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The Diapered Date

She woke up early in the morning, or so she thought. She looked at a nearby clock that indicated it was a quarter past ten. She knew she was very late for work. She quickly got up and got dressed as best she could, then flew out the door, making sure to lock it and get in her car.

As she walked in, her boss stopped her on the way to her office, "Melanie! We need to talk!" She shouted. Melanie knew she was in big trouble. It was her fourth tardy in a row, and her boss was already antsy to fire her for any reason. Melanie turned around with a troubled look on her face, and followed her boss Cathy to her office. Melanie could feel the tension, and was not looking forward to her lecture about attendance.

After about a half hour afterward in what seemed like an impending explosion, Melanie left Cathy's office screaming, "I QUIT!" She went straight to her own office, packed up her things, then left, and never bothered punching in or out. She was frustrated and upset. She thought to herself, who does she think she is anyway, trying to tell me I need to shape up? She returned home, and was in tears. She'd never quit a job before in her life, so this was the first. She didn't want to tell her roommate, Ashley. They were already on rocks as far as Melanie was concerned. For four months straight, she was coming up short on rent, and Ashley was getting rather mad and angry. On one occassion that was non-rent related, Ashley found that Melanie had gone on a drinking binge over a saturday night, and decided to drive herself home. Ashley, a young 23 year old white female, with dark hair and brown eyes, was anything but pleased. It was not the first time Ashley caught Melanie doing such things, but Ashley warned her that if she was caught enough, that it would be time for drastic measures. On that night, when Melanie came home, Ashley took her over her knee and with a hairbrush spanked her hard. Melanie was kicking and screaming, but was unable to break Ashley's hold on her. Later that day, Melanie again was spanked for having not done her part in keeping the apartment clean.

So here Melanie was, in her fifth month of living with Ashley, and still was having difficulty paying rent. Not so much on time, but with the right amount of money. As a 25 year old blonde and blue eyed female, she knew she was at this point in life supposed to take care of herself, but it was useless. She needed a partner, more specifically a love partner. Melanie understood that if she was to tell Ashley that she quit her job, it'd be a spanking for sure, and then kicked out. Later in the day, Melanie decided to go to a park to think about what had happened, and what she needed to do. Before leaving, she went to her bedroom to pack a few things. She decided to change into a more comfortable cotton dress, and slowly, while looking around to make sure Ashley was not there, she pulled out a flat, but long box from underneath her bed. She had kept this secret from her best friend for the longest time, even when they were in high school, she was sure Ashley would not understand. Inside the box were rows neatly placed of diapers or as what they are commonly known as adult incontinence briefs. She had been wearing diapers since she was 15, when she was caught masturbating in her bedroom by her mother, and was spanked then diapered so that she couldn't. Little did her mother know that not only did the diapers NOT prevent her from pleasuring herself, but that she would become infatuated with wearing them. Melanie became so into diapers that she literally goes out of her way to make sure no one knows. She buys only online, and only uses suppliers that offer Cash on Delivery. One occasion she did use cash at a local store, but it was a close call as she had run into an old girlfriend from her high school years. When asked about the adult diapers, Melanie created the cover story of her cousin who was in town, but was a bedwetter and needed to wear them for that reason. At first, Melanie didn't think she bought the story as her heart nearly jumped up into her throat. When her friend decided that it was true and wished Melanie a good day, she calmed down, and swore that she would never buy in stores where she might be seen. Melanie stood in her room, with the door locked tight and proceeded to diaper herself in front of a mirror. She carefully and methodically secured each side of the diaper, then admired herself in the mirror. She liked seeing herself as a grown up adult, standing about 5'7", and in diapers in the mirror. She always got a smile to appear on her face every time she looked in a mirror while in diapers.

