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A Day with Mommy Allie and Diaperboy

Chapter 4: An Afternoon with Mommy's Friends

Mommy's Diaperboy stirs in his crib, yawns and slowly wakes up from his nap just as Mommy Allie peeks into nursery and gazes lovingly at her big baby. She walks softly over to the crib and gently lifts the baby out. She laughs and says, "Lets see how wet my baby is this time!" as she slips a finger under his baby pants.

Mommy smiles and laughs and says.

"You're pretty wet down there, aren't you, Diaperboy!" Diaperboy blushes and says, "Y-y-y-yes, Mommy." She starts to carry baby to the changing table, but pauses and says, "Some of Mommy's friends are coming over soon; I think I'll put you in your playpen just as you are so they can see what a big baby you are! Maybe Mommy's friends would like to change your diapers!"

Just then the doorbell rings and Allie quickly puts baby in his playpen and goes to front door.

" Tracy , come on in its so nice to see you!"

"And its great to see you, too, Allie; it has been too long!" says Tracy . Then she notices Diaperboy in his playpen in just his diapers and plastic diaper pants and exclaims, "Oh my, you don't mean to tell me he is STILL in diapers!"

Mommy Allie laughs and says.

"Oh, yes; he most certainly is; he is Mommy's Diaperboy, aren't you, baby? Tell Tracy what you did while you were napping, baby!" Diaperboy whispers, "I wet my diapers."

Mommy prompts the big baby, "Louder, Diaperboy, so we can hear you!" And baby says more clearly, "I wet my diapers." Then Mommy says, "Much better. And who wets their diapers?" Baby blushes crimson and says, "Babies wet their diapers, Mommy." Allie claps her hands and says, "That's right - so you are still just a baby aren't you, no matter how big you get, you are really just a baby!"

Tracy is impressed and says "Wow, Allie, I can't believe it; he is a total baby isn't he?"

"He sure is!" Mommy replies. Oh, there's the doorbell - would you watch Diaperboy for me? You can take him out of the playpen and change his diapers if you like - his nursery is up the hall on the right. You'll find plenty of fresh diapers next to his changing table." As Allie goes to the front door Tracy lifts baby out of his playpen and carries him off to change his diapers.

At the front door Mommy exclaims "Ellen! Ashley! It's wonderful to see you again!

"It seems like ages since we got together!" Ellen replies and Ashley adds with a chuckle, "What with work and travel it has just been so hectic, but then you have been home taking it easy with your big baby!" And Allie laughs along with her friend and says, "Home with baby, yes. Taking it easy? I don't think so! Baby keeps me busy day and night! Diapers, laundry and feeding alone are a full time job!"

Ellen is amazed.

"Don't tell me he is still in diapers! I would have thought he'd be out of diapers long ago!" Mommy just laughs some more and says, "Well come with me; Tracy is in the nursery changing his diapers as we speak!"

Ashley gasps, "Oh, go on; he really needs his diapers changed? I don't believe it!

As the three women step into the nursery Mommy says, "Well, see for yourself!" Tracy turns to look at Mommy, Ellen and Ashley as she slides the stack of soggy diapers out from under baby and says "Oh, he needs his diapers changed alright; just look how wet they are!" She hands the soaking wet diapers to Ashley, who laughs some more and says, "Wow, these weight a ton! He has been a busy baby. I'll rinse them and put them in his diaper pail."

Mommy says, "Oh, there's the door again; I bet its Ruth," and goes to welcome her guest. Ellen steps up to the changing table and says, "Here, let me help, Tracy. I haven't changed a diaper since sitting for my baby brother. Tracy giggles and says, "Well, this baby needs more than just one diaper. Allie had three on him and he soaked them. Why don't you get out four?"

Ellen says "OK! It will be fun to watch him waddle in so many didees!" And Ashley adds, "Alright, baby's diapers are in the pail. Maybe we should put some baby oil on him!"

Just then Ruth enters nursery.

"Hi, ladies - and hello Diaperboy! I think there's something else we should give this big baby while Allie is making coffee."

Ellen asks, "What's that?" And Ruth replies sternly, "A good spanking! I couldn't believe it when Allie told me he was still in diapers. I had to see for myself." Ruth sits in Mommy's big rocking chair and continues, "I bet a good paddling will teach him not to wet his diapers; bring him here!"

Ashley says, "Gee, Ruth, I don't know ..."

"Allie said that we are in charge of her Diaperboy for now and I say he needs a spanking!" Ruth insists. Tracy says, "OK, Ruth, you have had more experience with kids than we have; here he is," and hands Diaperboy over to Ruth. Ellen comments, "I guess it's a good thing we hadn't finished changing him."

