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Monica's New Hobby

Monica quivered at the thought. For the past few weeks, sitting alone at her computer at home, she had often thought about doing the forbidden things she saw on her computer screen. She knew her family had a good chance at finding out, especially her husband. Still, she couldn't ignore the feelings she had inside that were driving her deeper and deeper into thoughts of unimaginable pleasures. Since she was laid off, she had a lot of extra time on her hands. The website she stumbled upon one day while surfing the web led her into a constant searching for more, for more diapers.

The time had finally come, she had decided to go out and purchase her first pack of disposable diapers. She wanted to look like the women on the screen who had clear faces of enjoyment while wearing diapers bulging with yellow liquid. One Tuesday morning, she left the house right after her husband had left for work.

"You're up early," He said as he gathered his things in the kitchen.

"I know, I'm going to go to the store and get some things for supper. Hopefully there won't be many people out this time of the morning," She said, meaning every word. She had thought of the possibility of being caught, especially by someone she knew.

"Have fun, and have a good day," Her husband said as he kissed her on the cheek and walked out the door.

"I will," Monica shouted back. She knew today would be absolutely wonderful.

Monica and her husband Tim were both young, in their early 20's and had only been married for two years. She loved her husband, but enjoyed her time alone, especially in terms of sex. Monica had often had wild fantasies when she was alone, and passionately masturbated to those thoughts with her toys. She enjoyed pleasuring herself in ways Tim could never achieve or understand. She knew that wearing diapers would be one of those things she would keep to herself and enjoy in more ways than she yet knew she could.

As she raced to the store, she could hardly contain her excitement. Her panties were becoming moist as she felt warm, sticky liquid ooze out of her. Monica was a very attractive woman. At 5'7", she weighed 165lbs, an attractive combination that allowed for many curves. She had massive breasts for her size, and filled every inch of her DD cup bra. Her ass was also on the large side, complemented by her skin tight jeans and pants. She knew she was a knock out, and made sure that everyone everywhere knew that she knew she was hot. She had long, flowing jet black hair, and a face that looked innocent with a touch of naughty, which is exactly the impression she liked to give.

"Where should I go that will be quick and discrete," she thought out loud.

"Wal-Mart is too risky, it's always busy."

She continued these thoughts until she remembered that a local grocery store had a self check-out system, and thought that that would be a perfect way to take the edge off of a confrontation with the cashier.

Fifteen minutes later she pulled into the grocery store parking lot. At 7:30am, it was almost empty.

"This is awesome," she thought.

"No one will know I was ever here and have any idea what I'm looking to purchase."

Monica entered the store and took an initial fast glance. The store was almost as empty as the parking lot, giving her a sense of relief. After the fifteen minute drive, Monica had thought of some wicked things to do once she purchased her diapers. She had read enough and looked at enough things online to know exactly what kind of experience she wanted to have. She was extremely horny and could hardly see straight. Her thong was soaking by this point, and her tight suede pajama suit gave indication of this with a small circle of honey around her pubic area. She walked briskly to the pharmacy area and looked up and down the isles until she found an isle marked "incontinence."

"Bingo," she murmured aloud.

She walked down the isle and found more than enough of a selection. She saw familiar brands, the Depends and Attends type diapers, but was amazed at all of the varieties and sizes. She knew exactly what she wanted; she wanted something that would make her feel bad. Something that would get attention in public and would make everyone know that she was a bad, bad girl. Since being laid off, money was tight, and she settled for a generic store brand. It had the plastic outer liner that she was looking for and three tapes for a secure fit. She bought the overnight brand as she wanted something that had a lot of thickness and would make her feel very padded.

"These should work nicely," she thought, and proceeded quickly to the checkout.

She quickly found a check out isle, and proceeded to enter into it. As she made the turn past the candy bar rack and proceeded to place her item on the rack, she realized that someone was in line ahead of her. She looked up and froze.

She knew this would happen. She knew she it couldn't be that easy. Ahead of her at the checkout isle was her neighbor, an elderly widowed man in his late 60's, who had nothing else to do today but be at the grocery store at the first thing in the morning. Monica and her husband Tim were friendly to the old man since they moved into the house after getting married. Tim would often shovel his snow in the winter and help with cutting grass and other things in the summer. Monica didn't really get that involved with Mr. Gray, but always said hello if they were both outside in passing. Monica and Tim's bedroom and bathroom windows faced Mr. Gray's house, and often Monica would walk around naked while she was home alone. She had caught Mr. Gray staring into her window on more than one occasion from his house, and since that time, she would leave the window wide open anytime she and Tim were having sex or when she was pleasuring herself. She knew he was listening and she enjoyed the thought of him doing so. She never let on that she knew of Mr. Gray's interest in her, but simply maintained innocence when talking to him.

