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Diaper Brigade

All of the information in this story is fictional. Any relation to actual people or events is accidental.

Chapter 1

Todd had wanted to join the army ever since he was about 10 years old. He went to cadets every summer in junior high and high school. Finally he was going to get his wish. Today he was leaving for training. It had been one month since he had finished high school and the hot August air was blowing into his window. Todd began to curse at his fan, which had broken a couple of days ago. He was hot and sticky. He slowly moved his hand down to his groin and felt the front of his diaper carefully. It was soaked. He instantly felt ashamed. How was he ever going to manage in the army when every night he still wet like a baby? How was he ever going to hide his problem from the other men in his bunkhouse? In addition to his nighttime wetting he still wet in the day sometimes if he was far away from a toilet.

Todd stepped out of his bed onto the warm floorboards. He undid he tapes on the side of his diaper and it fell to the floor with a wet thud. He picked up the diaper, threw it in the garbage and went into the bathroom to take a shower. He let the warm water flow over him as he thought about his problem. He had wet the bed all his life. Due to his embarrassment he never invited friends over or had sleepovers. His only relationship with a girl had ended badly when he had an accident in the theatre. He had bought a large Coke and popcorn. Because of his nervousness he had finished both quite quickly. About half way through the movie he needed to pee. He tried to hold off for a while so he wouldn't have to leave his girlfriend alone. There was a really funny scene in the movie and he lost control and peed out two liters of pop all over his pants and the floor. Some had even splashed on the girl's sandals. When she realized what happened she screamed and ran out of the theatre. Todd followed her and she had demanded to be taken home immediately. She told him that she would never see him again and did not care that he was on the football team. When she went to school the next day she told the entire team what had happened and Todd was teased for many weeks afterwards. He had never asked out another girl after that.

When Todd got out of the shower he went to his bed and taped on a fresh diaper. He did not want to have an accident on the long car ride to the army base. He got dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and hauled his bags downstairs. His diaper made a slight bulge in his shorts. His mom had made him fried bacon and eggs for breakfast as well as a large glass of fresh orange juice. He sat down and ate all his food and before he could think twice about it had finished the entire first glass of juice and had already started a second. He immediately stopped drinking it and put it back on the table. He did not want to wet on the way to the base. After he was done his breakfast he picked up his bags and loaded them into the car. His mom got into the driver's seat.

Throughout the entire ride Todd was quietly thinking about how he would hide his diapers from the other men on the base. Would he even be allowed to wear diapers in the army? Would they kick him out for wetting his bed? Finally they approached the gate to the base. His mom rolled down the window and told the guards that Todd was one of the new recruits. The gate opened and they drove inside. As they approached a large parking lot two privates came towards them and instructed Todd to get out of the car. Todd gave his mom a hug, grabbed his bags and stepped out onto the pavement. As his mom drove back to the gate he noticed that she was crying.

"Go and line up over there so you can get your uniform," said one of the privates.

Todd began to walk over to the line when he noticed his diaper was soaked and drooping down between his legs. He held his bag in front of his pants hoping to make it less obvious and moved to the back of the line. The line moved fairly quickly but he wet his diaper again when he was fifth from the front and a small amount leaked out onto the front of his shorts. He quickly looked around and no one seemed to notice. While he was looking around he noticed that the man who was now in the front of the line seemed to have a bulge in his pants. The men at the table handed him three combat uniforms, one dress uniform, two sets of lounge clothes, and a pair of underwear. The next four men and Todd got exactly the same thing. After Todd had gotten his uniform he took a seat on one of the benches with the other recruits. A sergeant with a microphone announced that everyone was to enter the bathhouse and change into one of their combat uniforms. On the way there they were to pick up a duffel bag in which to put the other uniforms until they were assigned a bunkhouse. The sergeant also specified that a combat uniform consisted of a pair of green pants, a green shirt, a pair of underwear, and a belt. Nametags would be sewn onto the uniforms later once everyone had officially registered. Todd thought the sergeant put an extra stress on the word "underwear" but he put it off to nerves.

