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Messing Myself

There he stood, looking at him self in the mirror. Red in the face and bowels poised to relax an release there sweet smelling mush in to his pants. He knew he shouldn't, holding back and with a perfectly good toilet sitting only 5 feet away. But for some reason there was no way the toilet was going to be used now.

Taking small quick breaths his stomach mussels starting pushing harder and harder until the force of his bowls over came the strength or the will to hold on to any dignity. Small wet globs of poopy mess squeezed past his pressed cheeks. Soiling both the white underwear and staining the denim shorts that were quickly becoming used like a careless 3 year olds training pants. Another wave of cramps and spasms, this time overwhelming the strength of his bowels and any bit of dignity left. With force his bowels relaxed and then push. He bends his knees and squats down on the tilled bathroom floor. And lastly thinks happily to him slef, "Just like a naughty toddler". The real mess enters his underpants. The mucky slop fills the white under where and oozes into his pants and drips run on to his legs. A gush of warm wet urine sprays into his crotch soaking his front and spilling onto the floor. Nose crinkles as the smell engulfs the tiny bathroom with the smell of poop and wet pants. As he starts to get back up and stand his bowels cramp once again and push more mess into the soiled clothes. Air escapes his lips turning into sigh of relief. Then thinking O shit! "I have never waited this long to go before". Mind racing for some bleak plan or any way to begin cleaning up his messy state. Helpless. Standing there in poopy filled pants, and a small puddle from the pee that ran out of his jean shorts, into his shoes and onto the floor. Minutes pass.

"What am I going to do now? Babies do this all the time.. Of course they wear baby diapers." BANG BANG. A knock that sounded like a thunder clap hit the bathroom door.

"Are you ok? You been in there for long time and it smells out here... James what are you doing?!? Uuhhhh..... Is all that managed to escape my mouth..

I had to tell there was no getting away from this.

Uhhhh.. Mommy I had an accident! NOT AGAIN!! You have got to be KIDDING me.

The door swung open and their I was in my wet soiled poopy pants. This is the 6th time this month and were not even done yet! are we?!? ...........

Well then do you remember what I said I would do if you poop and potty in your pants aganin.

My eyes were tearing up and I could barely talk.

" Put in di..diapers" I said.

That's right baby diapers. Babies wear diapers because they cant poop or potty in the toilet. And since you poop and potty in your pants and on the floor, all the time. You must be a baby, a baby that needs to be in diapers! I was crying and sobbing. Mommy started taking my pants down and cleaning me up. To be continued....

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