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I woke up nice and early as it was Saturday and me and my girlfriend had planned a trip out. However our trips out tended to have a sexual tease or Humiliation factor just to spice things out. The last trip had seen my girlfriend sue being the submissive one and a day out in the woods saw sue at one point partually dressed however thats another story. As i turned to see if sue was up i noticed a note on the pillow, as i opened it i saw it was a note from Sue. The note said "Just popped into town to get some items for our trip, have a shower and wait in the bedroom for my return. Sure enought almost as soon as i had finished showering and entered the bedroom Sue bounced into the flat with a "I honey hope your ready for some fun". This made me excited but also nervous and sue noticed me excitement straight away and pushed me down onto the bed and almost in one move she had removed my towel and was sitting a-stride my errect cock. As she lowered herself onto my Member in a very teasing way i had not really taken any notice to the fact she was securing my arms to the headboard of the bed. By time i had relised i was well and truly at her mercy and she knew it. "Now she said last trip really Humiliated me and you enjoyed every minaute of my suffering didnt you" "yes" i replied "but you must admit the sex that day was great". Sue nodded and said as she lifted off my member leaving me stiff and frustrated that the pleasure had stopped, "and so will it be tonight if you are good and not to cross","why should i be cross", but before i got the cross out i found my mouth being gagged and my eyes being blindfolded. Next i felt sue rubbing something cold around my genitails and bum, Next i felt a scrapping sensation and then i realised that she was shaving me but i dare not move with that razor so close to my pride and joy. Next i felt some cream and powder being applied and then something being pulled tightly around my bottom and genitails, Then i felt something cold and plastic type feeling being pulled up my legs. I went to struggle but a stinging slap landed on my inner thigh and i realised i was not in a position to fight. Next i felt something else being pulled up over my legs but of a cloth material, Then i felt my waist be squeezed tight and a click sound. Then Sue took my blind fold off and before my eyes could adjust a flash of a camera blinded me again. Right Sue said "Before i release you you will put on the clothes on the bed and if you dont then the photo will be e-mailed to your work collegues understand ""Yes" i replied knowing that sue intended buisness, as Sue released me and i sat up my worst nightmare was to be confirmed i was wearing two disposable diapers a pair of oversized rubber pants and the smallest pair of shorts which struggled to hide both at the leg bottoms and bulge what i was wearing. I picked up the sweatshirt which was small and struggled to cover the top of my shorts which were already exposing the rubber pants. " i cant go out like this!" "oh yes you can and you will or all your games will stop" at that i decided that if it pleased sue and that we were going far from home i should get away with it. I agreed to go providing Sue brought the keys to the lock in case of emergancy. We got in the car and started to drive all the time Sue did her best to make me feel insecure and silly which wasnt required. As we arrived at our destination i suddenly felt scared as now i was in the public eye. Although i felt everyone was looking at me i dont think many people really noticed as everyone had come to see the animals. I was just starting to feel ok and relaxed in my position when Sue brought up the largest fizzy pop drink and as i was about to refuse she replied "You must and will drink if you dont want me to shout LOOK AT THE BIG BABY" I dare'nt argue and started to drink as we continued around the Zoo. It wasnt long before i need to take a leak it was then as i pleaded for the key Sue smiled and said "Its at home babe, but dont worry you go potty in your Diaper thats what their for " I realised that i had no option but i tried to pro-long it untill i had to let go, Suddenly i felt a warm wet sensation spreading around my bottom and a fear of leakage entered my mind before i could say anything sue must of seen my expression and said quite loud "Oh good baby your wetting" i went bright red as a couple near by looked at me smiled and looked away and giggled at my expense."At that i felt some stomach cramps and looked at Sue and said "i need the key ", Sue looked at me and replied after a kiss on the cheek and a pat on my diaper said "i havent got the key and by time we get home you are going to be a very wet smelly boy ", "smelly" i replied, "Yes smelly i laced your tea last night with a strong laxative and baby is going to be so humiliated". As we started to make for the exit Sue dragged me into the gift shop which was quite full as we looked for gifts i suddernly felt a gust of wind explode out of my bum which alerted the shop to my presence but before i could move sue grabbed my hand and held me firm before i could protest i felt my ass explode shit into my confined diaper with another loud fart letting all in the area know what was happening before i could say anything Sue was asking a counter assistant was their any changing facilities for a disabled adult the lady replied due to alterations that it would be best to go to the medical first aid point where they had a nurse and facilities where i could change. I was so Red and Humilated that i was going to drag sue off to the car as soon as we got out of the shop but to my horror the assistant said let me show you the way. So their i was a fully grown adult being led by the hand into the medical centre with a full squishy very smelly diaper by which now anyone in a ten foot radius was noticing my humilating state. Once we arrived Sue seemed to speak with the nurse for a long while and then Sue and i were led into a small room with a padded bed in one coner which i was asked to get up on. As i did Sue came over to me and with a kiss quickly unlocked the lock on my pants and whispered enjoy. Too my horror Sue sat down in the corner as the nurse came over and said Right then lets get the dirty boy clean and started to remove my pants. I was so red i didnt know where to look as i felt the Rubbers and then the Diapers being removed and almost choked as the Nurse said "Oh dear we are a smelly dirty boy but dont worry we soon will have you wiped and re-diapered in no time". As i was cleaned and re-diapered Sue said thanks Aunt,"No problem Sue" was the reply "you must let me baby sit the baby soon". Yeah no problem. It took me a long time to re-cover i had been well humilaited and set up but had also found it enjoyable and quite a turn on.

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