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Diaper Prison

Fiction by Cassie

The millennium had come and gone. We were well into the beginning of the 21st century and the crime rate had gone out of sight with so many violent crimes and so many innocent victims. Almost the entire House of Representatives and Senate were voted out of office. The new President, a well known and respected business leader was swept into office on the promise of new strict laws that would be quickly and strictly enforced. These laws would have criminals off the streets permanently and rendered harmless. Punishments that would reflect the crime. There would be no more country club prisons. There would be no more TV, weight lifting, sports, etc... Punishment and reminders of the behaviors of the crime would be the main focus.

I had finished my degree in programming and software design the previous spring and had graduated at the top of my class. I got a good job with the major software producer in the country. I worked late into the night five days a week. 14 hour days were the norm, I had to make a name for myself. It was shortly after midnight when I left the building to head home for a few hours sleep. I had to be back in less than eight hours. Little did I know that I would never return to my computer, and that my life would be turned entirely upside down.

The street was dark and empty, as I stood at the bus stop about 50 feet from the corner. A man about my height and size, dressed similarly came running past and threw something at my feet. I bent down to pick it up and see what it was. As I did I heard the sound of more running feet, just then I felt something slam into my arm and I lost all contact with reality. I woke up about an hour later in a small cell, just big enough for me and a chair. My legs were chained to the chair and my hands were handcuffed behind my back. A police woman was waving something under my nose an she was saying that the man with her was my defense lawyer. The lawyer said that I had been caught in the act with the evidence in my hand. He told me that there was little he could do, and that there was no chance for me. I told him that I didn?t know what he was talking about. He said that was normal but it would come back after the effects of the stun gun wore off.

Two big police officers came to the cell and let me out after they unchained my feet from the chair and put a pair of shackles on my feet. They left my hands cuffed behind my back as they led me to the court room. It was just three hours since I left work and I was already going to court and my trial. This new criminal justice system was sure swift. The prosecution was ready and the trial began. This woman I had never seen got on the witness stand and identified me as the man who had knocked her down and took her purse. Then two police officers got up and told how they had chased me, and had me in sight the entire time except for a few seconds when I went around the corner. They then told how they had caught me with the purse in my hand and rendered me unconscious with a stun gun and brought me to the station and the court. Each of the witnesses told my attorney that they were 100 percent sure I was the man who knocked the lady down and stole her purse. I was allowed to tell my story and then the judge made his decision.

I will never forget his words. You have been found guilty of a crime against women, bailiff strip him to the waist. Two guards grabbed me and tore my shirt off.

The judge then said ? you will wear a bra all your waking hours to remind you of your attack on an innocent woman.? The guards lifted my arms and put a white bra on me and hooked it in the back, and then the judge said you have been found guilty of an act of violence, and you are to be kept in diapers and plastic baby panties 24 hours a day for the rest of your life, to remind you that you acted like a toddler who solves problems by hitting, bailiff diaper him. The two guards held me as another guard produced a cloth diaper and plastic baby panties. He ripped my pants and underwear off and proceeded to pin the diaper tightly around my waist and pulled on the plastic baby panties. I stood before the judge dressed only in a cloth diaper, plastic baby panties and a bra. You have violated the law and your hands are to be bound in shackles all your waking hours. With that another guard brought thick black leather shackles held together with about 12 inches of shinny chains and placed them around my wrists and locked them in place. The judge then said you are to be taken to the Criminal Penalty training center for preparation to go to the Crime Control Center for the remainder of your life, with no possibility of parole. My heart sunk I was going to Diaper Prison. The last words I heard were remove him.

I was dragged from the court to a small side room where I was placed in a small wheeled cage, and my shackled hands were attached to the top of the cage. A sign describing my crime and the penalty was attached to the top and I was wheeled into the lobby of the court building to be on public display until I was taken to Diaper Prison. It was just four hours since I left work, and I was a convicted criminal. The lobby was cold and dimly lit. I was all alone, but the worst was yet to come. At 8:30 the lobby opened, and people walked by my cage laughing at me, taunting me, teasing me. They called me sissy, baby and sissy baby. The air conditioning against my bare skin was cold, but the diaper and plastic panties made my diaper area hot and humid. I had goose bumps on one part of my body and was sweating on others, but worst of all, my nipples itched because I was not use to wearing a bra. The worst of all were the younger men who looked at me as angrily as possible. One or two women somewhat looked as if they were sorry for me. One lady came up to my cage, with a little boy obviously still in diapers, and told him that if he didn?t quit messing his pants he would look like me when he grew up. About 11am, I heard the loud sound of a woman crying, and when I looked in the direction of the sound I saw four guards wheeling another cage in my direction. It contained an almost naked woman dressed only in a diaper and plastic panties whose hands were shackled to the top of the cage like mine were.