As Todd entered the bathhouse he noticed that the room was already filled with men changing into their uniforms. Todd chose to change in a stall because he didn't want anyone to see his wet diaper. He took off the diaper and his clothes and then sat on the toilet to pee. He then began to put on his new uniform noticing that the pants were one size too large. He did not know what he was going to do about having to wear the underwear. In his current nervous state he would most likely be wet in no time. He debated about wearing a diaper under his underwear but decided against it. He did not want to make a bad impression on the very first day. He finished putting on his uniform, rolled up his diaper, hid it behind his duffel bag and headed for the door. While he passed the door he quickly threw the diaper into the trash. There were three other diapers in there already. At least there were three other men in the same situation that he was.

When everyone had returned outside the two privates they had met earlier gave them a guided tour of the base. When they arrived at the bunkhouses they were each assigned a bunkhouse on based on their last name. A-J took #6 K-R took #7 and S- Z took #8. There were forty men in each bunkhouse. Todd entered as quickly as possible because he did not want to get a top bunk. The last thing he wanted to do was pee on the guy who was sleeping under him. Waking up in a wet bed with forty other people in the same room would be embarrassing enough. Todd threw his bags on the first bottom bunk he saw and noticed that it made a crinkling sound when they landed.

"Eww these mattresses are plastic," one recruit yelled loudly.

"Sometimes the roof leaks and in the summer people sweat a lot.

We used to have other mattresses but the medical staff made us throw them out because they started to smell," one of the privates explained.

Todd immediately felt better. At least with a plastic mattress he would not have to worry about everything smelling like pee.

"Let's go over to the mess hall now. It's our last stop," stated one of the privates.

As we walked across the exercise grounds the sun had reached high up into the sky covering the exercise grounds between the bunkhouses and the mess hall with sweltering heat. As Todd entered the mess hall he was more than happy to find out that it was air-conditioned. Todd took his place in the line in front of the serving counter. He was handed a large glass of lemonade, two sandwiches, and a bowl of ice cream.

"Eat everything. You will need it when you meet the drill sergeant this afternoon," one private advised. The second one nodded in agreement.

Todd realized how hungry he was and gulped down both sandwiches and drank all the lemonade. He spent a little more time with the ice cream. After lunch everyone was instructed to go to the bathhouse to wash up and then report to the exercise grounds in 15 minutes. While Todd was in the bathhouse he tried to use the toilet. Since he had just used it before dinner he could not go. He knew that he would need to use the bathroom again in about thirty minutes and hoped the sergeant would let him go. He washed his face and hands and went out to the exercise grounds and got in line.

"I hope everyone used the bathroom before they came out here because this drill takes about four hours and no one can leave until it is finished," said the sergeant. By the looks on a few of the men's faces you could tell they had forgotten to go. Todd's stomach flipped over with fear. He knew he would be wet before the drill was over.

The drill would start off with fifty push-ups, fifty jumping jacks, and fifty sit-ups. Next would come the five mile run. Todd made it through the push-ups but half way through the jumping jacks he really had to pee. He tried to hold it in but during his last five jumping jacks it just came out. A couple of the men next to Todd started laughing but stopped immediately when the sergeant looked in their direction. Todd was mortified and just wanted to run inside the bunkhouse and hide but he knew he couldn't leave. He finished the sit ups and when they lined up for the five mile run he noticed that about ten other guys had been overcome by the lemonade. Todd thought it was weird that the sergeant did not make a comment on this. By the end of the run Todd had wet again and about half the recruits were now sporting a large wet spot on the front of their uniform. After the drill everyone went back to the mess hall for supper. They were given an even larger glass of lemonade and roast beef and another bowl of ice cream. After supper they were instructed to have a shower and change into their lounge clothes and meet on the exercise grounds. Todd ran into the bathhouse, stripped his wet uniform off, and threw it in the hamper. Next he stood in the shower and washed the urine off his skin and let the water run on his tired muscles. He walked back to the bunkhouse in his towel and changed into his lounge uniform, which consisted of a pair of grey boxers and a grey shirt that said "army" on the front. He walked out onto the exercise grounds and joined the group of recruits that had already gathered on the benches. After a long discussion about the boot camp drills they would be doing in the next few days there was an announcement by the medical division that put Todd's mind more at ease. Each man was handed six additional pieces to their uniform, and their name tags and dismissed to the bunkhouse.

Chapter 2

Todd examined the three white cloth diapers and the three pairs of green plastic pants that were in his hands. One of the diapers was thicker than the others and was meant to be worn at night time. Todd was happy that since all of the other men were going to wear diapers too that he wouldn't be teased. However most of the other men were not pleased.

