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Diaper Academy

Written by Brad Warden 01/03/01

Chapter 1 (01/03/01)

"Why are you doing this to me?!" Cried Renee. She had backed herself into a corner, and was doing her best to keep her arms crossed over her bare breasts.

It was mid-winter in the New Hampshire countryside, and the cold seemed to leak through the thick walls and into the spacious room set deep inside the large converted mansion raising goosebumps on Renee's naked, eighteen year old skin.

"Renee," said the nurse "all the girls here at Warren academy are made to wear diapers. It's part of your punishment." She added, seeming apologetic, but firm.

"Now climb up on the table so we can get this over with. You can either do it willfully or we can do it forcefully, it's your choice, and I hope that you choose the easy way because I'm not in the mood to fight with you."

"I'm going to have to pee and poop in them?" Asked Renee, her voice was beginning to tremble She had tried to be strong, but her eyes were already starting to well up with tears.

"That's the general idea."

"But I don't understand why!"

"Look Renee, I'm giving you ten seconds to get up on the table, and I'll explain while you climb up.

If you don't, I'm going to have to call the guard and you wont like that, I can promise you." Renee considered continuing her protests, but she knew she was in a fight that she had no chance of winning, and she also felt that she had pushed the nurse about as far as she would go. She climbed up on the table with visible apprehension. It looked like a gynecological exam table. The soft padding was cold on her naked skin.

"You, Renee," the nurse explained, "just like every other girl here at the academy, have to wear diapers as part of your punishment. Because you have demonstrated the inability to act in a mature manner in society, you will be treated like an infant. Now stick your legs up in the cups.

Renee did so, and lay there with her legs in the air and her crotch exposed.

"Diapers have been a part of Warren academy since it opened 100 years ago. For decades, we used cloth diapers then cloth diapers and plastic panties, but now we use our own house-made disposable diaper, they're almost exactly like the infant Pampers, just larger, and twice as thick in comparison. Now just hold still and it will be over faster.

"W-What are you going to do to me?" Renee asked through her fear.

"I'm going to remove your continence." The nurse said matter-of-factly.

"That means that you wont have any more control over when you pee or poop, really the main reason you have to wear diapers. But don't worry, everything is reversible. We just remove the shunt and with a little muscle work, you'll be as good as new. The effect of the paralysis drug for your rectum wears off after a couple of weeks, and you'll have to get another shot, once the effect wears off for the last time, you'll be able to work on controlling that again too. You go through a two month long potty training session before you leave the academy in two years." Renee began to cry again, but the nurse ignored her with indifference as she worked. Stuck in diapers for almost two years, how had she gotten herself into this situation? She would have preferred jail time to this.

She took a little comfort in the knowledge that all the other girls there would also be in diapers, but not much. Her biggest fear was that the potty training would not work, and she would be stuck in diapers for the rest of her life. She prayed to God for this not to happen.

The nurse said nothing to Renee as she worked, as if trying her best to be detached, she seemed to have no ill will towards Renee, but she did have a job to do, and it would get done. The nurse, who had never told Renee her name, finally spoke, and went over the rules of the academy.

The rules were mostly just common sense stuff, the kinds of things Renee would expect in a restricted environment, but a few of them caught her off guard. She would be required to drink eight large baby bottles a day of water.

Diaper changes were taken care of in the designated diaper changing rooms, and the students could go get their diaper changed there at two hour intervals, to avoid crowds. The changing rooms only operated during the day, during the night, the girls wore a thicker night time diaper which was thick enough to hold anything most of the girls could put in them.

During class time, which lasted five hours, the dress consisted of a school uniform, a short, blue and green plaid skirt and white dress shirt with black buckled shoes, and after class, the students had their own supply of casual clothing to wear during nap time and afternoon play time. At night, the students were required to wear pink footed sleepers, all of them identical.

After the nurse was all finished, Renee was made to put on one of the sleepers. Renee just rolled her eyes as she stepped into the infantile garment, but her heart was pounding as she suddenly realized that she was about to be placed amongst all the other girls in the school. She was already embarrassed as it was, but to be made to show herself in front of so many other girls wearing a diaper and pink footed sleeper was enough to bring tears to her eyes again. The diaper that was wrapped around her loins felt strange to her, almost like having a pillow between her legs. She didn't have much time to think about it though, the nurse gave her a large baby bottle full of apple juice, the nurse told her that it contained a diuretic to clean her system out. She warned her that she would wet quite a bit, but her diapers would be changed every two hours and would probably not wet enough to leak.

As if by way of demonstration, her newly liberated bladder released a sudden hot stream of wetness into the diaper padding between her legs. Completely caught off guard, Renee froze in her tracks and looked down as if able to see the growing wet patch as she desperately tried to squeeze her now useless bladder muscles to stop the flow. It was futile of course, and by the time she actually realized it was a fruitless attempt, her bladder had emptied itself, and she simply stood there with a wet, and expanding diaper between her legs which now hung noticeably heavier than it did a few moments ago.