Her huge breasts were fully exposed. When her cage was in place, the guards opened it and put a large pacifier in her mouth and fastened it with a strap around her head.

The sign over her head told that she had stolen money from the place where she worked and when confronted she slapped her employer, and she too was sentenced to life in prison dressed in diapers and plastic panties and shackles.

At noon the guards came with two quart sized baby bottles, one for her and one for me. I didn?t realize how thirsty I was, nor how hungry. It had been twelve hours without any food or water. The guards held the bottle and forced the nipple in my mouth. I was so thirsty that I sucked the bottle quickly. Then it hit me, I had not pee?d in over twelve hours, I tried to hold it but the stress on my bladder was just too much, and the flood exploded in my diaper, leaving a huge yellow-brown stain in the front of my diaper for everybody to see. When I finished my bottle, the guards told me that if I needed to poop, I should go and do it, because if I did it later I would remain that way for the rest of the afternoon. Embarrassing as it was in front of the guards and people strolling through the lobby I strained until I felt the mush enter the back of my diaper.

The guards were feeding the woman her bottle in her cage, and when they finished, a guard went over to the desk and picked up a microphone and announced that it was time to change the prisoners diapers. He encouraged everybody to come and watch.

They came over to my cage and opened the door, pulled my plastic baby panties down, and told me to spread my legs. When I did they unpinned the diaper and let if flop to the floor. There was a crowd of about a hundred people watching me have my wet and messy diaper changed. The guards cleaned my diaper area and put on some Vasoline and powered me as best they could with me in a standing position. Then a thick white diaper was brought up between my legs and pinned on. Then a second diaper was brought up between my legs and pinned in place. Finally a clean pair of plastic baby panties were slipped over my feet as the guards lifted them off the floor one by one.

The diaper was tucked in and then the door to my cage was closed. The crowd laughed and clapped when my diaper change was finished. Then they went over to the woman and opened her cage, and took her plastic panties down. The guards unpinned her diaper and let it fall to the floor. The poor girl gasped through her pacifier as the cold air from the air conditioner hit the warm moist skin of her diaper area. Her diaper was wet and blood stained from her period, but she had not messed in it. She started crying as the crowd laughed and clapped several women touted her for being on the rag. The guards cleaned and prepared her diaper area, and pulled up the thick cloth diaper and pinned it tightly around her waist. Quickly a second diaper was pinned in place, and the guards struggled to lift her feet one at a time to slip the plastic baby panties over them. The plastic panties were pulled up and the diapers tucked inside.

Tears were flowing from her cheeks, and her face was apple red.

In the middle of the afternoon two crying women came up to her cage, and quietly talked to her trying to reassure her. She was unable to talk to them as the pacifier kept her mouth closed. From the conversation I figured out that it was her mother and sister. They left and returned quickly with a guard, who removed her pacifier, after she agreed not to yell or scream. She explained her situation, and her family left to get a lawyer to appeal her conviction. I was glad my family lived far away as I did not want to face them dressed in a bra and diapers and plastic panties. The first time I wet my diaper that morning it was hard, but it became easier the second time and very easy the third. There must have been something in the bottle they gave me as I wet a lot more frequently that afternoon. The woman also wet frequently as she started crying each time she peed in her diaper. I was exhausted, I had not had any sleep in over 24 hours. I couldn?t sleep standing up and the warm wetness in my diaper made it hard to relax. My arms were cramping from being chained over my head. The thick double diapers sagged from the weight of the pee and my bra itched and irritated my nipples and chest. The bra bit into my sides and shoulders. The woman struggled each time someone walked by. She wanted to hide her breasts, but with her arms over her head there was no way to cover them. She too was extremely tired. Her diapers hung down between her legs because of the weight of the wetness.

As the day wore on both of us were sagging down ourselves and almost hanging by our arms, I had been up for over 30 hours and I could barely standup.

The afternoon went slowly, and people continued by our cages, some making remarks, others laughing and others still just looking. Traffic in the lobby slowly thinned and closing time came. After the courthouse was closed, the guards came and wheeled us into the small room next to the court room. This time there were two large crib like cages with a vinyl covered mattress in them. One at a time our shackles were released from the top of the cage. We both almost collapsed from the exhaustion of being caged in a standing position all day.

I was taken out of my cage first and had to be helped over to the crib cage.

