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David Goes to College

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. None of the characters in this story are real. The story involves material relating to diapers as a sexual fetish and bodily functions associated with diapers. It also involves sexual activity and love between two teen-aged boys. If any of this offends you read no further.

Dedication: I would like to dedicate this story to two young men who read it carefully in its early drafts and provided constructive criticisms that were absolutely critical in my development of the story. If you enjoy this tale you have Alex and Jody to thank. If you do not, the fault is entirely mine.

Chapter 1

"I wet the bed again"

"Oh, David," signed Mrs. Walker, "I didn't expect you'd be just as bad as Steven. I warned you about what we'd have to do if you wet the bed again, didn't I?"

David heard Steven snicker quietly.

"Yes, ma'am," he said in a resigned voice.

"Well, put the bedding out in the laundry room. I'll get it washed and back on the bed by the time you come home. At least I had the foresight to make sure you had a plastic mattress cover. Go on and have your breakfast."

David walked in to the kitchen where Sheila and her brother, Steven, were already seated at the table eating cold cereal. Sheila was already fully dressed, but Steven was clad as he always was at breakfast in just a T-shirt and a cloth diaper and plastic pants. Sheila was a pretty girl of 16 and was a junior in high school. Steven was only two years younger, but looked like a little boy when dressed as he was at that moment. David was also 16 but had skipped a couple of grades and was now a freshman at the local college.

David thought back to his introduction to the household only a few days before. There was a severe shortage of housing available for students on campus and a number of the faculty had been urged to rent rooms to students in need of a place to stay. After arriving on campus, David had been sent of to the campus infirmary where Mrs. Walker, who had a room available in her basement, was the head nurse. David and Mrs. Walker seemed to hit it off right away and he eagerly accepted her offer of a place to stay. From a financial standpoint it was a good deal and it was only three blocks to the campus so getting to school would be easy.

That first evening everything seemed perfectly normal. Mrs. Walker introduced David to her two children. Steven had seemed a bit nervous and shy but Sheila was very welcoming. Mrs. Walker didn't mention anything about a husband and David surmised that she was probably divorced. She seemed much to young to be a widow.

Mrs. Walker showed him his room and left him to unpack his things and get settled in. The bedroom included a desk where he could do his studying and there was space for his small stereo system. Mrs. Walker had warned him against playing music too loud, but he could always use his headphones if he wanted to really crank up the volume.

After dinner, David stayed with the Walkers to watch TV for a couple of hours. As bed time approached, Mrs. Walker announced that she was going to fix some herb tea and asked David if he would like some.

"Yes, thank you," said David, politely, hoping that it wasn't going to turn out to be some horrible tasting stuff that was supposed to be good for you. When Mrs. Walker returned she handed David a cup and he took a cautious sip and found it to be quite delicious.

"It's very good. What kind of tea is it?" he asked.

Well, it's a blend of herbs with a bit of cinnamon spice. I make it myself. There's no caffeine so it won't keep you awake at night. In fact, I find it helps me get a good night's

sleep," Mrs. Walker replied.

"Well, it's about time for bed. Breakfast is at 7:00 AM. We have a variety of cold cereals, but I'm afraid I don't do a cooked breakfast on weekdays."

"Cold cereal is all I ever have at home," replied David, "so that will be fine with me."

"Come on Steven. Let's get you fixed up for the night," said Sheila to her brother. David couldn't quite figure out what that was about. Steven appeared to be a perfectly normal boy and there was no apparent reason why his sister would need to help get him "fixed up for the night." But David felt it wasn't something he should ask about and bid everyone good night as he descended the stairs to go to his new room.

As he got into bed, David was surprised to feel something slick under the fitted sheet. He lifted up the sheet to discover that the bed was fitted with a plastic mattress cover.

"Well," he thought, "I suppose Mrs. Walker has a right to keep the mattress clean." David had to admit to himself that sometimes, when he masturbated at night, he would spatter cum on the sheet. At least he wouldn't create any stains on this mattress as he had done at home.

The next morning, when David came upstairs for breakfast he was met with a strange sight. Sheila and Mrs. Walker were fully dressed, as was David, but Steven was standing at the sideboard helping himself to some toast, and was wearing only a T-shirt and a cloth diaper covered with translucent plastic pants. As David stared in wonder, Steven blushed a bright red. Mrs. Walker was silent and it was left to Sheila to offer an explanation.

"I'm afraid that Steven is still a little boy in some ways," she said.

"He still wets the bed regularly and we have a deal. He has to wear a diaper to bed every night and come to breakfast still diapered. If he can go for a week without ending up with a wet diaper after breakfast, then he can go back to wearing pajamas like a normal 14 year old."

Steven blushed again and wouldn't look in David's direction.

"We're trying to shame him into more adult behavior, so he's not allowed to put on a diaper or take it off by himself. Either Mom or I do that for him. That way we can also check and know for sure whether or not he's wet."

At least the strange comment the previous night about getting Steven fixed up for bed as now clear. He was being taken into his room so that his sister could diaper him. David felt kind of sorry for the boy but at the same time he found himself feeling somewhat excited by the situation. He thought back to a time a just a few years ago when he woke up one night needing to pee and decided to try wetting the bed for fun. He was surprised at how hard it actually was to lie on his back and get the flow of urine to actually start.

As David ate his cereal he continued to watch Steven from the corner of his eye. He couldn't be sure, but he thought it looked like Steven was not going to be able to count today as a dry day.

Chapter 2.

David's day was a hectic one of registering for classes and finding his way around campus. That evening things went much as the night before. Up until the moment that everyone was preparing to go to bed.

"David," said Mrs. Walker, "As you remember part of our deal was that you would help with tasks around the house."

"Yes, ma'am," he responded, "What would you like me to do?"

"I want you to learn how to diaper Steven . . ."

"MOM!" Steven interrupted, "you can't."

"Yes, Steven, "I most certainly can. There are times when it's very inconvenient for me or Sheila to do it. I want David to be able to help us out."

"But I could do it myself."

"Absolutely not," said Mrs. Walker firmly, "Little boys who still need diapers cannot take care of themselves." I'm sure David will do fine. Sheila, if you would take David and Steven to Steven's room you can show David what to do."

"Sure," she giggled, "come on boys."

David followed the sullen Steven into his bedroom. It was a perfectly normal boy's bedroom, with posters on the wall, a bit of a mess on the floor, with clothes and books and other stuff that should have been hung up and put away. In one corner, however, there was a large, plastic container with a top.

"That's the diaper pail," Sheila remarked, when she noticed where David was gazing. The wet diaper goes in there in the morning. Steven has to launder his diapers himself."

She showed David where the clean diapers and plastic pants were stored in the bottom drawer of Steven's dresser. Sheila ordered Steven to get undressed.

"Yeah, yeah," grumbled the boy, "I know the drill." Steven turned is back to the other two and kicked off his shoes. Then he quickly pulled off his pants and his shirt and threw them onto a chair. As he undressed, Sheila lay a thick cloth diaper out on the bed and folded it so that it narrowed in the center. Steven turned back to the other two and stood before them, clad only in his underpants. He kept his eyes averted from David, as if pretending the other boy simply wasn't there. He let out a sigh and pulled down his underpants, flinging them toward the open closet door. Then, stark naked, he lay down on the bed, carefully adjusting his position so that his butt was on the diaper, just above the narrow region.

Sheila stepped over to the side of the bed, bent over the naked boy and pulled the cloth up between his thighs, neatly matching the diaper ends at his waist. Just as Steven's genitals disappeared from view, David thought he noticed. Steven's penis start to stiffen. But before he could be sure, Sheila had the diaper pinned in place. She then maneuvered a pair of plastic pants onto Steven's legs. Steven arched his back and she pulled the pants up to his waist.

"It's very important to check to see that the plastic pants seal over the diaper around the legs and at the waist," she explained to David as she checked everything.

"You don't want any leaks."

Having completed her task she turned toward David and smiled.

"That's all there is to it. Our little boy is ready for bed."

Steven crawled under the covers and turned on his side, away from his sister and David, clearly hoping the two of them would leave.

"Good night sweetie," she said as she turned to leave the room.

"Uh, yeah, good night," said David.

Sheila ushered David out of the room, turned out the light and shut the door.

"Well, David, do you thing you could handle that job if you were needed?" asked Mrs. Walker as the two returned to the den.

"Sure," he responded, "no problem."

"Well then, I'll bid you good-night."

"Yeah, right, good-night," said David.

As he returned to his own room David considered what he had seen. The fact that Steven had started to get an erection suggested that Steven wasn't entirely unhappy about being diapered. David thought about his own reaction and how he'd started to get hard himself. He'd always had a fascination with children in diapers, particularly boys and he remembered once when he was about five or six years old folding a towel around himself and pretending it was a diaper. Musing on the events of the day, he stripped to his underpants and slid into bed. As he lay there thinking about Steven he reached into his shorts and began to rub his rapidly hardening penis. He slid his underpants off and in no time at all brought himself to a satisfying climax. As he drifted off to sleep he wondered what would happen if he started wetting the bed himself.

Chapter 3.

David woke suddenly from his dream. He felt a small spurt of urine escape and he realized his bladder was full to bursting; in his excitement over watching Steven getting diapered he'd forgotten to use the bathroom himself before retiring for the night. He jumped out of bed and hurried into the bathroom to relieve himself. As he stood at the toilet his mind drifted back to his dream. He was a little boy of about six or seven and he was playing outside. He had to go to the bathroom badly but he didn't want to leave off playing. Finally he couldn't hold it any longer and he wet his pants. It was at that point in the dream that he woke up, but now awake, David realized that he had been reliving a real event from his childhood. He remembered standing in his backyard and watching the wet stain spread across the front of his pants and run down his leg. His mother had come rushing out of the house yelling at him and demanding to know why he hadn't come inside to use the bathroom.

"If this is the way you're going to behave I'll have to put you back in diapers and all the other boys will make fun of you," she had threatened.

Of course, he had been careful not to wet his pants again and he certainly hadn't wanted the other boys to make fun of him - did he? But why did the memory have such a strong hold on him? In fact he had wanted to wet his pants. He had liked seeing the wet stain spread across his trousers. He liked the feel of the warm liquid running spreading across his abdomen. On the other hand he didn't really like the feel of the pee running down his legs. As he considered these things, David thought about how often he'd held off going to

the bathroom - deliberately risking a wet pants accident - holding it in until the urine started to spurt out and then rushing to the bathroom, frantically unzipping his pants and pulling his penis out just in time to avoid a major embarrassment. As he headed back to bed, David's heart raced at the intensity of the memory.


The next morning progressed much as the previous morning, but when it was time for Steven to have his diaper removed, David was again asked to accompany Sheila and Steven as they went into Steven's room. The room was much as it had been the night before with the exception that this time the bed clothes were in a tangled and rumpled mess.

"OK, last night you saw how to put the diaper on him, so let's see you take it off this morning," Sheila said to David.

"First, since he's probably wet you need to make sure you don't get the bed clothes wet when changing him. I call it 'changing him' but I suppose that really applies only to taking one diaper off him and putting another one on. Oh, well. In any case, you need to put the rubber sheet on the bed before you do anything else." David found it very strange the way Sheila chattered on, speaking of Steven almost as if he wasn't there. Steven, in the mean time, was rolling his eyes and doing is best to convey the message that he was bored and couldn't we just get it over with?

The rubber sheet turned out to be a small piece of rubberized cloth approximately 3 feet long a 2 feet wide. Sheila spread it out on the bed and gestured to Steven, who obediently removed his T-shirt and then lay on his back with his bottom on the center of the cloth.

