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A Day with Mommy Allie and Diaperboy

Chapter 3: After Day Care

At noon that day, Mommy has taken the afternoon off and returns to the daycare center to pick up her big baby. When she comes through the door, Diaperboy exclaims, "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Mommy!" and rushes to give her a big hug.

"Hi, baby!" Mommy replies. As he hugs Allie's knees he says, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Mommy -- baby soooooo happy to see you!"

Allie gets down on her knees to hug her son and says "I'm happy to see you, too. How's Mommy's little Diaperboy? Have you been a good baby?" He looks earnestly into Mommy's eyes and says, "Been trying to be good, Mommy", then looks down at wet spot on his pants.

"Ah your diapers leaked, hmm?" asks Allie.

"Y-y-y-yes Mommy and Day Care ladies and other babies saw, too." Mommy asks him, "Oh and what did they say? Did they say how naughty you must have been?" Baby sniffles and says "They laughed and called me a baby." Mommy can't help chuckling and says, "You are a baby!"

Diaperboy continues, "They said Mommy not put enough diapers on me! I not tell them Mommy forgot my baby pants!" And Mommy adds with a laugh, "Or that you were naughty and could have gotten your diaper changed into a disposable one earlier so it wouldn't have soaked through your pants?" Baby blushes and admits, "Ooooooo baby forgot to tell them that part!" Mommy just says, "I figured. Well, come here and lets get those wet pants off and get you into a disposable diaper."

Mommy unbuttons baby's pants and takes them down. He whispers to her, "In front of others Mommy?" And Mommy says, "Yup, you're just baby so it's OK.

Now, stay standing up and mommy will just unpin your diapers and let them fall into this plastic bag so you don't soak everything you touch!" Baby blushes, but says, "Yes, Mommy." And stands still while Mommy unpins his diapers.

Mommy unpins one side and lets it fall into the bag a bit and then unpins the other side and it falls it to the bag with a squishy plop. Then she wipes him up, making her baby giggles.

"Now I want you turn around and bend over and put your arms on your knees."

Diaperboy thinks, "Uh oh," but remembers his spanking and does as he is told.

Mommy smiles and says, "Thank you, Diaperboy! I just want to see how red your bottom is. Its still slightly red, is it still sore? Baby admits, "Yes, Mommy; still stings a little," and Mommy says, "Good! Now, lay down, sweetie, so I can put your diaper on."

As Mommy takes a diaper from the stack by the daycare changing table she says, "I'm proud of you for listening to mommy when you weren't sure if she was going to spank you again or not." Baby lies down to be diapered and says, "Baby glad Mommy proud of him!" Mommy instructs, "Lift up sweetie, so I can slide this diaper under you," and baby lifts his bottom for Mommy. She slides the fresh diaper under her baby and sprinkles baby powder on him. Baby giggles as Mommy powders him. Mommy pulls the diaper up tight between baby's legs and tapes it up. Realizing that he has just been put in a disposable diaper, baby pleads, "Ohhhh Mommy -- not disposable please." Mommy replies: "Sorry, sweetie; you've gotta wait till we get home."

Diaperboy sighs and says: "That's OK, Mommy; baby know he must wear whatever Mommy thinks best to put on him." And Mommy says, "Thank you for not arguing with me. Are you ready to go home get some lunch and then take a nap?" Reaching up to take Mommy's hand baby says, "Yes, Mommy."

Mommy grabs wet pants (and baby's wet diapers, of course) in one hand and with the other arm swoops baby up, carries him out to the car and straps him into his carseat. Mommy pops baby's paci in for the drive home and he watches Mommy adoringly as she drives us home.

"Baby love you sooooooooooooooooo much Mommy!" he says as they pull into the driveway at home.

"I love you too, baby," Mommy says as she stops the car. She lifts baby out of his car seat and carries baby, pants and wet diapers inside.

In the house Mommy puts Diaperboy into the play pen and says, "I want you stay right here and play; I've got to wash your diapers and your pants. Here are some toys to play with. Baby looks up and says, "OK, Mommy." Baby plays happily with toys while Mommy is doing laundry. He tries to fit plastic shapes through holes in shapes ball and gets a few shapes through proper holes before he spots his teddy bear.

