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Dawn, now in her 30's, had 3 kids and numerous boyfriends.. As a Mother she was really lacking. She would rarely change the babies' diapers unless they were either falling off from being too wet or so smelly a person just couldn't take any more. Well one day her oldest daughter Cassandra came up with a plan to teach her Mother a lesson.

First she contacted some friends to help her and after she told them what she planned to do, they agreed to help. She told them that she wanted to put her Mother back in diapers and let her see what it was like not to be changed. So after Cassandra had her friends, Aaron and Renee, agreeing to help, she put the second part of her plan in order.

She called the proper authorities and had the 2 younger children taken out of her Mothers care. That done, she packed up all of her and her Mothers things. They were being evicted from yet another house anyway because her Mother wouldn't keep the house clean. So she told her Mother that Aaron and Renee had agreed to let them both live with them for a while. She was happy she was finally going to see her Mother get what she deserved.

Cassandra was 21 at the time and sometimes she secretly wondered what it would be like to be a baby again. When she'd been a real baby, her Mother hadn't cared for her very well.

At the same time, Aaron and Renee loved diapers. They both wore them at night for bedwetting and thoroughly enjoyed it. It broke Renee's heart to see how her friend's mom Dawn was treating her children and discussed with Aaron ways of teaching Dawn a lesson. That is why Renee and Aaron were so eager to help out when Cassandra called. As a matter of fact Aaron and Renee had been looking for a diapered playmate and Renee had a crush on Dawn, so it seemed that it would work out well for them all.

Dawn and Cassandra showed up with their things and went upstairs to get settled in. Renee was so excited she could hardly stand still.. Aaron just laughed and told her, "Settle down baby. Relax, she's going to be here a while. You'll get your chance to diaper her."

About that time Dawn and Cassandra walked in. Aaron decided to get the ball rolling, so to speak, and asked them both if they wanted anything to drink and they both said yes. So Aaron went into the kitchen and poured some wine for everyone. First though he put a clear liquid super laxative in Dawn's drink. The package guaranteed it would work in 10 minutes or less and even suggested using adult diapers as a precaution. It also said that if you were not totally satisfied, that you would get your money back. So Aaron figured that either way he was getting something out of it.

He then took the drinks in the living room and served them, making sure Dawn got the one he'd loaded with the laxative. After the drinks were gone, they decided to show Cassandra and Dawn the new nursery. They both knew that Renee sometimes liked being a baby so didn't think it was strange to have and adult sized nursery. About that time Dawn's insides started cramping up and she realized she had to go to the bathroom. She ran real fast and tried to get there in time, but about halfway there, she messed in her pants. She was so embarrassed she couldn't believe what she had just done. Everyone else just smiled although they didn't let Dawn see it.

Dawn asked Renee if she had any clothes she could borrow.. Renee answered, "I might have some jeans, but I don't have any panties.. Dawn said that was fine as she was desperate. After she changed her clothes they all went downstairs to eat dinner.

Aaron fixed more drinks, but this time he put something in Dawn's drink to make her wet her pants. Everything was fine for a few minutes as they all sat talked and enjoyed each other's company. Suddenly, Dawn stood up to go to the bathroom, but again, before she could make it, her bladder let go. She was near tears by now; she was so ashamed. And to top it all off, she lost control and messed her pants again too.

Cassandra looked at her Mother and faked looking shocked.. She said, "Gee whiz Mother, what is going on with you? You are wetting your pants now and messing in them too. What is going on? You are acting like a 2 year old."

Dawn, in tears, asked Renee if she had anything else she can wear.

Now it was Rene's turn to act offended. She said, "I just loaned you a pair of jeans and look what happened. There is only one way I will give you any more clothes and that is if you put on a diaper. I am not having my clothes get ruined just because you have no control."

Dawn looked at Renee like she was crazy. She said, "You know I don't wear diapers I am not going to do it." But about that time her insides cramped up again and like before, she wet and messed in her pants.

About then Aaron came back in the room. He had been getting more drinks. He took one look at Dawn, smelled what she had done, and said, "Dawn, you are 30 some years old and since you obviously cannot control your bodily functions, I am going to put you in a diaper myself." Then he said, "And this is not a suggestion."

