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Mike Gets Pampered

When I was 8 I began wetting the bed, I wasn't a bed wetter in the strictest of sense, I was doing it deliberately. I was over at a friend's house and I watched as his mother changed his little brother's diaper and as I watched a thought popped into my head...I want to wear diapers again. So that night with the thought of wearing diapers again still buzzing around in my head I went through my usual routine before going to bed. I brushed my teeth and made sure to drink a couple of glasses of water, flushed the toilet (to give my parents the impression that I had used it), put on my pajamas and went to bed. About 3am I woke up with a full bladder begging for release and out of instinct began to get out of bed for a trek to the washroom then I remembered my plan. I tried to roll over and go back to sleep but found it impossible to fall back asleep with a full bladder. I tried relaxing my bladder so I could pee but years of being toilet trained prevented me from letting go. I finally had to get up on my knees and picture myself standing in front of the toilet before anything happened. As I perched on my knees picturing myself about to urinate in the toilet I felt my bladder release a couple of drops into my PJ's. After several seconds I was rewarded with a squirt, then another and another and suddenly I had a stream. I managed to stop the stream fearing that the pattern of urine I was about to produce wouldn't look as though I wet the bed by accident. I lay back down and pulled up the covers, I could feel the wetness on the front of my pajamas and I liked it. I tried again to pee while lying down but to no avail. I lay there in bed and tried to visualize myself in front of the toilet once again. After 5 minutes of mental imagery I managed a couple of squirts and after a moment a few more. The next thing I knew streams of hot pee were splashing against my already wet pajamas and running down my sack and over my legs before pooling underneath my ass. I lay there taking in every little feeling I could as the puddle continued to grow beneath me. I put my hand underneath my covers and felt the warm wetness of my completely soaked pajama bottoms and the small lake I was lying in that had not yet soaked into the mattress. Once I was done peeing I rolled over in my wetness and went back to sleep. I awoke about an hour later shivering and feeling really uncomfortable. Because I was so uncomfortable it didn't take a whole lot of effort to start genuinely crying on my way to my mother's room. I hadn't even made it the full way from the door to my mother's bed before she was awake and asking me what was wrong.

"I...I wet the bed!" I sniffed.

"Oh dear." Mom began while climbing out of her bed, "Don't worry baby, I know it was an accident. Come with me and we'll get you cleaned up." Mom took my hand and led me back to my room where she pulled back the covers to reveal my yellow-stained sheets with a wetness pattern that reached from my knees to about the center of my back, "You really did wet the bed didn't you?"

To me that sounded like an attack so I began to cry louder saying, "I didn't mean to mommy, it was an accident."

The commotion was enough to wake my sister Diana who came into the room, "What happened?" she asked.

"Oh Michael's wet his bed. Go back to sleep." Mom informed her. Mom managed to quiet me down and brought me into the bathroom where she removed my cold, soaked PJ's and threw them in the laundry hamper before wiping me down with a damp washcloth and toweling me dry. Then she brought me back to my bedroom and put a new pair of pajamas on me. She stripped the soaked bedding off of my mattress and flipped it over before putting new bedding on it.

I sat down and asked, "What about my sleepover at Jimmy's tomorrow? What happens if I wet the bed over there?"

"I don't think you'll wet the bed over at Jimmy's. I think that this is an isolated incident, you'll be fine. Now go back to sleep."

I drifted off to sleep dreaming about getting put back in diapers.

The next day nothing was said about my bedwetting episode and I went off to school as usual. After school I headed over to Jimmy's as had been arranged. We played video games and hide and seek. While playing hide and seek I hid in Jimmy's little brother George's nursery which gave me a good chance to see his brother's diapers up close. I looked at all the disposable diapers stacked up on George's changing table I even reached out and touched one of them. I ran my fingers across the textured plastic backing of one of the diapers; it felt so soft and magical. I remember thinking how lucky babies were to get to wear diapers all the time, never having to get up from what they are doing to poop or pee. I decided that I should leave the nursery because I didn't want to get caught in there. As I was leaving the nursery I failed to notice Jimmy coming down the hall behind me.

