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Community Chastity Law

It's Saturday night and, like most sixteen year old girls, Cindy is getting ready for a date. She has bathed, done her make- up and laid out her best dress. Now she waits for her mother.

Cindy's mother enters her daughter's room carrying a bundle of things. She closes the door, smiles at her daughter and then spreads out on the bed two large, fluffy peices of cloth.

Cindy blushes a little, removes her dressing gown and lies down on the cloth. Her mother then expertly applies baby powder and then pins her daughter into two adult-sized diapers.

Cindy stands up and her mother uses a needle and thread to sew the diapers closed, forming a seal that must be intact when Cindy returns later that night.

He mother watches the girl step into a pair of plastic panties and then leaves her daughter to finish dressing.

Cindy is going out on her date wearing diapers. She doesn't need them for medical reasons, instead, they are a chastity belt, protecting her from unwelcome male advances. She won't be the only girl at the dance in such a condition.

Chastity has become an obsession in this small town near Denver. Three years ago a wave of sexual incidents rocked this traditional and religious community. Civic and church leaders convened a special task force to find ways to prevent date rape and teenage pregnancies.

Their proposed solution harkened back to the middle ages - the concept of enforced female chastity. Since the passage of the Community Chastity Law two years ago, the community has been the focus of intense debate between traditionalists and women's groups.

Mayor Beatrice Smyth offers no appologies, "We were faced with the same epidemic as the rest of America - we just decided to do something about it."

The Community Chastity Law requires that no female person under the age of 21 shall be at large in the community after 6 p.m. unless she wears some "device, garment or other appliance which shall by its design prevent access to her genitals".

The CCL has been widely criticized by women's rights groups but Mayor Smyth disagrees.

"It's not unfair to the girls, in fact its a favour to them. With their vulnerability to rape or assault removed, they can interact with males on an equal footing."

And what about the fact that only women must wear the devices?

"That's not entirely the case. The Law provides that a female may be without a device if she is accompanied by a male who is confined in one. The fact that few males have opted for this has more to do with the relative comfort factor for females and that female clothing lends itself to concealing diapers and chastity belts."

The passage of the CCL was widely supported by the community and it immediately had a dramatic effect. Finding a source of chastity belts was the first problem.

Tom Jacobs, the local drug store owner, was the first to locate a supply and is still the major vendor of all manner of devices and garments as specified in the Law.

"I had to search the sex boutiques of New York and California before I found a reliable model. Then we had to open a small manufacturing plant in town. Business is booming. It's interesting to note that we've already sold enough chastity belts to equip every woman and girl in town twice over. We get a lot of orders from out of state."

It was Jacobs who also hit upon the idea of using diapers as chastity devices.

"It's done all the time in mental hospitals where patients often try to sneak away for a quickie."

Mary, Jacobs' wife explains that a chastity belt is not just a chastity belt.

"Most people picture a solid band of metal running between the woman's legs. It's not like that at all. We use a small cage, in some cases custom built, that covers only the vulva. It's attached to a waist belt by a series of fine chains. The lock is tiny."

Asked about the comfort of the device, Mary blushed, "Oh, I can tell you from personal experience that they are quite comfortable. I test all the new models and I've worn one for as long as a week with only minor discomfort - in fact I'm wearing one now that's been in place for three days. I bet you couldn't tell."

For girls and women who want an option, diapers are the answer. Susan Marks, Cindy's mother, explains why she chose diapers for her daughter instead of a metal belt.

"Three reasons: it brings her home earlier, it forces her to watch what she drinks and it creates a dependency bond." Susan explained that she and Cindy agree on a curfew. Cindy is then given enough diapers to last until that time.

"Of course, the longer she wants to stay out the thicker her diapers will be and therefore that much more uncomfortable. I can tell you she gets a lot more sleep these days and her high school marks have improved as a result."

What about the fact that a determined aggressor could break the threads? "Research has shown that even the most aroused male has a pre-conceived notion of what the sex experience will be like. Finding his target to be smelling of urine and baby powder breaks that fantasy. It is an effective deterrent."

Since the law has the most effect on young girls, Cindy Marks was interviewed for her opinion. We found her in her room, freshly diapered and about to finish dressing for her date. She was more than a little embarassed about being interviewed wearing only diapers, plastic panties and a bra but she agreed to speak to us if she could continue dressing.

QUESTION: How do you feel about having to wear diapers out on a date?

ANSWER: At first I thought it was pretty awful. I cried the first time but Mom was really good about it and my boyfriend ignored them.

QUESTION: You seem pretty calm right now. Have you gotten used to them?

ANSWER: I guess so. After a while it feels strange to be all dressed up without diapers on. I wore a special dress to a friend's birthday party last Saturday afternoon and nearly wet myself because every other time I've worn that dress I was also in diapers and didn't need to worry about controlling my water.

QUESTION: Does that mean you lose control of your urine when diapered?

ANSWER: No, I just don't try to control it. Oh, I used to. We all used to run off to the ladies room to release our pee but it's better to let a little out at a time. It lets the diaper absorb it gradually.

QUESTION: What changes have happened as a result of wearing diapers?

ANSWER: Well, my boyfriend is nicer to me. He doesn't grope me anymore. I don't have to worry about being alone with him. And periods are nothing to worry about any more."

QUESTION: Why not?

ANSWER: Of course, Mom makes me wear disposables for that time, which are less comfortable, but there's no chance of a leak. Sometimes I just wear diapers for the whole period, night and day. It's easier.