"Why do we have to wear diapers? I came here to learn how to defend my country, not piss myself like a baby," one of the men shouted angrily.

"I am not wearing this thing," another man stated.

As the men entered the bunkhouse they noticed two nurses standing by the door next to two large grey folding tables. Each one was carrying a large Ziploc bag that was full of army green diaper pins.

"Form two lines next to the tables. If your bunk is on the right side of the room then line up in front of the right table and if your bunk is on the left side of the room line up in front of the left table. When you get to the front of the line take off your shorts and boots and hop on the table when the man before you is finished. This will be part of your uniform for the next six weeks. A nurse will diaper you until you learn to do it yourself. Do you understand me?" one of the nurses ordered.

"M'am yes m'am," the men shouted half-heartedly.

The men slowly began to line up beside the tables. A few walked over to their beds and began to remove their boots.

"Line up at the tables now or you will run five miles," one of the nurses stated angrily. The men shuffled to the front of the room. One kicked his boots under his bunk and the nurse sent him outside for the five mile run. After this incident the rest of the men waited quietly in line for their turn.

Todd was the tenth person in line at the left table. He watched as the guy in the front of the line unlaced his boots and climbed slowly on the table. He handed the nurse the diapers and plastic pants. The nurse inspected him to make sure he was clean and then made him lift his bum and slid the diaper under him. As she was pinning on the diaper the man got an erection. The man's face instantly turned bright red. The nurse told him to sit up and handed him his plastic pants. He quickly pulled them on and put his shorts on over them. Then he walked quickly to his bed holding the rest of the diapers and plastic pants in front of him to hide his erection.

Todd watched as the eight men in front of him were diapered. All but the seventh man got an erection. The seventh man just glared at the nurse the entire time and slumped off to his bunk after he was finished. Finally it was Todd's turn. He hopped up onto the table and handed the nurse his diapers. She picked out the thickest one and slid it under him. It was warm and soft. Todd liked the way it felt a lot better than his disposables. When the nurse pulled the front of his diaper up the diaper pushed his eight inch erection tightly against his stomach. There were only two inches between the top of his penis and the top of the diaper. When she was finished pinning it up she gave Todd his plastic pants and he pulled them on. Then she handed them the rest of the diapers and plastic pants. Todd walked back to his bed and put them in his locker before crawling into his bunk. Todd watched the line of men getting diapered as he tried to go to sleep.

The nurses were really fast at changing diapers and had appeared to have had a lot of practice at it. Todd wondered if all the new recruits had to wear diapers when they joined the army. When the last of the twenty men in the right line came up to the front of the table he threw his diapers on the floor and shouted, "this is not what I signed up for. If I wanted to be a baby then I would go back to my mother. Who is going to take us seriously when we fight them in giant diapers," he shouted.

When the nurse told him to lay one the table he slapped her. She immediately pulled a needle out of the pocket of her scrubs, uncapped it and stuck it in his arm. He tried to tear his arm free and cried out in pain and ran out of the bunkhouse with the needle still in his arm. By this time most of the men had run to the door of the bunkhouse and were watching the scene in the exercise grounds. Two drill sergeants were running beside the man forcing him to do laps around the exercise ground. If he tried to stop the man on his left would smack his bottom with a baton. The needle was still hanging out of his arm. On his tenth lap he started to slow down which only resulted in an increased number of smacks with the baton.

Near the end of his eleventh lap he fell onto the ground. One of the drill sergeants reached down and pulled the needle out of his arm. The other one bent down and picked him up. He carried the man into the bunkhouse and placed him on the table. The nurse picked one of his diapers up off the floor and pinned it on him. Then she slid the plastic pants up to his thighs. The drill sergeant picked him up again and she pulled them up the rest of the way. Then he carried the man to his bunk, laid him down, and pulled the covers over him. The nurses then folded up the tables and propped them up against the door. Then they left, followed by the drill sergeants.

A moment later the two privates that had escorted them in the morning came into the bunkhouse.

"I hope you all had a good day today. Sleep well tonight. You will need it tomorrow when you go through the woods. I hope you get used to your new uniforms. The diapers take some getting used to but believe me you will need them. They are a lot better than wet uniforms. Also when you go to sleep at night you will be too tired to wake up in the night. You don't have to wear them when you are done boot camp," said one of the privates.

