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Derek's in Diapers and Fran's Furious

Derek looked over at Fran as they sat together in the movie theater. He was lucky to be with a girl like her. She was beautiful. Not only was she caring and understanding, but she had a great body. Derek found himself admiring her in the middle of the movie staring at her pert, perfect breasts. Her tight T-shirt showed off her voluptuous curves. He wanted to reach over and...

"Hey, we're watching a movie here!" she teased him, grabbing his head and redirecting his gaze to the screen.

Did he mention she was sassy as well? If only he could tell her about his secret. Since he was 18 he had been fascinated with diapers. His senior year of high school, his best friend became incontinent after a surgery. His friend had complained about having to wear adult diapers but Derek was fascinated. He remembered vaguely the almost sensual warmth of wetting his pants as a boy. When his friend was put in diapers he couldn't stop thinking about them. He still remembered secretly slipping into the bathroom at a sleepover and pulling out his first fresh, white, plastic diaper. He had tried hard to cover up the crinkle as he fastened the diaper around him so as not to wake his friend. But the more the diaper crinkled the harder Derek's erection had become and the more difficult it was to fasten the diaper. When he had finally gotten things under control he had sat there, on the bathroom rug while his friend slept enjoying the padding of the diaper on his butt. The first time he wet himself, he almost couldn't muffle the moaning. The hot, wet piss flooding his diaper, his privates caressed by the warmth of the soaked padding. It was more than he could handle. His friend almost caught him masturbating afterwards.

Since that night, Derek had been in diapers every chance he could get. He loved to feel the padding against his butt and to hear the crinkle of the plastic as he awkwardly waddled around his apartment in a soaked, soiled diaper. At first he just wore at his place, but soon he became more daring. Baggy sweatshirts and loose fitting pants allowed him to wear almost anywhere without anyone noticing.

When he had started dating Fran, there was no way he could tell her about his secret. She probably never would have gone past the first date if he had told her he liked to wear diapers. For the first few months dating her, he had been around her so much that he gave up diapers completely so she wouldn't find out inadvertently. He missed them so bad he would often come home after a date or a night at her place, tear open a diaper, hastily put it on and mess it. Then he started risking wearing around her. He would only wear a diaper when he knew they would only be going out for a few hours and then coming back to his apartment. The movie they were at now was a perfect opportunity. It was dark, she wouldn't notice and they would be back at his apartment in an hour and he could change in the bathroom.

After she grabbed his head and forced him to watch the movie instead of her perfect breasts, he tried to focus on the movie. But all he could think about was the warmth and comfort of sitting in his diaper, holding hands with this gorgeous girl next to him. It was a double dose of sensuality - the diaper embracing his hard dick and the sexy girl running her fingers lightly across his forearm as she held onto him in the dark of the movie theater.

Uh oh, Derek thought as he felt his stomach shift. He had already wet his diaper sitting there in the dark, slowly flooding it at regular intervals to keep it warm throughout the movie. But now, he felt the pressure on his bowels. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold it in.

No big deal, I can just get up and use the bathroom, he thought. But as he shifted in his seat he felt that he realized he had gone a little too far in wetting his diaper. The seat was wet and he felt the urine running down the leg as he started to get up. If he got up, he knew he risked leaking all over himself, the seat and maybe even Fran.

"What's wrong?" Fran asked, looking over with a concerned look on her face.

"Nothing. It's nothing." But it wasn't nothing. He could already feel the pressure building up. He grimaced, looking over at Fran hoping she wouldn't notice. Maybe if she didn't smell it and the pee dried up by the time the movie was over he would be home free.

He couldn't help but tighten his grip on her hand as he felt his bowels relax and the warm poop fold out into his already bulky diaper. He could feel it squish against his butt as he pushed it further out into the diaper. He looked over at Fran to make sure she didn't hear the faint crinkle of his diaper expanding to hold the mess that Derek had just unloaded. He got harder as he made a final push of his bowels into the filled diaper. He realized that he was one step closer to his dream - he was in a wet, messy diaper together with Fran. She just didn't know about the diaper part. Yet...

That's it! She's not noticing. I'm going to make it home, he thought, celebrating. But then: "Eww...what's that smell?" Fran whispered a little too loudly. The mother with the young baby two rows ahead looked back at Fran.

Derek didn't know what to say. He couldn't admit to it. Not now. Not in the middle of the movie theater with all of these people. This wasn't how he had pictured it. So he lied.

"I don't know. I don't smell anything?" he replied, sniffing a little for show.