But thankfully, because of the snug fit of the diaper, plus the wide-bottomed sleeper she was wearing, there was no danger of her diaper falling off from the added weight..

Seeming not to notice, or even care about what Renee had just done, the nurse took her by the hand and led her out of the room. Her diaper crinkled loudly under her sleeper as she walked beside her, and Renee wished that it would quiet down. She saw some of the other students on the way there who were in their school uniforms, their diapers obvious peeking out from under skirts that were too short to hide what they were wearing.

The room that the nurse brought her to was large and open with a high ceiling, and was apparently the recreation room of the academy. There were a few free standing, older style video games along one wall, a few large screen tv's dotted around the room, and along the far wall, at least a dozen computers were lined up. Some of the girls in the room were lying down in front of the tv's in bean bag chairs, and some of them were sitting at the large tables playing board games with each other - all the computers were occupied. Most of the girls were still wearing their uniform skirts, but some of them were dressed in what looked like large toddler clothing, and she couldn't help but notice that the shorts a few of the girls were wearing had buttons in the crotch. They were all quite obviously wearing diapers just like she was, but she still wanted to crawl into a hole and hide nonetheless.

The nurse finally left her alone so she could get aquainted with her new life.

"Now just rest here, Renee." Said the nurse.

"Your diaper will need changing later, so at three o'clock, just go out this door and take a right, the diaper changing rooms are at the end of the hall, there you'll be given your school uniform and other clothes for tomorrow - and remember," the nurse warned, "if you try to take your diaper off, you will be punished, so I don't recommend it." Once the nurse was gone, Renee realized she had nothing to do now but wait. She was too shy to approach any of the other girls, and she really didn't want to attract attention to herself. She knew that she would not remain invisible forever, but she wanted to stay as anonymous for as long as she could. Nobody seemed to even notice her, which was a good thing for Renee's current delicate state. She wanted to get some rest, but with her new and strange situation, her mind would not allow it.

Renee suddenly felt a hot stream of pee shoot out of her bladder and soak into the thick white padding between her legs. 'Oh God,' she thought, 'I just peed in my pants again." She felt her face flush bright red with humiliation.

'Not pants,' her inner voice taunted, 'you wont be seeing those for a very long time.' But at least nobody could see what she had done, the one good thing about the diapers. She could smell the faint unpleasant scent of human waste, one or more of the girls had obviously pooped in their diapers, and it reminded Renee that she too would soon be doing the same. It wouldn't be so bad if she were alone, but to do something like that in front of all these people, the thought just made her heart skip a beat with fear and humiliation.

The simple fact that she was just one of a hundred other girls in the same exact situation did nothing to make her feel at ease. The fact still remained that she was wearing a diaper in front of a large group of people, not to mention using them for their intended purpose, and that reality naturally made her want to crawl into a hole and pull the dirt in behind her.

As another uncontrollable stream of pee soaked into the now pasty feeling thickness between her legs, Renee started to cry again, though she did her best to hide it. She didn't want to be caught crying, and with wet pants.

Chapter 2 (5/15/01)

'Noooo!' Thought Renee, 'Why does this have to happen NOW?' She had already had one messy accident already that morning, and now a sudden buildup of pressure and cramps told her she was about to have another one. She would have to sit in a messy diaper for the next two and a half hours, and there was absolutely nothing she could do to prevent it.

Nothing happened instantly as she expected, and for a moment, she was hopeful that she would make it to her desk, if the poop was firm enough, she had the chance if keeping most of it inside if she was sitting flat on her bottom. But almost seemingly to sense her thoughts, her rectum built up another wave of pressure. Without the power to stop the flow, her bowels dropped a large, firm load into the cupped seat of her diaper, leaving a hot mushy mound that enveloped her butt cheeks and pushed her diaper outwards.

To add insult to injury, her bladder released a stream of warm pee into the padding between her legs. 'Just GREAT,' she thought, 'what else could go wrong this morning.' She hoped that whatever she had eaten to cause this mess wouldn't burn and itch too bad.

She hated this. She wanted to be normal again, to be able to go to the bathroom when she felt like it and not when her body decided it was time.

She wanted to take her diaper off and shove it into the face of the school monitor ahead of her. That would put the cranky bitch in her place. Her only satisfaction came in the knowledge that one of the monitors would have to change her shitty diaper after class.

She started to emit a very bad odor, but none of her fellow students seemed to take notice. Such smells were common here, and all the girls and academy staff had learned to ignore it long ago. When they finally filed into the classroom, Renee was reluctant to sit down, but not wanting to attract attention from the teacher, she did it anyway. She settled into the squelching mess, then slid her bottom around to find the most comfortable position. She would do a lot more shifting during the course of the morning lesson, but for now, this would do. Even sitting perfectly still, she could still feel the warm muddy poop creep further into the accessible air pockets between her diaper and her skin.

Luckily, class went surprisingly fast, they had spent most of the time reading silently from a book of their choice, and Renee had been so wrapped up in hers, that she didn't notice the passing of time. She wet a couple of more times, but her diaper was still far from leaking. When class let out, she headed straight for the changing rooms. As she walked, she pushed hard inside to make sure everything was empty, she managed to wet a little more, but no more poop came out. Her luck dictated that she wouldn't have to go until just after she had a fresh diaper on.