Ruth puts baby across her knees and starts to spank his bare bottom with paddle Mommy keeps in nursery, exclaiming, "Naughty, naughty, naughty baby! Wetting your diapers like that! Shame, shame, shame on you!" As she spanks him harder baby begins to wail, "WWWWWHHHHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!"

Tracy remembers what Mommy did when she arrived and demands, "Tell us what you did, Diaperboy! Tell Ruth why you need your diapers changed!"

Baby sobs, "I wetted my diapers." And Ashley joins in, taunting the big baby,

"Awwww did a widdle babykins go wetty in his widdle didees? Is the widdle baby a widdle potty pants?" and Ellen insists, "Answer, Ashley, baby!" Sobbing more loudly now baby gasps for air and replies, "Y-y-y-y-yes, I went wetty in my didees."

Ellen smiles and asks, "And who wets their diapers?" Mommy's Diaperboy gasps for breath and wails, "B-b-b-babies wet their diapers." Ashley continues, "And that makes you what, Diaperboy?" Baby whimpers, "Makes me a b-b-b-b-baby." Tracy laughs and says: "That's right; and now its my turn to spank this naughty baby!"

Ruth laughs along with Tracy and puts baby on the floor then gives the seat in the rocking chair to Tracy, pulls Diaperboy over her knee and proceeds to give him a good spanking while Ellen and Ruth watch and Ashley gets out four fresh diapers to put on him.

Mommy's Diaperboy sobs and wails and cries, "WHHHHHHAAAAAAHHHH!" Meanwhile Mommy smiles to herself as she hears baby crying from way off in the kitchen, where coffee is almost ready for her guests. While Tracy spanks baby,

Ellen counts his diapers in the diaper pail with wicked grin on her face.

"Who's the naughty little baby who wets his diapers?" Tracy asks, and Diaperboy sobs, "I a-a-a-am." In the kitchen Mommy smiles and thinks, "Sounds like everyone is having a good time! My little Diaperboy is going to have a sore bottom!" Tracy continues to shame the big baby asking, "You are what, Diaperboy?" And baby stammers, "I am the naughty little baby who wets his diapers."

With a laugh Ellen exclaims, "My turn!" and takes Diaperboy from Tracy and puts him across her knees and gives bare handed spanking to his flaming red bottom. She tells baby, "OK, Diaperboy, "You like your wet diapers so much? You are going to get one spank for every wet or messy diaper I found in your diaper pail!"

And she counts out her spanks, "One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten! Eleven! Twelve! Thirteen! Fourteen! Fifteen! Sixteen! Seventeen! Eighteen!" Diaperboy continues to sob and wail and gasp for breath as he is spanked. Finally Ellen says, "Your turn, Ashley!"

Ashley takes baby over her knees but prefers humiliation to spanking and just slaps his bottom as she taunts him.

"Oh you are such a helpless widdle baby. Baby gots to wear his bathroom everywhere he goes! Does baby go wetties and poopies in his diapers? Ohhhhhhhhhh shame on you Diaperboy!" And baby sniffles, "Y-y-y-yes."

"Does the widdle dideeboy need someone to change his diapers like a wittle baby does?" Ashley asks, and baby whimpers, "Y-y-y-yes."

"And does the widdle babykins soak his diapers while he sleeps and wake up all sopping wet and have to wear his sopping wet diapers 'til Mommy decides to change him?" And again baby whimpers, "Y-y-y-yes."

Ashley continues, "Does this widdle Diaperboy belong in extra thick diapers - how many diapers does it take to keep you dry, Diaperboy?" Diaperboy replies, "Whatever Mommy say," to which Ashley exclaims, "Well shame all over you mister potty pants. You are just a great big baby you silly little Diaperboy!"

Standing in doorway of nursery Allie admits, "To tell the truth, he seems almost proud of himself when he wets his diapers. And I usually put him in three or four diapers at a time."

Ellen laughs, "Then we'll put six on him!" and adds two diapers to the stack Ashley has laid out on the changing table. With a big smile Mommy says, "OK! While you get him into his diapers I'll set up coffee and some munchies on the front porch and get these diapers in the laundry. Bring him out when you are done. I want the neighbors to see him in all those didees!"

Ashley lays baby down on top of his stack of diapers and says, "First we put the baby on the diapers!" Ellen powders baby and Tracy pulls his diapers up between his legs and spreads them over his tummy.

"Then we put the diapers on the baby!" says Ashley as she pins the diapers on extra tight.

Tracy tries without success to get baby pants on over baby's extra thick diapers and Ellen says, "Well, Diaperboy, it looks like you're going out in nothing but diapers!" Tracy laughs and adds "He'll put on quite a show for the neighbors!" She lifts baby off the changing table. Ellen and Ashley each take one of baby's hands and walk Diaperboy out to front porch.

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