The whole time the other private looked around at the recruits with a look of what appeared to be envy on his face. Todd suspected that he wished he was wearing a diaper too. When the two privates left they turned off the lights and shut the door behind them. Todd laid his head on his pillow. Some of the other men began to whisper loudly to each other.

"I don't know what's going on. This is the army, not daycare," whispered the man in the bed across from Todd.

"I haven't wet the bed since I was in kindergarten," whispered the man in the bunk on top of him.

"You wet your pants while you were running today," his bunkmate reminded him.

"They put something in the lemonade," he replied trying to make some excuse that would make it less embarrassing.

"I'm taking mine off," said a man on the other side of the room. He climbed off his bunk and put the diaper in his locker. Then he put his shorts back on.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," another recruit warned.

"I don't think you want whatever punishment they come up with."

"They'll never know. I'll just change quickly in the morning," he replied.

Soon the stress of the training overcame the men despite of their anger about being put in diapers and they all fell asleep.

Chapter 3

The sound of the bugle came all too soon. Todd climbed out of bed, almost tripping over his sheets. His wet diaper sagged down in his front. He looked around the room and noticed that nearly all of the men's diapers were soaked. Todd looked over to the man who had been drugged last night and noticed that he was holding his pillow over his head. As Todd walked over to the man's bunk he noticed that the man was crying. He also couldn't miss the distinct poop smell that was coming from the bed.

A nurse came barging in through the bunkhouse door.

"Line up by the door," she ordered.

Todd walked quickly up to one of the nurses and whispered to her about what had happened. The nurse reassured Todd that the medication he was given usually had that effect on the soldiers and not to worry about it. She would clean the man up after everyone left. She then reached down and pulled off Todd's plastic pants and unpinned his diaper. Todd waited as the nurse moved down the line unpinning diapers. The man at the back of the line was squirming uncomfortably.

"You are wearing a diaper so use it," the nurse told him.

Almost instantly his face turned red and a look of embarrassed relief came onto his face. The nurse waited for a few minutes and then unpinned his very wet diaper as well. Suddenly there was commotion in the right line. The man who had taken his diaper off the night before was now sporting a large wet spot on the front of his shorts. The nurse who was inspecting another large wet spot in his bed was yelling at him. His face was red and he was looking at the floor.

"I'm sorry," he said quietly. He looked as if he was going to cry.

"Now you know why you have to wear diapers," the nurse told him.

"I think this embarrassment is enough punishment and I am sure this will not happen again. You all can go to the bathhouse now and take a shower. Come back here when you are finished." Todd followed the line of men in their towels to the bathhouse. When they entered most of the men went to stand by the urinals. Todd tried to use one but he couldn't make anything come out. Next they went into the shower stalls. As soon as the warm water hit Todd's penis he peed all over the shower. He was glad no one saw him have the accident. After he was finished showering he dried off, wrapped the towel around his waist, and walked across the already scorching exercise yard back to the bunkhouse.

He went to his locker and got out a diaper and a pair of plastic pants and went to stand in line with the other men. He noticed that the man who had wet his bed made no complaints about his diaper. After Todd was diapered he put his uniform on and went outside to go the mess hall. His pants now fit him perfectly. When Todd entered the mess hall he realized how hungry he was. The food smelled wonderful. He lined up at the counter. The man behind the counter gave him bacon, eggs, a sausage, and three pieces of French toast. When he moved farther down the counter another man handed him a large glass of apple juice.

After he got his food, Todd walked over to the tables. He saw the man who had wet his bed the night before sitting by himself. He sat in the chair across from him.

"Hello, my name is Todd."

"I'm Tony," mumbled the other man while looking down at his food.

"Don't be embarrassed, Tony. It's no big deal."

"Of course it's a big deal. All of the other men will make fun of me now. No one who is nineteen years old still wets the bed. If my dad ever found out he would kill me."

"Look at all the men who woke up with wet diapers. If they hadn't been wearing them they would have all wet the bed too. Besides I still wet the bed every night."

"You're joking! No one this old still wets the bed. Well I guess everyone else woke up wet...maybe its not so bad. I am wearing my diaper tonight for sure. I don't want that to happen again."

"That's a good idea. What do you think of boot camp so far?" Todd asked.

"All my muscles are aching today. I am so tired I could have slept for another five hours."