As she prepared to leave, she put on the long cotton dress, and grabbed her backpack which contained a nice soft blanket, a water bottle, and an extra diaper in there just in case she had an accident. Melanie had incidents where she was at the park and had a mess in her diaper from eating spicy food. She had to not only drive home, but sneak past Ashley and run into her room where she took off the diaper, wiped herself clean and put panties on just as Ashley opened her door to talk to her. This would be the day before she got drunk and was punished the day afterward. Again making absolutely sure Ashley was not home, she left the apartment, locking it up completely, then proceeded to her car, a 1997 Ford Escort. She drove up to a park on the far side of town. After securing her car, she found a spot nice and quiet from everywhere else. She pulled out her blanket, carefully making sure her diaper didn't fall out along with it, then got out her water. As she sat down, she took a few sips of the water, then put the cap back on and sat quietly.

Twenty minutes later, she decided to take a nap in the park. She laid down gently and dozed off. While she was asleep, the wind picked up rather gusty, and her dress began to fluctuate. This went on for about an hour before someone approached her and woke her up. Completely startled, she woke up and pulled down her dress as quick as she remembered what was underneath. Smiling, she glanced around.

"That was a good show you put on there." The man slightly laughed. Confused, she looked up at him, "I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean." Melanie softly spoke.

"Well, let's just say your secret isn't so secret anymore. I figure about a half dozen people saw what was under your dress there." He replied. She blushed beat red. Never before had she been caught in her diapers by anyone, not even her family or friends. This was a first for her, and she was, to say the least, embarassed.

"Let me help you up." He offered his hand out to her and she grabbed it while he pulled her up from the soft ground. Melanie stared at him for a while. Judging by his appearance, she guessed he was not much older than she was. He had to be in his mid 20's, standing about her height, but had brunette hair, hazel eyes, and had a face that seemed to say "Don't worry, my look is worse than my bite". Quickly she gathered her items, and placed them in her backpack. Melanie then remembered why she came to the park, and was dreading to go back home. She knew what that meant if she had to tell Ashley what happened. It was not long before she realized that, in the midst of her embarassment and confusion, she had wet herself big time. She realized that her dress was partially soaked too.

"Let me help you with your bag." The man politely offered as he grabbed her backpack. Still in shock, she stepped back a little, almost afraid of what he may be trying to do.

"Okay, I can take a hint. At the very least, can I walk you to your car?" She could only nod as she tightly gripped her bag and walked slowly to her car. The man followed right behind her, but out of respect for the embarassed young lady, he stayed back a bit and kept his distance.

They had reached her car, and she put her bag in the back seat. She turned around to look the man in the eyes.

"Thank you! I appreciate you offering to help. It's just that was the first time I've been `caught' so to speak." She smiled. He nodded as though he understood her.

"Well, I know this is probably one of the worst circumstances to meet new people." He laughed as did Melanie.

"My name is John. I come to the park here every week. Just to get a little quiet time for myself. Though I must admit, I don't think I've seen you around here before. What's your name?" He smiled.

"Melanie.... My name is Melanie, and you haven't seen me here before because this is my first time. I had to get away from my roommate for a while." She giggled a little, but quickly hid it.

"I can see why, no pun intended." He chuckled at his own remark, but found that she was still uncomfortable.

"I guess this would be the wrong time to ask, but would you like to meet here again sometime, maybe for a picnic?" He asked, but gently stepped forward. She could only nod as she smiled.