Once I laid down, my arms were again pulled over my head and the shackles attached to the end of the crib cage. They grabbed my legs and chained them to the bottom corners of the crib cage. A cart with huge piles of white cloth was wheeled up to my crib cage, and I was given a bottle to drink. It contained water, but somehow the water tasted funny. After I finished the bottle, my hands were temporarily unshackled, and the guards helped take my bra off. There were deep red marks that outlined where it had been. My hands were reshackled , and my feet were released. My plastic panties were taken down and thrown into a pail on the bottom of the cart. My diapers were un pinned and taken off. My diaper area was thoroughly cleaned and then I was told to raise my butt and six thick white diapers were placed under me and pinned on one at a time. The thick material did not allow me to close my legs. The largest pair of plastic panties I had ever seen were pulled up my legs and the mass of diapers were tucked securely inside. My shackles were removed and the side of the crib cage was raised and pad locked in place. Then the top was flipped over and pad locked to the side of the crib cage. The same procedure was done to the woman, except for removal of the bra which she was not allowed to wear. The room was emptied except for the crib cages and their occupants and the door slammed shut and the lights went out. It was pitch dark. Both of us struggled against the crib cages to no avail. Gradually the room went silent, and just before I drifted off to sleep I felt myself wetting my diapers.

I don?t really know what time it was, but the room was suddenly echoing with the sound of a loud bell and then just as suddenly the bright lights came on. Several new guards dressed in strange uniforms came into the room. The patches on their arms said Crime Control Center, these men were from ?Diaper Prison.? They had a strangely calm manner and were almost kind and gentile, however by the size and shape of their bodies you could tell that they were strong and could control almost any situation. We were both helped out of out crib cages, and the crib cages were removed from the room. They were replaced by a single table covered with a plastic mat. As I gradually became more aware of my senses, I realized that my diapers were soaked.

We were told to try to move our bowels, as we had a long way to go. The woman and I were able to mess our diapers which were by now hanging down almost as far as our knees. We were in turn helped up on the table and our plastic baby panties were pulled off. The diapers were unpinned one at a time. A huge box of wipes was produced and were cleaned and then dried off. They paid special attention to my penis and the woman?s clitoris. Both of us were almost taken to the point of orgasm. I had an erection and the guard gently teased ?Has baby got a stiffie.? We were covered with powder, and layer after layer of diapers were pinned on. An even larger pair of plastic baby panties were pulled up over the diapers. I was helped up into a sitting position and was helped into a bra. The guard hooked it in the back and straightened it and then placed the shackles on my wrists. A set of leg irons were placed on my feet, and then we were both given bottles of something similar to a milkshake. When we finished them, we were given a bottle of water. At that point the guard told us that it was time to go. We were taken out to a glass sided van. The side of the van lifted up and we were both placed in it with other similarly clad prisoners. We sat facing out so that our faces could be seen by everything we passed. The diapers and plastic baby panties we wore were so thick that no one could miss them. They were impossible to hide. The leg irons were attached to the floor of the van and our shackles were attached to the ceiling of the van. The glass side was pulled down and the guards got into another more conventional van that followed the transport van. If anybody talked they were instantly silenced by a pacifier that was strapped around their head. We made one more stop to pick up prisoners, and then we set off on the long trek to the southwest desert. Each night the van pulled up to a local justice center and we were re-diapered into triple diapers and plastic pants and locked in a crib cage. Each morning we were diapered extremely thickly and re-chained in the van. After several days travel we arrived at what looked like a city with a huge fence around it. The van pulled in the gate and we drove up to a huge building about a mile outside the town. The sign said Criminal Penalty Training Center. The sides of the van were lifted up and we were all unchained, and led up to a door. There were twelve prisoners all dressed in diapers.

Both men and women. Only difference was that three of the men, me included wore bras. The women and men dressed in only diapers were separated from the group and then the men were separated from the women. These two groups were taken inside.

Then my group, men dressed in diapers and bras were taken in. We were led into a large auditorium that was divided into three sections. In the first section were men dressed in only diapers, the second section had women dressed in only diapers, and the third section had men dressed in bras and diapers. Our shackles were attached to the chairs in front of us. A man dressed in a suit came to the front of the auditorium and addressed all the new prisoners. We were told that most of us would be at the training center for the next six month, while those men in bras would be there for nine months. The lights dimmed and a screen came down for us to watch a film. The Movie started and the title life in Diaper Prison flashed across the screen. The film showed rows of barred cells each with a diapered prisoner. Men were in cells next to women, and some of the men wore bras. Each of the prisoners, we were told had on a single diaper and snap-on plastic panties and shackles . It went on further that some of the male prisoners were kept in bras during the day. The men wearing bras appeared to have huge breasts, at least a C cup, with a nipple showing through. Then the scene turned to night and each of the prisoners were dressed in three thick diapers and pull- on plastic panties. Some of the prisoners were sucking on pacifiers and some were sucking on bottles. Then the scene changed to show prisoners chained to the wall with their arms over their heads, some chained spread eagle, and some in stocks. These prisoners we were told had violated the rules of diaper prison. These penalties were given out depending on the number of previous violations and the severity of the offence. The rules were simple: do not under any circumstances put your hands in your diaper, do not take your diaper or bra (if required) off, do not take the nipple or cap off your baby bottle, follow directions of the guards, and silence during silent times.