Only one other girl was there getting her diaper changed, and Renee lay down on one of the changing tables. Slipping her calves into the traction machine that would pull her legs back to her stomach, she waited for one of the nurses to come and change her. She looked like a woman in stirrups about to give birth.

She didn't have to wait long, one of the monitors walked up to her changing table and started untaping Renee's diaper. After the woman peeled the front of Renee's diaper off her skin, she pushed the button on the side of the table that started the machine up and Renee's legs were pushed slowly back until her knees were touching her tummy.

This was the part that Renee hated most about diaper changes, her butt stuck out to the world for all to see - the only thing more embarrassing was pooping her diaper in front of class, that was the worst. It didn't take too long though, the monitor quickly cleaned the pasty mess off Renee's bottom with the skill of repetition, and had her cleaned up, powdered and taped snugly into a new diaper within a few minutes. She wet again as soon as she stood up, but it wasn't much, and it was hardly noticeable.

She managed to stay clean, if a little damp, through her second two and a half hour lesson - it was math and science - she hated math, but science wasn't too bad - and after taking advantage of her scheduled diaper change, she went straight to her room that she shared with two other girls, and changed her clothes. She hated her school uniform, the skirt was way too short, and even though every other girl in the academy had to wear the same thing, she hated having to be so exposed, her diapers visible to anybody who bothered to look her way. She decided on a pair of cut-off overalls, and just like most of her clothes, they had buttons in the crotch like toddler clothing.

As she pulled off her elastic-waist skirt, she caught a glance of herself in the mirror set into the opposite wall. She blushed, and was grateful for the fact that she was alone for the moment. She hated the sight of looking at her own puffy, diapered bottom, and hated living in almost constant humiliation.

She dressed as quickly as she could in case somebody walked in, but her backside still puffed outward noticeably, and it was quite obvious that she was wearing a diaper under her clothing. Once she had everything on, she decided to spend some time outside sitting in the huge garden that adorned the back of the large country estate; she was only marginally damp, it was another two and a half hours til her next diaper change, and she needed to be alone for a little while.

She waddled outside, crinkling loudly in the relative silence of the overcast day. She had brought a jacket, and was glad she did as the chill air touched her face and her breath formed in front of her face in wispy vapors. She made her way down the winding path that meandered around the gardens perimeter, and found an empty bench where she could sit and read in relative privacy for a while. Sitting, she took out the book that she had stowed away in her oversized pockets, and read the first few chapters.

She finally put the book down about an hour later, when she noticed that she was not only cold, but her diaper needed changing too. It was a little past her scheduled time, but if it wasn't too busy, none of the nurses would care. As she walked back into the large house, she could feel the weight of the wet padding between her legs hang down heavily as it rubbed against her shapely inner thighs.

Once she was dry and happy again, she headed to the playroom. Complete with a large screen tv, a row of computers with limited internet access along one wall, and video games of all type, the playroom was often the busiest place in the academy when class was not in session, and this time was no exception. One of the monitors sat at a table next to the entryway passing out baby bottles full of milk, as usual - all the girls at the academy were required to drink eight bottles a day - and as Renee accepted hers, she popped the nipple between her lips and walked inside.

She was lucky enough to find an empty computer terminal, so she sat down to surf the net for a little while. The raven haired girl sitting next to her had obviously messed in her diaper, but Renee ignored the smell. Then looking over at Renee, the girl spoke.

"Sorry about the smell.." She said with an apologetic look.

"Oh, don't worry about it," replied Renee. She completely understood.

"I just got changed myself." Renee smiled reassuringly at the girl.

"By the way, my name's Renee, what's yours?" She stuck out her hand.

The girl accepted it and shook.

"I'm Rachel." The girl seemed to be unable to get over the embarrassment of her accident.

"Hey, don't be embarrassed, it's not like you can help it. We're all in the same boat here.

"Thanks for understanding. I feel so humiliated all the time, I'm glad none of my friends know what I'm doing." The girls talked almost non-stop for the rest of the day. Sharing a wide variety of interest, the girls hit it off like long lost friends. The were interrupted a few times by meals and diaper changes, but they met back in the playroom each time to resume their conversation. A lot of the conversation focused upon the things they hated about the academy.

"You know what else sucks," Said Rachel, after coming back from a scheduled diaper change, "when you're getting changed, and there's a lot of people in the changing room, and your butt is stuck out for everybody to see - DAMN that's embarrassing!"

"I know exactly what you mean, I hate that too. It makes me feel so ......well, so 'exposed'. I wish they'd change us in private."

"Or let us change ourselves, that would be even better."

"We'd have to take showers every time we had a messy accident."

"That'd be ok," replied Rachel, "I feel so dirty all the time. They don't let us bathe enough. I smell just like a baby, with that poop and baby powder mixture, the only thing that's missing is the smell of baby formula." Renee giggled at this.