He picks up teddy bear and pretends teddy has been naughty. He spanks the stuffed toy and exclaims "You gotta do what baby tell you!!!!" Mommy Allie comes in and sees her baby playing and quietly laughs to herself without him seeing she's there. Baby continues, "Baby gotta do what Mommy say and teddy gotta do what baby say!!!!!" and spanks the poor bear some more. Finally Mommy laughs out loud and asks, "Was teddy naughty honey?"

Startled, baby turns and then laughs with Mommy.

"Yes, Mommy; not do what he told." Allie says, "Babies and teddys need to do what they are told don't they?" And baby replies, "Yes, Mommy." Mommy bends down and picks baby up out the play pen and hands him teddy.

"You must always give teddy hugs after you spank him to let him know that no matter what he does, he's always loved." Diaperboy gives teddy a big hug and remembers how Mommy hugged him after his spanking.

"Baby need a hug too Mommy!!!!" And Mommy wraps her precious babyin a big warm snuggly hug, then says, "OK, sweetie, put teddy back in your play pen and let's have lunch."

Mommy picks baby up and puts him in his highchair, and straps him in.

"How bout spaghetti o's and choclate pudding?" Baby claps his hands and says, "YAY baby's favorite lunch!!!!" Mommy goes over and gets baby's bib and ties it around his neck. Baby asks, "Is this the bib that says "I love my Mommy" or the one that says "World's Biggest Baby"? He looks down and tries to read bib -- but baby can't read right aide up let alone upside down.

Mommy brings baby his Spaghetti O's and chocolate pudding and put them out of his reach.

"Acutally what it says is "Mommy's Big Diaperboy," says Mommy with a laugh.

"You want to feed your self, sweetie?" Baby reaches for Spaghetti O's and says, "Yes, Mommy, baby try to feed himself!" Mommy has her doubts, but says, "OK, baby." Diaperboy spoons up some o's -- and almost sticks them in his ear. He picks o's out of spoon smears them across his cheek and into his mouth. He reaches bare handed for more o's and gets most in his mouth but scratches his head with several o's still stuck to hand. Then the big baby spoons up some chocolate and gets some in his mouth rest on his nose and cheeks.

Mommy watches and laughs.

"Mommy is definitely going to have to throw you in the tub before I lay you down for your nap!" Then she asks, "Do you need help or are you good sweetie?" Baby replies "Doing OK if Mommy not mind the mess! Baby starts to get the hang of feeding himself and manages to get most of the remaining o's into his mouth and gives Mommy big reddish orange smile.

Mommy claps her hands, "Nicely done little one!"

Baby reaches up to give Mommy hug, but she backs away quickly and says.

"I don't think so!" Baby is confused, "Wanna hug Mommy!" Mommy pinches baby's cheek and says, "You can hug me after your bath., then asks, "Are ya done, sweetie?" Baby replies, "Yes, Mommy; baby all fulled up!" Mommy exclaims, "Awesome!"

Mommy, hoping to get baby out of his highchair without making a mess of herself says, "OK, lift your arms and don't touch me, please!" She lifts baby by the arms and swings him out of the high chair and onto the floor and warns him, "Don't touch anything at all," then adds, "Come on, Diaperboy; lets get you into the tub!"

"OK, Mommy!" says Diaperboy and toddles into bathroom with Mommy. Allie picks up baby and swings him onto the counter.

"Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!" the baby shouts and looks around for toy tugboat and rubber ducky. But Mommy says, "No, sweetie, not play time. Sit still so I can get your shoes and socks off." Baby starts to pout and Mommy says, "No, honey. You need to rest so we can play with Mommy's friends when they visit this afternoon."

Baby yawns and rubs his eyes while Mommy undresses him. She lays baby down on the counter to take his diaper off.

"Is it wet baby?" she asks, then laughs and says "Of course its wet! Silly question!" She takes the daycare disposable diaper off baby and throws it in the garbage.