"Yes, I'd love to. And thank you again for being so thoughtful for helping me." As a gesture of being polite, she gave him a small kiss on the cheek, then got in her car. She again realized her diapers were still very much wet. It would be a long drive home tonight. As she backed up and drove away, she waived to the man as he waived back. For the first time in Melanie's life, she actually felt both embarassed, and giddy. She's never been good with men, and her relationships always seemed to never develop. This was the first time she felt as if something had guided her to meet that man. Maybe it was the diapers, or maybe it was the thought of a man taking advantage of an embarassed young lady like herself, but she felt like there was something there. She couldn't wait to tell Ashley, but she couldn't. At least, she could not give ALL the details, she would have to exaggerate a little, and maybe even leave out the part of quitting her job. On the way home, Melanie decided on two things. One was that she would face the consequences when she got home, but not before she talked to Ashley about what had happened, and decided on telling her the full and unabridged truth, including her diaper fetish. And two, she knew she had to meet this man again to see if he was for real. Before reaching the apartment, she made one quick stop into a nearby gas station where she quickly fled into the bathroom with her bag and changed her diaper. Nervously, she had to make a half-assed job of it as she didn't want anyone suspecting anything. About ten minutes later, she emerged from the restroom, got back in her car, and in another six minutes, she arrived. Melanie noticed that Ashley was home since the lights were on. Entering quietly, she made the assumption that Ashley was in her room. Though she didn't hear anything at first. As she approached her bedroom, she could hear faint sounds coming from Ashley's room. Hearing only a slight moan and sigh here and there, she knocked on Ashley's door.

"WHO IS IT!?" Ashley yelled. A little startled, Melanie stepped back a bit, "It's me, Melanie!" After what sounded like Ashley was getting out of bed quickly, Melanie could faintly hear that she was quickly getting dressed, and in a hurry too. Ashley opened the door slowly. Melanie peered inside slightly, expecting to see a man in Ashley's room. Ashley and Melanie both agreed on no sex in the apartment. They agreed that motels or hotels are a good alternative, but neither was allowed to bring people home. When Melanie looked into Ashley's room, there was no one else there. She glared at her friend, "Either you were just with someone and broke our apartment rules, or you've been playing with that damn vibrator of yours again!" Melanie smiled, and giggled.

Ashley couldn't help but giggle herself.

"Um.... not exactly!" She uttered.

"So what's up? I heard you quit your job!" Melanie's heart stopped. Here it was, she knew it. She was about to be punished with another spanking and sent out on her way.

"Yes!" She lowered in head in shame.

"That's okay, Mel! I quit my job today, too!" Melanie looked up in shock.

"What!?" Melanie couldn't believe what she was hearing. As they both entered the living room, they sat on the couch, gave each other a big hug and relaxed a little. Ashley was the first to speak as she explained how her day went and why she quit her job. She felt her boss hadn't treated her right, and was giving everyone else but her the hours needed to make her living. Melanie replied with her own story, and they both felt relief as they once again hugged and sighed.

"I have something else I want to talk to you about!" Melanie smiled. She couldn't wait to tell Ashley what happened, but more importantly, she was absolutely nervous as hell to tell her the truth.

"Oh really? What is it that you want to tell me?" Ashley smiled, and was ready with ears opened wide. Melanie began by explaining her park encounter, then went on about how she likes to wear diapers and how it literally lead to her meeting a man in the park. Ashley was just intently listening as she held her friend Melanie's hand. Upon finishing her story, she looked up at her friend for a response. What came out of Ashley's mouth surprised the living hell out of Melanie.

"Well, I have something I need to share with you, too!" Ashley sighed and slowly began.

"You see, I wasn't in there in my room with a guy, and I certainly wasn't using my vibrator! I was actually in diapers that I stole from your room and was .... um... pleasuring myself. If you don't believe me..." She got up and pulled down her sweatpants to reveal that was indeed still wearing them. From what Melanie could tell, she had already wet them.... twice! Melanie stood up also and revealed her diapers for a comparison. Both of them giggled like schoolgirls as they once again hugged each other like friends would. To Melanie's surprise, Ashley kissed her on the mouth. She had been kissed before, but this was her first kiss from another woman. She felt warm all over, and once again wet her diaper hard. When it was over, she was a little confused.

"Okay, what was that for?" She stepped back.