"All my muscles hurt too. My stomach muscles are so weak right now. I just want to go back to bed right after breakfast. Oh crap!"

"What?" asked Todd"

"I just peed my diaper," Tony whispered.

"I didn't even feel it."

"You should go and see the nurse after breakfast. Maybe you have an infection. It was really hot yesterday and we were in wet uniforms for most of the afternoon." The two men stopped talking and ate their breakfast quickly. They didn't want to be late for morning drills. When they were finished they both walked out to the exercise grounds and joined the rest of the recruits who were starting to gather on the benches. The sun was now beating on the earth causing heat waves to form along the horizon. Two drill sergeants were standing in front of the benches. One was holding a megaphone and the other was holding what looked like a very large army green garbage bag. When the last of the recruits sat on the benches the sergeant with the megaphone turned it on and it made a deafening screech.

"Today our training will start off with the usual fifty sit ups, fifty jumping jacks, and fifty push-ups and we will finish off before lunch with the five mile run. After lunch we will go through the obstacle course. The forecast says it will be forty degrees today. We will hand out canteens to everyone. You will get them refilled every two hours and we expect them to be empty at every refill time. If you don't drink enough water you will get sick. Do you understand me?" shouted the drill sergeant.

"Sir Yes sir!" the recruits shouted.

The second sergeant reached into the bag and began passing out canteens to each of the men. The canteens were the usual army green and looked like they would hold at least a liter of water. Todd took his canteen from the sergeant. While he was taking his canteen he read the sergeants nametag that was sewn onto his uniform; Charles Howard. Sergeant Howard moved on down the line until his bag was empty and every recruit held an empty canteen.

"Line up in front of the water jugs on that truck over there and fill your canteen. When you are all back we will start the drills," ordered the other sergeant.

"Sir Yes sir," shouted the recruits.

The recruits quickly lined up in two lines in front of the two water jugs and began to fill their canteens. As soon as Todd's canteen was full he drank some water and put the cap on. He was already thirsty and his uniform was sticking to him. Todd was afraid of what it would feel like running five miles in forty degrees. He walked back towards the benches and stood in the line beside Tony. The recruits were in three lines according to their barracks. When everyone had lined up they all lay down on the ground and began to do the sit-ups. By the time Todd was finished the sweat was dripping off his face. Tony's uniform was soaked beneath the armpits. Both men took a long drink from their canteens before beginning the jumping jacks. By the time Todd had finished the jumping jacks his canteen was half empty. His diaper was sticking to him and the plastic pants clung wetly to his legs. He didn't think he had even used the diaper yet. By the time he was finished the sit ups his uniform was completely soaked with sweat and his canteen was nearly empty. Tony was a little red in the face. Out of the corner of his eye Todd noticed that the water trucks had returned.

One everyone had refilled their canteen the recruits lined up for the five mile run. Todd could see the heat waves around the edge of the exercise grounds. A thermometer on a post beside the benches read 38 degrees.

"Everyone must stay in line today. The trucks will meet you half way to refill your canteens. Everyone's should be empty at that time. You will not have to carry your packs today. Apparently one of the nursing staff talked to the colonel about this." Sergeant Howard glared at the medical building and kicked the dirt with his boot. Sweat poured off his forehead. The heat was doing nothing to improve his temper.

"Sir yes sir" the recruits shouted halfheartedly.

Sergeant Howard didn't seem to notice. He started off down the path. The recruits jogged in formation behind him. Todd took frequent drinks from his canteen. Sometime during the morning he had soaked his diaper and his wet diaper and wet uniform were chafing his skin. About half a mile down the path the recruits went into a grove of trees. The trees shaded them from the scorching sun but the air beneath them was as muggy as the air on the exercise grounds. The light green leaves overhead were still. It seemed that even the birds were taking shelter. Todd's boots were brown with the dirt and every time he took a step it sent up a little cloud of dust. Todd was near the front of the formation and could see that Sergeant Howard's face had turned dark red. The drill sergeant was taking frequent sips of water from his canteen.

About two miles down the path Todd noticed that the formation had slowed down considerably. Suddenly Sergeant Howard fell face-first into the dust. Several recruits ran into each other in an effort to stop. Todd pushed his way to the front and knelt down beside him. The man's eyes were closed and he was breathing shallowly. The other sergeant was already on the radio sending for the medics. Todd began to unbutton the sergeant's uniform to give him more air. Another recruit poured some of his water onto the sergeant's forehead.