"I know what you mean, it's pretty common around here." The two girls continued to talk until it was time for dinner, then their evening bath that was actually a shower, kind of like shower stalls in a high school girls gym class. After the evening bath, the clothes went from the school uniform to pink footed sleepers which every girl in the academy slept in.

It was cold and Renee was actually glad when it was her turn in line to lay down on one of the changing tables. While the girls waited in line, they stood on a slightly angled tile surface that had drains set in it to drain away any dribbles and sudden messy piles on the floor were just hosed away.

Renee's body shivered with delight as the nurse pulled her diaper up between her knees and taped her in snugly for the evening. She would be changed again before bedtime, but that wasn't for another three hours yet.

After taking her last bottle of the day, she made her way, crinkling loudly the whole way, into the playroom to meet back up with Rachel. She found Rachel sitting in a bean bag chair n front of the widescreen tv, so she plopped down in the bean bag beside her and began sucking on her bottle. They both watched some show about bloopers on tv, and Renee, Rachel, and all the other girls sitting around the tv laughed and giggled. They were able to watch a movie before bedtime, and after it was over, the two girls had their diapers changed together then went to their own separate nurseries.

Renee was sleepy, and she had to get up early for her first class. She wished it was Saturday, but such relief was still two days away. She walked past her nursery guard who checked her name off on a list as she walked by, her new diaper crinkling loudly in the quiet nursery. Climbing into her crib, she was asleep before the guard came by to lock her in.

Chapter 3 (2/10/02)

Renee woke up the next morning just like she had every other morning since she had been there - wet. She wasn't messy, but she could already feel the tell-tale signs of its coming, the cramp in her lower abdomen made her squirm in her pink footed sleeper. She wasn't sure what time it was, but she knew that she wasn't ready to wake up yet, and she hoped that there was some time left to go back to sleep. There was, and she took full advantage out of it.

By the time the wake up alarm sounded, she had messed her diaper, but she was grateful that she had at least slept through it. She hated the mixture baby-sweet smell of her diaper and the messy stuff inside, it reminded her of having to wake up, of having to leave the warm confines of her crib and venture into the cold classroom with her diapers visible for all to see.

She just kept reminding herself that all the other girls in here were wearing diapers right along with her.

She shuffled out of her room, along with all the other girls, out into the hallway and slowly made her way along with the long line of zombie-like, sleepy eyed inmates to the diaper changing rooms. It would take her at least another twenty minutes before it was her turn to get her diaper changed, it always took about that long in the morning. She waited patiently in line, propping herself up against the wall for support. The girl in front of her messed loudly in her diaper, but she just stared sadly ahead, too embarrassed to do anything else. Renee felt sorry for the girl, but she knew there was nothing she could do but politely ignore it, which seemed to be the most kind thing to. Acceptance, and basic indifference to her and her fellow students' situation, she had found, was an important part of social etiquette at Warren academy. Even the school staff seemed to realize this, and respectfully played by those rules.

Renee managed to keep her diaper from getting any messier while she waited, but she did wet again, which caused her already sodden diaper to leak a little bit, leaving two round wet spots that soaked into her pink sleeper between her legs. She was so glad that none of her friends could see her now. In a wet, sopping, poop filled diaper leaking into her clothing because she was completely incontinent. To a certain extent, Renee had come to accept her new diapered life, but there was a constant internal struggle between childhood and adulthood.

It was finally Renee's turn to lay down on a diaper changing bed, and she was relieved to get the messy, dripping garment off her skin. The nurse, as usual with all of them, said nothing as she cleaned off the sopping mess, and Renee actually began to drift off to sleep. But the nurse woke her soon after, and told her to report to the showers. The nurse helped her step into the pair of clear plastic pants that they were required to wear on the way to the showers. Accidents were a very common thing, and if it happened on the way to the showers, washing out plastic pants was a lot less expensive than cleaning the carpet. Renee hated them though, the plastic made her skin feel sweaty and hot, and if she peed pooped in them, everything pooled up between her legs. She much preferred the soft paper and plastic of diapers.

But at least, she thought, she was going to get a shower, her favorite part of the day. She hated feeling so dirty all the time, and the morning shower was one of the few real pleasures that Renee enjoyed there.

Renee stepped out of her plastic pants, and hung them on the hook so she could put them back on when she stepped out. The girls had to clean out their own plastic pants if they had an accident, but Renee, nor any of the girls that morning had any. She savored her shower as long as she could, soaping up her whole body and paying close attention to her diaper area, the time seemed to rush by too quickly, and just like that, it was time to leave the warm, cleansing bath. She dried off with all the other naked girls in the large, open shower stall, then put her plastic pants back on and walked back to the diaper changing room with her towel wrapped around her shoulders.

Once back in a fresh, sweet smelling diaper, Renee felt a lot better.

She found it strange that she had come to associate diapers with comfort and security, but they were a part of her life now, and it was all she had.