"OK, now Steven will lift up his butt and you pull the plastic pants down to his ankles."

As Steven lifted his bottom up, David leaned over the boy and placed his hands on opposite sides of the plastic pants. He paused a moment, surprised at how soft the plastic felt to the touch. It was a milky translucent white in color and you could see the white diaper underneath. He tugged the pants down. Once again he felt his own penis start to get hard and he hoped neither Sheila nor Steven would notice. Steven lowered his bottom back down to the bed and lifted up his feet. As David pulled the plastic pants over Steven's feet he noticed the smell of fresh urine and tiny droplets of liquid clinging to the plastic pants. There was no hint of ammonia and as he pulled the plastic pants down he had felt warmth rising from the wet diaper. David was now quite sure that when Steven came to the breakfast table that morning he'd been dry.

"OK, if the plastic pants aren't too wet you can just hang them on the doorknob for a moment. Now it's you have to really check and see whether or not baby Steven is wet."

For a moment Steven turned to scowl at his sister but his gaze quickly turned back to David who realized that Steven was watching his crotch. He felt his penis strain at the confines of his trousers. Sheila might not have noticed, but Steven certainly had.

"Yes, you can easily see that he's very wet," announced Sheila.

The white diaper, heavy and clinging to Steven's groin, was stained yellow and clearly well soaked, a fact that David had already noticed.

"Now undo the pins and put them aside." David followed Sheila's instructions and as he did so he noticed that the diaper seemed to be not as tight as it had been the night before. He realized that the wetness had relaxed the material and allowed it to stretch.

"Then pull the wet diaper out from under him and throw it in the diaper pail. That's all there is to it," concluded Sheila on an almost triumphant note.

David again followed the instructions and was surprised at how heavy the diaper felt. He held it aloft for a moment, holding it with two fingers. Then he turned and with his other hand, opened the lid of the diaper pail. He tossed the warm, wet, and heavy piece of cloth into the pail where it landed with a soft thud on the diapers from previous nights. The smell of the older diapers was strong and unpleasant and David quickly closed and sealed the top of the pail.

Steven was left lying on the rubber sheet, naked under the gaze of his sister and David. Sheila said nothing further, but turned and left the room. David, however, stood over the younger boy for a few moments observing the boy's small cock rising from its bed of sparse, fine hair, growing in size and standing rigidly at attention. Steven's eyes moved slyly to meet David's. With a sudden smile the boy was up and off the bed, his rigid penis pointing toward the ceiling.

"I've got to take a shower and get ready for school," he announced as he walked out of the room, heading toward the bathroom.

David could hardly breathe. His pants could hardly contain him and he was becoming quite uncomfortable. He reached into his pants and fumbled with his penis, trying to free it from the tangle of his underwear. Alas, he had no time for another round of masturbation, and he quickly exited Steven's room and headed for his own.


That evening David was once again taken into Steven's room, but this time instead of watching Sheila put Steven in his nighttime diaper, Sheila watched while David did it. After checking to see that David had gotten the diaper properly tight around Steven's waist and that there were no bits of diaper sticking out of the plastic pants she pronounced herself satisfied that David could do the job properly.

Once again, David returned to his room in a state of arousal. As he satisfied his needs he fantasized about what it would be like if he were in Steven's place.


Once again he awoke with a start and a strong need to pee. For a moment he considered the possibility, just the possibility, of simply lying there and wetting the bed. But he couldn't quite make up his mind and his need was too urgent. He hurried into the bathroom and relieved his bursting bladder.

Chapter 4

The routine was now established. David would shower and come up stairs for breakfast to find the Walkers already at the table. He'd quickly eat some cold cereal and if Sheila was in a hurry he'd take Steven to his room and remove the boy's diaper. Steven was always wet and one morning David asked him if he ever actually tried to stay dry. Steven

smiled shyly. He explained that he rarely actually woke up wet, but he found it very uncomfortable to try to sit through breakfast without emptying his bladder. Most of the time, he admitted, he actually wet his diaper while sitting at the breakfast table.

"So you don't really mind having your sister or mom - or now me - diapering you at night and changing you in the morning?" asked David.

"Nah, I got used to it. I had to wear a diaper to bed up until I was in second grade. Then, for a few years I didn't have to, but then a couple of years ago for some reason I started wetting again. I don't mind going to bed in a diaper, it feels kind of comforting to me."

David licked his lips nervously and then ventured a question he'd been longing to ask.

"From the fact that you always get hard when you're being diapered or changed I figure you kind of like wearing diapers."

Steven nodded assent but was silent.

"Have you ever wanted to wear diapers during the day?" David asked.

Steven hesitated and kind of squirmed before answering.

"Yeah. Well . . .maybe. I guess it would be OK for a little while, you know? But I sure wouldn't want to have to wear a diaper outside of the house. They got these ads on TV now for adult diapers and they say no one would notice, but I don't believe it."

"I know what you mean," David chuckled, "Even if no one did notice anything, you'd always be afraid some one would, or that it would leak or something. You'd be nervous all the time."

But David has found out what he wanted. Steven did, indeed, enjoy being in a diaper and had even considered the possibility of wearing a diaper for a longer period of time - as long as he was safe at home.

Over the next several days David and Steven continued their conversation and David admitted that he wondered what it would be like to wet the bed and be put in diapers.

"I bet your mother would freak if I started wetting the bed," remarked David one evening as he diapered Steven.

"Oh, I don't know," responded Steven casually, "She's pretty cool about me. I'm sure she knows I'm not really trying to stay dry."

"Yeah, I think she must know, too, but she'd still think it was pretty weird for a guy in college to suddenly start wetting the bed," responded David.

"Don't be so sure," said Steven, "I remember she once told me that a surprising number of freshman start wetting the bed when the come to college. It has something to do with the stress of being away from home and lots of homework and trying to make new friends and everything. Every year several boys come to the infirmary looking for help."

"So what does she tell them?" asked David excitedly.

"Mostly she tells them to get more physical exercise. That's supposed to relieve stress. When I first started wetting again she insisted I take up running - it was good exercise - but I didn't let it stop me from wetting," said Steven, grinning.

David grinned, too.

"Well, you know what you want; I'll say that for you."

"So, you gonna wet the bed tonight?" asked Steven.

David blushed.

"Come on, I was just joking. Like I said, your mother would probably freak and I can't imagine what Sheila would do," he protested.

But his protestations were hardly noticed because Steven was intently watching David's swelling crotch. David pulled at the front of his pants to allow his penis a chance to shift. As he did so, Steven reached into his diaper to perform his own adjustment.

"Gets tight sometimes, huh?" said Steven, grinning even more.

David blushed a brighter red.

"Uh . . . yeah. Well, I guess I'd better let you get to sleep."


It seemed to David that every night he dreamt about wetting the bed or being put in diapers himself. He could feel the tension inside him grow, but he couldn't muster up the will to let himself wet the bed. He knew that Steven, too, was getting more tense and was hoping to have a diaper buddy soon. Every morning Steven would catch David's eye and then lean back in his chair and relax, letting David know that he was, at that moment, wetting his diaper. Every night their bedtime banter as David put Steven in his diaper got more intense. Finally, as Friday night rolled around, a decision was reached.

"Come on David," pleaded Steven, "admit it. You get just as turned on by the idea of wearing a diaper as I do. This is driving me crazy."

"I'm sorry, I know," said David, "it's just, . . . it's just I'm afraid of what's going to happen. I'm afraid I'm going to go completely bonkers. I have this dream that I'm running around the campus with nothing on but a diaper, yelling 'I'm a bed wetter, I'm a bed wetter.'"

"Well, if you don't DO something you WILL go bonkers," replied Steven.

"Look, tomorrow Sheila is going out with some of her girl friends and mom has to take an extra shift at the infirmary 'cause their short handed. We'll be alone. Let's both put on diapers and spend the afternoon playing some video games and wetting diapers. You can finally find out what it's like and I can have a chance to wear diapers during the day instead of just at night."

Steven watched carefully as David considered this offer. A whole spectrum of emotions flitted across the boy's face as the he considered his options. Finally he made a decision and a cloud seemed to lift.

"OK, let's do it - an afternoon in diapers for both of us. After that, who knows?"

Chapter 5.

Saturday dawned and life was much as usual. Everyone got up a bit later than on a weekday, but breakfast proceeded as usual. Steven wet his diaper - as usual - and after breakfast David changed the boy's diaper - as usual. At around 10:00 Mrs. Walker left to go to work at the infirmary and it was only a bit after that that Sheila was picked up by one of her girl friends for a day of dedicated shopping.

"So, are we still planning . . . what we were planning?" asked Steven.

"I guess so," sighed David.

"I know I want to do this, but I sure wish I was convinced it was a good idea."

"So do you want to put me in a diaper first, or shall I put you in one?" asked Steven.

David contemplated the question for several long minutes while Steven looked on apprehensively, fearing that David might yet pull out of the deal.

"Let me put you in a diaper first. Maybe I won't feel so freaking . . . I don't know what, if you're already in a diaper," responded David.

"That's cool, you've diapered me more times than I can count so I can't see why I should be worried about it now, just because it's the middle of the day," said Steven.

The boys quickly assembled the diapers, pins, and plastic pants. Steven stripped and lay down on his bed, ready for David to diaper him. The work was quickly accomplished and then it was David's turn.

David hesitated.

"Should I really do this? I'm older than you. Should I be letting a kid two year's younger than me put me in a diaper like a little baby?"

"Yes, you should," stated Steven emphatically, as he folded a fresh, clean diaper on the bed.

David sighed and slowly stripped off his own clothes as Steven watched expectantly.

Once he was completely naked he turned toward Steven and raised his arms. Despite the fact that the house was comfortably warm, he felt a momentary chill and shivered.

"OK, here I am."

Steven's eyes traveled over the older boy from head to toe, lingering as his gaze reached David's crotch.

"You've got a bit more hair around your dick than I do, but you don't look a lot bigger than me."

"Yeah, well I'm only a couple year's older than you and I've always been small for my age," responded David defensively.

"Sorry, no offense," replied Steven, "I'm glad we're not that much different"

David looked down at the waiting diaper and then lay down on it, arranging himself on it the way he had seen Steven do so many times. The first touch of his bare bottom to the diaper gave him a surprise. Somehow, he had been expecting it to feel just like his underwear, but the cloth of the diaper was much heavier and more thickly woven and it felt radically different from his normal Fruit-of-the-Looms.

Steven had never diapered anyone else and as he bent over there was a certain amount of fumbling about before he completed the task. David felt the narrow region of the folded diaper bunch up around his inner thighs as the diaper was pulled up over his genitals. He watched with some trepidation as Steven pulled the right side of the front and back ends tight and began to push the diaper pin through the thick cloth.

"Ow! Damn, I stuck my finger with the fucking pin," yelled Steven, who began to suck the injured digit.

David couldn't help but break out laughing.

"I don't care how badly you stick your own finger, just as long as you don't drive that pin into ME.

"Actually, you look cute standing there in just a diaper with your finger in your mouth."

"Yeah well it doesn't feel 'cute,'" grumbled Steven, as he bent to complete the task of pinning on David's diaper.

David shifted about a little, "I don't think it's tight enough around my waist, it feels pretty loose."

Steven unpinned the left side and pulled the diaper much tighter.

"How's that?"