There was a crunching of tires and a jeep came out of the trees. Two medics exited the jeep.

"It's ok. We'll take it from here. The colonel orders you all to go back, take a shower, and meet in the mess hall. You will be studying combat theory this afternoon," one of the medics informed the recruits. He then walked over to the other sergeant and started talking to him. The sergeant began to argue with the medic.

"It's the colonel's orders! Go discuss it with him!" the medic shouted no longer caring that everyone else could hear him.

"Form three lines and we will walk back to the bunkhouses. The officers don't seem to understand the importance of training. It would be this hot during desert combat. But remember that you must always follow orders." The other sergeant began to reluctantly head back down the path. The three lines of recruits followed behind him. Todd was in the back of the line. He watched as they loaded the unconscious sergeant into the back of the jeep. He then turned around quickly in case the other sergeant happened to turn around and notice he was out of step.

Todd marched in line behind the other recruits. Walking wasn't quite as bad as running but Todd wished he was back in the air conditioned buildings. Finally the edge of the exercise grounds came into view. The drill sergeant told the recruits to go into their bunkhouses and walked off towards the mess hall. As soon as Todd entered the bunkhouse he took in a huge breath of the cool air. He took another sip from his canteen. The water was luke warm and tasted of new plastic. He nearly spit it out but thought better of it and swallowed it quickly.

"Take off your uniforms and put them in the hampers. Then line up by the door and one of the nurses will remove your diaper. Take a shower and go to the mess hall for lunch," one of the nurses ordered.

"M'am yes m'am," shouted the recruits. They began to peel off their sweaty uniforms and line up slowly by the door. One of the nurses had brought in a cart with several jugs of ice water and large plastic glasses.

The nurse began to take off the first man's diaper. Instead of just unpinning his diaper like she had done in the morning and dropping it in a pail like the nurse took the man's temperature with an ear thermometer. Then the nurse took off the diaper and checked the color of the urine. She then handed him a large glass of ice water and sent him off to the bath house. The man drank the water, put the glass in a bin on the cart and headed out the door with his towel wrapped around his waist.

When it was Todd's turn at the front of the line the nurse stuck the thermometer in his ear and seeming satisfied with the result she gently lowered his plastic pants and unpinned his diaper. His diaper was soaked with sweat and dark colored urine. A rash had developed on the inside of his legs and they stung in the open air. The nurse handed him a glass of water. The water was cold and fresh and tasted slightly of lemons which were floating around in the pitchers. He drank the water slowly allowing it to soothe his dry throat. When he was finished he put the glass in with the other ones and went to get his towel from the morning which he had folded on the end of his bed and wrapped it around his waist. Todd walked over to the door and pulled it open. The air hit him in a huge blast. Reluctantly he headed across the exercise grounds towards the bath house. His groin was beginning to itch.

When Todd entered the bath house he went into one of the stalls and sat down on the toilet. He started too pee as soon as he sat down. While Todd was peeing he noticed that it stung a little. Just as he was about to get up he felt the need to poop. After he was finished he tore off some paper to wipe. The rough feeling of the paper on his bum made him cry out in pain. He dropped the paper in the toilet deciding that he would just wash off in the shower. He flushed and then headed into one of the shower stalls.

The water made Todd's rash sting. He reluctantly got some body wash out of the wall dispenser and began to wash himself. Tears streamed down his face as the soap touched the open areas of his rash. He quickly washed his hair, rinsed all the soap off of his body, turned off the shower, and headed over to the door. He pulled a clean towel off of the cart and began to dry himself off. He tried not to cry as he rubbed his diaper area with the towel but it hurt so much that he just wrapped the towel around his waist and headed back to the bunkhouse.

Todd went over to the changing table and lay down. The nurse pulled the towel away and began to examine his rash with a concerned look on her face. She blotted him dry very gently with the corner of his towel. Next she walked over to her cart and got a large tub of cream. Todd squirmed around on the table. The air was making his rash sting so badly that tears started to slide down his cheeks. Todd was glad that the other men who were already diapered were sleeping on their bunks. Some were wearing their grey lounge shirts and others were just in their diapers. Tony lay on his stomach. His shirt had ridden up to the middle of his back and his diapered bum pointed skywards while he slept peacefully. Tony was wearing a light green disposable diaper.