She walked back to her room wearing just a diaper and a onesie, but when she got there, she proceeded to put on her school uniform. The skirt that was part of the uniform was purposefully made very short, which did nothing to hide her diapered state. It was just another thing that she had had to learn to live with, but she had grown an unconscious habit of tugging downward on her skirt to make her diapers less noticeable.

She then headed for the large dining room in east wing of the large estate.

Very different from most girls academies, this particular dining room was supplied with large high chairs instead of dining tables. Shuffling into the dining room, Renee climbed up into one of the high chairs and placed her thickly padded bottom into the seat and waited for the guard to come and lock her in with the eating tray. Because of the amount of students at the academy, waiting was a routine event, but at least there was a tv bolted to the wall to keep the girls from getting bored. The shows were usually childish selections such as Sesame Street, Teletubbies, and Blues Clues, but at least it was something to watch and listen to. The guard came around a few minutes later to lock her in, to Renee's relief, she had woken up hungry, and it was only getting worse. A few moments after that, her food came, and she dove in with relish.

In the middle of her meal, Renee suddenly felt the need to poop again, and pausing for a second in mid-bite, waiting. Depending on how firm the mess was, she might be able to dam the flow just by the force of her weight pushing her bottom into her seat. But she suddenly found that she would not so lucky, with an audible squelching noise, a hot flow of soft, muddy poop squirted into her diaper, running up her back and squelching up between her legs. She hated when she did that at mealtimes. Not to mention that she had just been put into a fresh diaper minutes ago. But she shrugged it off, she had grown well accustomed to sudden messy accidents in the month that she had been at Warren academy. The feeling was actually kind of pleasant, but she reminded herself that she was eating, and the smell that suddenly hit her nose only worked to make her lose her appetite - the one thing she had yet to adapt to. But, she remembered, it would be another nine hours until she ate again, so she forced herself to finish her breakfast.

After breakfast, Renee had another thirty minutes before her first class started, so she decided to head straight for the diaper changing rooms. As usual, the rooms were crowded as they always were at this time of the morning.

Wet and especially messy accidents were mostly seen in the morning, and the changing room was almost filled to capacity with girls waiting to get changed into fresh diapers. Renee picked one of the last two empty changing beds and waited her turn. In crowded times, there was only about one nurse for every three girls, and wet spots from leaky diapers were common. Along with diapers and wipes, replacement clothing was another thing kept on hand in the changing rooms.

As Renee waited, she occupied herself with slowly, and subtly rubbing her bottom around in the slippery mess that covered it. She realized that she was beginning to enjoy the feeling of messy diapers, which made her wonder about her own mental health. Was that a normal feeling? Because all the students were locked into their footed sleepers at night to prevent them from touching their diapers, Renee hadn't had the chance to have any sort of sexual release since she had been committed. As her butt cheeks slid over the still warm mess in her diaper, her clit began to throb with pleasure, and she wanted nothing more than to rip her diaper off, mess or not, and play with herself until she brought herself to multiple shaking orgasms. But without the luxury of doing so, Renee had to work with what she had.

With the increased movement of her squirming around, her bladder released a warm wet stream of pee into the absorbent padding between her legs, and as the wetness flowed over her bare vagina, her heightened senses made her body tingle even more. Summoning up all of her concentration, Renee stretched her feet out as far as they would go, which caused the wet inner padding to rub itself up against her clitoris, and with the subtle pleasant tingling like a sneeze coming on, Renee stretched out even further to get the process moving along faster - she hoped that nobody within view had noticed what she was doing. But nobody did, or at least nobody said anything, and the growing tingling between Renee's legs grew stronger and spread outward to make her whole body tingle as the muscles of inner wall of her wet hole clenched tightly with a dizzying euphoric rush as a raging orgasm racked her body.

Even in the throes of pure pleasure, Renee concentrated desperately on keeping her conscious mind on the here and now. She paid special attention to keeping her spasming body in check, and looked around to see if anybody was watching her. Somebody was.

In the changing bed next to her, her friend, Rachel lay waiting for a diaper change. Renee hadn't even thought to notice the girl earlier, and she gasped as she realized who it was. The girl however, just smiled.

"Don't worry," she said, "I do it all the time, I wont say anything." Renee smiled back at her.

"Thanks, I guess I could have gotten myself into trouble."

"Probably," Rachel replied, "but I've never been caught, I would be careful though." Renee nodded in agreement, and the two girls continued waiting on the nurse without saying anything else, until Rachel filled her diaper with an audible squirt of runny poop.

"Oops." She said, blushing a bright red.

Renee just started giggling, which made Rachel start giggling too.

The nurse finally came around, changing Rachel's diaper first, then moving on to Renee. As Rachel got up from the bed, her bottom puffing outward from her fresh diaper, they planned to meet each other later on in the day in the play room after class.

Class seemed to go slowly all day. A boring mixture of different subjects designed not so much for learning, all the girls in the academy were in their late teenage years and at least nearing the end of their high school years, but centered more around punishment and occupation, something to pass the time during the day. Warren academy was definitely a correctional facility before it was a school. With all the young, pretty girls, Renee couldn't help but think about how many popular prom queen girls were going to miss their proms.