The last step was to pull on the plastic pants. This wouldn't have been a problem expect for the fact that Steven, in his nervousness, had gotten them backwards. Luckily, David noticed the problem almost immediately and the error was quickly corrected.

Finally David stood next to Steven, the two of them clad only in diapers and plastic pants. The leg holes gripped snuggly around David's thighs and he ran a finger along the elastic, making sure no hint of cloth diaper was protruding out. When he was satisfied, he turned toward Steven and put his arm around the other boy's shoulders, pulling the younger boy to him in a momentary hug.

"You notice anything?" asked David, with a smile.


"We were both so nervous about this that neither one of us got a boner," replied David.

"Hmm, that's true. . . . But so what? We've got all afternoon to see what might happen," said Steven firmly.

"So now what?" asked David.

"Well, how about just relax and see if you can pee," said Steven, "I'll bet I can."

Steven's face went slack and his whole body seemed to relax.

"Yes, it's coming now. Ohhh, yes it feels good. Just like when I'm at breakfast and letting go."

"Oh, man. OK, I'm trying," said David.

"You gotta relax! Don't 'try,' just relax," said Steven with some asperity.

"OK, OK. Just give me a few minutes. This is my first time in a diaper you know," responded David.

After what seemed like an endless pause, David finally felt his bladder sphincter relax and the urine began to flow into his diaper.

"I'm doing it!" he exclaimed, as he felt the hot stream of pee rush into the thick cloth diaper.

"Good boy. I mean 'bad boy', or 'good baby' or something," giggled Steven.

David felt the warm urine flow, and flow, and flow into the thick cloth diaper.

"Jeez! I didn't know I had so much in me," he said in amazement. He marveled as the feel of warm wetness spread across his abdomen and pooled in his crotch. He gingerly lay back

down on the bed and felt the wetness spread from his crotch up the backside of the diaper, bringing the warm wetness to his butt.

"Uh, what do you think?" asked David, "Should we do a diaper change right away or do you want to try wearing the wet diapers for a while?"

"Let's wear 'em for a while," said Steven without hesitation, "I've never really had a chance to see what that would feel like."

The two padded off to the den where they spent over and hour playing a video game while seated on the floor in their wet diapers.

As the game came to and end David announced, "I've got to pee again," and proceeded to unload another hot stream of urine into his already wet diaper. By the time he was finished the diaper was completely soaked through and it sagged alarmingly as he stood up.

"Well," remarked Steven, "I guess it's really time to get your diaper changed."

It was a memorable afternoon for them both. Diapers were wet; diapers were changed; more diapers were wet. Diapers were tossed in the washing machine and cleaned and then dried. In between times they played video games and talked and laughed and became much more at ease with one another.

"It's getting late and we'd better get things back to normal, 'cause your mom and your sister are likely to come home real soon now," said David.

"Yeah, I know. But this has been a great afternoon. But OK, let's get the diapers off and try to look 'normal'," giggled Steven.

David hesitated a moment and then put his arm around Steven's diapered waist. He drew the younger boy gently to him and held him tight. Then, releasing the young boy he turned and led the way into Steven's bedroom to complete the final diaper change of the day and begin the return to normal.


That evening David's resolve was firm. He had enjoyed the afternoon of diaper play with Steven more than he thought was imaginable. This night, he was going to wet the bed. He downed a full glass of water and then deliberately did not use the toilet before slipping into bed. As was inevitable, he woke at about 4:00 AM with a strong urge to urinate, but this time his resolve was firm. He rolled over onto his stomach and let his mind go blank. Even though his bladder was insistent, he eventually entered a restless sleep.

Then, just before his alarm was due to go off he awoke once again. He felt a terrible need to pee. He rolled onto his back and willed himself to just let it come, but he couldn't relax enough. It was surprisingly hard to actually wet the bed, David mused. No wonder Steven waited to wet his diaper until he was up and sitting at the breakfast table. Finally, David sat straight up in bed and once more tried to relax and let his pee flow, remembering how good it had felt the prior afternoon, when he wet himself for the first time. It worked and a hard, heavy stream rushed out. He counted slowly to five and then stopped the flow. The urine, kept from soaking into the mattress by the plastic mattress

cover, formed a small pool around his crotch and the wetness crept up the backside of his shorts.

As he headed to the toilet to finish the job he paused and took a good look at himself in the mirror. He saw a slim boy, who looked to be about 14 or 15, with sandy, medium length blond hair, which was has sticking out haphazardly in all directions. The boy in the mirror was wearing nothing but a very wet pair of shorts. David turned to get a look at his back. His shoulder blades were sharply etched against the smooth skin. The seat of the shorts appeared, if anything, to be even wetter than the front. David turned back to look directly into the mirror.

"Is this really me?" he wondered to himself.

"This cute teenager who can't seem to control himself and wets the bed?" David began to suspect he was going to find out a lot about himself in the coming year - and it wasn't all going to be because he was going to college. After emptying his nearly full bladder, he returned to his bed room where he stripped off bed clothes before returning to the bathroom to shower.


When David arrived in the kitchen for breakfast, Steven, Sheila and Mrs. Walker were already there.

"Uh, I'm afraid I had a little Steven-type accident myself," said David, trying to look sheepish, despite the fact that he was really quite delighted with the situation.

Steven looked up with wide eyes and grinned, giving David a surreptitious thumbs-up. Sheila tried to hide the fact that she, too was grinning behind her hand, and Mrs. Walker tried to look stern but appeared to be ready to laugh, herself.

"I'm really sorry, and I promise it won't happen again," said David.

"I was so tired last night I forgot to go to the bathroom before I went to bed," he lied.

"Well, as you found out, I don't fully trust boys and you have a plastic mattress cover on your bed. But I'm not going to be washing sheets all the time. If it happens again, just be warned that we have plenty of diapers and pairs of plastic pants and I can start treating you the same way we treat Steven."

"Yes, ma'am," said David humbly.

David thought that wetting the bed two days in a row might be too obvious so the next morning, when Steven asked with a chuckle if he had a dry bed, David was able to report that he did. Steven scowled and looked down at his plate.

Chapter 6

"I wet the bed again"

"Oh, David," signed Mrs. Walker, "I didn't expect you'd be just as bad as Steven. I warned you about what we'd have to do if you wet the bed again, didn't I?"

David heard Steven snicker quietly.

"Yes, ma'am," he said in a resigned voice.

"Well, I think you can add washing your sheets to the household tasks you're supposed to do. At least I had the foresight to make sure you had a plastic mattress cover. Go on and have your breakfast."

Steven was quite excited by the event.

"So who's going to put David in a diaper?" he asked.

"Well," said his mom, "any of us can do it - and that includes you, Steven. You certainly ought to be an expert. In fact, I think that's a very good idea. Of course, Sheila or I will supervise the first time, but I see no reason at all that you and David can't do most of the work. But just to make sure, either Sheila or I will certainly be supervising."

David caught Steven's eye, smiled and touched a finger to his lips to warn Steven not to act too happy about the situation.


That evening, when everyone was through watching television and it was time for bed, Steven couldn't help grinning broadly. David, in contrast, was now feeling rather apprehensive. It was sort of OK for Mrs. Walker to see him naked, after all, she was a nurse and was supposed to be a professional about such things. But there was also Sheila to consider. The thought of being seen naked by a girl his own age made him nervous.

"Since we're going to have to diaper both our boys, we might as well do it here in the den."

She returned with the diapers and pants.

"So, who goes first?" Steven quickly volunteered to diaper David.

"Well then, David, take all your clothes off," commanded Mrs. Walker.

David hesitated a moment and then with a shaking hand began to undo the buttons on his shirt.

"David seems a bit nervous this first time," remarked Mrs. Walker, "Steven, please help him by pulling down his pants."

Steven grinned wickedly and went over to David. He undid David's belt and unbuttoned the top button of his pants. Then he slowly unzipped the pants as David completed unbuttoning his shirt and dropping it to the floor. David's penis was already starting to get hard and Steven giggled as he saw it trying push out from David's cotton briefs. David kicked off his shoes, pulled his T-shirt over his head and was left standing in front of everyone with his pants down around his ankles. His breathing was fast and his heart raced. He kicked off his pants and was left wearing only his briefs and his socks. Steven moved closer. His hand brushed David's penis as he reached around the boy's back. He put his hands inside David's briefs and let them rest momentarily on the boy's bare buttocks. Then he slowly pulled down the briefs, stopping momentarily to get a good look at David's rapidly enlarging cock.

Sheila laid out the diaper on the floor and David lowered himself to the floor, centering his bottom just above the narrowed center of the diaper. He spread is legs as Steven knelt beside him. Steven lifted the diaper between David's legs and draped it back to cover the older boy's genitals. As he adjusted the position of the diaper his hand lingered for a moment over David's firmly erect penis. Then he pulled pinned the ends of the diaper together. Then, as David raised his legs, Steven pulled on the plastic pants.

David lay on the floor, breathing as hard as if he'd just run 5 miles. He didn't know how he felt. Being stripped naked in front of Mrs. Walker and Sheila was a major turn-on. Being seen in a diaper by the two women was a turn-on. But the feel of Steven's hands on his butt - that was still with him. As Steven knelt beside him and smiled warmly down at him, he longed for the younger boy to bend over and kiss him.

The moment passed and Steven quickly rose to his feet and stripped off his own clothes.

"I think we need to let David recover," observed Mrs. Walker.

"Sheila can take care of diapering Steven."

The job was quickly done. The two boys stood side by side in their diapers, David, short for his age, barely an inch taller than Steven.

"They're so sweet looking together," said Sheila, "I think we have to get a picture of the two of them."

"What? A picture?" said David in alarm.

"Oh don't worry," said Sheila as she rushed off to her room to fetch her camera. We'll keep it just in the family."

She returned with the camera and posed the two boys beside each other. Steven slipped his arm around David's waist and after a moment's hesitation David responded in kind. Both boys were smiling broadly and David had to admit, when he looked at the picture, that they did look very cute together.


A new routine was quickly established. Every morning David would come up to breakfast, earlier than he had before, but now wearing just a diaper and T-shirt. David and Steven would sit, side by side, a matched pair of diaper boys. After breakfast both boys would go into Steven's bedroom to have their diapers removed and checked. Usually David removed Steven's and vice versa, but always Sheila or her mother were there to make the official determination: wet or dry. In simple fact, the verdict was always the same - wet.

Normally, in the evening everyone would be gathered together, watching TV. At the end of the last program the boys would strip each other naked while Sheila and her mother watched and then they'd diaper each other before everyone went to their separate beds.

David and Steven obviously both enjoyed the ritual - as did Mrs. Walker and Sheila - but over the span of weeks, David found himself yearning for some private time with Steven. David had known for several years that he was more interested in boys than girls. He found it strange that the embarrassment, the humiliation, of being seen naked and in diapers by Sheila and Mrs. Walker, such a powerful turn-on. But whenever Steven touched him he wanted to melt, and he desperately wanted more time alone with the other boy.

Chapter 7

"Do you ever think about doing something more?" asked David, as he sat next to Steven playing a video game.

It was a Saturday morning and once again, both Mrs. Walker and Sheila had gone out, leaving David with a rare chance to talk to Steven alone.

"What do you mean?" replied Steven.

David silently directed Steven's gaze towards his crotch, as a wet stain appeared on the front of his blue jeans. David counted to 10 and then stopped wetting himself.

"Something like this?"

"Well, I guess I've thought about it once or twice, but I've never done it," replied Steven. His eyes lingered on David's wet jeans.

