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The Diapered Boy

Part 1

Main Characters:
David (Me) (Age: 24)
Jessica (My Girlfriend) (Age: 21)

Chapter 1 - Diaper Time

It was one Saturday and I was hanging out in the mall checking out the latest games for my computer when I suddenly got a call on my mobile. "Can you get hoe soon David I've got to something to show you" Jess said, "Ok then" I replied. It was my girlfriend Jessica so I decided to buy a game that I liked, that I could afford and i brought a snack from the snack bar and started headed home on the bus. "I'm home Jess" I shouted, "I'm upstairs, could you take a bath for me please?" she asked. "Why Jess?" I replied, "No reason, Can you?" she asked again "Yes alright then i smell a bit anyway" i replied, so with that I went upstairs got undress and got in the bath. 20 Minutes Later...... After I got out of the bath I noticed my clothes were missing except my pants so I put my pants on and went to Jess in the bedroom. "Jess where are my clothes?" I asked, "I put them away" she quickly replied and before i could ask her why she swung me onto a large size changing mat. "What's going on Jess?" I asked " you'll see" she said after that she started to strip my pants off and then applied some restraints to my wrists. "What's going on?" and while i was asking that question Jess got out a bag of extra large pampers disposable diapers and then got a diaper out. "Please no Jess" i said but she didn't listen and was unfolding the diaper. "You're going to be my baby boy" she said and with that she lifted my legs and slid the diaper underneath me. As she was doing the tapes on she checking it was snug and tight. After she got up she released the restraints on my wrists and started speaking. "Right you're my baby boy now but first there are some rules, 1) You'll be in those diapers 24/7 if you need to pee or poo you have to do in your diaper the toilets are off limits, 2) I will be changing your diapers when have something but you must tell, 3)You will call me mommy not Jess and I'll be doing everything for you I will be feeding you, breast feeding, dressing you and I'll be changing you got it, with that I nodded.

Chapter 2 - The First Day as a Baby

After about an hour it was dinner time and just like a baby she put me in a high chair and spoon fed, she then gave a bottle of milk and let me watch cartoons on TV. While I was watching i felt a strange feeling in my bladder and I knew I needed to go I thought I could hold it in but i was wrong after about 20 minutes of holding it in I couldn't hold it anymore so i had to let it go. I came flooding out hot warm pee filled my diaper within 5 minutes. "Is my baby boy alright' Jess said in front of me, then then decided to check my diaper and found out it was wet. "Looks like baby needs his diaper changed" she said as she carried to the changing mat on the floor, she then grabbed another pampers diaper and started to change my diaper. "Looks like baby also needs a nap" that she decided so she took upstairs to a crib she built in my bedroom, she then undid the locks and put me in the crib. "Good night baby" she said as she did the locks, she knew i wasn't going to sleep so she gave me a milk formula which put me to sleep To Be Continued...

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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