"Hello Monica," Mr. Gray said before she could even speak.

"Hi, Mr. Gray," she let out quietly, with a hint of flirtation. She looked at him and watched his eyes move toward her merchandise. He stared at it for a second and then moved back to the curvy beauty behind him.

Monica thought quickly about what she could say, but was stumped. She couldn't say they were for her sickly grandparents, because he knew that their family was not from the area. She came up with an excuse quickly.

"A gag gift," she lied.

"Tim's boss is having a big birthday party for all of the employees and their families at his house this weekend. He's over the hill this year, and this will make everyone laugh," she said, without missing a beat.

"Ah, I see," he said back.

"I knew they couldn't be for yourself, a girl as healthy and young as you are. You can't stay young forever though!"

Monica let out a nervous laugh, "You're right, Mr. Gray. But I plan to stay young for quite a while."

With that Mr. Gray finished purchasing and began to leave the isle. He said and gestured good-bye as Monica took the stage in front of the automated checkout.

"It really didn't matter what I told him," Monica thought.

"He'll probably see me in these babies anyway. I'm going to give him a big show today once I get home."

Monica finished up and inserted the money into the receptor. She put a bag over the diapers and headed out the door to her car. She realized she had parked beside Mr. Gray's car and saw him loading his groceries up into the trunk. She smiled as she put her sunglasses on, and thought of a nasty thought. She took the keys out of her purse and got ready to open her trunk. Instead, she dropped the keys on the ground and prepared to pick them up. She turned her back toward Mr. Gray, and planted both feet a mile apart from one another. Without bending her knees, she bent from the waist and proceeded to pick up the keys. Her thong rode up toward her back as her pajama bottoms began to slip down, exposing a good three inches of her leopard print thong and tanned ass checks toward Mr. Gray. She looked back at him from between her legs and smiled, and watched his eyes pop out of his head.

She slowly came back up, opened the trunk, threw the diapers in, and waved goodbye to Mr. Gray as she got into the car.

"This is going to be fun," she thought.

Monica drove out of the parking lot, and looking in her rear view mirror she saw Mr. Gray watching her drive off. If she was trying to give the old man a heart attack, it almost worked. She knew he fantasized about her, and she loved it.

Driving home, Monica sat in silence with a naughty grin on her face. She had completed stage one in her newest quest, her new hobby. After all, her husband said she should find something she enjoyed to occupy her time since being laid off from work. What better than a new interest in diapers?

She quickly pulled into the drive way, gathered her purchase and walked into the house. In a matter of seconds she shoved her hand down her red suede pants and into her leopard printed thong. She violently started rubbing her clit and stopped to slide three fingers in her dripping wet pussy. After five minutes of this, she decided to calm down. She licked the juices from her fingers and walked over to the pantry. It was time to prepare.

Monica had read some interesting things on the internet revolving around this diaper fetish. She had purchased some items a few days before at the same grocery store where she bought the diapers. She opened the pantry and grabbed a bushel of four bananas, a jar of applesauce, and two containers of pudding. Along with her bag of diapers, she took this items with her up the stairs and began to set up shop in the bedroom.

She pushed the squeeky bed right up against the window and open the binds. She knew that Mr. Gray would be home soon, and wanted to be prepared. She laid everything out on the bed, the bananas, the applesauce, and the pudding. She took off her pajama top leaving her DD breasts pushing against her white sports bra, and took off her bottoms and thong.

"This is going to be fun," she said, and could hardly wait to get a thick diaper between her legs.

She ripped open the bad and grabbed two diapers out of it. All the time she was trying to think where she could hide the diapers from her husband and other house guests. She unfolded both diapers and placed one into the other. The diapers were laid out on the bed, and she straddled them. Slowly, she lowered herself onto the diaper and instantly moaned with delight.

"Ohhh, this is nice," she said and started rocking back and forth, enjoying the feeling.