"TAGG, YOU'RE IT!!" Jimmy shouted. I was so startled that a squirt of pee shot into my pants. Just as I was about to give Jimmy an earful for scaring me so badly Jimmy's mom called us to dinner. We raced down to the dinner table and got ready to sit for dinner. Unbeknownst to me Jimmy's mom saw the wet patch on my pants although she didn't say anything.

We ate dinner and watched a movie then Jimmy's mom said that it was time to get ready for bed. Jimmy headed for his room and I was about to follow him when his mother caught my arm, "Not so fast Mike. I need to talk to you." She said.

"Mike, your mom called me this afternoon and told me about you wetting the bed last night." I froze and looked up at her with wide eyes.

"And before you sat down for dinner I noticed that you peed your pants a little bit..." I was about to say that it was because Jimmy had scared me really badly while we were playing hide and seek but she cut me off.

"I think that under the circumstances it would be a good idea if you slept in a diaper tonight, just in case."

I couldn't believe my ears, Jimmy's mother was going to put me in diapers, how could my dreams come true so quickly? I tried to appear as though I was mulling the idea over in my head and in order to appear as though I didn't want to wear a diaper I whined out, "But my mom said that it was probably just that one time."

"I understand and I would've agreed if you hadn't have wet your pants a little before dinner. Don't you think it would be better to wear a diaper and not wet it rather than not wear one and have another accident?" Realizing that she probably wasn't about to give up on this I agreed.

"Ok, now go grab your pajamas and brush your teeth and when you're done come to George's room.

So I went up to Jimmy's room and grabbed my toothbrush and pajamas, just as Jimmy was finishing off in the bathroom. I went inside and brushed my teeth, making sure to drink a couple of extra glasses of water, pretended to use the toilet, flushed and headed to George's room.

Once inside Jimmy's mom picked me up and laid me down on the changing table and started undressing me. She took off my shoes and socks undid my pants and pulled them down my legs then she grabbed the waistband of my underwear with one hand and lifted me up by the ankles with the other. After removing my undies she turned them back around to show me the yellow patch in the middle of the white fabric, "See that is from where you peed earlier." Then she pulled a diaper from one of the shelves under the changing table and unfolded it and again lifted me up with one hand while she slid the back of the diaper underneath my butt. Once she lowered me onto the diaper she sprinkled my crotch lightly with baby powder and rubbed it in saying, "This is just in case you do wet, we don't want you to get a rash." Finally she pulled the front of the diaper up between my legs and taped it on me. She let me lie there a second as I took in all the sensations of being diapered. She lowered me to my feet and handed me my pajamas and asked, "Now that wasn't so bad was it?"

I shook my head 'no' because I was afraid that if I opened my mouth I would've shouted for joy. I couldn't remember ever feeling this good, I didn't care what it took I was now more determined than ever that I was going to go back to wearing diapers. Even though these diapers were a little bit tight on me they didn't fit that badly, and the bulk between my legs felt awesome. I ran my hands across the surface of the diaper quickly before putting on my pajamas and the feeling of the diaper's padding wrapped around my crotch was heavenly. Although I didn't have any trouble putting my pajama tops on I noticed that the bottoms barely fit over my diaper, it would be fairly obvious to anyone, especially Jimmy, that I was wearing diapers.

Jimmy's mom must have sensed what I was thinking because she told me, "Don't worry, I already explained to Jimmy that you'd be wearing diapers. So he's not going to make fun of you. As a matter of fact, why don't you take those pajama bottoms off, you'll probably be much more comfortable." I had to agree with her there, the pajama bottoms overtop of the diaper were very uncomfortable, so I took them off, grabbed my clothes and headed for Jimmy's room.

As I walked into Jimmy's room I saw him in bed and watched his eyes go wide as he saw the exposed bottom half of my diaper, "Oh my god...You're really wearing diapers." He exclaimed, "Even though mom told me it didn't really sink in until I saw it."

