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A Day with Mommy Allie and Diaperboy

Chapter 1: Morning

Warm summer sunshine pours through the windows of the nursery and bathes the figure in the crib in gentle morning light. At first glance he is much too big to be a baby, but he is wearing nothing but soggy cloth diapers and plastic baby pants. His diapers are so thick that the pull-on baby pants barely fit over them. No wonder Mommy Allie calls him Diaperboy! On this particular morning Diaperboy is awake and waiting patiently in for Mommy.

Soon Mommy Allie peeks her head around the corner of the nursery door and whispers, "Good morning; how is Mommy's little Diaperboy today?" Baby's face lights up in huge smile when he first sees Mommy's lovely face.

"Ohhhhhh Mommy -- baby so happy to see you!!!!", says baby, reaching up to Mommy Allie.

"And Mommy is happy to see you to!" says Allie as she reaches over rails and lifts the big baby out of his crib.

"Just look at you - your diapers are sopping wet, sweetie; I guess Mommy was right to put you in four diapers wasn't she? I'd better change you!"

Mommy takes her Diaperboy over to the changing table, lays him down and straps him down so he won't fall off. He gazes up adoringly at Mommy as he lies on changing table and watches Mommy get out three of his soft cloth diapers.

Mommy expertly folds the three diapers into a thick stack, then tells baby, "OK Diaperboy let's get those soggy diapers off you." She slides off his plastic baby pants off and unpins his diapers.

As baby reaches up to play with Mommy's hair, she unpins his diapers and exclaims "Oh dear, my big baby has drenched all four of the diapers Mommy put on him last night! Lift up, Diaperboy, so I can pull these soggy diapers out from under you." Baby lifts up off his sopping wet diapers for Mommy and she pulls his diapers out from under her Diaperboy. He blushes when he sees stack of sopping wet diapers he soaked last night.

Mommy slides three fresh dry diapers under baby's bottom and gently pushes him back down to the table. He lowers bottom onto three fresh diapers and beams happily up at Mommy while she is diapering him. She sprinkles some powder on baby then pulls his diapers up between his legs and spreads them across his tummy. Baby reaches up to touch Mommy's lovely face as she bends over him to pin his diapers on. Mommy grabs baby's hand and kisses it then pins up diapers nice and tight over each hip.

"You like it when Mommy pins your diapers all snug and tight don't you Diaperboy?" asks Mommy as she leans over and blows raspberries on baby's belly. Baby shrieks with laughter and beams at Mommy! "Ohhhhhhh, Mommy, that tikoo baby!" he giggles, and Mommy laughs at her silly baby,

"I bet you are a hungry little diaperboy this morning, aren't you", asks Mommy as she unstraps baby from the changing table, picks him up and carries him to his high chair and straps him in.

As Diaperboy: sits in his high chair and watches Mommy get out his bib his tummy makes a hungry little rumble. Mommy laughs at rumbling tummy while she ties baby's bib around his neck and gets out his bottle and gives it to him while she gets his food. He sucks happily on his baby bottle and watches mommy get food ready. Hewhispers, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mommy baby love you soooooooooooooooooo much -- you take such good care of baby!"

Mommy gets baby's food and comes and sits in front of baby. She takes his bottle and puts it aside and starts feeding baby yummy applesauce and oatmeal. He opens his mouth wide for mommy as she feeds him his baby food. While Mommy spoons baby food into his mouth baby plays with the jars - and the food in them. When Mommy finishes giving baby his oatmeal and applesauce she wipes up his face and hands since it's all over everywhere. She laughs and asks "How'd you get it behind your ears? Just look at you dressed in nothing but diapers and baby food! How cute!"

Diaperboy reaches up for Mommy to lift baby out of high chair. Mommy lifts baby out of high chair after unsnapping him and sits him on the floor while she cleans up his high chair and picks oatmeal out of his hair. Baby giggles as mommy picks oatmeal out of his hair.

Mommy laughs with baby and says "We should get a picture of you like this!" She quickly get the camera out of the closet and takes baby out onto the sunny front porch and poses him on her rocking chair wearing nothing but his diapers and what's left of his breakfast. Mommy snaps a picture and exclaims, "Perfect! Why I can even tell from the picture that you have already wet your diapers!" Diaperboy blushes and looks down at the wet spot spreading across the front of his diapers.

"Don't worry, baby; that's what your diapers are for", says Mommy.:

Mommy picks baby up from the rocker and carries him to the living room. She puts baby on the floor and places some blocks at his feet.

"Ohhhhh play time!" he exclaims clapping his hands.

"Play nice sweetie, I'm going to get your clothes out and get you dressed," says Allie and Diaperboy replies, "Ok, Mommy. What does Mommy like baby to build for her wif blocks?" And Mommy replies, "Whatever you'd like to, sweetie."

Diaperboy sits and stares at blocks for awhile then begins to arrange them on the floor. Soon Mommy returns with baby's clothes and sits on the couch to watch him play. He looks up at her, an anxious expression on his face. Mommy reassures him, "You can play for a bit more, sweetie." He smiles and says, "Baby gonna make a magic house where baby will never grow up and Mommy will always be young and beautiful!" He makes row of blocks in a square around him, then puts another row on top of first. He is now almost out of blocks. Mommy watches baby with a smile as he makes little tower in one corner with last of blocks.