"Melanie, you don't know how long I've wanted to do that!" She could barely hold her bladder as she started to wet her diaper as well, but this time it leaked slightly. They both took each other's hand and walked into the bedroom where they exchanged positions of their diaper change. Melanie went first as she was cleaned up, then secured in a fresh new diaper. Ashley had fully enjoyed changing her friend's diaper, and was anxious for her turn. After Ashley's diaper was changed, they both sat quietly on Melanie's bed, and began to kiss passionately. Before long, they had each fell asleep next to each other with their diapers still on. As they slept, they both smiled widely as they both were relieved of each other's secrets. This began a new chapter in their friendship, and how they treated each other in the future. A week went by and both Melanie and Ashley found new jobs. Melanie found work as a small business secretary handling new clients and filing paperwork as well as processing payments on existing accounts. Ashley went to work as a retail clerk for a local adult store. She found that fulfilling fantasies helped her to realize her own. Both made good money and were finally able to afford lots of diapers. They both decided that they would each buy a large case at least once every paycheck to ensure that they would have enough to last. Melanie once again went to the park where her embarassment started this whole ordeal. She was hoping to find him again, and ask him out. This time though, she wasn't alone as Ashley had accompanied her. Like before, Melanie was in her cotton white dress and was diapered underneath. Ashley on the other hand was diapered underneath, but had worn a pair of jeans with a long body shirt so that her diapers wouldn't be seen. An hour past and Melanie had not seen the nice man that she had met. She decided to take a nap, as did Ashley as they both lay down quietly and fell asleep. Both drank a good deal of water, so they were aware their diapers might get flooded. Not too long after dozing off, the wind picked up again like it did before. Melanie's dress went up and down briefly exposing her diapers to the entire world, or at least the park. Both were napping as the man once again approached. He gently woke them up. Once again startled, Melanie woke up to find that she had once again wet her diaper, as did Ashley. They looked up, and Melanie recognized it was the man she met before. He smiled.

"Well, I don't know whether to be surprised, or concerned about you, young lady." He glanced at Melanie with a slight chuckle, then looked at Ashley.

"I take it this is your roommate?" He asked.

"Yes, she is!" Melanie replied softly. She was again embarassed. Though this time was not as startling as she knew what she was doing. Ashley smiled, "I don't think I've had the pleasure of meeting you, sir!" She got herself up as the man helped Melanie up to her feet.

"I'm John, and Melanie here has probably already told you about her.... predicament last week." He gently dusted Melanie off, including her backside which had all kinds of grass and dirt on it. She felt his hand go across her bottom, and was unsure if she liked it, or was threatened by it. Normally, when she feels a hand on her bottom, it's usually because Ashley is giving her spanking. She simply smiled as she waived her hand behind her to signify that she was a little uncomfortable with him. He slightly stepped back and looked at both of them.

"I take it you are the one who takes care of Ms. Melanie, huh?" Pointing to Melanie, he looked at Ashley.

"Excuse me?" She was a little confused, "Oh, yes, right... yeah, that'd be me. I take care of her. We've been friends since high school, and she's kind of like a sister to me, so as a good sister, I take care of her... um... needs!" Ashley couldn't resist, but Melanie caught wiff of what she was trying to do, and softly hit her friend on the arm.

"Ashley!?" She scolded. Melanie was not about to lose this guy because her friend said something stupid. He already was aware of her wearing diapers, and didn't want to push it. Smiling, he stepped forward but still kept a respectable distance between himself and the two young ladies.

"I know this is kind of sudden, and it's okay if you two don't want to, but I'd like to take you both to dinner, you think that'd be possible?" He lightly chuckled as he stepped a little closer this time.

Both ladies exchanged looks as if they were unsure of what to say next. Ashley and Melanie both replied in stereo, "Sure!" They giggled as they realized they had the same idea. They felt as if they had just scored their first date ever, and yet they felt like this man could be a winner. Both giggled rather loudly as the man walked them to Melanie's car.

"Meet me at John's Steakhouse off of 3rd and Railway Rd at 7pm! I'll be waitin' for you both!" He smiled and walked away. He, himself, was feeling rather giddy as he knew he was about to meet two beautiful young ladies, and maybe get a little more than acquainted with them. The girls in the car also were giddy as they knew this could be an experience worth trying.

to be continued....

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