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Chapter 2 - Saturday Morning - Back to the Store

"Somebody's wet" Jessica said "Huh...What?" Debra said trying to wake her sleepy body up.

"I said you wet" Jessica giggled while bouncing up and do on the bed.

"Oh, yea I always am. If I drink any mountain dew before I sleep I'll wake up wet. It's as real as I can get. How come you're not wet yet? Debra asked? "Cause I can't seem to go. I guess I was trained to well. The Goodnites are a little different but I even had trouble wetting those" Jess explained.

"I got something that will help...." Debra spoke Debra stared tickling Jessica until she could no longer help it and wet her diaper. After they showered and got new diapers on, they again took turns dressing each other. Today, as they decided in the shower, they would dress like twins. Both in a pair of overalls and a white tee-shirt. As it was a Saturday, they hardly had to worry about seeing anyone in the dorm. What people who were there were most definitely sleeping and 8 in the morning.

"Let's go...Let's go"

"Relax Jess, I can't drive any faster right now, there's a cop on my ass."

"Deb, since your driving so slow, who's this lady were going to buy this stuff from?"

"She's been selling me my diapers since I came to school. At first I think she though I actually had a problem, but some how she figured it out and asked me about it. I had nothing to loose, so I told here everything."

"She didn't see anything wrong with it? When I first found out, I was kinda grossed out, but then after I thought about it, well I wasn't so grossed out." This was all new to Debra. This was the second time since she started wearing her diapers, which someone had found out. The first time, when Beth found out, she almost had a nervous breakdown and fainted in Beth's store. Ironically, when Jess found out, she only wet her diaper.

"Here we ara Jess"

"Hey Debra, whose your friend?"

"Beth, this is Jessica. Jessica, this is Beth" After the normal introductions and Beth's question about the wet diapers both girls were wearing, the trio walked into the back of the store.

"Here ya go Beth, we picked out a few things in the catalog"

"Debra, this is a lot of stuff, you sure you can afford it?" Beth asked "Nope, I can't, but daddy can. He let's me use his credit card."

"Well let me take care of this so you two can get outta here and change those diapers" Within minutes, the diapered duo was back on the road headed to the dorm. The two didn't really talk on the way back. The wet diapers were cold and uncomfortable.

"How wet are you deb? I'm soaked."

"Not to wet, but I could use a change."

"Since your wetter, you go take a shower. When your done, I'll shower then we can go to the café to eat before we but on new diaper."

"Sure," a wet Jessica answered.

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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