"It smells like shit," she whispered back.

"I think it's that baby a couple rows ahead."

"Yeah, that must be it," Derek agreed even as he felt the warmth of his loaded diaper squishing as he leaned over to whisper in her ear.

"C'mon, let's move a few rows back so we can't smell it anymore. I'm really liking this movie," she whispered back.

Derek just sat there, frozen and petrified in his stinky diaper. He had no idea what to do.

"Derek?" she asked, jostling his arm a bit.

Please don't find out, please don't find out, please don't find out, he kept on repeating to himself in his mind.

"Derek? What's wrong? Oh my God! It's you!" The young mother a couple rows ahead looked back with a perturbed look on her face.

"Do you mind?" she said tersely.

Fran mouthed "sorry" back and then turned her rapt attention back to Derek who sat, quivering a bit in his chair.

"Derek, did you just shit yourself? That smell, it's coming from you!" she giggled a little bit but also looked a little concerned.

"I need to go back to my apartment," he said. It was the best he could think of.

"Well, OK. It's no huge deal. I could understand an accident, I guess. Let me drive you back to your place." At Derek's insistence, they walked out of the theater to Fran's car, still holding hands. As Derek waddled awkwardly across the parking lot he felt the load in the back of his diaper shift and squish, smearing across his warm, padded ass. His got hard as the sopping wet front of his diaper rubbed against his dick with every step. It was enough to make him smile even as Fran looked over with disbelief and said, "I can't believe you couldn't hold it in. You're 22! Weren't you potty trained, Derek?" Derek looked away ashamed.

"Don't be like that, Derek," she said.

"It's OK. I'm just teasing. This is a little unexpected, but don't worry. I'll get you home and we'll sort this out."

"Thanks," he said.

She unlocked the car door and they got in together. She drove towards his apartment.

"God, it stinks in here. You really made quite the mess in your pants, didn't you? Could you roll the window down?" Derek had never been so humiliated. He was sitting next to this sexy, petite woman in a poopy diaper as she condescendingly teased him.

"You really made quite the mess in your pants," she had said. She was talking to him like he was a baby. At that thought he felt a quick squirt in his diaper. It wasn't pee. He knew he was getting wet in more ways than one and starting to cum a little. It was so humiliating, but he was so turned on to have a beautiful, curvy woman tell him that his pants were messy. He was losing himself in this dream, so much so that he didn't even notice what Fran was doing.

"Wait," she said, looking over at the bulk of Derek's diaper underneath his pants. She started laughing uncontrollably.

"I know what that is! I can't believe it!" And with that she reached her free hand across the car and quickly slid it behind Derek's back.

He started from his daydreaming and yelled in panic as her delicate hand slid down his back and felt his padded bottom. She patted it lightly just to make sure and with her last pat she heard a reaffirming squish.

"Derek," she announced soberly.

"You're wearing a diaper. What is going on?" She pulled the car up in front of his apartment and stopped alongside the curb. Derek was still so shocked he didn't know what to say.

"Derek, you have to tell me why you're wearing a diaper." He finally shook himself out of it and muttered up the courage to mutter under his breath, "I like wearing diapers..."

"You like wearing diapers?" she asked in disbelief.

"Why do you like to wear diapers?" Derek didn't want to answer. Just thinking about why he liked to wear diapers caused him to get even harder which made his diaper crinkle as his hard dick pushed against the plastic.

"Derek. Why do you like wearing diapers?" she repeated.

He shyly looked at her and said, "It turns me on."

"But babies wear diapers," she protested.

"I know," Derek said.

"Go up to your apartment, Derek. I'll be up in a second. I need to run to the store." Derek got up from the seat, looking defeated as he opened the car door.

"Derek!" he heard Fran shout as he was just about to close the door behind him.

"Look what you've done!" He looked back at the seat and noticed the wet puddle of pee soaking the cushion. He felt his diaper leaking into his pants, the pee running down his leg onto the sidewalk where he stood. He heard two people walking by giggling and whispering as he stood there, humiliated next to Fran's car.

"Fran, I'm sorry. I should have told you. I'm so sorry. I understand if you never want to see me again," Derek apologized.

"No. I'm going to see you again in 5 minutes. You go upstairs right now. And don't you dare...don't you dare change out of that diaper!" she half-yelled, grabbing the door from him and slamming it shut, then driving off.