Dawn tried telling him that there was no way she was going to let him do that to her. So Aaron just went over to her, grabbed her hand, and forcefully led her to the nursery. When they got there he led her into the bathroom and undressed her. About that time Renee came in and ran some bath water.. She told Dawn to get in. Dawn, figuring Renee was on her side, did as she was told. After she was done bathing, Aaron forcefully led her to the changing table.. When she tried to get away he smacked her bare bottom. She was so shocked she didn't fight when he put her on the changing table. When she realized where she was, she tried to get back off. But Aaron, being very strong, pushed her down onto the table. Then he put restraints around her wrists and ankles so she couldn't get away. Now that he had her ready, he let Renee and Cassandra take over.

Dawn's eyes widened in fear and confusion when she saw Cassandra standing there with a diaper. Cassandra handed the diaper to Renee though. She knew Rene had been dreaming of this moment for a long time and knew that Renee would like to be the one to diaper Dawn for the first time.

Renee took the diaper and told Dawn to lift her hips.. Dawn, realizing that it was useless to fight, did as she was told. Renee slid the diaper under Dawn and powdered her . Next she pulled the diaper up between Dawn's legs. After she fastened the diaper, she told Cassandra to grab the locking plastic pants and then proceeded to put those on Dawn also, making sure to lock them securely. After that was done Aaron told Dawn the truth about what was going on. He told her that for one year she would be kept in diapers. He also told her that he was going to change her as often as she changed her babies.

Dawn really did look scared then She begged Aaron and Renee not to do this, Then, when she learned it was Cassandra's idea she started crying. Next Aaron told her she would be sleeping in a crib. So after that he undid the restraints, helped her down, and let Renee lead her to the crib. When Dawn tried to get away, he literally lifted her up and put her in the crib. The he locked the top.

The next morning Dawn was wet and messy. She had figured last night that they weren't going to let her out to go to the bathroom, so she'd been forced to use her diaper, hoping that the next morning Renee or Aaron would change her. About then Renee and Cassandra came in and let Dawn out of the crib. But instead of taking her over to be changed, or even letting her change herself, they led her to the dining room to have breakfast. She asked, "Isn't someone going to change me? My skin is starting to itch."

Renee and Cassandra just smiled and said, "Good. Maybe next time you will think about that when it is time to change your own kids." Renee knew that Dawn was pregnant again and wanted to try and teach her a lesson before the baby was born. So she explained to Dawn that no, she wasn't going to be changed, at least not right away. Renee told her that she was being treated like she treated her kids. At that point, Dawn knew it was useless to argue.

Well this routine went on for a while with Dawn being changed only when she absolutely needed it. After a month Renee felt that Dawn had learned her lesson about being changed and started changing her more often. By this time Dawn had realized that she enjoyed wearing diapers and being taken care of. She asked Renee and Aaron if she could stay with them for a while even after the baby was born and they agreed.

About that time Renee started to notice how fascinated Cassandra was every time her Mother got her diaper changed. Renee talked to Aaron and they figured she probably wanted to try diapers again also, but was too shy to ask. So they decided to wait for a little while and see if she said anything.. About this time Cassandra started wetting the bed and she was very embarrassed at first. Then Renee came into her room one evening before bed with a diaper in her hand. Renee told Cassandra that she knew she had been wetting the bed at night.. Then Renee said she thought it might be a good idea to wear a diaper - at least at night.

Cassandra was very excited. She had secretly wished to be diapered. But she'd been too scared to try it. So Renee handed Cassandra the diaper and asked if she needed some help. Cassandra was embarrassed but said yes. So Renee helped Cassandra undress, then she proceeded to diaper her. Then she dressed Cassandra in some babyish looking pajamas. Cassandra decided she really liked it. Then shyly, she asked Renee if she could have a pacifier. Renee smiled happily and gave her one. Then she kissed her on the forehead and told her to have sweet dreams.

That was a year ago. Dawn and Cassandra decided to stay with Renee and Aaron and they both came to realize they enjoyed being babied and diapered. Aaron now had 3 baby girls and said he couldn't be happier. Dawn also decided that the best thing for the baby girl she had was to give her up for adoption. So the whole family lived diapered and happily ever after.

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