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CHAPTER 1 - Friday Afternoon - The Introduction

Debra sat in her room one day and was very bored. She was a pretty 23 year old girl - she was very athletic had shoulder length light brown hair and wore a pretty pair of brown eyes. Her normal routine after her college classes at Skidmore College were over included her prized spot on the track team, flirting with her boyfriend and her job at the local grocery store.

Today...Today was different. Very different. She didn't go to class. She didn't go to track practice. Her boyfriend was out of town. And Debra had the weekend off from work. This was Debra's weekend and nothing was gonna stop her from having it. Except...

"I know there here somewhere. They have to be," She said while looking through the bottom of her closet, "I hid them down her last time." Debra wasn't looking for track shoes. She wasn't looking for school books. She was looking for a box containing her favorite things.

"There it is. I can't believe I missed it. Now its time for some real fun." She locked the door to her single dorm room. Took her box over to her bed, sat down. She was wearing a white button-down shirt, white cotton panties and tight jeans. All which were on the floor in a matter of seconds. With a huge smile on her face, she grabbed the first item out of her box. A white disposable diaper. After unfolding the diaper, she lifted herself onto the diaper now underneath her. Then she then got out the baby powder, and sprinkled it liberally, stopping then to smooth it into her "baby" skin. Debra liked the feeling of a diaper change and smiled contentedly, slipping her thumb into her mouth and sucking for a minute before finishing her change back to baby hood. When she realized she was sucking her thumb, she stopped and pulled the diaper up snugly between her legs, tight across the front, and taped it with the refastenable tabs. She then checked around her legs and waist for gaps, and once she was satisfied there weren't any, She reached for one of the other items hidden away in her box. It was a onesie she had bought off the net. It was white with little pink bunnies and yellow ducks all over it. It had snaps in the crouch that were set towards the front so she could snap them easily. But she needed more diapers so this, she thought, would have to wait. Instead she went to her closet and got her wind pants she used for track practice and a tee-shirt. She grabbed her money, her driver's license and her keys raced out the door.

"Ouch... Slow down" She had just run into one of her RA's. Her name was Jessica and she lived in the room next to hers.

"Where are you heading in such a rush?" Jessica asked "Umm... I'm just going running. I skipped track today" She answered quickly "Come on Debra, with your car keys?"

"Oh I'm meeting someone over at the Jefferson High track" she saved her self once again. Jessica would buy that for sure.

"I guess that explains it." Jessica said while turning to unlock her door.

"Have fun" That was one call to close for Debra. She pissed herself because she was so scared of getting caught by Jessica. But that's why she was wearing her nice comfy but now wet, diaper. She made it to her car without further interruption. Her father had bought her a Chevy Silverado for her high school graduation present. Debra Loved big trucks. They gave her a sense of power. A sense of power that she liked.

On the way to the store, she wet herself with what Jessica hadn't scared out of her. She bought her diapers from a little medical supply store just outside of Saratoga Springs (the town her college was in). The owner, a lady named Beth, knew why Debra bought the diapers. As far as she knew, Beth was the only person who new that She was wearing diapers.

"I thought it was about time I should be seeing you Debra"

"I know, I only have three left" Debra said with a large smile.

"I have something new I think you might want to try. We just started carrying a new line of diapers. They are actually a diaper fro kids around high school age, but they should fit you real well. There over there in the corner, second shelf up. I'll let you get two for half price. I need an expert opinion on them." Debra went over to the opposite corner of the store and found the new diapers. They were a brand from England called Jenkins Teen Underwear. She though it was funny calling diapers underwear, but those English are a little different. They came in a boys and girls package. The boys had more padding where boys should and pictures of trucks near the waist band like baby diapers did. The girl diapers had extra padding where girls should and had bunnies and ducks on the waist band. She stuck two packages in her cart and went up to see if Beth had any other new stuff.

"Hey Beth, have you got any other new stuff for me to try? These diapers look awesome."

"Well I have a catalog you might want to look at. Let me run in back and get it for you." While Beth was searching for the catalog, Debra went searching for a few other supplies she needed. She grabbed a couple bottles of baby powder, baby wipes, a new pacifier. And because she was developing a little bit of a rash, some diaper rash cream. She was rounding the corner to the baby bottles when she heard Beth come out from the back.

"It's an adult baby catalog. It has little kid things in adult sizes. Why don't you take it home and bring it back next time, I'll order what ever you want out of it."

"That would be sooo cool Beth. I have everything I need for this trip, so let me pay for it all and I'll probably see you next week if my rash doesn't clear up."

"It'll be $27.50." Beth said after totaling Debra's purchase.

"That's really cheap. Are you sure you got everything?" Beth looked at the receipt.

"Two packages of diapers at half price. Rash cream, pacifier, three packages of wipes and two bottles of powder. Add in the 'Debra Discount' and you get $27.50"

"What's the Debra Discount?"

"Honey, you're my best costumer. If I can't give you a discount, who can I give it to?"

"Well I guess so. But only if you insist. I have go now, I'm kinda wet, and my boyfriend's gonna call in a little while."

"Bye Debra, see you soon." Debra really didn't have to change, and her boy friend wasn't gonna call, but she really wanted to get into her new diapers and take a long nap. She before she left the parking lot, she opened both packs of diapers and threw diapers and all into her diaper bag, which was really her track bag. It was a tight fit, but she did it. She couldn't carry it all up to her room and not be seen, it was impossible. If anyone asked why her bag was so full, she'd just say she cleaned out her track locker. Nobody would question that. She returned to her dorm after stopping at 7-11 to buy a 12 pack of Mountain Dew. She almost made it into her room when Jessica appeared yet again.

"Hey, Debra, were all going to the movies tonight. Were gonna see Triple X. it's the new Vin Diesel movie. You want to come with us?"

"I can't I have to stuff to do tonight, but I'll see you tomorrow." She said quickly running into her room before Jessica could say anything else.

The first thing she did before changing her diaper was put all her stuff away in her closet. She stuck the soda in the fridge except for a can that she used to fill one of her many baby bottles. She always had caffeine before she slept in a diaper. Caffeine had made her wet the bed since she was little. And she thought what better way to feel like a baby, then to wet like one. After she took a couple sips from the bottle, she grabbed her new pacifier to suck on and proceeded to get all her changing supplies ready. A new diaper, powder, wipes rash cream and her onesie. She pulled down her pants and removed her soaked plain white diaper. When she was applying the rash cream she realized she needed to shave her privates again. It was getting a little prickly.

Next she excitedly pulled the new diaper up tight against her crotch and taped it snuggly followed by the snaps on her onesie. She grabbed a book and read until she finished her bottle. With the placement to the pacifier in her mouth, she closed her eyes and sucked her way to sleep.

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