"I like the feel of diapers," said David, "but I also like the feel of wet pants and the way it looks. When I was your age I didn't have access to diapers, but I'd wet my pants whenever I was alone and could do it without getting caught."

"So what's it feel like?" asked Steven.

"Hard to describe. Kind of like wetting a diaper - wet, warm. And you can see it, too. I think you'd look really cute and sexy in wet pants. Try it."

"Uh, maybe some other time. I mean, I really like wearing a diaper and peeing in it, but I'm just not sure about doing it in my pants. Let me get used to the idea. What would happen if Mom caught me - or caught you for that matter?"

"Don't know, but one of these days I plan to find out," replied David.

"What? Really? Why?"

"The diaper stuff we've been doing is fun, but we're just doing the same thing every night. I want more," replied David, firmly.

David reached out and took Steven's hand and pressed it to his wet crotch. At first the boy recoiled at the wetness, but then returned his hand back to David's crotch and started to massage David's cock and balls through his wet jeans.

"Ohh, that feels good," moaned David. He cupped his hand around the back of Steven's neck and gently pulled the boy's face closer. He gazed into Steven's eyes and felt the desire to kiss him. Could it be possible, he wondered, that Steven might be like him?

David took a deep, shuddering breath and then drew Steven even closer. He gently kissed the boy on the mouth and then released the boy's neck and the two boys stood away from each other. For a moment they simply stood still, gazing into one another's eyes.

"Uh, did you mind me doing that?" asked David hesitantly.

Steven smiled, put his hands on David's shoulder and pulled him closer. They kissed a second time. Then a third.

"I think I love you" said David.

"I've figured I was gay for a long time. Does that bother you?"

"I'm not sure what I am," replied Steven, "but I know I liked kissing you. And I liked touching your dick, too.

"I thought I was pretty crazy enjoying wearing a diaper wetting it in the morning. Now you've gotten me to wear diapers at other times. Now you want me to wet my pants."

"I know its kind of crazy, but I've always liked wetting my pants. The diapers were a new thing for me and I was so turned-on that first morning that I saw you standing in the kitchen wearing one."

"Where does it end? With both of us locked in the loony bin wearing a matching set of diapers and strait-jacket?"

"OK, take your time," laughed David.

"As long as you don't get really turned off by what I do I'll be happy."

Noises of explosions and gunfire emanated from the video game, but the bad guys were winning - Steven and David were fully occupied undressing and fondling each other.

"Too bad Sheila and your mom don't go shopping together more often," whispered David as he lay naked beside Steven.

"Maybe we should arrange to have a burglar come in a steal Sheila's favorite clothes," suggested Steven with a snicker.

"Then she'd have to go shopping again."

"Yeah," chuckled David, "I'm sure the stores in the mall would appreciate it."

"You said you used to wet your pants whenever you could, when you were my age," said Steven, as he snuggled up to David, lying his head on the other boy's shoulder.

"Did you ever get caught?"

"Let me tell you two stories," replied David, "and both of them are true."


David gave Steven a quick kiss and then began.

"The first thing you have to understand is that I actually started messing my pants years before I started wetting them." Steven's eyebrows arched in surprise, but he said nothing.

"About four years ago my father took a one-year job with the government and we left our house for that year and lived in a place in Virginia. I was in 7th grade, but I was the new kid and really didn't have any good friends that year. The family next door included a boy in the 6th grade, Josh, and his little brother, Jeff, who was in first grade. I spent a fair amount of time with Josh and his little brother often tagged along. It didn't take long for me to discover that Jeff was notorious for pooping his pants. Whenever he did, Josh would sigh and say something like 'I think I smell a stinky boy.' Then he'd feel the seat of Jeff's pants and if that confirmed what he expected he'd pull Jeff's pants down and look into the seat of his underpants and then show everybody else what a messy boy his little brother was. Then he'd send Jeff home to get cleaned up. Apparently their mother knew this was happening but either didn't care or didn't know what to do about it.

"As you might guess, I was excited about this, even though Jeff was still such a little boy. But I didn't have any opportunities to try it myself.

One day, toward the end of our stay in Virginia my parents went out for the afternoon and decided they could leave me home alone. I went out to the garage to do some work on my bike. The chain needed oiling and the brakes needed to be adjusted. While I was

doing all that I decided it was as good a time as any to try pooping my pants. I had plenty of time to get things cleaned up before my parents came home.

"So I did it. I was working on the brakes and I could feel the pressure in my ass grow. I just spread me feet and tried to relax. I remember saying to myself, 'if it comes then it comes, I'm not going to try to hold it in.' I was trying to make if feel like an 'accident' so I didn't push or anything, but I could feel the poop beginning to come out. I just stood there and let it happen. After the first log of poop came out, the pressure wasn't so bad and I could have stopped having an 'accident' right there, but I thought there was no point in not completing the job, so then I pushed and pushed again and really filled the seat of my pants. It really felt neat. I stood there thinking, 'holy shit, I just shit my pants.'" The pressure from my pants and shorts pushed the mess up tight against my ass and into my crotch and it was warm and I liked the way it felt. I could smell it, too, and I could even feel some of the poop pressing up behind my balls.

"You haven't done anything like this yet, so you don't know what it feels like. And maybe you wouldn't like it, I don't know. But I really did like the feeling. It was warm and soft, but not too squishy, and it just felt good! I felt the seat of my pants with my hand and really enjoyed the way the warm poop shifted about on my butt as I moved it around.

"Anyway, I decided to just go back to working on my bike and enjoy the feeling in the seat of my pants as I moved around and did stuff.

"So I'm standing there working on my bike when suddenly Josh and Jeff come in. I hadn't been expecting them, and I don't know how they knew I was in the garage, but I was trapped. Well, it was only a few moments before Josh started his routine. 'I think I smell a stinky boy.' But this time, as you might guess, Jeff was outraged.

"He was shouting, 'It's not me. I didn't poop my pants. I bet you're smelling your own stinky pants.'

"Then he ran around behind his brother and felt the seat of his older brother's pants. Of course, he didn't find anything, so then he ran over to me. I tried to stop him, but he got around behind me and felt the seat of my pants. I felt the poop push up against my butt again as he did it and I knew there wasn't anything I left I could do to avoid discovery.

"Well, he started shouting, 'It's David! David pooped his pants, David pooped his pants, David pooped his pants.' He just kept chanting that over and over.

"Well, I don't think Josh believed it at first, and he grabbed his brother and gave the seat of his pants a good feel; but when he didn't find anything he looked over at me. I was so embarrassed, and I could feel my face getting hot. I don't think I'd ever blushed so much. Josh came over to me and he kind of looked at me, like he was questioning me. I just turned around so he could check the seat of my pants. Of course he discovered the big load I'd dropped, and he was just amazed. I made some excuse like, 'Well, Jeff does it so much I just wanted to see what it felt like.' I don't know how convinced Josh was by that lame excuse.

"Anyway, Jeff was still jumping around chanting 'David pooped his pants.' Josh didn't seem to know quite what to do, but Jeff knew the drill. 'Pull his pants down and show everybody,' he demanded and finally that's what Josh did, although everybody was just

the two of them. He pulled my pants down and I didn't resist, I just stood there and raised my arms so he could undo my belt and pants.

"Anyway, he pulled my pants down and Jeff immediately ran up and pulled back the elastic on my underwear and looked at my ass. Then Josh did the same. Jeff just kept chanting, 'David pooped his pants,' but Josh didn't say a thing. He just looked at me and kept shaking his head like he couldn't believe it.

"So then I went in the house and cleaned up and put on clean shorts and came back out. Jeff and Josh were still waiting for me when I came out. It took a lot of persuading, but eventually both Jeff and Josh promised not to tell anybody else about what I'd done. I've never known how well they kept that promise 'cause it was only a couple of weeks later that my dad's job came to an end and we moved back home. I never saw any of the kids from that neighborhood again."

Throughout his story, David watched Steven closely to see how he took this new revelation. So far their baby activities had been restricted to wet diapers. Now, David had upped the ante by wetting his pants and then telling Steven that he really liked messing his pants, too.

"Wow," said Steven, shaking his head, "that's really wild."

"Does it really turn you off?" queried David.

"If it does, then I promise not to do something like that when you're around. But if you're OK with it, one of these days you'll discover that I've pooped myself."

"No . . . It doesn't turn me off. I'm not sure it turns me on, but I think I'd like to see you do it - at least once."

David looked down at Steven's crotch.

"Well, something is turning you on," he laughed, as he gazed at Steven's small, but very erect penis. David slid out from under Steven's head and moved down toward the foot of the bed until Steven's crotch was in his face. Then he gently took Steven's penis in his mouth and began to suck on it lightly.

"Jeez, what are you doing?" exclaimed Steven, "Oh, Jeez, oh man, oh." Steven moaned with pleasure, and David felt the boy's cock grow even larger and more rigid. He increased the speed and force of his sucking actions. It was only a few moments before he heard the younger boy groan and then felt the cum spurting into his throat. David savored the feel and taste for a moment, but wasn't sure what he should do now that he had a mouth full of cum. He couldn't see anyway of spitting it out without making a mess and finally decided that it couldn't hurt him and swallowed.

"Jeez," said Steven in wonderment.

"Did you just swallow my cum?"

"Mmm, not a lot of flavor, but nice," murmured David, as he shifted back up to the head of the bed and kissed Steven.

"You won't get sick?"

"I don't think so," replied David.

They lay cuddled together again, with David's arms wrapped around the other boy.

Steven yawned as he lay his head on David's should once again.

"Tell me another story. You said there were two stories."

"Yeah, the other one is when my best friend, Jim, caught me wetting my pants. That happened just last year.

"It was a warm summer day and I was home alone. I'd been given the task of weeding the garden while my parents were off at some political function. I was just about done and I decided to wet my pants. After that event with Josh and Jeff I'd messed my pants on several occasions, but I didn't wet myself very often. Basically that was because you couldn't really see anything if I was messy, but wet pants were pretty obvious. Since I didn't want to get caught, I didn't wet unless I was really sure I was safe.

"Well, we lived out in the country, my parents were gone, the nearest neighbor lived a half mile away and it seemed like a perfect time to do it. In the few times that I had wet myself before I'd always done it in my room in private, and only a little bit so I didn't have any clean-up to do other than putting my underpants and pants somewhere they could dry without being noticed. But this was an opportunity to wet myself thoroughly and sort of 'in public.'

"I pulled up the last weed and then sat down on the rock wall and let the pee go. My cut-offs became completely soaked almost immediately, and I could feel the pee pooling up around my butt. I thought it was fun watching the pee running down the rocks and into the grass.

"When I looked up I just about jumped out of my skin. There was Jim, staring at me. I had forgotten that he had just gotten his driver's license and was now pretty free to go where he wanted, when he wanted. I guess in my preoccupation with what I was doing I hadn't heard the car drive up.

"'Did I just see what I think I saw? Did you just piss your pants' he asked.

"Well, I kind of stammered and finally admitted that he had indeed seen me pee myself. He wanted to know why, and I gave him some explanation about being alone and needing to go and since no one was around and I'd be putting my dirty gardening clothes in the laundry anyway I thought I'd just let go where I was.

He wasn't very convinced. 'You just pissed your pants - deliberately! You are one weird dude.

"So I told him it was no big deal and that I didn't mind feeling wet. Anyway, we went in to my room and I stripped off my wet clothes, while Jim watched. At first he wanted to leave my room while I changed, but I convinced him to stay. I don't know why, but I really wanted him to watch while I took off the wet clothes and put on dry stuff. It's not like he'd never seen me naked before, he'd slept over with me several times and we'd both changed into our pajamas in front of each other. But still, I wanted him to see my wet undershorts and I pretty much displayed myself to him as much as possible. So finally I got some dry underpants and a clean pair of shorts on things pretty much went back to normal.