She had quite a few wet accidents during her first class, and was close to leaking by the time she was able to get to the diaper changing rooms.

During her second class, she managed to stay much more dry, but by the time the bell rang, signaling the end of classes, she was damp enough to warrant another diaper change before she headed for the play room. She had started feeling irritated that morning, and after telling the nurse, some diaper rash cream was applied liberally to her pink skin.

When she got to the play room, she took her bottle from the guard sitting at a table near the entrance, and headed inside. Rachel was already there, laying in front of the large screen tv dressed in only a babyish pink t-shirt with the Pampers logo on the front, some padded pink house shoes and a diaper.

Renee couldn't help but smile, her friend looked like a cute little girl.

The only thing that was missing were pony tails. Her shapely legs were bent, arched upwards, but angled to the sides so she could see the screen. She serenely sucked on her bottle as she watched tv, and Renee could tell that her friend was a little bit wet by the pasty look of the plastic between her legs.

"Hi." Renee said simply.

"You look cute today." She sat down on her knees by her friend.

"Thanks," Rachel replied, taking the nipple of her bottle out of her mouth, "it's not like I'm hiding anything anyway, and it's just more comfortable."

"Your diaper needs changing." Renee teased, smiling.

"I know, but I was too comfortable to move. I've gotten used to wearing 'and' using diapers now." Rachel stressed the word, "I hardly ever notice anymore when I'm wet, I usually have to poop before I even notice I need changing."

"Yeah I know what you mean," Renee agreed, "Today in class, I even started leaking and I hadn't even noticed that I had been wetting."

The two girls watched tv for a while in silence, until Renee spoke up again.

"So, earlier, when you caught know, having fun, you said that you do it sometimes too?"

"Yeah sometimes," Rachel said with a shy smile "I've been known to do it at night a few times when everybody is asleep." Renee then decided to ask a bigger question. Something that had been on her mind for about a week now, but she was too ashamed to fully admit it.

"Do you think wearing diapers feels good?" Rachel's smile widened a little bit, still shyly, she was embarrassed about the topic.

"Yeah, sometimes. Why? Do you?"

"Yeah, sometimes, I'm glad you don't think I'm weird. I know I'm not supposed to like it." Renee said.

"I don't think it's weird at all," Rachel said, "in fact, I kinda lied.

I like it all the time. In fact, when I get out of here, I still plan to wear them on a regular basis."

"Really??" Renee asked, a little shocked.

"I've just been thinking about when we get 'potty trained' again as it were, will I be able to get normal control back?"

"I'm not worried about it." Rachel said.

"I like wearing diapers, it's the only thing that makes this place bearable. I just hate being locked up in here. That's the real punishment."

"As Rachel continued to talk, Renee only partly listened as she felt a sudden strong pressure build up in her rectum, and another poopy accident began to creep out from between her butt cheeks. The bulky, hot mound of poop stopped growing just as Rachel finished what she was saying, and she noticed the absent look on her friend's face.

"Are you ok, Renee?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah, sorry," Renee apologized, shaken out of her reverie.

"Did you just wet your diaper?"

"I pooped, sorry." Renee's face was blushing a deep red, but her new friend just waved it off.

"Well, I'm wet, so why don't we just go get changed, then we can come back and get on the internet for a while." Renee agreed, and followed Rachel out the door.

Chapter 4 (11/03/02)

Renee hadn't slept well all night. Not because she was feeling bad, but because she was excited about what was going to take place that day. She was finally going to start her potty training session, the two month period that every girl at Warren academy went through before being released. Renee couldn't wait to have control over her own body again, and she shifted restlessly in her crib in the darkness.

Her diaper was both wet and messy, and as she shifted her legs, she could feel the soft, hot bulge slide around on her butt cheeks, the mess getting softer by the hour as her bladder released stream after stream of wetness into the thick padding between her legs. She tried imagining what it would be like to have normal control again, and every time her bladder released a trickle of warm pee into her diaper, she tried to clench down on the flow.

Of course she was unsuccessful, but she hadn't even expected success--with the hourglass-shaped silicon tube that held her bladder open like a leaky faucet, it was quite literally impossible to squeeze shut. Doing her best to ignore the poopy mess that she lay in, she concentrated on getting a couple of more hours of sleep before wakeup time.

Soon after she dozed off, she dreamt that she was home again, but she was still in diapers. All of her family was there as well, but they all seemed to unaware of what she was wearing. But with the common uncertainty and unpredictability of dreams, that all changed suddenly and then everybody was laughing and pointing at her diapered bottom. She began to wet herself, which only made her family laugh harder. With a soft cry of sorrow, Renee jerked awake. She was confused for a moment, and wasn't quite sure where she was, but as she sat up, the now cold squishy mess in her diaper squished up between her legs, and she was instantly reminded of where she was at.

She could tell that it was past wakeup time, all the other girls in her room were no longer there, and yawning and stretching, she eased out of her crib and waddled out of the room towards the diaper changing room. When she got there, she was lucky enough to get a changing table right away, so she lay down and stuck her legs up in the calf cups and waited for the nurse to come by.