We were told we would be given dolls to play with, and that all liquids were to be drank from baby bottles. With that we were encouraged to masturbate at least several times a day, or as frequently as possible. Then a woman dressed in diapers and snap-on plastic panties was shown rubbing the crotch of her panties, as the voice explained how to masturbate through the daytime diaper and plastic panties. Next a woman was shown dressed in thick triple night diapers and pull-on plastic panties, and she masturbated as the voice on the screen explained how to masturbate through the thicker diapers. Next a man dressed in a diaper and snap on plastic panties rubbed the front of his diapers, then came a man dressed in triple night diapers and pull on plastic panties and he also rubbed the front of his diapers and plastic pants. Finally a man dressed in a bra and diapers with snap-on plastic pants rubbed the front of his diaper with one hand and his breast with the other. Then he repeated the procedure with his triple night diapers and pull on plastic panties. We were shown how to suck a bottle, and how to suck on a pacifier. The lights came on and the rules were again explained.

Then a second film showed how we would be trained to become totally incontinent of both bowel and bladder. The film went on to show how all the hair on the face of male prisoners and all the body hair of both male and female prisoners would be permanently removed for diaper and hygiene purposes. It went further to show how drugs and hypnosis would be used to make us totally compliant and to actually love to be diapered. A male prisoner was shown chained to the wall, the camera focused on the front of his diaper. A diaper and plastic panties were held in front of his face and instantly his diaper tented out from the erection he got. Then naked women and men were paraded in front of him and he had no reaction. He had been programmed to only be sexually stimulated by diapers and plastic panties. The men and women dressed only in diapers and plastic panties shackles were released from the seats in front of them and led off through a door for programming and training. Those of us dressed in diapers and bras were shown a second film explaining how we were to grow breasts, and each step of the procedure was explained. Then we were shown how to put our bras on. Then the film showed how our penises would become erect when we saw a diaper, and how our nipples would come erect when we saw bras that we were to wear.

We were again instructed on methods of masturbation rubbing our plastic panties and how to use our breasts to increase the intensity of our orgasm. It was explained that we would be the most docile of prisoners and be intensely attracted to our diapers, plastic panties, and bras. The lights came on and the seats in front released our shackles, we were all headed off to a different door.

As the door opened we started our training for our lives in diaper prison. It had been one week since I was a highly motivated young college graduate and now I was going to be reduced to a baby. For the last week I wet and messed in my diaper, and the only thing I had to eat or drink was taken from a baby bottle. We entered the door and were taken into a long narrow room, where my bra and shackles were removed and my hands were chained spread eagle over my head. A woman dressed in a nurses uniform came up to me and started rubbing the front of my plastic panties. I quickly became hard, and then she stopped and gave me a shot which quickly made my head swim and reality became blurred. She returned to rubbing the front of my diaper, suddenly a voice out of nowhere started saying that it felt so good, nothing other than a diaper and plastic panties feels that good, she seemed to know when I was about to come as she would stop short of making me orgasm. Each time she would start rubbing the front of my diaper the voice would repeat how good the diaper and plastic panties made me feel. I finally came in a tremendous orgasm, soft music filled the room and the words diapers and plastic panties, diaper and plastic panties, diaper and plastic panties kept floating around the room. My plastic panties were pulled down and the outer diapers were removed. Finally the pee and semen stained diaper was removed. The guards returned and took my legs and pulled them apart and chained them to the wall so that I was chained spread eagle in this hall like room. After the guards left me there another nurse entered the room and administered four injections. Each nipple on my chest was injected, and my chest was injected about two inches from each nipple. The nurse told me that these injections would help to grow nice big titties. Then several nurses entered the room pushing a large cart with some type machine on it. The nurses spread this black cream all over my face and body, leaving it covered with a greasy black film. Finally a doctor came in and took a laser and went all over my body with the laser light. As the light hit the cream it disappeared, and with it the hair. I was now hairless except for the hair on the top of my head.