Mommy says, "OK, sweetie, I know you are going to hate this and I'm sorry." Then she quickly slips out of her shirt and reaches over and turns the shower on.

Diaperboy lets out surprised shriek as Mommy takes his arm to make sure he doesn't fall. She grabs the shampoo and quickly shampoos baby's hair.

"Stick it under the water, honey, to rinse the soap out."

Baby was already to cry, but Mommy finishes washing his hair before he knows it.

"That not too bad, Mommy," he says, trying to be brave for Mommy. Allie laughs and says, "I'm not finished I have to wash your body." Baby says, "Yes -- but shampoo the scary part!" Mommy observes, "Baby shampoo doesn't sting baby's eyes." And Diaperboy says, "Noooooo but still make baby nervous -- all that water on baby's head." Mommy says, "I know, and I'm sorry."

Next Mommy soaps up the wash rag and tells baby, "Close your eyes, sweetie; I have to wash your face and keep them closed until I tell you." Baby closes eyes really tight. Mommy washes baby's face, neck and ears really quickly while he makes funny face trying to keep eyes closed tight. Mommy says a silent "I'm sorry" and ducks baby's head under the water so he doesn't get soap in his eyes and holds it there till all the soap is off.

Baby says, "Blurp blub blub bubble," as Mommy rinses his head. Then Mommy brings him back away from the stream and he gasps for air. Mommy washes baby's chest and arms and under his arms and his hands, and then washes his little pee pee. Then she instructs baby, "OK, turn around and lean against the tub to hold yourself so I can wash your back and your butt." And baby turns around for Mommy. Mommy washes your back, and then washes your butt and then runs the wash rag through your butt cheeks and down the backs of your legs. Then she has baby scoot his butt under the water and her hand through his cute baby butt cheeks to make sure there's no soap in there and make sure there's no soap around his pee pee are either.

Mommy says, "OK, sit down and I'll wash your feet and you are done." Baby sits down for Mommy and she washes his feet and legs quickly and slides baby under the shower. Diaperboy giggles while Mommy washes his feet, "That tikooooo, Mommy!" Mommy makes sure baby is all clean of soap and shuts off the shower. Baby reaches up to Mommy to be picked up. Mommy wraps a towel around baby and carries him to his nursery. Baby hugs her around the neck as she carries him to the changing table.

"Ohhhhh Mommy baby loves you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!" And Mommy says, "I love you too, sweetie!" Baby buries his face in Mommy's hair and Mommy pats his naked bottom as she carries him.

"You the bestest Mommy!!!!!!!!!" he whispers. Mommy lays baby on the changing table, slides three cloth diapers under him and pulls them up really tight. Baby gazes up at Mommy as she diapers him and thinks, "Nice tight snuggy diapers almost like a nice big Mommy hug!" Mommy pins baby's diapers on nice and tight then lifts him off the table and sets him on the floor. She holds out plastic baby pants for her Diaperboy to step into. Baby steps into plastic baby pants and Mommy pulls the baby pants up over baby's diapers.

"Are you good for no jammies? Mommy asks.

"Yes Mommy; baby can sleep in just diapers and baby pants."

Mommy picks baby up and gives him a big hug.

"I love you, Diaperboy!" she says and kisses his cheek.

"Ooooooh and Diaperboy love Mommy too!" the baby says giving Mommy Allie a big happy baby hug and butterfly kissies on her cheek. Mommy swings baby up and into his crib and asks "Do you want your paci?" Baby replies, "Yes, Mommy; baby want paci." Mommy says, "OK, sweetie." And pops the paci into baby's mouth.

Mommy's Diaperboy lies happily in his crib and gazes adoringly up at Mommy as she bends over him. Mommy tucks baby in and gives him kisses. Baby reach up to caress Mommy's cheek and says, "I love you Mommy!!!!!!!!!!"

As baby yawns and rubs his sleepy eyes Mommy whispers, "I love you, too, baby. Sweet dreams, sweetie pie." She tip toes out of the nursery and before she can close the door her baby is sound asleep.

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