QUESTION: So you wear diapers voluntarily sometimes?

ANSWER: Oh yeah. A lot of us do, especially if we are going some place where the washrooms aren't very clean. Sometimes they can feel real good.

QUESTION: Diapers are pretty bulky. Has your wardrobe changed to accommodate that?

ANSWER: Nobody wears jeans anymore. All the girls wear dresses with a bit of a crinoline underneath. We also discovered that pantyhose slide down our plastic panties so we've all gone back to wearing garter belts and stockings. Getting dressed is a lot more fun.

QUESTION: Do you have a chastity belt?

ANSWER: Yes, but I hate it.


ANSWER: It pinches me. Peeing in it is messy and if it doesn't fit right, sitting down can be really awful. Mom makes me wear it if we're out of diapers or if I've been bad.

QUESTION: What was the longest you've worn diapers or a chastity belt?

ANSWER: Diapers? A week, last summer when I got heat stroke. The belt? Three days, as a punishment for touching myself in a bad place. I'm lucky. Some girls have to wear their belts all the time and one girl has to wear diapers constantly.

Jennifer Jacobs is the daughter of Tom and Mary Jacobs. We found her in her father's store, setting up a display of chastity belts in the private room set aside for that item.

QUESTION: How has the CCL changed your life?

ANSWER: (Jennifer lifted her skirt to show us that she wore the cage-like chastity belt as described by her mother, covered by a pair of thin cotton panties. She also wore a garter belt and stockings.) I'm all locked up. No fun.

QUESTION: We talked with one girl who wore diapers because she preferred them to a chastity belt. Do you have that option?

ANSWER: You must mean Cindy. She's crazy. She'll even put diapers on by herself. As for me, I'm no baby. She can keep her diapers and plastic pants. Mom wants me to wear them during my periods but I'm not interested.

QUESTION: Cindy seems to have accepted the CCL, you seem to be fighting it. Any comment?

ANSWER: I'm not going play unless the field is level. If you want to put one of these things on, then we can talk. Otherwise let me get back to work.

(We agreed to Jennifer's request and after closing the door she assisted in the fitting of one of the devices. Although Jennifer made assurances that the fit was perfect, the legs were forced apart and it was difficult to think of anything but the appliance. It did pinch and dancing seemed undesirable if not impossible.)

QUESTION: Your point about no fun is accepted. Why are you wearing a chastity belt in the middle of the day?

ANSWER: Because Mom caught me masturbating last night. She says she'll make me wear a cage until I've learned to be a lady. I also have to wear a dress all the time, high heels and a garter belt.

QUESTION: What's the worst parts about wearing the belt?

ANSWER: Worst of all is having to be shaved down there. Mom says its the only way to get a good fit. She tortures me with it, letting me itch like crazy for a couple of days, with no way to scratch, before she'll shave me again. Then I get all hot but she always puts the belt on me before I get a chance for relief.

QUESTION: This is the only place in town to buy a chastity belt or diapers. Who is buying them?

ANSWER: More than just townsfolk, that's for sure. My guess is there's a lot of women in this state who are wearing them.

QUESTION: Because they want to or because someone makes them?

ANSWER: It's about half and half. There's one lady who came in the first time with her husband. She said it was for her daughter but she insisted on trying it on and wearing it home. She has been back three more times. The last time she had red grooves where the chains had been. I got her to admit that she had been in a belt until that morning. She said she liked being locked up when her husband was away on business because it made her so hot by the time she got home.

The Community Chastity Law has also had dramatic effects on the community as a whole. The incidence of teenage pregnancies has dropped to zero. Health authorities report that sexually transmitted diseases are almost unknown. Girls wear dresses and high heels on dates and casual skirts during the day. One is reminded of the 1950's.

The CCL allows for women to go without chastity protection if their escort is confined in a chastity device of some kind. To learn more about this rare circumstance we interviewed Karen Jennings and Jeff Francis in Karen's parents' living room. Karen wore a tight skirt and black patent spikes while Jeff's trousers were cut loose enough to cover the thick diapers he wore.

QUESTION: Karen, you are the probably going to be the only girl at the dance tonight who isn't wearing a chastity device, why not?

ANSWER: Let's just say that Jeff had more nasty habits that needed controlling than I did. His behavior has improved a lot since we decided to make him wear diapers.

QUESTION: Jeff, what agreement did you make with Karen?

ANSWER: Miss... uh, Karen and I agreed that I would be the one to wear the chastity device.

QUESTION: Why? The rest of the town seems to think its easier if the girls are locked up.

ANSWER: I, uh, I used to be disrespectful toward Karen. It's only fair.

QUESTION: Why diapers?

ANSWER: (Karen) Because there isn't a male chastity belt that would do. Besides, it makes him so frustrated.

QUESTION: Jeff, do your friends give you a hard time about wearing diapers?

ANSWER: (Karen) What friends? Besides, since he's started to wear them all the time it wouldn't work out.

QUESTION: So you wear diapers all the time. Do you have to for medical reasons.

ANSWER: (Karen) He wears them for my reasons. If he wants any fun at all he makes sure I don't catch him out of his "happy pants".

QUESTION: It sounds like you two still have an intimate relationship.

ANSWER: Oh yes, but on my terms. After a week in diapers, maybe with a catheter in place, you are very cooperative, aren't you, my pet?

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