When this was finished I was taken to a small white cell and chained spread eagle to the wall. I was totally naked, a nurse came in and gave me a shot, and the thick steel door was closed. Then the room filled with soft music, and the lights dimmed to a soft blue light. In the background the words diapers and plastic pants were repeated over and over. Diapers and plastic panties, diapers and plastic panties, diapers and plastic panties, diapers and plastic panties, diapers and plastic panties, diapers and plastic panties, diapers and plastic panties, diapers and plastic panties, diapers and plastic panties, I drifted off to sleep thinking how much I missed my diapers and plastic panties. I kept dreaming how good it had felt to be wearing diapers and plastic panties, how good it felt to have somebody pin you into diapers and then pull on your plastic panties. I dreamed how wonderful it felt to have somebody rub the front of your plastic panties. The next thing I remember was waking to the sting of a needle entering my nipple then the other nipple was injected, and finally by breasts were injected. I noticed that my nipples seemed bigger as I looked down and I seemed to be growing breasts. I was chained spread eagle against the wall in this cell for hours. My legs hurt where the urine had run down my legs and my butt was on fire from the poop that was stuck between my butt cheeks. At last I was unchained from the wall and taken to a crib cage that had a plastic coated mattress inside. I was thrown in the crib cage and left alone the room went dark. I was cold tired and covered with pee and poop. I drifted off to sleep longing to have diapers and plastic panties on. When I woke in the morning the mattress was soaked with my pee and there were pieces of poop floating in the urine, it smelled terrible. Diapers and plastic panties, diapers and plastic panties, diapers and plastic panties, oh how I wished I was wearing diapers and plastic panties.

It had been a month since I had started training for my life in Diaper Prison. As I looked down at my breasts they were almost an A cup, and my nipples were larger and my areolas were over an inch and a half in diameter. They had become very sensitive.

I had a rash on my legs where my urine had run down my legs. I had lost all control of my bladder from the drugs that I had been given. One day as I stood in my own urine chained to the wall in a small cell the guards came in and removed my chains from the wall and moved me to another cell. We walked through several hallways, the guards told me that I had finished the first stage of my training. I was lead to a somewhat larger cell that had a set of stocks in it, and I was led over to the stocks and my head and arms were put in them. A nurse entered the room and began cleaning me up. She then injected my nipples and breasts, after measuring them. She told me that I was doing well, and had an A cup already. Then she asked me if I wanted a diaper. I almost begged for one after constantly lying in my own urine and constantly standing in it. She took a single cloth diaper and pinned it tightly around my waist, then pulled the front down and sprinkled powder on my private parts. When she had finished she started rubbing the front of my diaper until I came in the diaper. She asked me if that didn?t feel better. Then she left. This cell was painted pink and all I could see from the stocks was the massive steel door with a small window. My neck and back hurt, but it was better than standing in puddles of my own urine. Now each day I would still have urine running down my leg but the diaper helped a lot, and there was less than half the pee on the floor. At night in the crib cage, the puddle on the plastic covered mattress was much smaller, and I wasn?t covered with urine from head to toe. I had lost track of time, but each day was the same, all day in the stocks, each night in the crib cage.

There was the constant soft music and the constant soft voice telling me how good diapers and plastic panties felt. While I was in this stage of training I was chained spread eagle in a small hall like cell and covered with the black cream and had the laser run over my face and body to remove any body of facial hair that had escaped being removed the first time. Finally the laser had removed all of my beard and body hair. I was totally hairless like the day I was born.

I don?t know how long I remained in the stocks, but it appeared to be an eternity.

Then one of the nurses came in and measured my breasts, and said good, I was a little bigger than a B cup. She signed some papers and told me that I was going on to the next step in my training. I was removed from the stocks and taken into a bathing facility where I was washed and scrubbed from head to toe. I was then taken to another cell where I was again chained to the wall with my arms over my head. Two nurses came in and wiped my diaper area with Vasoline and powder, pinned a diaper on me, and then put a pair of snap on plastic panties over the diaper. Then again the front of my diaper was rubbed until I almost reached orgasm, then the nurse stopped, waited a few minutes and then rubbed me again till I almost ograsmed. Finally after three times she took me all the way. The daily injections in the breasts continued, and the daily diaper rubs continued each time my diaper was changed. Each night I was placed in the crib cage. I was so much more comfortable, as the diaper and plastic panties did their job.

I no longer woke cold and wet, and I no longer stood in my own pee. By this time I got a huge hard on any time I saw a diaper and plastic panties. I was turned on by diapers and plastic panties. Periodically the nurse would come in and measure my titties.

When They finally got a little bigger than a C cup the daily injections stopped.

