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The Diapered Lady

It was my day off, and decided to get some errands done. Saturdays are usually always lazy days, but Sunday I was going to a friend's house for a birthday party for his wife.

I went to the mall to get a present for his wife, she is a fussy person when it comes to presents, but I got a heads up on what she wanted. She is into her garden, and the one thing she wanted was an old horse drone wagon to put just in front of the house near the entrance to the driveway. I had spoken to some friends at work about it; one friend said that his neighbor has one. He said he would ask her if she wanted to sell it. I gave him my phone number for her to contact me if she said yes. Two days later, she called and said that if I come to the mall she would have it for me. She works at a little antique store called the "The Bitts and Peaces Shop".

The wagon is not that big and not very heavy. It stands about two feet tall off the ground, its square shaped with the two horse mounts protruding out about three feet. So overall, the thing weighed about 30 pounds and it fit in her car trunk so I would have no problem getting it in my pickup bed.

When I arrived, she was at the counter I introduced myself and she said, "Hi my name is Sarah, you're interested in my horse wagon?" I said "Yes", and she brought me in the back of the store to show it to me. As I followed her back I noticed something odd about her butt, I am an ass man mostly so that is why I noticed. Any other person would probably not notice, but I rely look, more like an inspector would. Her butt seemed a little larger for her figure, she is small petite, seemed like she had no weight to her. I don't think she weighed more then 90 pounds soaking wet. As we walked in the back, I noticed she had a sort of waddle like walk. Her butt didn't seem to move with her pants not move in her pants. Then it dawned on me, "She's wearing a diaper" and a rather large one at that. I realize this only because the one I'm buying the wagon for has a two year old that looks the same and move just about the same when she's wearing the diaper under pants.

As she was talking and walking to the back she turned for a moment to express about the fact it was in her family for some time, she looked into my eyes and noticed I was looking at her butt. She gave me a grin and stopped talking. I looked at her eyes so not to embarrass her. She then said, "Is there something else you like?" I became flush and started fumbling my words. She put her hand on my arm and said, "It's ok, you can say it". I was shocked but what did she mean, so I asked her "what do you mean by that?" She said, "Not many people notice my diaper, and you have a kind face about it. Most people are disgusted by it; you are the only one that didn't have that look. To be honest with you I find you quit attractive and you have that understanding look to you." I tried to says some thing but it came out "I ummmm, I um" Then finally I started to articulate but what I said was not what I wanted to come out.

"Why are you wearing a diaper?" She Said "Because I have a bladder problem, I was born with rely no bladder, what I have is a rather large urethra that's bobbled just below my kidneys where my bladder should be. I have no control at all the doctors had to remove the small round muscle that stops the flow of urine, other wise it would just back up into my kidneys".

"I ahh, I see" I said.

"I'm sorry.... for staring at you..... It's just well; to be honest to you I'm an ass man. I hope I didn't embarrass you?"

"Not at all", she said".

The hole time she was talking about her diaper my little buddy was beginning to get hard and now it's a full out hard on. I was wearing tan dickeys and I know it showed. She looked down and said "And it looks to me your not very grossed out by my diaper one bit". She then reached out and cupped my buddy through the fabric of my pants. It throbbed and it seemed to push against her hand. She then gently took my hand and put it around her to her butt. I could feel the diaper it was like a pillow and beneath the diaper; you can feel her small round ass. She reached up, kissed me, and rubbed my buddy more and more. Then she looked around the corner to the front of the store and said "Hold on I will be right back".

When she returned she said" I locked up and put a sign up saying I would be back, we don't get very many customers at this time of the day. Now where were we? Ohh ya". She went back to my little buddy and then she pulled down her pants to show her diapers. They looked just like the baby ones my friends baby wears, right down to the little blocks on the front top of the diaper. I reached out and cupped her crouch it was a bit spongy and warm. I asked her "What's that?" She said, "I'm wet. Would you like to change me?" I gently picked her up, 'I was right she didn't weigh that much at all', and laid her on the table. I pulled her pants down below her knees and started pulling the taps off. I opened her diaper to see no hair on her mound. It was so cute, just like babies would look. I could smell the pee coming from her little kitten and I could not help myself. I pulled my pants down and climbed on her. She cooed in my ear and said, "Would you be my daddy?" I grunted "You bet little girl". She pushed me off and put her lips on my buddy then started liking it, and then I could not believe that little mouth of hers could hold that much, she had the whole thing in her mouth. I came so hard I felt my toes curl. I heard a low growl come from me unlike any thing I ever heard. I have had sex before, and I have received lots of head but nothing like this. I then heard a little tiny voice saying "Was that good daddy?"

I bought the little wagon, and the next day Sarah came with me to the party, she had a wonderful time, and my friend's wife was so happy she gave me a kiss on my cheek. I went home to Sarah's House and I changed her diaper and gave her a little more.

Sarah and I are buying a crib and a changing table just the right size for her.

The End

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