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The Day Baby D Found his Mommy

It was early in the morning when he awoke to the sound of the subway train passing by his apartment in the suburbs of Manhattan. HE had gone to bed early last night. Knowing he had a very important day ahead of him. Therefore, Dean decided he had better get out of bed and start the coffee, take his shower and prepare himself for the day ahead. Dean was very precise about the way he got dressed he would lay his clothes out the night before, first where the shoes ( Burgundy color ) then the Navy Blue socks, then his Burgundy belt, and His Navy Blue Double breasted pin striped suite made by Ralph Lauren, Now his shirt Again Navy blue with white cuffs and collars, and last but not lease his cuff links and tie oh and of course as always his Diaper, He never left home without a diaper on as dean depended on them to help him make it through the busy day ahead on wall street.

Now that you have a slight understanding of the kind of person dean was you can begin to understand what he was looking for in his life he desired to be nurtured and babied but could not find anyone that would accept his little fantasy world especially the hot shots on wallstreet.

As he entered the office that Monday morning something was different, something was not the way it had always been there was an air of relaxation in the room, and as he rounded the corner to his office, he saw on his door a sign as he read this it surprised and puzzled him... It Stated

ATTN STAFF: we are pleased to announce we have new manager today her name is Miss Sue. Se will be taking control and overseeing every one of your day-to-day business operations all you have to do is what she tells you and everything will be just fine.

What dean thought a new manager and a woman at that taking control of my business operations and I have to submit to her what are they thinking. No sooner, had those words crossed his mind he received a slap across the back of the head and heard a soft gentle yet demanding tone with these words Ey are not you supposed to be in the board meeting young man. Dean turned around to his surprise to see the most motherly looking woman in her mid to early 50 staring at him all he could do was say yes mam and wonder what in the world was going on .

Up until this point, nobody had ever known about deans little fantasy world of diapers bottles plastic pants and binkies. Somehow he just felt miss sue knew all about it from the moment she scolded him until this very moment when she walked into the boardroom caring a package of depends adult diapers.

She placed them on the table and made this small but simple statement. If you boys and girls cannot function like adults and get the job done, I will treat you like little children in a day care and do your jobs my self. At this moment and to his surprise dean got a huge erection and wet himself then the unthinkable happened the tape to the sides of his diaper burst open with a loud crinkle sound. He sat there wandering if anybody had heard it all the time sue kept looking at him and nodding her head in a manner that again he knew she knew.

Now the meeting was adjourned and his secretary called him stating the new manager would like to se him.

He thought he was in big trouble for something. When dean arrived in Miss Sue's office he noticed a depends and plastic pants on her desk. Miss sue looked at him with a sweet nurturing glance and said in the most motherly tone come here dean we are going to have a talk as he approached her she stood up walked up to him and without warning patted his behind, she then stated I knew it all along you are a big baby underneath that executive skin. I think I have an idea miss sue stated how would you like to come over to my place for dinner tonight dean didn't give it another thought he simply said sure I would love to come over for dinner at that she gave him directions and informed him he had better be on time for if he were late she would be very upset.

Dean began to read the directions knowing he would not have time to get from queens to long island in only 1 hour he decided to go straight to her house after work instead of the normal stop at the bar then home.

It was 6:15 when dean arrived 15 minutes late and miss sue was standing there in a pastel robe with a frilly apron on waiting. I told you I would be upset if you were late didn't I dean. Yes you did miss sue I am sorry but the train was running behind schedule. At that moment without warning, she grabbed him and began to spank his bottom, after three swats she stopped and said well what do we have here just as I suspected a diaper and she began to undo his pants with this he began to get aroused and excited thinking to himself this is what he always dreamed. But miss sue wasn't to thrilled at the fact he had wet his diaper so she tore it off and proceeded to spank him saying big boys don't wet there pants and that because of this he was no longer a big boy to her he would be her little baby. Dean relished the thought of being treated like a baby and diapered by this woman. And with that miss sue began to clean him up rubbing his penis gently with powder and laid him on the bed in her bedroom dean expecting to be put in a clean diaper was surprised when miss sue took off her apron and robe to reveal a wonderfully kept body at this he got a erection and was just lost in the moment for miss sue stated Baby dean I want to show you what miss sue can do to make you feel better and with that she spread her legs and sat gently on his hard stiff penis. And began to gently move up and down this sexual encounter went on for at least an hour before the two of them both climaxed amazingly at the same time.

After climax miss sue looked at baby d and said we must give you a bath before dinner and took him by the hand gently leading him towards the bathroom where a large tub was filled with water and a wonderful bubble bath. There were many toys in the tub and miss sue said does baby d want to take a bathy and helped him into the tub. While receiving his bath miss sue said dean from now on when you are in my house or with me in public away from work you will call me mommy sue and I will call you baby d understand. There was no question in his mind that he had finally found the mommy of his dreams. Moreover, a wonderful mommy she would be.

Stay tuned for chapter 2 of the day baby d met his mommy.

By: Derek Young

AKA Baby D

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