It didn't take very long, and as the woman approached her, she spoke.

"You're Renee Dupree are you not?" She asked.

"Yes, ma'am."

"Well it says here that we're supposed to take out your shunt today. Just wait here, and I'll go get the equipment I need." Renee just nodded, and the nurse went off to get a rolling cart with the catheter-like tool she would need to take the shunt out. The nurse came back again shortly with the rolling cart and another diaper. It made sense that they would still make her wear diapers at least for a little while longer until she was able to regain control again. She figured that just like with potty training toddlers, she would have a few accidents before she got it right.

"You'll still have to wear diapers at least for the next tow weeks," the nurse said, confirming Renee's speculation, "you'll still be having a lot of accidents during that time, probably longer, but most girls are able to keep their pants dry and clean by the end of the two month training period.

Most of them." She added.

"It'll be pretty much like it's always been for these next two months, except now you have access to the potty room whenever you feel like you can make it in time." The nurse didn't talk much for the rest of the procedure. She cleaned Renee up first, then inserted the catheter tubing into her urethra. It was uncomfortable, but she was glad to be getting this damn tiny piece of plastic out of her body that had managed to change her life completely for almost the past two years. With something that felt like a pop, the thing was out, and the nurse began to pull out the tubing that would begin the ending of her diapered confinement.

"That's it kiddo." The nurse said.

"Your last muscle paralyzer shot was last week, so you should have bowel control in a few days, but you still have a few accidents for maybe a month or more, that's the average time, anyway. Now let's get you back in diapers before you leak onto the table." A little later, Renee tried squeezing her bladder muscles, but it only caused her to release a stream of pee into the diaper that was being taped onto her. She tried squeezing harder, after all she could feel the muscle now that the shunt was out, but it was atrophied after two years of misuse, and it would take time for her to regain even marginal movement in that area.

She continued to wet her diaper even as the nurse finished taping her in.

The woman seemed not to notice, nor even care about Renee's accident. It was no big deal to Renee though, she was used to accidents like that, it was a very common, everyday event.

But now that she was free of the restrictions put on her, she was determined to regain control of her own body again, no matter how long it took. Renee hopped off the changing table with a better mood than she'd had in quite some time. She was already wet, but it didn't bother her. She even welcomed the familiar feel of warm, wet diaper padding between her legs. Though she was eager to get back into her normal life again, she had grown somewhat accustomed to her diapered captivity, and she felt that she might even miss the close, personal attention that was placed on her on a daily basis. It was almost like growing up again for her, once again pushed out into the world where she would have to fend for herself, again.

She decided to wear just a T-shirt, her sneakers, and her diaper for the rest of the day. Most of the girls that had been in as long as she had did the same thing, no longer caring about their modest state - humility had become an outdated concept for most of the girls over a year earlier.

Renee decided that her 'promotion' as it were needed to be shared with someone, the only person she had managed to get close to at the academy, her friend Rachel. She walked to the play room where Rachel could usually be found watching tv. On the way there she began to wet herself again, and tried clamping down on the flow. She could feel the slightest bit of resistance as her bladder added more wetness to her diaper, but she might as well have had the shunt back in because she still had no control at all. This is going to take some time. She thought.

Renee suddenly found that she was torn between the need to regain normal bodily control, and the desire to stay in diapers and play baby. She had decided a while back that even after she left the academy, she would wear diapers for fun whenever she could.

When she waddled through the playroom door, she accepted a bottle from the guard sitting there, it was juice this time, and scanned the large room for her friend. Renee didn't see her, she was probably either in her room, eating, or having her diaper changed. It was ok, she though, she would wait.

There were a number of empty bean bag chairs scattered around in front of the large screen tv like huge, colorful piles of modeling clay. She pulled two of them together, and laid down on them to watch some tv and wait for her Rachel to show up. She felt between her legs, and found that while she had already had two relatively small accidents, they were hardly noticeable through the thick padding. She figured that she would have to wet at least one more time before the wetness could be seen under the thin layer of plastic.

She continued to think about it for a little while longer, her mind eventually straying to other things. Sucking on her bottle and watching the childish programming on the large television set, she managed to doze off into a light sleep. She dreamt that she was back in school again, and that she had just peed in her pants in front of her whole homeroom class during the middle of a presentation. She woke an hour later with dried, crusty tear streaks on her face.

Chapter 5 (11/07/02)

Renee woke the next morning feeling rested and content. She'd had a dreamless sleep, and slept so soundly that she didn't even wake up when she deposited the very large mound of poop into her diaper that now clung to her bottom like soft, tepid mud. She pushed downwards on her lower abdomen, which made her bladder release a stream of pee into the damp padding. It had been an average night for wetting, but the overnight diapers used at the academy were the thickest diapers in the world, and one would have to literally pee more than a quart before they started leaking. Renee had never even come close to leaking, except that one time last year when she got sick, and spent most of the night squirting loose, hot gushes of diarrhea into her diapers.

