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Danny on Sunday

by LuLu

Danny woke up his diapers slightly wet his bottom still burning from his position three lashing with his father's belt on accounts night on Thursday. Where was he? Yes, at the community service camp with the other five campers. They were in these circumstances because they lost their condos and had to live back with their families. Their parents all wanting to enjoy their older years together without any kids around sent them to work at their big company all week to pay down their big debts. The work was at such a low level and the pay so low the "kids" had to work a lot of overtime so they weren't home much during the week, getting home early only for accounts night on Thursday. Then on weekends they were sent to a community service camp run by a local minister who housed them in a big Victorian mansion on the outskirts of their small city. Danny did get a lower bunk but he couldn't get out of bed without permission. Since they were allowed to use the toilet and discouraged to soak their diapers he was glad the minister and her husband would be coming along soon to give them permission to get up. He sucked on his pacifier that all the kids had to keep in their mouths to keep from talking. Danny thought of his plight and that of the other campers. They were of various ages from 30 to 50 and all in trouble with debts that caused them to get their condos lost to foreclosures.

All had different reasons for their big debts-Alice, spending money like it was water, Danny driving recklessly once too often and his hit and run that crippled a pedestrian and the settlement that followed, Blanche, embezzling money from her law client to take care of a ne'er do well boyfriend and her parents paying it back to keep out of jail, Cara, getting hooked going to casinos, Ed, being the fall guy for an inside trader boss and the fines he had to pay to keep out of jail, Fred, losing his construction business after getting caught paying kickbacks to a local official and paying fines to keep out of jail. So most of them should be in jail and their parents had set up a different kind of jail for them. How they all got together to think of their punishments Danny couldn't fathom. But there they all were at their parents' company every day, in diapers just to remind them of the irresponsible babies they had become, sucking on pacifiers so they couldn't talk, strapped to chairs in front of computers.

Day after day they would have to input the same five numbers on each of 100,000 client computer records in three different places. Danny could say the numbers in his sleep even though they made it complicated with a number reversal 86745. Were the numbers meaningful additions to the files, "for state regulation compliance" as the supervisor said or were they just being put in as part of the punishment? Danny wouldn't know. He just knew that in six months he and the others would be working at the company in their usual professions. All except Blanche who was disbarred and Ed who lost his broker's license. Blanche and Ed would be put into departments where they could learn a new career. Danny wasn't disbarred thankfully, but he couldn't drive a car again. Then in six months could have higher salaries to pay off their debts. Alice's parents were going to set her up again when her debt was paid off. But the rest of the parents' said their "kids" would have to live at home and save up a nest egg before they would help them buy a new condo. Danny sighed as his debt included the money his parents' lost on the big downpayment they gave Danny for his condo that Danny let be foreclosed as well as all the money they paid to settle the lawsuit for the pedestrian injury so Danny wouldn't be in trouble with the bar association. Danny heard a knock on the door and straightened out to be at attention when the minister came in.

"Good morning kids" she said cheerily.

"Good morning ma'am" all six kids mumbled as the pacifiers were still in their mouths. So they all got up the boys from the three-bed bunk on one side of the big room the girls from the three-bed bunk on the other side. The boys went into the boys changing room-a big bedroom with a private bathroom with the minister's husband and the girls went with the minister to the other one. In turn they each used the bathroom where they removed their damp diapers, went to the toilet, showered and put clean diapers on themselves. They then would go into the big room to get into their service uniform of the day. Yesterday when they again entertained the nursing home inmates they wore white chinos with drawstrings and white T-shirts and blue and pink cotton jackets. Danny comfortable that his diaper was clean but not comfortable in having a thick diaper on at all came out of the bathroom sucking on his pacifier expecting another day at the nursing home and in that uniform again. The six "kids" always did well at the nursing home making the inmates laugh and sing and got special treats for dinner. Instead the minister's husband told Danny, Ed and Fred to put on the slippers and T-shirts he had and come with him to the kitchen where the girls would be as well. They were to have a nice breakfast, not just a nutritional drink, and then a talking to. Danny didn't know what was up but did as he was told. He was surprised at the nice breakfast buffet the minister's husband showed them. The girls were there also in diapers and T-shirts and slippers. The six "kids" put their pacifiers in cups of water and had a great feast. They still weren't allowed to talk but Danny thought "this is like the old days before I got into all that trouble, when I would go out for these big brunches every Sunday." The minister and her husband left them alone to enjoy their breakfast. They didn't talk, but looked at each other with joy in their eyes. This was the first nice thing that happened to them since they came back to their parents' houses. When they were done they found that the water cups with their pacifiers were gone the minister's husband told them to go into the living room and sit on a blanket on the floor, in two rows one for the girls and one for the boys. They did so and the minister came in. She looked at them sadly sitting on the floor and put their pacifiers back in their mouths.

