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A Dream I Had Last Night

I am an independent rep for a large telecom and look for people to show the opportunity to. In my dream I was inviting some college students to a business presentation party. I offered free beer for coming to my presentation. I got lots of people to come and the party was being held at my grand mother's house since it was close to the college. My grand mother was not present.

I gave my presentation to the students first so they would be coherent before I offered the beer. I was wearing diapers under my jeans.

While I was giving the presentation I noticed or felt this one girl just really glaring at me. I thought maybe she noticed the diapers or something but just continued with the presentation. She was real cute, around 19 or 20 and had that little cute school girl look about her. After the presentation she said she was real interested and she and a friend would probably sign up.

I found myself very turned on while I was talking to her and there was a slight bulge in my diaper. I hope she wouldn't look down and see it. I told her, thank you for coming I hope I can do business with you. Can I get you a beer? She said, I would like one but, if I drink beer I will spend a lot of the time in the bathroom. I said, I understand that I have the same problem. She asked me, how do you deal with it? I pulled her over to a corner of the room where we couldn't be over herd. I told her I have dealt with a week bladder most of my life and I can suggest something I do but you can't tell anyone and try not to laugh out loud. She said I won't. I stuttered a little as she said well, what is it? Ummm, ahhh, here I'll show you. I lifted up my shirt slightly showing the edge of my diaper sticking up above my jeans. She giggled lightly and I turned red. She smiled surprised and said, a diaper, she whispered and looked around to see if anyone heard her. I shook my head and looked at her worried she would tell someone. My heart was racing and my bulge got bigger in my pants. She looked at me and said, ok where is it. Man I was shocked. She then put her hands on my shoulders and then jumped up and put her legs around my waist and I carried her to the bed room where I had put my overnight things. I shut the door behind us and locked the door.

I then opened my diaper bag and reached in and grabbed one of the two diapers in it. I handed here the diaper. She looked at the diaper and looked at me and said wow and her hand was kind of shaking as though nervous. She told me she would put it on and if I would help her. So I slowly undid her pants and pulled them down and off and then slowly pulled off her panties. She had a very sweet looking body and I almost went off in my diaper looking at her nice shape. I then laid the diaper on the bed and picked her up and laid her on the diaper. I wanted to go down on her so bad but resisted because even though she was letting me do this I didn't know for sure she wanted to go that far and I wanted to wait until the time was right. I put the diaper on her pretty snug to her body. Her curves filled out the diaper very good. I helped put her pants back on and put her panties in my bag. I asked here how it felt. She said, it's a little bulky but it's ok. She asked, do you think anyone will notice? I said probably not. She then asked me if I was wet. I said yes, why? She said she would change me if I wanted. Man this girl was great.

So, I told her to hold on a few minutes and wait until I get back. I told her there was something I had to take care of before I was changed. She said ok and I left the room and went into the bathroom and kind of relieved myself from by bulge and waited until it went down. I then returned back into the bed room where she was waiting with the diaper laid out on the bed. She got my wipes out too ready to change me. I took off my own pants but she helped me with the tapes on the diaper. I started to feel a rise again and hoped she wouldn't say anything if she noticed. She cleaned me up with a wipie and then removed the wet diaper from under me. Then she moved the fresh diaper under me. I helped her position it right and held down the front while she taped it tight to my diaper. She asked, how is that? I said, that feel real good and then I put back on my pants. We parted out of the room smiling at each other and I went and mingled with some of my potential reps who still had questions and she went of and met up with her friends.

Every once in a while I would take a drink of my beer and look around the room while sipping and look to see if I could find her among the busy party. I saw her one time looking at me and pointing and giggling with her girl friends. I was embarrassed. I was hoping they were talking about something else.

As it got later people were winding down and getting sleepy. I myself have had too many and was about to pass out. Before I went of to sleep I walked around the room collecting keys from everyone there so no one could leave and get hurt. My diaper was getting soaked and I was hoping it would make it until morning because I didn't have any more. I was wondering how my new friend was doing with hers. I fell asleep watching some dumb movie on the couch while everyone passed out.

When I woke up the next day, people were leaving, going back to there dorms so they could get ready to go to class. I had held the meeting on a school night so I would get them there before a lot of them left for the weekend. I looked around the house for my friend to see if she was still there. I walked by the room I put her in the diaper in and it was slightly cracked open. She was still putting on here clothes and her friends were fixing there hair and they saw me and motioned me to come in. I was worried because they were smiling real big and winking at me. I then put my hands around her waist and noticed there were no diapers. She said, while in front of her friends, she was real wet when she woke and her best friend and room mate helped her out of them and she barrowed the shower. I was nervous cause now her friends now. She said don't worry, they think it's cool. I looked over at them and the one that was closest to me sitting on the bed grabbed my fore arm said, hey next time bring more diapers and they all giggled. I turned red as a beat. I asked the girl, what she that about wearing the diapers and she said she liked it and didn't have to take it off until this morning. I said cool and she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She then, with her friends grabbed there purses and walked toward the door and I said wait, I don't even know your name? She said, I left you a note in your email on your laptop while you were asleep. Then they left the room and walked out the door and out of the house. Man what a party.

I then went over to my computer and checked the email. There was the email. I opened it and inside was a little smiley face and a note. It said, I sign my friends and I up to be your business partner so we will be working together now. I also put you some money in your bag so you could get us all some more diapers because we will be back after class so we can start working. My name is Teri. I had a great time. Then I woke up with a hard one and disappointed it was only a dream.

This was sure a vivid dream. I love diaper dreams.

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