Luckily a nurse had come by twice that night to change her, otherwise she would have easily become a leaking well of lumpy, foul smelling water.

She sat up and stretched her sleep-stiff arms. The pressure on her bladder as she sat up made her wet again, and her bottom slid over the still warm mess in her diaper, tickling her sensitive skin as it squirted forward between her legs. But she ignored it all, as she swung her legs over the edge of her crib and slid off the mattress, landing clumsily on her feet. All she wanted to do right now, she thought as she waddled out of her room into the large main corridor, was to get a hot shower and get cleaned up. She hated the way she smelled when she pooped in her diapers, or when anybody else did it for that matter. To take her mind off of it, she concentrated on squeezing her bladder and bowel muscles. They were both still incredibly weak, almost to the point of complete atrophy, but she could feel the tiniest amount of movement when she willed her mind to her bidding. She got her diaper changed in relatively good time, and after taking her morning shower, she rediapered, and headed to the dining room for breakfast. She ate breakfast with Rachel, who by the way was two weeks away from her graduation potty training. She had been sitting in her high chair already happily munching on bacon and toast when Renee walked in.

It was Saturday morning, and the girls of Warren academy were dressed in whatever casual manner that they chose - one of the small freedoms at the prison-school - and nobody chose to wear their school uniforms. Rachel had opted for staying in her pink footed sleeper, and Renee was content with her usual t-shirt, white slip on sneakers, and a diaper as had become the norm for her in the past few months. Rachel was much more modest, and usually wore clothes that completely concealed her diapers. Renee could understand, but as for herself, she could really care less anymore, it wasn't as if she was hiding anything anyway. At any given point during the day, her private parts were exposed to any number of people. Privacy was something that had never had a home at Warren academy.

Renee sat down in the high chair next to her and waited for her own breakfast.

The two girls chatted as they ate, and finished together. Once they were done, they headed out back to the gardens to play checkers for a while. They stayed outside for a few hours, soaking in some sun. It was springtime and the warm weather felt heavenly after the long winter, mostly indoors. They were not allowed to leave the academy compound, and with the bad winter that had hung over the countryside all winter long, most of their entertainment for the past three months had come mostly from books, games and tv. They played as many games as they could, not really wanting to go back inside again, but they were both wet, and at least Renee was in very obvious need of a diaper change. The padding under the thin layer of plastic was visibly sodden and was bunched up between her legs from hours of wear. She knew that Rachel was in exactly the same boat under her sleeper, and she could even smell the evidence of what was probably a small messy accident. Renee hadn't had a messy diaper all day, but she knew that would not last for long. Although expecting the probable failure, she was almost anxious to see if she could hold it in long enough to walk to the toilets. The two girls finished their game before they packed it all up - Rachel won - and waddled back to the spacious mansion, both with heavy, drooping diapers hanging diligently from their hips.

Chapter 6 (11/10/02)

Though she was not allowed to hover around the corridors around the toilets, Renee had tried her best to be prepared to jump up at a moments notice and make the small journey to her first steps towards freedom. Right on schedule, just like every other day around this time, Renee felt the sudden urgent need to poop.

She had been playing a video game when it hit. She had been literally sitting on the edge of her seat in anticipation. Her plan was to jump up at the first sign of any approaching urges, but this one had hit her so suddenly, without any warning. She had also gotten involved in her game, and she didn't recognize what was happening until it was too late. Just as she managed to kill off the last of the Imperial TIE-Fighters, the results of the previous nights dinner filled her rectum demanding instant release. Renee knew she would not make it as soon as she began to stand up. With a mercifully quiet squelching sound, the hot, oatmeal-textured mess pushed itself out in lumpy spurts that filled the space between her bottom and her diaper. Finding that it had little space available, the mess began to expand in a forward moving flow. She'd always compared this feeling to a pile of hot mud suddenly appearing under her bottom.

Despite her failure, she was not disappointed, instead, she simply enjoyed it. She sat back down in the newly formed mound. The soft, lumpy mess shifted around on her bare skin, the little bubbles of trapped air running up her skin giving her goosebumps. Even if she didn't have to wait another forty-five minutes for another diaper change, she probably would have stayed where she was. Over time, she had come to enjoy the feeling of her messy accidents.

Rachel could obviously hear what had just happened, but she ignored it as she played her own game.

Renee realized that she would have to let go of the diapers to get back into her normal life again. They had become a source of security for her in the past two years, and it would be like giving up a part of her life.

But if she didn't get over her desire to keep living a life as a big baby, she knew she would never be able to train her muscles to do what she wanted them to do. She wondered if any of the other girls felt the same way she did.

The time finally came for her to get changed, and told Rachel she would be back soon. She tried her best to ignore the mess that clung to her bottom, and to not let it make her horny like it usually did. Her diaper was changed, and after going back to the playroom to retrieve her friend, they both went to eat dinner.

It was a typically quiet night, and they both parted ways and went to bed. Renee thought about how long it would take to be free of diapers, and fell asleep with that thought running through her head. She did not dream.

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