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Stacy sat in her desk during last period anxiously waiting for the final bell to ring. She hated the current class she was in, English, and was bored out of her mind. She waited and waited and finally the bell rang and school was let out for the day.

"Oh my gosh that took FOREVER." She thought to herself. She sped to her locker and dropped off her books, deciding not to do any homework that night, and went straight to her car. She waved to a few of her friends and drove off. After an uneventful ten minutes she was pulling into the driveway of her parents modest home.

"Gee what a boring day that was," she muttered to nobody in particular. She set her stuff down and went to go take a nap.

A couple of hours later, Stacy's dad, came in her room to wake her up.

"Honey come on, we're going out to dinner." He patted her shoulder gently and told her to be ready in ten minutes.

"Where are we going?" Stacy yelled from under her covers.

"That Chinese place you like down in Middleton!" her dad yelled back.

"Awesome" and with a breath Stacy was out of bed and putting some fresh clothes on. She was ready in nine minutes and was already in the car before her parents were. A minute later they were on the road.

"So what's the occasion?" Stacy asked her parents.

"Oh we just thought you were having a rough week so... you know, we thought we'd go out for dinner" her mom, Jen replied.

"Yeah it has been pretty tough" Stacy mused. Summer was coming and that meant finals, and her teachers were trying to cram a whole year's worth of learning into their heads in a matter of weeks. The rest of the 45 minute trip passed by with only a little conversation and soon they were in Middleton and in the restaraunt.

After they had eaten quite a large amount of food they headed back into the family car and headed back towards their home in Jefferson. About ten minutes into the trip, Stacy realized she had to pee, bad. She thought okay I can hold it for about 30 more minutes. Another five minutes passed and she realized that she did not have 30 minutes, she needed to go, now.

"Dad, can you pull over at the next exit, I have to use the restroom."

"Okay honey," he replied,"but there isn't much until we get nearer to town."

"Kay" she muttered, silently offering a prayer that she would be able to hold it in. No such luck. She began to squirm in her seat, and she felt a little escape into her panties.

"Dad!" she cried, "I need to go right now!" But it was too late. She looked down as what started as a small wet patch, quickly spread down her jeans and onto the seat. She began to cry and tried to stop peeing, but she couldn't.

"Oh my gosh, honey, are you all right?" her mother asked, but all Stacy could do was continue crying as she finished peeing her pants.

"Hey it's okay honey, it's okay," her mother said gently to her sobbing daughter.

"We'll get you cleaned up when we get home." They drove the rest of the way to their home with the only sound being Stacy's sniffles as she stopped crying. Her pants were damp and cold and she was relieved when they got home and it was dark enough so that no one going by would see her wet jeans. She went straight into the bathroom, stripped off her wet clothes and jumped into the shower.

After a long, hot shower, she went into her room and got ready for bed. A quiet knock sounded on the door and she mumbled something of approval for her mom to come in. Her mom asked her if she was all right and Stacy tol her that she was and she just hadn't used the bathroom since lunch time at school.

"Okay honey, just try to get to the bathroom more often." Stacy told her she would and that she would like to go to bed. Her mom nodded and left the room.

"That was so embarrassing" Stacy thought to herself as she laid down on her bed, and with that thought she drifted off into sleep.

The next morning, Stacy awoke with sunshine filling her room.

"Ahhh Saturday," she yawned. She got up and dressed and went down to eat some breakfast. She found she was alone, and so she brought some waffles out to the living room to watch some TV. As she was watching a diaper commercial came on.

"Hmph, coulda' used one of those last night," she thought to herself. She started to envision a scene where she had just peed happily in a diaper instead of in her pants. This scene was interrupted when her phone rang and her parents informed her that they were going to go to visit her parents and would be home later that night.

"Okay she replied, "I don't think I am going anywhere." Her mom said okay and there was money for pizza on the counter.

About 15 minutes later, Stacy got up to go to the store.

"I just cannot get that diaper out of my mind!" So she got in her car and drove to the nearest pharmacy. She went to the diaper isle, and found that she could fit into one of the larger baby diapers. She was quite small, only about 5'2", and quite slim. She was a bit apprehensive about buying diapers, but she pushed this aside and told herself she would just tell the clerk they were for her younger sister if he asked. She made the purchase with burning cheeks, but the clerk said nothing. She got into her car and drove home. She couldn't wait to get home and try one on. She pulled into the driveway and went into her room and shut the door.

"Whew!" she pulled down her pants, and then her panties and opened up the diapers. She pulled one out, unfolded it and pulled it up between her legs. She fumbled with the tapes for a minute but eventually got it on. It was a bit snug but wasn't too tight. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and saw that the diaper looked kind of quite. It crinkled when she walked and felt weird between her legs. She walked around for a bit and went into the den to get on her computer. But first she grabbed a can of soda from the fridge.

An hour later she felt the need to pee.

"Oh, looks like I get to use my diaper!" She giggled as she squatted down and began to concentrate. It took a few seconds, but she eventually started to pee in her diaper. She stared as her diaper began to swell and a yellow spot appeared on the front. She felt her diaper expand as she finished peeing. She stood up and was amazed at how thick the diaper had become. She went to her mirror and saw that her diaper had sagged a bit but was still staying up. It looked like it was double its original size, and it caused her to have a very pronounced waddle. She walked around a bit and then changed into a fresh diaper.

After ordering and eating her pizza, she began to get a few cramps.

"Ewwww, no way I wanna do THAT in my diaper." That's when she heard a car door close and realized her parents were home.

"Oh no!" she thought. But instead of doing the sensible thing and going to get out of her diaper she just pulled on a skirt she had put nearby and sat down as if she was just watching TV.

"We're home!" her parents called. They walked in and asked her about her day and she told them she had just loafed the whole day.

"Okay well, come on we are going out to get ice cream." She wanted to change but, her parents said she looked fine, so she followed them into the car. They drove to an ice cream shop in the city and ate large ice cream cones. Now, the cramps that Stacy had were becoming more frequent. But, like the other night, she thought she could wait it out, besides she was wearing a diaper. They were walking down the sidewalk when she let out a loud fart. Her face turned red but her parents just laughed. They continued walking and Stacy did not think she could hold it any more.

"Hey I'm gonna stop in here and go to..." Her face turned into that of shock when another fart escaped her behind. She clutched her middle and squatted down as she felt her body begin to push out the poop that she had been holding in all day.

"Stacy, what..." but her parents didn't have to ask what she was doing. They stared as her daughter squatted down and stared off into space. What shocked them even more was the diaper they saw from under her skirt that was revealed when she squatted. Stacy grunted as she felt the poop begin to enter her diaper.

"Nooooo, please... she begged her body, but to no avail. She continued to push more poop out until her diaper was filled and sagging. She felt her bladder let go as she finished... To be continued...

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