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"Open your mouth." I nervously complied with Daddy's demand and parted my lips to permit the huge pacifier to fill my mouth.

"Good baby" Daddy said and rewarded me with a gentle caress on my face. As I adapted to the soft swelling that robbed me of speech tape was applied over the mouth guard to hold it in place. A soft blindfold then took my sight from me followed by the feel of a stretch hood covering my head. The velvety material formed itself to my head and I was silenced and cut of from the world leaving my nervous body hyper alert and awaiting what would happen next.

"Now stand up so Daddy can remove your shirt" I dutifully obeyed and felt my shirt being peeled off exposing my flesh to the air and to Daddy's gaze. I stood passively still as I felt Daddy's hands slide over my bare skin. My breath quickened and I pulled away slightly as I felt fingernails slide past my nipples.

"Now, now. We can't have that at all. You are my baby now and you need to learn that. You have no say in this matter until I let you grow up again. Now cross your wrists in front of you so that I may restrain them." Almost without realizing I had done it, my wrists were crossed. Snug restraints were wrapped around them. I was a little more helpless and a little more under Daddy's control. The restriction scared me as it comforted me.

"Now I'm going to pull you over Daddy's lap for a good solid spanking. I'm going to spank you and spank you until your bottom is on fire and it burns all that resistance out of you. I'm going to spank you until I feel you offer Daddy your body. When I'm done you'll want to be my baby." I felt myself quickly pulled over Daddy's lap. The chair had long legs and I was left dangling as my feet and hands couldn't reach the carpet. My body was bent over Daddy's lap leaving my poor bottom exposed and waiting to be punished. I felt Daddy's hand slide over the seat of my pants as I tested my bonds. SWAT! It wasn't a very hard swat but I had no time to think of it before the second spank came. The spanks rained down constantly with no more than a second between each stinging slap. I began to squirm as every inch of my bottom began to burn. My feet kicked out and my hands fought their restraints.

"Now stand up and place your hands on your head. I'm going to take your pants down and tie your feet together. You still have far too much fight in you so this is going to be a good, long spanking to burn that fight out of my baby." I slid down onto my feet and rested my bound wrists on my head. I felt the button on my jeans pop open.

As the zipper was pulled down the panties Daddy had made me wear were exposed. They were full cut and very snug. They felt very strange as they squeezed my now heated bottom. My pants were slid down my legs and pulled off along with my socks. I was left wearing only Daddy's babying panties as my ankles were bound. I felt hands slide up my legs and over my body. My head nodded back and my shoulders hunched a little as I felt the humiliation wash over me.

I was roughly pulled back over Daddy's lap. The spanking continued at once. Having been stripped of my pants, the steady stings were even worse. I tried to struggle but Daddy had me well bound and held down.

My complaints were little more than muffled moans in my filled mouth as the burning grew intense.

"Now I'm going to pull down your panties and spank you on your bare bottom with a hairbrush." I felt Daddy's panties being peeled down. As the spanking started again, Daddy began put me in my place.

"You are Daddy's little baby. I will put you in a diaper and you will stay in and use your diapers.

You have no choice in this matter. You will lay back with your arms over you head, open your legs and submit your body to me as I slide a diaper under your bottom and seal you into it. You will always be blindfolded. I will often gag or pacify you but even when I don't you may not talk nor may you walk on your feet. You will be spoon-fed or drink from a bottle.

I will dress you as I please and restrain you at all times. I want to watch you struggle against your bonds and writhe while being tickled or teased but you will not pull away from my touch as I can touch and fondle your skin as I wish. Now let's see if you've had enough or if you'll need more." I was no longer fighting but just hung over Daddy's lap as I felt the crying through my body. I heard the sound of Daddy slipping on rubber gloves. I felt a slick finger touch my bottom and press inward. I closed my eyes and felt the probing finger enter my body. I felt my bottom arch itself up to expose itself to Daddy's violation. Daddy's other glove reached around underneath me to complete the proof of surrender. I helplessly squirmed and rolled my hips in a gentle circle as Daddy slipped a second then third finger in my bottom. The final twitches were beginning to build when it suddenly stopped, the fingers were removed and the gloves pulled off and replaced by fresh ones. The connection between my ankle bounds was released and Daddy made me crawl to the changing table.

I heard the sound of a diaper being opened then rubbed over my body.

"This is the diaper that I am going to make you wear.

It will grasp you and hug you and squeeze you and hold you. Every time I pull one into place on you it will be like a jail door closing. Every second it will be rubbing you and reminding you that you are Daddy's baby and you have no say in it. Its grip is like my hand holding you and feeling you. And when you wet your diaper it's weight is the final proof that you are just my little baby. You'll see that a diaper is the perfect way for Daddies to control their little babies." I was promptly strapped to the changing table and sealed in the diaper. I lay still with my legs fallen open as Daddy thoroughly oiled and powdered me.and fondled, rubbed, pinched and probed me in great detail. Daddy then pulled the diaper up between my legs, stretched it into place and taped it down snugly enough to fondle my body with every small movement.