I then went on to the next phase of my training, where I was trained to have a bowel movement right after I got up. I was wearing nothing other than a diaper and plastic panties. When I had my morning bowel movement automatically without any help, I was moved on to bra training. When it was complete, my nipples would get hard whenever I saw a bra. I was no longer chained to the wall or in the stocks. I was dressed in diapers, plastic panties, and a bra. I particularly liked the lacy bras, that were so soft against my sensitive nipples and areolas. I liked to look down and see my cleavage, and the soft while lacy bra. The final phase of training got me ready for transport to the prison cell at diaper prison where I would spend the rest of my life. I really didn?t care, I was happy to have my diapers and plastic panties on, and happy to be wearing a bra. I was taken to a seven by four foot cell, that had a seven foot ceiling.

It was painted pink, and had the cell number painted on the back wall in toy blocks.

The entire side of the cell was bars. The cell was concrete on three sides and top, with inch thick steel bars on the one side. The floor was covered with a thick vinyl covered mat. There was nothing in the cell, except for a pacifier, several baby bottles of water, and a doll. The doll was dressed exactly like I was. The doll had shackles on its hands, and wore a bra, and a diaper, snap on plastic panties. After a couple of weeks it just seemed to be so natural to play with a doll, suck on a pacifier and drink from a baby bottle. I was taught to masturbate through my diaper and plastic panties, and encouraged to do it at every diaper change. The orgasms were more intense than I ever remember before my arrest.

I was in my last week of training, and was placed in a small cell block with three other men who were dressed in diapers, plastic panties, bras, and shackles. This cell block had four cells two on each side of the hall, and was an exact replica of the real cells where we would spend the rest of our lives. The cell was also painted pink with nursery designs on the wall, and the cell number painted on the back in toy blocks.

There were no more daily injections of medications, and the guards were extremely kind and gentile. They were pleasant and treated us with respect. I was the last prisoner to be brought in. As I walked in I saw the other prisoners get huge erections as they looked at my diapers and plastic panties. Their erections tented out their plastic panties. Their nipples stood out under their bras. We were trained in the daily routine. At 8am the buzzer sounded and we were woken. We were given a large bottle of formula, similar to a milk shake to drink and then a small bottle of juice and then given four bottles of water to keep for the morning. Gentile music came over the P.A.

system, and each of us had our bowel movement. The guards would then come in each cell and pull down our pull on plastic panties, and unpin our triple diapers. They would gently clean us, wipe our bottoms with Vaseline, wipe us with powder, and then pin on our day time diaper. Next they would snap on our plastic panties, as we wore a single diaper with snap on plastic panties during the day, and triple diapers and pull on plastic panties at night. The guard would hand me my bra, which I would put on then they would shackle my hands. As soon as they finished shackling my hands I lay down on the floor and started rubbing the front of my diaper, and each of the cups of my bra.

When I came I would get up and suck on a bottle. I was no longer even aware of when I wet, at some time during the morning I would notice that my diaper was wet.

Periodically you would hear the crackling of plastic panties and rattle of chains as one of the other prisoners in the cell block would rub his diapers till he came. I played with my doll, diapering him, shackling him and putting his bra on. I would give him his pacifier. I then would take my pacifier and suck on it. For the rest of the morning I would suck my pacifier, suck my bottles until all four were gone, and then play with my doll. At lunch time we were give a bottle of formula again and five more bottles of water for the afternoon. Our diapers were changed, and I immediately masturbated in my clean diaper. The soft cloth rubbing the powder into my penis as my hand glided across the soft plastic of my panties brought me to orgasm, never in all my dating or other sexual activities had I ever had such intense orgasms. Most afternoons I would masturbate in a wet diaper in the middle of the afternoon. I would suck my pacifiers, and bottles, and play with my doll. In the middle of the afternoon our diapers were changed, and then when 5:30 came we were given another bottle of formula. Then a plate of cut up food was given to us to eat. The food was good, but we had to eat it with our fingers and it was cut up into bite sized pieces. After our plates were empty our hands were cleaned, and our diapers were changed. At 8pm the lights would dim and different soft music started again. The guards would come and remove our diapers, clean our diaper areas, and then coat our bottoms with Vaseline and powder.

Then they would pin on three thick night diapers and pull on a thick pair of plastic panties. Our hands were unshackled and I took my bra off and handed it to the guard.