"But after that I let him see me wet myself in small amounts, kind of like I just did here with you, and all he'd ever say was, 'you are one weird dude.

"So that's the story and now you know all about my past," David concluded, laughing.

"Well, I guess it's true that you are 'one weird dude' but I guess I am, too," said Steven, "and I suppose Mom and Sheila are weird, 'cause they seem to like seeing us in diapers."

"Yeah, it's a weird household, but I love it - and I love you," replied David.

Mrs. Walker and her daughter would be coming home anytime, so the boys got up and dressed. David's pants were dry and although his briefs were a bit damp on the front he put them on again, anyway, enjoying the damp feel as he pulled them on.

Chapter 8

David now had several goals he wanted to pursue. First, and foremost he wanted to get Steven to try wetting his pants sometime when they were alone together, which unfortunately wasn't that often. As weeks passed he wet himself a little whenever he and Steven were alone and would urge Steven to give it a try. Eventually Steven did and found that he kind of liked it. At least he didn't mind it. In time, Steven became more comfortable with wetting his pants, but he never really enjoyed it the way David did, and he mostly did it to please David. But there was no doubt that Steven enjoyed the aftermath of a wet pants accident.

David's second goal was to let Steven catch him messing his pants, and to eventually get Steven to do the same. Messing was going to require a longer amount of time when they could be alone together and it was over a month before he was able to achieve that goal and longer still before he convinced Steven to mess his own pants. Part of the problem there was that Steven was used to having his bowel movement in the morning, right after his diaper was taken off and before he took his shower. David, on the other hand was used to pooping in the late afternoon, usually right after he got home from his classes. If they were going to both mess themselves sometime when Mrs. Walker and Sheila weren't home, Steven was going to have to shift to David's habit.

David's third goal was to wet his pants when Sheila and her mom could see. He wasn't sure exactly what would happen but he was convinced he wanted to do it. He and Steven discussed it several times and they agreed that David would do it first. If the results were not too catastrophic then maybe Steven could give it a try as well. It was decided that the best time would be on a Friday night while they were all watching TV.


They were all in the den, Mrs. Walker sitting in the easy chair as usual, Sheila spread out on the couch, and David and Steven sprawled on the floor in bean-bag chairs. It was still several minutes before their program was to start and David decided that the time was now. He stretched out in the bean-bag chair and relaxed and let his pee start to flow. He counted slowly to 10 and watched as the wet stain appeared on the front of his blue jeans.

Steven was ready to do his part.

"David, are you wetting your pants?" he asked, apparently incredulous?

"Ah, oh gosh," said David in apparent embarrassment, "I was sort of dreaming I was already in my bedtime diaper."

"Well," laughed Mrs. Walker, "I guess we can manage that. Go get your diaper and plastic pants."

David got up and hurried to fetch the necessary items. As he disappeared he heard Mrs. Walker speak to her son.

"Do you want to be diapered now, too, or are you going to wait to the usual time?

"Oh, I guess I could do it now," replied Steven, trying to sound casual.

By the time David returned, Steven had already been to his room and returned with his own clean diaper.

They followed their normal ritual, with Steven stripping and diapering David first and then David returning the favor, all the while being watched by Sheila and her mom. Once diapered, the boys settled down to watch the program.

Over the next two hours, as they all watched TV, both boys wet their diapers and by bedtime they both needed to be changed and put in fresh diapers.

"Well, if we're going to start using more than one diaper apiece each day I'm going to have to fix up some more diapers and we'll probably need a couple more pairs of plastic pants, too. David, I think this time it will be your responsibility to buy the fabric I need for the additional diapers and you can pay for the plastic pants, too."

David had to agree, since so far he'd gotten a free ride, and the next day Mrs. Walker went to the fabric store and purchased several yards of heavy, cotton cloth to make new diapers. The plastic pants had to be ordered, but since Mrs. Walker was a registered nurse she had access to medical catalogs and could get the pants at a reasonably low price.

Over the next week, David wet his pants early in the evening several times, and each time Steven opted to be diapered early as well. After some discussion it was concluded that both boys would now be put in diapers prior to the period when they started watching TV and both would have a change prior to going to bed. Thus a new routine was established and it seemed that Steven would not have to let his mom or sister see him wet his pants. Although this was a disappointment to David, he recognized that Steven was relieved. The younger boy was happy to be diapered early, but didn't like the idea of having his sister see him wet his pants.

Chapter 9

Another Saturday and once again David and Steven were alone together. Mrs. Walker had some function at the college she had to attend and Sheila was going to a party, so neither one of them was likely to be home any time before 10:00 PM.

The moment the two boys were finally alone, David wet his pants and after some urging Steven did also.

"So how does it feel?" asked David.

"Warm and wet, duh," responded Steven sarcastically.

"Yeah, well you can be a smart ass, but you're also a wet ass."

The two boys stood, looking at each other for several seconds. Then David moved closer to Steven and began unbuckling the younger boy's belt. He undid the button and then, very slowly unzipped Steven's pants. As he slowly pulled the pants down around the Steven's ankles he noticed the boy's penis, clearly visible through the wet fabric of the underpants, began to grow in size. He brought his face close and kissed Steven's enlarging cock through the wet underpants. The smell of fresh boy-pee filled his nostrils and he breathed in deeply. Then he worked his tongue through the fly in the briefs and ran it up and down the Steven's stiff cock until the younger boy moaned with pleasure and shot his wad into his undies. Then he quickly pulled Steven's wet pants back up, quickly zipped him up again, buttoned the top and rebuckled the belt.

"Let's stay in wet pants for a while. Like I told you, I like the feel and I like the look. . And I especially like to look at you with your wet jeans."

"Yeah, OK, as long as it doesn't start feeling too cold," responded Steven.

"Ah, the secret is to just wet a bit more, whenever you start feeling cold."

"OK, good plan, but I'm going to need something to drink to keep that up."

The two spent a languid afternoon, lazy about in their wet jeans, drinking cokes and playing video games.

It was getting close to 5:00 PM and David's pants were nearly dried out when he decided it was time to finally let Steven find out what it was like to have a pants pooper for a friend. As Steven returned from the kitchen with another round of cokes, David felt his load of poop began to push into his underpants. He relaxed and felt a fresh spurt of urine start to flow and then he pushed hard, filling the seat of his pants with a warm, soft load. The new spurt of pee formed a large wet spot on the front of his pants and large load of poop pushed out from the back.

Steven wrinkled his nose and then, recalling the story about Jeff and Josh, said, "I think I smell a stinky boy."

David grinned, as Steven handed him a coke and then walked around behind him and felt the seat of his pants.

"Yeah, you've been wet all day, but now there's something soft and squishy in there." As he spoke he pushed harder against David's butt and shifted the load around and around.

"Oh yes, I love it," moaned David.

"It feels so good."

"It smells so terrible," replied Steven.

"OK, let's see what you look like."

David's pants were pulled down and then Steven pulled the back of the waistband of David's underpants back and looked in. He very nearly gagged at the smell, but was actually surprised that David's butt didn't appear to be an even bigger mess than it was.

"Well, there's a big load of shit in you pants, but your bottom doesn't seem to be as messy as I expected."

"Well, I guess that will make the clean-up easier, anyway," replied David.

Steven just grunted at that remark.

"I guess you can't stay in messy pants the way we've both been staying in wet pants, so I guess it's about time to get into diapers."

They decided that it would be easiest to just go into the bathroom, where Steven could wipe David's bottom clean, and the mess in his underpants could be flushed down the toilet.

As David lowered his soiled shorts to his ankles some of the mess left a streak along his inner thigh.

"Oops, well I guess that makes for more clean-up," he remarked nonchalantly, as he dumped the load into the toilet.

"So what do I look like?" he asked as he bent over to give Steven a good view of his messy bottom.

"A shitty mess," responded Steven.

"You want ME to clean you up?"

"Sure, I'm just a naughty little boy who still poops his pants. I can't do it myself."

"Yeah, right, I'm two years younger than you, but I'm your daddy."

Steven grabbed a wad of toilet paper and approached David, who was bent over with his hands on his knees. David felt the gingerly touch of the paper against his ass and then felt the poop being smeared further up into his butt-crack as Steven wiped upwards.

David's penis had been partly erect, but when he felt the mess around his anus being spread up and onto his butt cheeks, his cock came to full attention and almost ached with the tension.

Steven tried a few more times with toilet paper and then decided that a wet wash cloth was more likely to be effective. He ran warm water on to the cloth, rubbed some soap on it and then began to wash David's ass.

As he felt the warm, wet wash cloth contact his dirty butt, David felt strangely transported, almost as if he really was - once again - a little boy with no control, who needed adult help to get cleaned up after an "accident."

Steven had to rinse the cloth and add additional soap several times before he had the other boy's bottom adequately cleaned up. Finally, David took the wet wash cloth from him and finished cleaning his thigh where some of the mess had also been smeared.

"So what do you do with your shorts?" asked Steven as he gave his hands a very thorough washing.

"They're still a big mess."

"I'll wash them out in the sink in my bathroom," said David, "and then just throw them in the hamper with the diapers. I was going to start doing laundry tonight anyway." After taking care of the messy shorts and washing his own hands thoroghly, David returned to the den where Steven had prepared the diapers and soon both boys were comfortably diapered.

"It occurs to me that we have a problem," remarked David.

"What?" asked Steven.

"Well, we're going to order a pizza for dinner, right? But we're both already in diapers so who's going to open the door when the delivery man comes?"

"I vote for you," said Steven, promptly.

"Yeah, and I vote for you," chuckled David, "but we ought to be able to work this so that it's not really too dangerous but fun."

David's plan was that both boys would put on some pants over their diapers. They wouldn't use belts and they'd pull the pants down so that a smidgen of the diaper and plastic pants showed. They'd wear T-shirts - not tucked in and they'd both go to the door. Depending on how discerning the delivery man was he might notice something or he might not. Both boys were slim, and the cloth diapers would create a noticeable bulge, but the delivery man couldn't be sure that they weren't both just a bit over weight.

Steven pondered the idea for a moment, and although good sense suggested that he refuse, he found the idea exciting and finally agreed to the plan. The boys were a bit surprised to find that the delivery man was actually a delivery woman and David thought he recognized her as a student at the college. He immediately became more self-conscious about being discovered and he realized he should have expected the possibility that the delivery person might be someone from the college. But it was too late to do anything but brazen it out.

As they paid for the pizza David noticed that the delivery girl was looking them both over pretty thoroughly and seemed to be paying particular attention to their crotches and waists. There was an arch of her brows, but she didn't say anything. She turned and walked down the steps and back toward her car as the boys closed the door. But they watched from the window as she walked away and noticed that she turned around once to look back at the house, shrugged and then continued on to her car.

"Oh god," said Steven, "she definitely noticed."

"Well," laughed David, "she noticed something, but she's not quite sure what. I think it will puzzle her."

They both laughed - somewhat hysterically - as they stripped off their pants. They were soon clad only in diapers and T-shirts and eating pizza.

As they ate, David began to work on Steven to try to get him to mess his pants. Steven objected that he'd never be able to do it because he always did his poopy business in the morning, right after getting his nighttime diaper removed. After some further discussion and much cajoling on David's part, Steven agreed to try to shift his habits to coincide with David's.