I got in my sleeping bag on the floor and Jimmy and I talked for a little while then we went to sleep, well Jimmy went to sleep, I stayed up until I was sure Jimmy was out. Once I was sure Jimmy was asleep I got up on my knees and closed my eyes picturing myself in front of the toilet ready to pee. I noticed that it took a little less time than it did last night before I began peeing. I tried to lie back down while still peeing but had to stop during the shuffle. I was happy to discover that it only took me a second of pretending to use the toilet while lying on my back before I resumed peeing. I spread my legs as wide as my sleeping bag would let me and lay there wetting my diaper. I stuck my thumb in my mouth to make myself feel more baby-like as I reveled in the feeling of pissing in my diaper. At first only the front of the diaper was wet but as the padding reached its absorption capacity I felt my urine flowing across my scrotum and trickling down between my ass cheeks before being absorbed by the padding underneath me. I stuck my other hand under the covers of my sleeping bag and felt the outside of my diaper, it was warm and soft. I gave it a squeeze and felt the displaced urine flowing through the diaper looking for a place to be absorbed. As I continued to squeeze and continued to pee I began to notice that the dislodged urine had nowhere to go but outside the diaper. Thankfully I stopped peeing before my diaper leaked too much and I just lay there sucking my thumb thinking that I was a baby who just peed his diaper like any other baby and drifted off to sleep.

I was woken up about two hours later by Jimmy's mom changing my diaper. She must have come to check my diaper before going to bed and discovered me soaked. She had gone into George's room and brought all the changing essentials with her. I opened my eyes as she popped the tapes of my soggy diaper to discover the lights on and Jimmy watching his mom change my diaper with a big grin on his face. Jimmy's mom changed me with the speed and efficiency of a woman who has changed a fair number of diapers in her time and in no time I was cleaned, powdered and taped in a fresh diaper. Jimmy's mom whispered to me, "Good thing we diapered you for bed eh?" I nodded. She gave me a kiss on the forehead and said, "Go back to sleep and I'll see you in the morning." She tucked Jimmy back in, turned off the light and left the room.

Jimmy and I were woken up the next morning by Jimmy's mother at the door saying breakfast was ready. We were out of bed and on the stairs before I realized that I was still wearing a diaper, it took another moment for me to figure out that it was still dry and I needed to pee. We sat down at the table and began eating the chocolate-chip pancakes that Jimmy's mom made. We were finished breakfast and we went into the living room to watch cartoons. After about 20 minutes we were both lying on the floor in front of the TV when I felt another urge to pee and without thinking I just let go and wet my diaper. Shortly after that Jimmy got up and went to the washroom, while he was gone his mom came into the living room and noticed my wet diaper.

"Mike, will you come with me please?" Jimmy's mom said in a tone of voice that made it clear that it wasn't a request. I followed her right into George's room where she picked me up and strapping me down on the changing table.

"So you think that since you wet your diaper while you were sleeping that it's ok to deliberately wet your diaper while you're awake? I saw your diaper when you came down for breakfast and it was dry and is it dry now?" she asked, staring down at me.

"No." I replied meekly.

"Right. So you deliberately wet yourself while watching cartoons. I guess that means that you should be wearing diapers during the day too." She stated as she began changing my diaper, "If you weren't wearing a diaper you would've wet your pants and if you go around wetting your pants that means that you should be wearing diapers. So until it's time for you to go home you're going to be wearing diapers." She wiped me up and slid a fresh diaper underneath me before powdering me and taping it snuggly on me. Then she took me to Jimmy's room where she put my shirt and socks and shoes on but kept my pants saying, "You don't need to wear pants. Babies don't need anything over their diapers, besides this way I'll be able to tell when you need to have your diaper changed."

She sent me back down to the living room. When I walked in I saw that Jimmy was already dressed, he turned and saw that I was wearing my day clothes aside from my pants and my quite obvious diaper. Jimmy's mom came walking in behind me and announced, "Well Jimmy it looks like your friend Mike is a baby, while the two of you were watching cartoons instead of getting up and going to the toilet like an 8 year old boy, Mike just lay there and peed in the diaper he was wearing. So if he's going to go around wetting himself like a little baby he's going to be wearing diapers like one. Actually, Mike come into the kitchen with me while Jimmy watches cartoons."