"This will make you feel better. That rash looks really sore. It should get better in a few days. I am going to put you in a disposable to keep the wetness off your skin," the nurse said while she rubbed the cream on Todd.

Todd whimpered the whole time. The cream was cold and helped to take away some of the pain. He began to relax on the table as the nurse massaged the cream into his skin and he stopped crying. The nurse opened the diaper and slid it under Todd's bum. She sprinkled some baby powder on and brought the front up between his legs. She took off the gloves she was wearing and did up the tapes securely. There were two tapes on each side of the light green diaper and the fabric of the diaper stretched to fit his waist. The diaper was much more bulky that the disposables he had at home and the cloth like cover felt a lot better on the outside than the white plastic of his own diapers. The nurse helped him sit up and climb off the table. Todd walked over to his bunk and lay down on his back. He closed his eyes and went to sleep almost instantly.

"Its only 10:00. Let's just let them sleep for two hours before lunch," said one nurse to the other.

Chapter 4

Army nurse Elizabeth Summers glanced out the window of the hospital complex waiting for the new recruits to arrive. It was a day she always waited for with anticipation. Four years ago she had come up with a new rule for basic training. She had thought it would be better if all the recruits were diapered during their training as most recruits had frequent accidents in their uniforms and all over the mattresses in the bunk houses. She might not have been able to pull this off had her father not been a general. Her father, Donald Summers had been killed in action in the Middle East ten years ago and everyone at the base seemed to try and compensate for this by letting Elizabeth do whatever she pleased.

One day Elizabeth told her idea to the Colonel. Colonel Hendrick was in charge of the base and he suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder. He liked everything to be perfect. He even went so far as to individually pluck dandelions out of the grass in the exercise compound during his lunch break. Often Elizabeth sat in her office and laughed into her soup as he went from one end of the compound to the other finding dandelions. If none were to be found his pacing would become more and more frantic until at last he found one and stabbed it from the ground with his combat knife. He also had this annoying way of sorting paper clips by color into different compartments of his desk organizer. One of the secretaries had tried to change the supply order to all silver ones but Colonel Hendrick had ordered her angrily to change it back.

The Colonel always complained during officer's meetings about the different colored spots on the grass caused by the recruits' accidents. He wanted the lawn to be a perfect dark green but it had so many spots on it that it looked like a new pattern of camouflage. The other officers were beginning to get annoyed by his constant complaining and discussed it whenever the Colonel wasn't around to hear them. One day one of the sergeants approached Elizabeth and asked her if there was anything that she could give the recruits that would make it so they wouldn't discolor the grass.

"I have a better plan," she replied.

At the next officer's meeting she introduced the idea of diapers. Several of the officers burst out laughing but the Colonel was listening closely. He was happy that he had finally found a way to keep the grass looking nice and that the bunkhouses would no longer have a stale urine smell to them. When Elizabeth and the Colonel decided something the other officers had little choice but to go along with it. The next supply order included ten thousand white diapers with green pins and plastic pants. The company had to custom-make the plastic pants as they did not carry any in olive green.

The recruits had a little surprise waiting for them on the next delivery day. That night Elizabeth called a meeting in the exercise grounds. When Elizabeth stepped onto the platform all the recruits began shifting uncomfortably thinking that they would have to listen to another boring education session about sexually transmitted diseases or proper nutrition. By the end of the presentation most of the recruits had looks of shocked disbelief on their faces. Each recruit was passed their diapers and sent back to the bunkhouse.

In the next few weeks there were no accidents during training and the drills were running better. Surprisingly the recruits' morale went up and there were fewer fights in the bunkhouses. Even the grass began to turn the same shade of green much to the Colonel's delight. Most of the recruits began to accept the new additions to their uniform and some even liked their diapers. The only challenge was that once boot camp was over the recruits didn't seem to want to give up their diapers although most of them were dry at the end of the day.

At last the busses pulled into the parking lot and several cars drove in. Several nervous looking recruits lined up at the tables. Elizabeth watched them all carefully. She could tell that a few of them were already wearing bulky diapers under their clothes. Most of them were trying rather unsuccessfully to hide the fact behind various pieces of luggage. For the next few hours Elizabeth busied herself with paper work while glancing out the window periodically into the exercise grounds. Just before supper most of the recruits were soaked. This was the only part that the Colonel complained about. Unfortunately on the first day the grass got wet. One of the ways of getting the recruits to accept their diapers was to let them go without them on the first day. After having an accident most of them were more willing to wear diapers.