Chapter 10.

After a time, David upped the ante a bit more. Coming home a bit early one day, he wet his pants the moment entered the house. As he stood in the foyer, he wet himself quite a bit more than he had done previously while watching TV in the evenings. The pee ran down his leg, leaving a wide wet stain on his pants leg all the way down to his socks. In fact, some of the pee had gone into his shoe and the shoe and sock were both wet as well.

Mrs. Walker wasn't home yet, but both Sheila and Steven were there. Steven had seen David wet his pants on many occasions, but had never seen him to be as wet as he was this time. Sheila said she was shocked at his behavior and decided documentation was

necessary. She insisted David stand in the foyer while she fetched her camera. She took several pictures of David standing there in his wet pants before allowing him to strip off his pants and shorts. As he stripped, she took several additional pictures, which were added to her growing collection.

It was, Sheila felt, obvious that if David was going to go around wetting his pants so openly - no matter what time it was - then it meant he needed to spend more time in diapers. Clearly the boy should be put in a diaper immediately and be kept diapered for the remainder of the day.

"I'm not sure you shouldn't be spanked," she said with some asperity as she watched Steven pin the diaper on his older friend.

Oddly enough, neither boy had ever considered the possibility of being spanked. But after hearing Sheila's comment, David looked up at Steven with arched brows. Steven returned the look and it was clear to both of them that the possibility of being spanked for wetting your pants had the potential to be arousing. But for the moment the idea was set aside. Steven completed the job of diapering the other boy and they all went into the den

David, Sheila and Steven sat around in the den watching TV and talking for about a quarter of an hour, before David made his next move.

"Uh, Sheila, would it be OK if you or Steven took off my diaper for a few minutes?"

"Certainly not," replied Sheila, "you demonstrated quite convincingly that you needed to be in diapers and you'll stay that way for the rest of the evening - in fact until tomorrow morning."

"Yeah, but I've got to take a crap." David let a look of worry cross his face. Steven watched, in a state of high alert, with widened eyes.

"Hmm," Sheila pondered.

"No, you're in diapers for the evening and that's the way you'll stay. Steven will just have to change you if you mess yourself."

"Me?" exclaimed Steve, "why me? You're the one who's insisting he stay in a diaper, so you should change him."

"Because I'm in charge, and I've got the pictures of both of you, so you'll do as I say," responded Sheila firmly.

David was ecstatic. This was exactly the answer he'd hoped for, but he carefully hid his elation.

"Well, OK, if you insist," he replied. He stood up and turned to look straight at Sheila, his feet planted slightly apart. He put his hands on his hips and then, as he looked Sheila square in the eye, he began to fill the seat of his diaper. He felt the warm mess squeeze between the cheeks of his butt and then push into his crotch as the diaper resisted the increasing load. He wriggled around, and finally sat down on floor, squirming around and squishing the load in his diaper over his bottom, all the while watching Sheila is as deliberate and provocative manner as possible. He loved the sensuous feel of the warm mess as he wriggled his bottom against the floor. The smell was now evident to all.

Then, in a change of tone, gave Sheila an abashed look and whined like a small child, "Please, Sheila, Steven, I need to have my dirty diaper changed."

At that moment, Mrs. Walker came in the door. She goggled at David, sitting on the floor in a diaper and demanded to know what was going on.

Sheila quickly explained that David has been a naughty boy and had wet his pants the moment he came in the house, so she had insisted that he be diapered immediately. Then, when he had to poop she further insisted that he use the diaper, and Steven was now going to have to change the messy boy.

"My goodness," exclaimed the woman, "It seems like David is regressing rather quickly. Well, Steven, I guess you'd better get on with it."

Steven fetched the rubberized changing cloth as well as a warm, wet wash cloth, and a clean diaper. While Steven was making his preparations, Sheila fetched her camera once again. David continued to squirm around on the floor, still enjoying the feel of his messy diaper.

Once both Steven and Sheila were prepared, David lay down on the changing cloth. Steven knelt down next to David and unpinned the diaper. He pulled the front of the diaper down, revealing David's genitals and his very messy bottom. The mess had migrated almost all the way up to the top of his butt crack and was smeared across both cheeks. Sheila took picture after picture.

"My goodness you are a stinky mess, aren't you?" Mrs. Walker asked with a wry smile.

Steven gazed at his friend's messy butt and was astounded by how effective David had been at smearing the poop all over his bottom.

"Jeez, I don't know where to start," he said, as he held the wet wash cloth.

"Well, you've made a good start by bringing a wet wash cloth," remarked his mother. She looked at her son curiously for a few moments and then turned her attention back to David's dirty bottom.

"Well, the first thing you have to do," she continued, "is to use the diaper itself to wipe as much of the mess off David's bottom as you can. Although that's going to be somewhat difficult this time, since David has left very little of the diaper clean. David, you have to lift your legs up in the air."

David did as he was told, raising his legs into the air and grasped them with his hands for additional support. Then, Steven used the slightly wet front part of the diaper to begin wiping the mess off the boys exposed ass. As Steven wiped around the other boy's anus, Sheila moved closer to take additional pictures. Although Steven had thought he was prepared for this from his previous experience, David was much messier than he had expected and Steven felt a little queasy. He was trying not to get any of the poop on his bare hand, and that made the whole task very difficult.

"Steven," interjected the boy's mother, "you will just have to face the fact that sometimes changing a diaper is a messy business. If you get a little poop on your hand it won't hurt you. You just have to wash your hands thoroughly after the job is done."

"Uh, Uh, yeah . . . OK, I guess," Steven stammered, as he continued wiping David's bottom.

"OK, I think you've done as well as you can with the diaper itself, "responded his mother, "so it's now time to use that wet wash cloth you brought in."

Stephen folded the messy side of the diaper over on itself, and pushed it aside. He picked up the wet wash cloth and began wiping David's bottom with broad strokes."

David recoiled momentarily from the touch of the wet cloth, and then brought his legs further up toward his head, giving Steven (and the others as well) a better view of his bottom. He felt the wet cloth wiping his crotch and gently caressing him just under his balls. His penis was hard, and throbbed with each beat of his heart.

"You're doing good, honey," said his mother warmly, "Maybe you have a natural instinct for taking care of babies - even babies as big as David."

David blushed as he heard Mrs. Walker's comments. Was he a big baby? Did he want to be babied? He knew he loved being in diapers. He loved the feel he got from pooping his pants or messing a diaper, but he really didn't think he wanted to be a baby. Oh, it was OK for Mrs. Walker to describe him as being a big baby at a time like this, but he certainly didn't want to revert totally to his infancy and the thought of 'regressing' was disturbing. No, being a big baby was not his desire. If nothing else, baby food was awful and having to drink form a bottle would be a major bother. Also, he thought computer games a lot better than playing with Legos.

Steven got up, remarking that he needed to rinse out the wash cloth, and went in to the bathroom. David lowered his legs and placed his feet on the ground while Mrs. Walker looked him over carefully and Sheila continued to snap pictures from all angles.

"OK, legs back up," ordered Steven when he returned. It didn't take much longer for the clean-up to be completed.

"Is that OK," asked Steven, as he moved away from David to let his mother get a closer look.

Sheila and her mom both gave David a very careful examination, and they didn't fail to notice the boy's still throbbing erection.

"Hmm, yes, I must say I think you've done a fine job. One might almost think you'd done something like this before," responded his mother with a hint of a smile.

"I think we can give you a break to go wash up. Sheila can finish putting David in a clean diaper."

"What you need to do now," she continued, addressing her son, "is take the messy diaper into the bathroom a rinse it in the toilet to get as much of the poop off it as you can. Then just put it in the diaper pail with the others.

Steven and his mother disappeared into the bathroom, but David could hear Mrs. Walker continuing to offer advice and instructions on what needed to be done. As Sheila pinned a clean diaper around him, David could hear the sound of the messy diaper being swished about in the toilet and then the sound of the toilet being flushed. Then the sounds of both Steven and his mother washing their hands.

"Well, David," said Mrs. Walker as she and Steven emerged from the bathroom, "now you know what it's like to have a very messy diaper changed. I hope we don't have to do

this too often, but you can see that we are prepared to treat you like a big baby if you act like one."

"Yes, ma'am," responded David.

"So let's get this clear so there will be no misunderstandings," Mrs. Walker continued.

"You are a big enough boy that you don't need to be wetting your pants. If you do, you will be put in diapers immediately - no matter what time of day it is - and you will wear diapers for the remainder of the day, and of course - as always - you will go to bed wearing a diaper."

"Yes, ma'am, I understand," said David, nodding in agreement.

"One more thing," said Mrs. Walker, with a note of severity in her voice.

"Little boys who wet their pants and have to be put back in diapers do not have the luxury of wearing clothes over their diapers unless it's chilly enough to make that necessary. When you are in a diaper, the diaper and possibly a T-shirt are all you will wear."

"Uh, OK, I understand," replied David.

"And, if someone comes to the door, you can't run and hide. Little boys in diapers just get seen by other people to be the little diaper boys they are. Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am," gulped David, getting somewhat apprehensive. Wetting his pants when he came home and pooping his diaper had been a total turn-on for the boy, but he began to think there could be a serious down-side to his activities.

Chapter 11

Over the next several weeks Steven held off on taking a crap in the morning. For a while he found himself to be in a big rush to get home from school so he could get to the bathroom. David said (in jest) that he ought to just mess his pants on the school bus coming home, but Steven was definitely not about to do that. Eventually he settled into the new habit and a Saturday finally arrived when he and David were once again to be alone for an extended time in the afternoon and evening. They didn't need to speak about it - they just looked into each other's eyes and knew that this was the day they both were to be "stinky boys."

"Let's go up to the park and see what's happening there," suggested David.

"Then, as we're walking back home we can do you know what."

"You mean out in public?" asked Steven aghast.

"Sure, I told you before, the reason I started pooping my pants even before I was wetting them was that no one could tell. We'll walk along and do it and it'll be exciting."

"Yeah . . . OK," stammered Steven, "but not where there are likely to be a lot of other people. How about going on some of the little paths that go through the woods above the lake?"

"Sure, that's OK," responded David.


They walked to the park, chatting about inconsequential things. It was a cool, spring day and the trees were just beginning to turn green. Early spring flowers peeped out of the mulch in the flower beds. They went down to the small lake that lay at the center of the park and walked around the lake toward the wooded area that dominated the opposite side. They encountered surprisingly few people - a couple walking their dog and a few people jogging - which they took as an encouraging sign. If the park had been full of people they might both have gotten cold feet - but as it was their intention remained firm.

Soon they reached a narrow, somewhat muddy path leading off to the right and up the hill into the woods. Once in the woods, David looked around and then moved closer to his friend. He put his right arm around the other boy and they walked along quietly for a minute or two. Finally David felt they were sufficiently alone.

"Oh man, I really need to take a crap."

"Jeez, not so loud," protested Steven, "but me, too," he added quietly.

They slowed their pace and then David said, "Oh, its coming. I'm going to poop my pants."

Steven looked around wildly, sure that hordes of people would pop out of nowhere.

"Here, put you hand on the seat of my pants while I'm doing it," commanded David.

Steven hesitated a moment and looked all around again. Seeing no one, he let his left hand stray toward David's butt and began to feel the seat of his pants. David stopped walking and suddenly began pushing the load of poop into his pants. Steven felt a firm log of poop push against the palm of his hand as he held it against David's pants.