I knew I was in for it now but I followed Jimmy's mom into the kitchen where she lifted me into George's highchair, strapped me securely into it and then locked the tray into place. She went over to the fridge and returned with a baby bottle of juice. She held the bottle up and brought the teat to my mouth.

"C'mon baby, drink the baba like a good baby." I hesitated for several seconds then she added, "If you don't drink the baba I'm going to turn you over my knee and spank you till you're black and blue." That was all the encouragement I needed, I took the nipple in my mouth and started sucking. Jimmy's mom had to give me a lesson on how to nurse from a bottle but after a little bit I got the hang of it and soon had it drained. She went to the fridge and retrieved another one and forced me to drink it down too. Once I had finished both bottles she stuck a pacifier in my mouth and told me I'd be spanked severely if I spit it out, then she released me from the highchair and carried me into the living room where she set me in George's playpen. Then she went and found her camera while she waited for the 2 bottles of prune juice I drank to do their work.

After about 20 minutes I felt my bowels churning and felt a steadily increasing pressure in my bladder. I tried shifting positions to make myself more comfortable to no avail. I felt my bowels churn again and realized that I was going to have to poop very soon. I went to remove the pacifier from my mouth only to discover that she had tied it in place. I knew she wasn't about to let me leave the playpen to use the washroom. Another churn of my bowels and the pressure became intense I got up on my hands and knees and spread my legs as wide as they would go as another wave of pressure took control of my anal sphincter away from me and I began shitting my pants, or more accurately, started filling the seat of my diaper. Actually I didn't find it that unpleasant, no I was enjoying it. I felt my ass cheeks part as the firm mass started sliding out of my hole. It wasn't long before it encountered the padding of my diaper and began to push against it. I felt the seat of my diaper bulge outward until it could stretch no more and having nowhere else to go the poop started to slide downwards between my cheeks and past my scrotum. Another wave of cramps pushed more poop deep into my diaper followed by a flashflood of pee as I emptied my bladder. I didn't realize it but I was madly sucking on my pacifier the entire time I was filling my diaper and as the last chunk of poop and trickle of pee entered my diaper I collapsed on my ass against the wall of the play pen squishing the mess in the seat of my diaper everywhere it could go and grinning like the Cheshire cat. Suddenly I was brought back to reality by a bright flash of light followed by another as Jimmy's mom took Polaroid's of me sitting in a play pen in my wet and messy diaper. Jimmy's mother came over to the side of the play pen and looked at me for a second, "You enjoyed that didn't you?" Not waiting for a reply she added, "You did. You enjoyed messing and wetting your diaper like a little baby."

She lifted me out of the play pen and said, "Now crawl on your hands and knees like a little baby and follow me." She led me upstairs to George's room and put me on the changing table.

"So you like wearing diapers like a baby do you?" I nodded "Well I have some news for you then." She said as I saw another figure appear holding a package of Pampers that was a larger size than the ones Jimmy's mom had been using on me.

Then I saw that the person with the package of Pampers was my mother who said, "You're going to be wearing diapers 24/7 for a long, long, time. Mom took over my diaper change and cleaned me up slid a fresh diaper under me, gave me a coating of diaper rash ointment, powdered me and taped my next diaper snuggly in place. This diaper fit me way better than George's diapers had, and I noticed that the padding was twice as thick and it forced my legs further apart giving me a noticeable waddle.

"While you were over here I went shopping and re-designed your room. I threw out all your underwear, replaced your dresser with a changing table and replaced your bed with a crib. I bought a highchair for you to eat in, a play pen for you to watch TV in, diapers for you to wear at home, diapers for you to wear at school, diapers to wear at your friend's houses and diapers for you to go out in public in. From now on you will not use the toilet at all. If you need to pee or poop you'll use your diapers. Now c'mon out to the car we're going home."

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