Derek waddled up the stairs slowly, trying to prevent the leak from spreading. Once inside his apartment, he just laid down on the rug in the middle of the floor. He was still lying there when he heard a knock on the door followed by Fran entering with several plastic bags in tow.

"Good," she said, looking down at him on the floor.

"You're exactly where I want you." Derek watched as she unloaded the contents of the bags on the floor next to him. He saw baby wipes, baby oil, talcum powder, a fresh pack of diapers, a towel and a pacifier.

"Fran, what are you doing?" Derek asked. He couldn't believe what was happening.

Fran turned slowly to face him as she sat on the floor next to him.

"Derek, baby. You have a messy diaper. Just like a baby. And baby's can't talk." She unzipped his pants, revealing the soaked diaper underneath and then violently tugged the pants out from under him.

"So why don't you just shut up?" And with that she grabbed the pacifier and, as Derek started trying to respond, plugged his mouth up with the soft plastic nipple.

Derek sucked softly on the nipple, watching Fran with eager but frightened eyes.

"Now sit up for me little Derek, so we can take your shirt off." He obeyed and she pulled his shirt off. She then slipped the new towel underneath him and had him lie back down.

"Ooh. Little Derek made a big mess she said, feeling his soaking diaper. As she felt his diaper Derek moaned a little into his pacifier. She was rubbing the wet padding of the diaper against his penis.

"Does little Derek like wearing diapees?" she asked in a babying tone.

Derek felt her fragile little fingers reach around to the sensitive skin on his sides and unfasten the tapes of the diaper. She slid the diaper out from underneath him, plugging her nose as she assessed the mess.

"Derek!" she chided him.

"You made a big, wet stinky mess." She walked the diaper over to the trash, still plugging her nose as she dropped it into the can.

"Now hold still while mommy washes you up. Roll over, little Derek." Derek, naked and still a little messy, rolled over as he heard Fran take the baby wipe out of the container. He was about to take out his pacifier and tell Fran that she really didn't have to do this when he felt the cold, wet cloth on his butt and then running up the middle as she wiped him clean. She even shoved the cloth a little bit up his rear end and he squirmed, startled, but couldn't help but notice his sustained erection.

"I just want to be thorough and make sure my little Derek is all clean. Now roll back over, I want to make sure your front is nice and shiny clean too." Derek obediently rolled back over, lying now on his back as he played with wiggling his legs a bit in the air.

He saw Fran reach for another baby wipe and his dick got harder and extended even further.

"Is someone...excited?" Fran whispered in a sultry tone as she grabbed the next baby wipe.

Derek looked at her with eager eyes.

"This is going to get in the way of cleaning you up," Fran said. And she grabbed his hard dick firmly with her left hand, pulling it down forcefully as she wiped the surrounding area.

As Fran gently wiped, Derek was flooded with flashes of excitement from that day. The warmth of his diaper in the theater. The crinkling and folding of his diaper as he pooped. The feeling of Fran's hand patting his padded bottom. And now the wet cloth rubbing him clean. He was overtaken with all of it and didn't even notice until it was too late that his throbbing dick was shooting milky, sticky cum all over Fran's top. He wanted to stop but...he didn't really want to stop. It kept pumping as she looked up in surprise.

Fran shouted at first, "Woah!" and then she winked slyly at him and just continued to wipe him down.

"Looks like you made another mess, Derek." Once he was clean, she rubbed a generous helping of baby oil all over, removed a fresh clean diaper and powdered it lightly with talc.

"Time for a clean change, little Derek." And she slid the diaper underneath him, pulling up the tapes and fastening it tightly.

"Derek," she said pulling out his pacifier, "you pay for dates, you take me out to see stupid movies, you even do yardwork for my grandma. So I've decided that I'm going to start repaying the favors. Every Saturday from now on, you are going to be my little Derek, OK?" Derek could only nod enthusiastically as he went to hug Fran but then noticed the sticky mess all over her top. Fran looked down.

"Oh, right," said Fran.

"I better get out of this." She pulled her top off, revealing those perfect pert breasts held in a lacy black bra.

"There, that's better." Derek was hard. Again. She heard his diaper crinkle with pleasure. She knew what she wanted. Reaching behind her with one hand she unfastened her bra, and slid it carefully off of her shoulders. Her nipples were erect just thinking about what she was about to offer him next.

"Does little Derek want a drink?" she asked.

Derek's eyes widened but then he scooted forward, sitting his padded diaper on her lap as he slid his mouth onto Fran's breast and began slowly sucking on her nipple. It was Fran's turn to moan.


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