"Oh, yes, keep your hand right there," commanded David as he pushed another big log out. He felt the increased pressure from Steven's hand as the other boy pushed the load of poop forward into his crotch and moved it around with a circular motion.

"OK," said David, a few moments later, "that's all there is."

"Oh man, that was so weird feeling it as you did it," replied Steven. Steven adjusted the front of his pants with his right hand to give his cock some space as it began to stiffen. His left hand continued to gently massage the seat of David's pants.

"Come on. You have to do it, too," said David.

"You said you needed to go."

"Yeah, OK," replied Steven, looking around once again to make sure there were no other people nearby.

David's right hand slide down from Steven's waist and rested gently against the boy's bottom, waiting for the first turd to make an appearance. He could feel the muscles in the boy's buttocks tense and then felt the push from Steven's ass as the poop began to emerge.

"Oh, fuck. I'm pooping my pants," moaned Steven quietly.

"Yes," replied David in gentle, hushed tones, "I feel it coming."

Steven pushed some more and the load in his pants increased. All the while David kept his hand against the boy's bottom, gently pushing against the increasing load.

The two boys stood side by side, each gently pushing the mess in the other's pants around in a circular motion.

"There, we've done it. We've pooped our pants in public," said David.

"Luckily there don't seem to be any members of the public around to see us," responded Steven with relief.

This was the first time Steven had done any messy business, including in a diaper, and he discovered that it really didn't feel bad. In fact, David had been right, it was kind of sensuous.

They began walking slowly along the path, each continuing to lightly massage the other's bottom.

"I want to see what your butt looks like," said David, suddenly.

"Let's get off the path and go into that little clearing." David pointed off to the left of their path where a small open space could be seen through the trees.

They climbed through the underbrush and shortly reached the clearing. The path was just visible from the small meadow.

"OK," said David when they reached the clearing, "I've just got to pull your pants down and see what you look like. I've never seen what a naughty boy's messy underpants look like - unless you count that little kid, Jeff, I told you about."

David turned toward Steven, reached over and started undoing the boy's belt. Steven kept fidgeting and looking around, fearful that some one else would come upon them. David unbuttoned the top button of Steven's jeans and then slowly unzipped his pants.

"Now turn around," he commanded. Steven turned his back toward David and waited as his pants were slowly pulled down to his ankles. Nothing happened for a moment as David gazed and the bulge in the seat of Steven's pants. He knew that in a moment he would have his pants down to his ankles and would look much the same. He savored the sight and then finally pulled back the waist-band of Steven's shorts. He looked down into the shorts and saw the large load of brown poop deep in the crotch of Steven's shorts. He pulled the shorts further back and a little down so he could get a decent look and the mess surrounding Steven's anus.

"I love looking at your messy bottom," he announced as he pulled Steven's shorts all the way down to his knees.

"Now it's your turn."

Steven slowly turned around, shuffling because his pants were down around his ankles and his dirty shorts were at his knees. Then Steven undid David's pants and pulled them down. He lightly groped David's cock and balls, as the boy began to turn around. Steven, of course, had seen David with messy pants before, but doing it there in the woods, not far from a public trail made the experience much more intense. He followed David's lead and slid the boy's shorts down to his knees. By this time both boys had full erections. They turned back to face one another and began groping each other and kissing passionately.

Suddenly they froze as they heard running footsteps on the pathway. A moment later a young woman can into view, dressed in running gear and running at a swift pace along

the dirt path. The two boys held absolutely still and watched as the woman continued, unaware of their presence, and disappeared from view.

"Wow," huffed Steven, "I think I stopped breathing there for an hour - at least it seemed like an hour."

"Yeah - intense!" replied David.

"I guess maybe it's time we pulled up our pants and started heading for home."

"Hey, I've got an idea," said Steven suddenly.

"How about if we take off our shorts and just leave them here? They'll be sort of a calling card - 'two naughty boy's messed themselves here.'"

"I like it," laughed David, kicking off his shoes and stepping out of his jeans.

Both boys pulled off their undershorts and artfully arranged them side by side next to a small tree.

As they pulled their jeans back on, David observed, "Now we're both going to have really dirty jeans.

"Very true," laughed Steven as he pushed the seat of David's jeans up against the boy's dirty bottom.

Soon they were both face to face, kissing and rubbing each other's seat pants into their messy butts. They heard another runner go by on the path, but this time they paid no attention. Eventually they agreed that they really had to head back home and they made their way back to the path, hand in hand. They retraced their path and strolled slowly back to the house. <dir> <dir> <dir> <dir>


</dir> </dir> </dir> </dir>

"The only bad part about messing yourself is the clean-up afterwards," remarked David, as they stripped off their now filthy jeans. They decided to give their messy bottoms only a perfunctory wiping and instead take a shower together to finish the clean-up. This was the first time they had showered together and they discovered that getting clean together was as much fun as getting dirty together. They played together in the shower until all the hot water was used up, thus negating any theories that showering with a friend was a way to save water.

As they toweled each other off, Steven sighed, "that was great but now I'm really hungry."

"Me, too," responded David.

"I guess we'd better order a pizza again."

"So what'll we do this time? Last time we put on pants over our diapers and we thought the girl who delivered the pizza might have noticed. Do you want to do the same this time?"

"I don't know. . . Do you feel like trying to be a little more obvious?" asked David.

"Pooping my pants must have made me crazy," replied Steven.

"The sensible part of me says 'NO' but the crazy part says 'YES.'"

"Well, what can we do? Presenting ourselves at the door wearing just our diapers seems like too much."

Both boys pondered the situation. Finally Steven spoke.

"Well, I've got some really short shorts that I used to wear on really hot days. Now that the popular thing is shorts that reach almost to your knees, I quite wearing them, but I'm sure I still have 'em."

"Yeah, put them on over the diaper and plastic pants. I should have something similar," replied David.

They quickly diapered each other and then went in search of the appropriate shorts to try on over the diapers.

When Steven put on his shorts, they both had to laugh. They bulged out in all directions. He had two options: he could pull them up really high to try to cover up the diaper at his waist - band leave lots of diaper and plastic pants poking out of the leg holes in the shorts - or he could pull them down so that you couldn't see any diaper protruding out the leg holes, but then he had over an inch of diaper exposed above the waist.

"Maybe the best thing to do is try to hit a 'happy mean,'" suggested David.

"Let a little of the diaper show out the top and a little out the leg holes.

"OK, now what about you," said Steven.

David's shorts were not as brief as Steven's and after pulling them on and adjusting them, Steven pouted.

"No fair. You get to cover up completely."

"Well, but it's still pretty bulgy. It's obvious I'm not wearing a regular pair of underpants underneath.

"Yeah, well that's true for me, too, "complained Steven.

After pondering the problem some more, Steven had another suggestion.

"You know, sometimes parents put two diapers on their baby. How about if we try that with you?"

"Well, OK, let's try it. But I'm not promising anything."

David pulled off his plastic pants and a second diaper was brought out. David lay down on the second diaper. Steven struggled to get the pins to go through two thick layers of diaper.

"Be careful, dammit, you're going to suddenly go right through the diaper and into my skin," warned David.

"Man, I can't get them to go through. They're long enough, but it's just too tough," replied Steven.

"Try this, I once saw a woman do this when she was trying to diaper a baby. Run the pin through your hair."

"Huh?" queried Steve, "through my hair?"

"Yeah, I guess it must put a little oil on the pin and helps it go through the cloth."

Steven gave it a try and soon was successful in double-diapering his older friend. Then he tugged the plastic pants over the super thick diapers.

"Jeez, I can barely walk," complained David, as he struggled to his feet.

"I don't think I can get the shorts on over this."

He pulled on his shorts and tried to button them. After a considerable struggle he managed to get the button fastened and was then confronted with the problem of zipping the fly. In the end he was only able to zip up half way.

They ordered their pizza and waited expectantly for the delivery to arrive. Would it be a girl or a guy? Finally the doorbell rang and they both went to the door. This time the delivery person was a young man of college age or a bit older. They invited him inside and closed the door.

"Hmm, it looks like the two of you are having an unusual private party," remarked the delivery man, as he looked over the two youngsters.

"Uh, yeah," replied Steven.

"So why bother to put anything on over the diapers you're wearing? You're both about as obvious as can be."

"I guess you're right," said Steven as he pulled off his athletic shorts.

David glanced at the delivery man, then at Steven, then shrugged, unzipped his shorts, undid the top button and pulled them off. And both boys stood in front of the stranger clad only in their diapers.

"Well, you make a cute pair of big babies," commented the delivery man.

There was a pause and then the delivery man went over to a table and put down the pizza.

"Look, I don't want to intrude, but I'd like to get serious for a moment. I think I've seen you on campus," he said, gesturing toward David, "but I'd guess you are still in high school." He nodded toward Steven.

David started to blush at the fact that he'd been recognized.

"I'm guessing you two are gay, right?"

The two boys hesitated and then nodded in assent.

"OK, I'm a grad student, and I'm a member of the gay student union. I've been tasked to take a lead on HIV prevention and safe sex. If you'll wait a moment I'll go to my car and get some literature I'd like you both to read."

The young man disappeared out the door and was back in less than a minute.

"Listen, I know you've probably heard about all the new drugs for AIDS, but the fact is there is still no cure and once you become HIV positive you will stay that way until you die and you will die long before you should. Yeah, I can see I've got your attention now. OK, just read this pamphlet about AIDS and safe sex. And I'm going to give you (turning toward David) a couple of free condoms. I can't give you (this time turning to Steven) any condoms because I'd bet you are under the legal age of consent, right?"

"Uh, I don't know," replied Steven.

"Younger than 16?"

"Well . . . yeah."

"You're under the age of consent and I could get into trouble if I gave them to you."

The young man was growing rather heated and his voice rose.

"You two have another problem. You're over 18, right?" he asked David.

"Well, not yet. I skipped two grades in school and I won't even be 17 until this summer," replied David.

"Good, you're not completely safe from the idiot laws we have, but you're not in real danger either - for the moment. The minute you turn 18 you are officially an adult. If your buddy here is still under the age of consent, if you have any sort of sexual contact with him you are committing statutory rape.

"You two make a really sweet looking pair and I don't know what to tell you. Play safe and don't get caught by anyone. I can see that running around in diapers is a turn-on for you, but letting a complete stranger see you playing funny games is not a good idea."

Steven and David had both turned pale and looked worriedly at each other and the young man.

"Well, I've spent to long here already and my boss will be wondering what's taking so long. You (turning once again toward David) should join the gay student union. It's a great group of people, we don't publicize names, but we can provide you with a lot of support.

"And now, if you'd pay for the pizzas I'll be one my way."

"Uh, thanks for the information and everything," said David quietly, as he paid the young man - adding a larger tip than he'd originally intended to give.

"I'll think about joining the union thing."

"Thanks. I hope I'll be seeing," he said with smile, and with that parting remark the delivery man returned to his car and drove off.

"Whoa, that was downer," said Steve as they closed the door, "but I'm still starved."

And with that the two boys started wolfing down their dinner.

Chapter 12

The academic year was coming to a close and David, Sheila, and Steven were all busy with homework and preparing for exams. For David in particular this meant spending large amounts of time in the college library. As a result, the options for enjoying any diaper play with Stephen were severely limited. On many evenings he would get home from the library so late that everyone else had already gone to bed. With no one available to put him in his night-time diaper, he often simply fell into bed exhausted. Since he didn't really have a bed wetting problem, this was OK, but he still wanted to appear at the breakfast table in the morning properly diapered - and wet. The solution was simple. When he awoke in the morning, he'd quickly put on a diaper and then head up the stairs

where he would join the others at the breakfast table and could wet his diaper as he ate. Thus, he continued to be changed out of a wet diaper ever morning as usual.