"I have been talking with your parents and I know why you are being punished so. Some of you should really be in jail with worse punishments than they have devised for you. But seeing you at the nursing home so good with the inmates there and at your other community service projects, I see you also as ill people who were morally misguided not totally bad people. So today and every Sunday at the camp you won't have to work. You can have a day to rest and think about what you are about, what you did to get into this trouble and how you want to be better people in the future. You will have nice meals and don't have to wear diapers or suck on a pacifier. You can do what you want staying on these grounds. We have spiritual books to read, games you can play in the yard and in the living room, movies you can watch. No computers of course or you could get in trouble. And of course, you will go back to your jobs to pay back your debts and have accounts night and service work on Saturday. OK, go into the boys and girls dressing rooms to get ready for this special day."

Danny was surprised but glad that one day would be OK and went with the minister's husband to the boys dressing room to get into regular underwear and whatever clothes they had for him, Ed and Fred. But then he thought about taking his diaper off and the pacifier out of his mouth and realized he didn't want to. They were first given to him as a humiliation for being so irresponsible but now they were comforting as he got in touch with all the stress of his life over the years and the sadness and regret. He felt sadness and regret not only of his condo and driver's license but also of the harm he had done to the pedestrian he had injured speeding through the red light, not even drunk when doing it. As the mediator at his settlement said he was just was so arrogant he thought the pedestrian should run across the street seeing he was coming not noticing she couldn't carrying two heavy grocery bags. But over the last few weeks he was discovering the baby things he was forced into as punishment were comforting for this awful time. The thick diaper he managed to keep pretty dry made him feel relaxed, warm and snug. And nothing was like the comfort when he gave his pacifier a good long suck. So Danny found himself refusing the regular underwear the minister's husband offered him but did put on the cotton shorts socks and sneakers so he could go outside. And he said he would like to keep the pacifier in his pocket to suck on if he got stressed.

"It's better than eating candy" he told the minister's husband. Danny heard Ed and Fred also wanting to stay in their diapers and keep the pacifiers. And when they joined the girls in the yard they also seemed to have diapers on and pacifiers in their pockets. The yard was great with badminton net and rackets, a basketball court, miniature golf course, swings from trees and wading pool. The "kids" played all morning just going in the house to use the toilet; their taping on their diapers to be more like training pants pull ups than diapers per se. Then they went in for a great buffet lunch and after lunch went into the living room as instructed by the minister.

"Kids, you will get too tired for work tomorrow if you play more outside. Why not take a nap and do some reading before supper. I have a special section of books for you all in my library. Danny did not disagree. He was very tired. He hadn't been free and loose to be active like that since his punishment began. If he went outside at his parents, it was to a little place on the several acre grounds surrounded by a big high wooden fence, where he was tethered to a pole on a seven foot lead, to play in a sand box with a pail, shovel, blocks and some toy trucks. They were so angry and disappointed and resentful they couldn't think of enough ways to humiliate him. Unlike some of the other kid's parents they wouldn't even talk to him even on account night. All communication was typed into the computer. Alice thought it was humiliating that her mother would change and dress her and get her ready for work like an infant. Danny's parents just supplied his closet with diapers and refrigerator with the nutritional drink for working overtime. Danny had to do his own changing and laundry.

Danny went to his bunk and lay down for a sweet nap, his bottom warm and comfy in his thick diaper that he managed to keep pretty dry.

After his nap, Danny went to the library where the minister had prepared a section of all these spiritual books for children and teens. Danny took one down about learning from lives lessons. He went to the living room where all the others were reading such books sucking hard on their pacifiers. They had tears in their eyes, sad about what they had done what they had lost and the trouble they had caused for themselves and other people. All were upset about the difficult day they would have at work on Monday and each day until their debts were paid off and a new nest egg built-up. But right now they were comfy, safe and warm in their diapers and sucking on their pacifiers. Danny thought that maybe if he had read such books when he was young he wouldn't be in such a mess. He would laugh at his friends going to religious school.

"Goody two shoes" he would jeer at them as they walked to their classes on Sunday. But now he was really interested in doing better in life and reading such a book and that would have to be enough.

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