"Mommy come in magic house wif baby! "And I will be your baby diaperboy forever!" the big baby exclaims. Mommy replies gently, "No, sweetie, but you did such a great job though. And you will always be my baby Diaperboy --house or no." Diaperboy waddles over to Mommy in thick diapers and gives her big happy baby hug. He whispers "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mommy, baby love you soooooooooooooo much!" Mommy Allie gives the baby a big hug and pulls him up on her lap.

"Mommy loves you, too, sweetie pie!"

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm baby love lap time!" he says as he huggles and snuggles close to Mommy. Allie gives baby's neck eskimo kisses while she snuggles him close. Baby giggles and tells Mommy, "Baby love eskimo kissy!" Mommy laughs and says, "Silly baby! OK, sweetie, time to get dressed." Baby looks disappointed and asks "Gotta get dressed Mommy? Baby wanna snuggy some more!"

Mommy says "Yes, baby, you do. We can snuggle some more after you're dressed." But Diaperboy holds tight around Mommy's neck.

"Sweetie, come on," says Allie and baby replies, "OK, Mommy." When he reluctantly lets go of Mommy's neck she slips a onesie over his head.

"You don't want mommy to have to spank so early in the morning do you?" Mommy asks, then adds, "Hold your arms out, Diaperboy." The big baby reaches out his arms for Mommy who pulls onesie on to his arms, lays him down and snaps him up. Baby gleefully exclaims, "Snap, snap!" As Mommy closes up the onsie; it is a game he and Mommy play when she snaps on his onsies or his baby pants. Mommy laughs and baby giggles at the game.

"OK, baby, stand up and step into your pants." Baby stands for Mommy and she steadies him as he steps into his pants, right foot first, then the left. Allie pulls the pants up and buttons them.

"OK, sweetie, sit up here by me so I can get your shoes and socks on," she instructs, and baby replies, "OK, Mommy." She slips one sock on while tickling baby's foot. Baby giggles and exclaims, "If Mommy tickle too much baby gonna wet himself!"

Mommy laughs and agrees, "It's inevitable! That's why you are still in diapers!" She slips the other one on, while tickling that foot, too. Baby laughs and shrieks, "That tikoooo mommy!" Mommy puts one shoe on and ties it, and slips the other shoe on and slides it on and ties it, too.

"We going out somewhere Mommy?" baby asks.

"In a little bit," she replies, but for now, baby, come here and you can come back on mommy's lap."

Diaperboy climbs happily up on Mommy's lap then spreads his arms as wide as he can and asks, "Guess what Mommy?" She replies, "What sweetie?" and her big baby says, "Mommy, I love you tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiii- iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssmuch!" And baby huggles and snuggles and burrows as close to Mommy as he can get.

Mommy laughs at baby and spreads her much longer arms. She says, "And I love you thisssssssss much!" Baby gets a look of dusmay on his face then says, "Ooooooooooooooooooo not fair -- Mommy gots longer arms!" And Mommy laughs with baby.

"Ohhhh Mommy baby sooooooooooooo happy when he wif you!" Mommy reaches up and tickles baby's chin.

"Hehehehehehe tikoooos,"

Diaperboy gazes at Mommy Allie and whispers "You the bestest Mommy and take good care of baby!" Mommy replies "Its pretty easy when you are such a good baby."

"Hmmmmmmm baby wanna snuggle some more!" says Diaperboy as he tries to wrap little arms around Mommy's neck and hold on tight. But she replies, "No, sweetie, time to leave and get you to daycare and mommy needs to go to work." Baby wails, "Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Baby wanna stay wif Mommy!" She wraps arms around baby and gives him big hugs.

"I know sweetie, but I'll see you later." Babystarts to sniffle and pleads, "Please Mommy bring extra diapers -- day care ladies wanna put baby in yucky disposable diapers!" Momy instructs him, "Baby, if she wants to put you in them let her; it's easier for them to change those kind there. We'll leave your cloth ones here and Mommy will put them on you as soon as we get home."

Baby sniffles some more, clinging to Mommy Allie and says, "Baby wanna go to workies with Mommy!" She replies firmly, "No, baby, you can't. Are you ready to go, sweetie?" And baby wails, "Noooooooo, Mommy; please, no!" Now it is Mommy's turn to plead, "Baby, please, lets go, OK?" and she gives baby big kisses. Diaperboy sniffles and sighs "OK, Mommy. Baby gonna miss you Mommy!"

And Allie replies, "I know, baby. Mommy's going to miss you sooooo much, too." In one final attemp to stay with Mommy , her Diaperboy begs, "Baby wanna go wif Mommy! Why can't baby go wif Mommy? People at work not like babies?" But Allie remains firm and says, "No, sweetie, mommy has to work and you have to go to daycare." She then stands and puts baby on the floor, takes his hand and says, "Let's go, baby." Still sniffling, Diaperboy takes Mommy's hand and reluctantly waddles along beside her out to the car.

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