David was confident that he would do well in his classes and had high hopes of another semester of straight A's. Steven, on the other hand, had a good deal more to worry about. He was not doing as well in his math class has he should have been and although David had spent some time tutoring him, their tutorial sessions had - in the past - often lapsed into diaper driven passion. Steven's awakening sexuality was not improving his grades.

Although David was satisfied with his academic performance in his freshman year, there was one issue for the future that weighed upon his mind, and he finally brought it up with Mrs. Walker on the Sunday morning before the week of final exams.

"Mrs. Walker? I guess you've heard that the renovated dorms will be ready next fall." As she nodded her assent, David continued, "I've received a letter offering me a room for next year."

He hesitated a moment and then rushed on.

"Well, I was wondering if you'd be willing to let me stay here again next year. Ah, you know, with the diapers at night and all, being in the dorm would be pretty unpleasant."

"Oh, David, of course you can stay here again next year," Mrs. Walker replied.

"We'd all be very pleased to have you.

"Although," she added with some severity, "you have not really been as good an influence on Steven's grades as I had hoped."

"I know, I'm sorry," replied David, "I guess, I'm not a very good math tutor."

"Well, I'm afraid the two of you - how shall I say it - tend to get distracted? Believe me, I know how fond the two of you have become of each other, but for next year please try to help Steven stay more focused on his school work. Not everyone finds school as easy as you do."

"Yes, ma'am, I'll try my best."

"Then it's settled. We'll look forward to having you back in the fall - provided, of course, that your parents agree. I'll talk to your father when he arrives next Saturday."

"David's going to be back?" Steven, diapered as usual, entered the room in a rush and flung his arms around David in a bear hug.

David laughed with pleasure and eagerly hugged his younger friend back.

"Yep, but we're both on notice that you have to get your grades up - particularly the math." Then in an added whisper that only Steven could hear he added, "Otherwise your mom will take all the diapers away and we'll have to start behaving like adults."

"OK," said Steven in a normal voice, "Mom is getting a tutor to help me get up to speed on the math over the summer. I'm going to work hard," he added with a grin, "so no dire consequences befall."

Sheila finally arrived, looking somewhat tired, and they all sat down to their breakfasts. The conversation eventually turned to their expected summer activities. Sheila was going to be working full time at a local department store. Steven, now 15 years old and finally

able to work, was hoping to find part time employment, but had not yet begun to investigate the opportunities. David was, of course, returning to his home town and his parents. He would be working for a small engineering firm writing computer code for some of the older engineers who weren't as familiar with the latest computer technology as they might have been. He had worked for the same company the previous summer and his employers were apparently pleased with his work.

Sheila left immediately after breakfast to visit a girl friend, but David, Steven and Steven's mother sat around the table a while longer.

"David, what do you want to do with all the diapers you have here?" Mrs. Walker asked.

"I know you don't really need them and I'm sure explaining why you were bringing a large box full of diapers and plastic pants back home with you would be difficult. If you'd like to leave them here that would be no problem."

David and Steven both sat stunned to silence. Mrs. Walker looked at David and then to her son.

"Yes, honey, I know you don't really need them either," she continued, addressing her son.

"I'm sure something I did when you were a baby made you love being diapered and maybe I should feel guilty about - but I don't. It seems to me to be a pretty harmless interest and as far as I'm concerned you can continue as long as it doesn't interfere with other aspects of your life."

"It won't, mom," replied Steven quickly, "I promise. I'll work hard with the tutor this summer - you'll see."

"I'm counting on it honey," responded his mother, as she left kitchen.

"Whoa, I guess we weren't as clever as we thought we were," said David after Mrs. Walker had gone.

"I guess not," replied Steven, "but she's cool with it. That's great!"

"Yeah, it is. You've got a great family." David gave Steven a quick kiss.

"But now I've got some more work to do."

With that, the two boys proceeded to Steven's bedroom for the morning diaper change. <dir> <dir> <dir> <dir>


</dir> </dir> </dir> </dir>

David's finals were done and his father was coming up from their home to fetch him and his stuff the following day. He was taking home a selection of books that he wanted to study in preparation for his courses in the following year, along with all the text books and notebooks he'd acquired in his first year of college. Added to the stuff he'd brought with him, it was a considerable load and he wondered how it was all going to fit in the car.

As he packed his clothes he looked with regret at the drawer full of diapers and plastic pants. It was going to be great to be back with his family and his high school friends, but he wondered how he was going to manage to go the entire summer without getting in some diaper play. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that he was going to have to find some way of enjoying his special interests.

Suddenly Steven burst into his room, rushed over to him and hugged him tightly.

"I don't want you to go," he wailed.

"I know sweetie," said David tenderly, "but it won't be for long. Just keep you mind on your math tutoring so we can have lots of time for fun together this fall."

"You're almost all packed," observed Steven, the regret still showing in his choked voice.

"I was hoping maybe we could do one last thing before you leave."

"Probably, depends on what you have in mind," responded David with a smile.

"I want to go back to the park and visit the - uh - things we left there. I thought maybe we could leave them some companions."

David hooted with laughter.

"Yeah, I think I might be able to manage a new deposit. But this time, let's take some wipes and some diapers with us. I want to diaper you in the woods."

"Deal," responded Steven enthusiastically.

They quickly collected what they needed, stuffed it into a small backpack and were soon headed toward the park.

"Umm, I think I'm going to fill my pants even before we get to the park," said David as they walked along.

"What if we see someone we know?" asked Steven in alarm.

"We wave and keep walking," replied David firmly.

As they stood at a street corner waiting for traffic to pass, Steven watched his friend closely. He saw the boy's muscles tense and he knew David was pooping his pants.

"You did it."

"Yeah, I'm afraid it's not the biggest load I've ever had in my pants but it's not bad. So what about you?"

"I'll have something for you to look at, but I'm waiting until we get into the woods," replied Steven.

As they crossed the street, Steven checked to see that no one was around and then gave the seat of David's pants a quick feel. The warm, soft load yielded slightly to the pressure of his hand.

They reached the park and took the turn that would lead them into the wooded area where they had left their dirty underpants several weeks earlier. Steven kept a close eye on seat of David's pants, eager to catch every hint of the load of shit that nestled inside. Several runners passed them, going in both directions, but they encountered no one that they new. Soon they left the path and found the clearing where they had left their soiled shorts. The two pairs of shorts were still there, the mess still clearly visible, although desiccated and shrunken in size.

"Looks like no one has been here collecting souvenirs," laughed David, as dropped the pack off his back and Steven copped another feel of the seat of his pants.

"Come on, now it's your turn."

Steven spread his legs slightly and then began to push out the load he had been holding back. Soon his underpants were a match for David's.

"Ohh, yes. A nice big load in my little boy's pants," said David has he felt up the younger boy's butt. The two turned face to face and each reached around the other to feel and kneed the mess in the other one's pants.

Steven stepped back slightly and quickly unzipped David's pants and then his own. Then he pulled out his penis and, after a moment of groping around for the fly in David's underpants, pushed his quickly stiffening cock into David's shorts.

David felt the younger boy's penis slide under his crotch and meet the warm load of poop that had been forced down into his crotch by Steven's fondling of his butt.

Both boys moaned in pleasure as Steven began to pump rapidly.

With each thrust Steven could feel the soft mass of David's shit caressing his rock hard penis. Suddenly he groaned and shuddered as a hot stream of cum spurted into David's underpants, joining the poopy mess that was already there.

As Steven withdrew his penis from the other boy's pants they both looked down on his soiled male member.

"Jeez, I've gotten shit all over my dick," moaned Steven, "but it felt so good."

"I think you added a quart of cum to the mess in my pants," laughed David.

"It's a good thing we brought some baby wipes to clean up with."

David quickly pulled out some wipes and went to work cleaning off his boyfriend's dirty penis. As he was doing that, Steven was fumbling once again with David's shorts, finding David's penis and pulling it out. David continued to clean off Steven's cock while Steven rubbed his. In truth, David continued wiping Steven's penis long after it was really necessary, as he stood there while Steven masturbated him. It didn't really take long before David reached his climax and shot a load of semen up onto Steven's tee shirt.

"Oh, god, shit on my dick and now cum all over my shirt."

"But as you said," replied David, " 'it felt so good.'"

Both boys quickly stripped off their pants and soiled shorts, dropping the shorts next to the ones they had abandoned on the same spot weeks earlier. They stood for a moment gazing at each other, naked below the waist, very messy bottoms and Steven with a large wet spot on his tee shirt. Then wordlessly, they began to pull out more baby wipes and started cleaning each other up. Steven quickly found the sticky wet tee shirt to be uncomfortable and took it off, leaving him completely naked.

"OK, which one of us gets diapered first?" asked David.

"Do me please," replied Steven, "I'm exhausted and need to lie down anyway."

David acquiesced and laid out a diaper for Steven to lie down on. Then he quickly pinned it around the boy's waist and pulled on the plastic pants. The roles were then reversed and in short order the two were standing side by side, nicely diapered and

looking out of the clearing toward the path. If anyone had come by while they were occupied they hadn't noticed.

They pulled on their pants and for the first time David noticed that their activities had left him with a small amount of poop around the fly of his pants "Oh well" he thought, as he zipped up, "no one is going to notice, and it was definitely worth it."

Steven was now greatly concerned. While he had no trouble putting his pants on over his diaper, he was definitely bulging out more than normal. In addition, as he moved his pants tended to slip down and he was afraid the top of the plastic pants would become visible. He could cover that up with the tee shirt, but then he would have to wear a shirt with a big wet spot on the front. Finally he opted to do without the shirt and vowed to simply keep hitching up his pants as they walked home.

Their hearts raced as they wended their way home, fearful that they would encounter someone they knew and their diapers would be discovered. In the end, however, they made it back without incident and both breathed a sigh of relief as they entered the house.

"There you are," called out Sheila as the boys came in.

"I was wondering where you'd gone."

"Oh, David just wanted to take a last walk around the park before he had to leave," responded Steven quickly.

"Hmm, and I see you both felt a walk around the park while wearing diapers would be appropriate," Sheila remarked with a giggle.

"Well, I hope no one saw you. And why aren't you wearing a shirt, Steven? Wait, don't tell me. I don't think I want to know."

The boy's grinned at each other and then headed down to David's room.

"My god, how could we do such a crazy thing?" asked Steven when they were alone.

"Yeah, it really was a crazy thing to do. We stood around showing our messy butts to the world for a hell of a long time. Maybe it's a good thing to have a summer break from each other and this crazy diaper stuff. . . . But it was so . . . exciting."

"And I love you," replied Steven.

"And I love you," said David tenderly.

They stripped out of their pants and lay together on the bed, kissing and stroking one another until they both fell asleep.

The next day, David was on his way home. The arrangements had been made for him to return to the Walker household in the fall.

Just before his departure the two boys had a brief private farewell. Steven couldn't contain his emotions and broke out into tears and David comforted the younger boy as best he could, kissing the tears as they rolled down Steven's cheeks. In the end, he shed some tears himself, but they finally got themselves together and were able to present a cheery face to the world.

As the car pulled away from the curb David waved to Mrs. Walker and Sheila and blew a kiss to Steven. Then he settled back in the seat for the long ride home. He felt the desire to pee in his pants and knew it was going to be a long summer.


The End


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