Before I was let up my hands were put into padded canvas mittens.

Daddy slipped some kind of cotton shirt over my body that was long but not long enough to cover my diaper then something soft and snug was pulled into place over my legs. Daddy then made me crawl to the kitchen for my first feeding. Daddy hummed a soft lullaby as he snugly pulled the straps to hold me down. A bib was tied on and my hood was pulled up to my nose and my pacifier removed.

"Now be a good baby and eat your dinner." Still getting used to what Daddy had done to me, I sat quietly and ate the food fed to me. The oversized spoon couldn't quite fit in my mouth. The jarfuls of peas, chicken and peaches filled my mouth but also smeared my face and spilled onto the bib where it was scrapped up and refed to me.

"Such a good baby." Daddy cooed as my face was whipped and released the restraints until I was unbound except for the mittens. I then crawled into the living room as Daddy swatted my padded bottom several times playfully. My bottom still stung from the spanking but in a soft and warm way in the diaper's grasp. I could feel the powder and padding shift inside the casing as I crawled. I could feel every inch and it felt so good.

Daddy sat back on a comfy chair and pulled me onto his lap. I lay back into Daddy's arms and a bottle was put into my mouth. I suckled down several bottles of sweet juice before getting my mouth filled with the pacifier again and the hood was pulled down. Daddy then rocked me slowly while humming more lullabies. As I melted into Daddy's cradling arms I felt Daddy's hand caress my body. Every inch was touched and Daddy kept sliding a hand between my legs to rub me over my diaper and make me squirm.

Then I began to squirm even when Daddy's hand was elsewhere. As I began to twitch and squirm my hips Daddy led me straight to another chair. I was tied down again with my knees spread open wide. As soon as I was immobile Daddy pressed a hand between my legs and kept it pressed there.

"Daddy's baby is going to wet this diaper. Just a helpless little baby who can't even say where baby wets. Time to make this last step." I shut my eyes, took a breath and let myself go.

Against the pressure of Daddy's hand I felt the warmth spread between my legs and up my bottom. I sat still and felt the squishy padding lick my skin as I heard Daddy put on another glove and squeeze out some lube.

That hand was then slid into the front of my diaper.

"Such a good baby. Now Daddy is going to make baby feel good inside baby's wet diaper." Bound and helpless, I could only lie back and think about what Daddy was doing inside my diaper. ...please don't stop Daddy....

All the juice Daddy made me drink meant that I had to wet almost as soon as I had been leisurely changed into a fresh diaper. This time, Daddy first wrapped me into a straight jacket before binding me to the chair. Also, while Daddy kept a hand pressed to my diaper while I wet no hand slipped inside. I was left to squirm inside the soaked and squishy diaper while suckling my binky and listening to the silence left when Daddy left the room for some time.

I had started to nod off when Daddy returned so I was put down for a nap after the jacket was removed and I was changed into a double diaper with a liner between them. The very thick padding felt like a pillow between my waddling legs. Daddy put me into my footed PJs then tied my mittens loosely to the headboard before pulling the blankie over me and giving my bottom a little pat. I was asleep in seconds.

"Did Daddy's little baby get a good nap? I hope so and since you're all rested now I'll put that energy and all these diapers to good use." Daddy said as a hand fondled my diaper although I could barely feel it through the layers.

I was taken to an incline bench that Daddy made me lie back on after stripping me of all clothing except for the diapers. I was tied securely down with thick ropes so my arms were pulled up and back over my head, my knees were spread wide with my feet tied back to expose the soles and my waist, hips and chest were bound tightly in place. With all this skin completely exposed and immobilized I knew what was coming next and began to breath quickly. Daddy then plucked out my binky.

"Daddy wants to hear baby laughing." And laugh baby did for Daddy wasted no time. I squirmed and wrested against the restraints but could do nothing to stop the sadistic tickling. Daddy was very skilled and kept up an endless series of pokes, grabs and digs into my most sensitive flesh. Fingers would torment my ribs, my belly and under my arms then switch with no warning to my foot soles, behind my knees and into the front of my thighs with no warning.

I was cackling out loud or simply frozen in midbreath as I struggled to get my bearings. Then Daddy dug fingers into my ribs and left me shaking violently before repeating the same under my arms and between my thighs.

When at long last it was over, I was left exhausted.

Tears were streaked down my face and my head swam. I don't know how many times I wet my diapers but they were sodden and weighing down my hips. I was unbound and found myself cradled in Daddy's arms on the rocking chair. Spent, I nuzzled against Daddy and vegetated with a silly smile on my face.

When I had recovered from the ordeal it was time to leave. Daddy peeled my diapers off me then pulled back my legs to thoroughly clean me. Daddy then made me put his special panties back on before getting dressed. Daddy gave me a little smile and a kiss on my forehead as I was walked to the door and shown out.with a final pat on my bottom.


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