There were gentile marks on my shin where it had been and I would look forward to wearing it again tomorrow. I has handed a regular sized baby bottle of formula to suck and I would lay down on the rubber mat on the floor. After all of the prisoners were changed, the lights went out except for a small night light at both ends of the hall. The only thing that changed that week was the color of my plastic panties. One day they where frosty white, the next day pink then clear, yellow, blue, and clear with flowers, and then pink with little bears on them. I liked the plain pink and frosty white the best.

The next morning when we got up everything was the same except we were triple diapered and put in leg irons. The guards came around and opened the cell doors. We were escorted out to four waiting cars, where we were placed in the back seat, and our shackles were locked to the back of the front seat. We all had our pacifiers in our mouths. The cars set off into the main part of the city we saw off in the distance when we arrived at the training center. As we got to the main part of the town I saw that all the buildings were made of thick concrete with only one solid steel door and small barred windows on each side. The buildings were all two stories and could only be distinguished by the number painted on the side. We went through several gates on the way into the main part of the city. We finally pulled up to an area where there were several more of these buildings being constructed. The building had M-95 painted on the side. My shackles were released from the back of the car seat, and I was led to the door of the building.

There were several guards, both men and women who met us at the door. They were all smiling and welcomed me to my new permanent home. I was the last prisoner for this building. I was led into the building and then into the head guards office where my diaper was checked. I was wet, although I don?t remember wetting. I was changed into a clean diaper and a pair of yellow snap-on plastic panties were snapped on over the diaper. The plastic panties had little bunnies dressed in diapers printed on them.

The head guard welcomed me, and reviewed the rules and then the guards led me down the hall to the last cell on the right, on the first floor. The cells in this cell block were exactly like the cells in the training cell block that I had been in my last week at the training center. All the cell blocks in diaper prison had both men and women in them. Some of the men, like me wore bras, others did not. As I walked down the hall all of the prisoners stood at the bars of their cells. The men all got erections and their plastic panties tented out as I walked by. The women prisoners nipples all got hard.

Everybody had the yellow snap on plastic panties with the bunnies on. I finally arrived at my cell and the door was opened. I walked in, was handed my doll, and the door was locked behind me. A guard came back and gave my several bottles of water. I lay down on the floor and started rubbing the front of my plastic panties. The guard just looked down at me and smiled and said welcome home. It looks like you will be happy here.

2nd Diaper Prison Series Story A New Guard At Diaper Prison by Cassie Cathy had finished her degree in Criminal Justice over three years ago, and was still serving burgers at McDonalds. Jobs in law enforcement were hard to come by.

There were just no jobs to be had. The new crime bill had all but eliminated crime and most police departments were laying off officers, and the few that were not were not hiring. Cathy had to work two jobs just to make ends meet. Cathy had graduated at the top of her class with a 4.0 QPA. She was an expert in the new crime bill and knew all about it.

Cathy received a letter from the placement office at her college asking her to come in for a job interview. She took time off from work and drove the three hundred miles to the State University. She wanted a job in law enforcement. The job interview went well until she found out that the job was at the Crime Control Center, better known as Diaper Prison. She had to think long and hard about the offer. She asked for a week to think it over. She reviewed all of her notes on the Crime Bill. She wanted to enforce the law, and investigate crimes not be a jail guard or more possible a baby sitter for a bunch of adults who acted like babies, and were now treated that way.

She was given a week to think it over, and left for home. The next day she was called in the managers office at her part time job and told that the company was closing the restaurant, and that she would be given a good reference and two weeks pay, Friday would be her last day. Just when she thought things couldn?t get worse when she got home she found a notice that her lease was up at the end of the month and that the rent would be going one hundred dollars a month. That did it, she called the placement office and then the Crime Control Center to accept the position. She gave McDonalds two weeks notice and she would start her job as the new guard at diaper prison the first of the month. She had a yard sale, and got rid of all the things she could do without, and packed the rest in a U-Haul and set off for the great western desert. She did a little sight seeing on the way and finally arrived in the city that sprang up to support the crime control center. She found the housing office and they took her to her new apartment. She settled in for the weekend and got ready for her training classes that would start on Monday.

Cathy was nervous as she entered through the gate that led into the massive facility. Small cell block buildings as far as the eye could see. They pulled up to the orientation center where her training would be, the same building where normal adults were turned into happy babies. She was given a physical and then her uniforms. The uniform was a cross between a police uniform and a nurses uniform. After she was changed into her uniform she went into the classroom wing of the training building.