After supper Elizabeth changed into a pair of olive green scrubs and walked over to the exercise grounds. Some of the recruits had already finished showering and were sitting on the benches. Most of them looked exhausted. While the drill sergeants were explaining the drills that the recruits would be doing in the next few days, Elizabeth and some of the other nurses were getting the diapers ready to be passed out. She had ordered some of the privates to help carry the diapers onto the exercise grounds.

The sun was beginning to sink towards the horizon causing the trees to cast shadows across the compound. The air was still hot and humid making Elizabeth's scrubs stick to her. She made a mental note to talk to the Colonel tomorrow to see if he could cancel some of the drills tomorrow. The forecast was for 45 degrees and the last thing Elizabeth wanted was for the hospital to be full of recruits with heat stroke. She knew the drill sergeants wouldn't approve especially Sergeant Howard. He never agreed with anything Elizabeth did and over the years they had become enemies. When she had introduced the idea of diapers he hated the idea and thought that they ruined his training exercises.

When the drill sergeants were finished talking Elizabeth took the microphone and began her speech.

"Each of you will be given three diapers and three pairs of plastic pants. These are part of your uniform for the next six weeks and you will not take them off unless you are instructed to do so. Anyone who takes off their diaper or tries to refuse to wear it will be punished. A nurse will diaper you. You are not allowed to put it on by yourself. You will be changed three times every day: when you wake up, before lunch, and before bed. Try to hold it for as long as you can before you wet your diaper. Don't wet as soon as you feel the need to go. Do you understand me?"

"M'am yes m'am," the recruits shouted halfheartedly.

"I can't hear you," Elizabeth shouted.

"M'am yes m'am," the recruits shouted a little more loudly this time.

"You are dismissed. Line up in front of the platform. After you get your diapers, head to your bunkhouse. The nurses will be there in a few minutes to help you."

Chapter 5

"Time to get up!" someone shouted.

Todd rolled over onto his back. He stretched his legs out and blinked the sleep from his eyes. Immediately he felt that something was wrong. He couldn't feel the warm wet fabric of his diaper pressed up into his crotch. He moved his hand downwards and felt the front of his diaper. It was all warm and squishy but the part next to his skin felt dry. He became very confused.

"Put on your uniforms and head to the mess hall!" the nurse beside the door ordered.

"If you are soaked then line up to be changed. We will be passing out some shirts to you that should keep you a little cooler." A few of the soldiers stumbled out of their bunks. No one seemed in a hurry to dress and head outside into the scorching heat. Todd looked over to his friend Tony. Tony's disposable was drooping down between his legs while his arms were raised trying to put on his uniform shirt. He was half asleep and did not appear to have heard the announcement. A nurse walked over to him and took his uniform shirt from him. Then she slipped a muscle shirt over his head.

"Go line up by the table," she told him. He walked slowly over to the table.

"Here you go," a nurse said as she handed Todd a black muscle shirt. He had been so busy watching his friend that he hadn't noticed her come up beside him.

"I think you need a change too. Go line up." Todd got up off his bed and stood up. His diaper was surprisingly heavy and was starting to fall down off his hips. As soon as he stood up he began to wet uncontrollably which only added to the heaviness and caused it to droop lower. He tried to stop himself from wetting but it was no use. He could feel the warm urine splashing into the diaper before it was absorbed under the wetness liner. After he finished wetting he waddled up to the table. He was surprised the diaper hadn't leaked yet. Todd felt a little dizzy as he was waiting in line and he had a cramp in his stomach. He thought it was because he hadn't eaten lunch yet.

As he waited for his turn at the table he began to get dizzier. All of the sudden he felt the need to poop. He tried to hold it back making his face red with the effort.

"Don't try to hold it in. You will be changed in a few minutes anyways," one of the nurses said from behind the table. Todd let go and pooped his diaper. It was very runny and Todd knew it wouldn't be long before the diaper started to leak but he couldn't stop himself. The cramps in his tummy were getting worse and the room was beginning to turn dark. Todd felt his knees buckling and the floor rushing up to meet him. He could hear the two nurses beside him and could feel them lift him onto the table.

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