She sat for a while and then reached across the bed and grabbed a banana. She opened the nightstand drawer and grabbed the tube of KY jelly for a little lubrication. Then she pealed the banana and rubbed KY all over it. She raised herself up from the diaper and got on all fours. Slowly she rubbed the banana around her asshole, and put the tip inside. Little by little, inch by inch she put the banana in her ass and moaned with delight. She stayed motionless afterward, using her butt muscles to keep the banana inside of her. Then, she reached over and grabbed a second banana. After pealing it, she spent sometime licking it and began to suck it off. Just then she heard a car door close in the distance.

"Just in time," she said.

Indeed, Mr. Gray had entered into his house after returing from the store. Monica wondered how long it would take him to reach his upstairs bedroom.

Monica continued sucking the banana until it was soaked with her saliva. She put a little more KY on this banana and shoved it up her ass. She didn't use the inch by inch method, but wanted it all right that second. She felt the second banana smush up against the first and loved the sensation.

"One more," she thought.

And with that a third pealed banana made it's way up her asshole.

"Mmm," she said.

"My ass is full and it feels great."

Keeping her cheeks pressed together, she hovered again over the diapers. Slowly, she lowered herself into position and taped the diapers one at a time around her waist. She stood up and waddled over to the full length mirror and admired what she saw.

"I'm one hot bitch," she said.

"But I need to go potty real bad."

Letting all anal control go, Monica pushed the bananas out of her ass, and the filled the back of her diaper. She screamed with delight as the sensations left her ass and smushed along the backside of her diaper.

"" she said.

Monica rubbed her ass and smushed the bananas all over her cheeks. She rubbed her diaper all over, front to back. She decided it was time for her tits to come out and play, and took her sports bra off and threw it on the floor. The DD boobs were firm, and almost held a perfect position once the diaper was off. She moved away from the mirror and headed back to the bed. Crawling across it, she looked through the window.

"Welcome to the show, Mr. Gray." she smiled.

She pushed her tits against the window as a tease, the huge round mounds growing in proportion as they smushed against the glass. She moved up and down for a bit, then turned and put her diapered ass against the window next. The bananas were smushed futher against her ass and up her crack.

"I bet you like that, you naughty boy," she thought.

"But you have no idea what's inside."

Laying flat on the bed, Monica rubbed her clit with one hand and a tit with another. This continued for a few minutes until it was time for the next stage. Monica sat up on the corner of the bed and opened the jar of applesauce. She took one hand and pulled the diaper away from her skin, and with the other hand she held the applesauce jar near her waist.

"Here goes nothing," she said, and with that she slowly poured the chunky applesauce down the front of her diaper.

It oozed and oozed and spread along her vagina lips and her asshole. It made friends with the bananas and continued to expand. She emptied the entire jar of applesauce into her diaper and sat there in delight.

She glanced out the window and saw Mr. Gray's cock in his hand.

"There ya go big fella," she said.

"You've never seen this shit before."

With the pudding, she opened both containers and looked at the chocolate before her. With two fingers, she rubbed the pudding across both nipples, and shoved them in her mouth. She licked both nipples clean, and repeted the process. Then, she pulled the back of her diaper a little, and poured the chocolate pudding down the hatch.

For a moment, Monica thought she might go unconcious. The sansation of the mess in her diaper sent her wild. She rubbed the front of her diaper with all her might, and began to squirt hot juices all throughout the diaper.

"I have to pee," she said after the first climax.

Monica stood infront of the window, spread her legs, and let go. Slowing the warm, yellow liquid filled the diaper, and a clear color change took place from white. With that release, she was ready for the final act. She took both pillows from her bed, the same pillows her husband and herself put their heads on at night, and straddled them in between her legs. She rocked back and forth, slow at first and then faster. She looked up and winked at Mr. Gray. Faster and faster, she smushed the gooey mess in her diaper against her ass and pussy, and loved every minute of it. She couldn't wait to take this diaper thing to the next level. She thought about all of the naughty things she planned on doing in diapers and realized this was only the beginning. Monica was close to orgasm. She began to scream outloud about what a naughty whore she was, a diaper whore. She was a naughty bitch and loved the feeling of that mess in her diaper. She orgasmed. For what seemed like five minutes. Orgasms followed the first and she finnally finished and laid on the bed quietly. The deed was done, there was no turing back. She was a diaper whore. She looked up at Mr. Gray and smiled. This was going to be the beginning of a wonderful life.

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