went to sleep. In the morning I was first one awake for once and I got up changed and got dressed. I let Liz sleep some more so I went to the breakfast bar in the lobby. When I returned Liz was dressed ready to go eat to. I asked about the store and she said she would make due for now. I could make out she was wearing. Over breakfast she told me she slept very good, one of the best nights sleep she has ever gotten. She said she woke up sometime around 3 to pee like she always do but this time she use relaxed and went in the diaper. And went back to sleep. I smiled and told her I knew what she means. During one long meeting I was feeling wet so I excused myself and grabbed my knapsack and headed to the restroom to change. I returned and Liz looked at me and asked better now. I smiled and said much. Then she got up and picked up the knapsack and left. We checked out not to long after that. Back at home Liz said she was tired from the trip so she took a nap and I went to go to the gym. I return to find Liz lying in bed watching TV in just a diaper and a pair of my plastic pants I out grew. They were a little too big but fit her around the legs. She told me she didn't feel good and just wanted to lie there and watch TV. She asked if I would hold her so I did, she laid across my lap in my arms. Soon she was a sleep. I couldn't resist but to check her diaper. And it was wet. I slid her off my lap and got another diaper some powder. Liz woke to find me changing her diaper. That night I went to play pool with my buddies and returned home somewhat late. Liz was asleep again. Our work schedules our not to easy for us to see each other during the week. I work 12- 9 and Liz work from 7-3 she gets up at 5 to get ready. I don't wear at work right now caused I switched positions and I can't really change in the rest rooms. Mondays went ok but I was glad to be home. There my wife was in bed as normal, and she was wearing a diaper. I was going to ask about it but I would wait till morning. I forgot in the morning and she left for work. The rest of the week was the same I got home and she was sleeping in a diaper. I got to ask her about it once and she said they worked better that her pads for her period. The Friday came and we got to spend sometime together after I got off of work. I came home and she was in bed and again wearing a diaper. I was in a mood so I started to rub between her legs through the diaper. Liz woke and rolled toward me allowing me more access to her. I moved my hand into her diaper and started to rub her clit. One thing about Liz is when she comes she lets out a wet cum, I first thought it was pee but learned it was a g spot organisms. When she was done I started to untapped the diaper but she told me to stop. She got up and straddled my chest. What she did next surprised me. All of a sudden I felt something warm on my chest, she was peeing in the diaper. Then she took the diaper off and slid on top of me and we made love. As we lay there I asked her what was the deal with her wearing the diapers. She said that she knew why I liked to wear they felt good and if she needed to pee she did. She said she felt secure in they and loved when I changed her and held her. I said if she wanted to wear she could but we were going to need to get some more bags for the diaper genii. She agreed and said we get up and go. I diapered her and we left. At Wal-Mart we got some milk and other stuff we needed then went into the baby isle for the bags. Liz found them and put them in the cart but I was looking at something else a sponge bob bottle (Liz loves sponge bob.) I showed it to her and in a kidding tone I said I should get this for you so I could bottle-feed her before bedtime. She smiled and said only if I'd get the bob the builder bottle. I agreed but then she passed some pacifiers she just looked at me and said dare me and put it in the cart. I picked up a bib and called her dare. We left before one of use went and got a crib. At home I filled her bottle with some milk and she took everything off but her diaper. She laid in my lap and arms while I fed her the bottle. It was past her normal bedtime so she went to sleep in my arms. I gentle moved her. I wasn't tired so I put on a diaper and went on the couch to watch some TV. Someone putting a blanket on me and sticking a pacifier in my mouth waked me up. I went back to sleep, slept like a baby. Now we both wear and take turns changing each other's wet diapers, and taking turns babying each other.

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