She spent the next ninety days learning all the policies and procedures of the Crime Control Center. She learned how to change diapers, how to rub the front of the male prisoners diapers and plastic panties to create orgasm while saying the words that would reinforce the programming to keep the prisoner happy in diapers. She learned how to rub the nipples of the male prisoners through their bras to keep them happy wearing bras. She was taught how to rub the crotch of the diapers and plastic panties of the female prisoners to keep them happy and dependant on their diapers. She learned the penalties of different offences that the prisoners could commit. She learned the different ways to chain the prisoners to the wall, and the way to put the prisoners in stocks. She was taught the penalties for offences that guards could commit. For the first offence their would be a certain amount of days as a prisoner, and for any second offence of the same type it would be loss of job and confinement for life as a prisoner. Even the rules for the guards were strict.

The last day of training came and when the trainees entered their class room there was a box on each desk the box was sealed, and all the prospective guards wondered what was inside the box. The warden entered the room along with all the instructors. There was a little ceremony celebrating the completion of the classroom portion of the training. Then the head instructor informed the students that the next phase of instruction was to live as a prisoner for ninety days. They would be confined in the regular cell blocks with regular prisoners. There was a loud collective sigh, and several of the students objected. They were told that they could resign and they would receive their pay and could leave. Cathy thought long and hard and decided to stay.

Those who stayed were told to open the box on their desks. Inside the male guards found a pair of falsies, a bra, two diapers, diaper pins, and a pair of snap-on plastic panties. When Cathy opened her box she found two diapers, diaper pins, and a pair of snap-on plastic panties. All the prospective guards who decided to stay were then allowed to go to the locker room to change into their diapers. Cathy took her box and entered the women?s locker room. She took off her uniform, and hung it in her locker.

She stripped off her bra and panties, finally standing naked in front of the locker. She opened the box and took out the diaper. She expertly folded the diaper and laid it on the bench. She sat down on top of the diaper and lay back. She pulled the soft white fabric up between her legs and pinned it tight at her hips. She got up and put the plastic panties on the bench and repeated the process snapping the plastic panties in place. The soft white cloth held in place by the plastic of the panties sort of felt good.

She started rubbing her crotch even without thinking. She noticed that several of the other female guards were doing the same thing. The women were a little embarrassed to go out into the class room wing and back to class. They all covered their breasts the best they could. The male guards appeared as if they were more embarrassed by wearing the bras, than by wearing the diapers. Each student guard?s hands were shackled, and they were led off to a waiting car where they were transported to a cell block building.

As Cathy rode in the back seat of the car it felt funny to be sitting on the thick diapers, and the plastic panties created a strange warmth on her diaper area. It felt strange but it also felt good in an unusual naughty way. The car pulled up to the front of a cell block and stopped. The instructor got out and opened the door for Cathy to get out. They were met by two guards from the cell block who escorted Cathy in. Her heart sank as the big steel door clanked shut behind her. She was so shocked by the sensations of the soft diaper between her legs and the loud clank of the door that she lost all of her concerns over her naked breasts. She was escorted to the last cell on the left. She had seen videos of the cell blocks and had toured several of the cell blocks during orientation before classes began, but this was different, she was now dressed in just a diaper and plastic panties. On her tours as a prospective guard the prisoners just looked out of their cells at her, but now that she was dressed in a diaper too they had a different reaction. All the male prisoners had erections that tented out their plastic panties. The plastic panties were tented out to different degrees depending on the size of the prisoners penis. One of the prisoners was so big the the waist band of his plastic panties pulled away from his stomach. She was shocked by this. Most of the male prisoners who wore bras had much smaller erections as a result of the treatments to grow breasts. They almost had infantile erections. She thought that their tiny hard-ons were kind of cute. The female prisoners were all rubbing their thighs together and some were openly masturbating by rubbing their crotch through their plastic panties. About half way down the hall, there were two male prisoners in cells next to each other who were being disciplined for an infraction of the rules. One prisoner had his hands chained over his head, and was obviously diapered much thicker than the regular prisoners. His plastic panties were also tented out, but somewhat blunted by the extra thick diapers. The prisoner next to him was chained to the wall spread eagle, and also thickly diapered. He was also wearing a bra that was riding up because of his arms being spread put and chained over his head. Finally Cathy came to the last cell, and the guards opened the door and put her inside. She felt faint as they closed the door behind her. They returned with a pacifier and baby bottles containing water. Then the lieutenant came by and gave her a doll dressed exactly as she was. It was not a baby doll but a large adult woman doll wearing diapers, snap-on plastic panties and shackles. Cathy was then left alone in the cell.

She looked across the hall, and there was a man dressed in a diaper, plastic panties, and bra. He was leaning against the side of his cell, holding a baby bottle in his shackled hands. Cathy felt alone and scared.

Cathy had three cups of coffee that morning before class, and now she had to pee. Not only did she have to pee, but she had to pee badly. She called for the guard, who came quickly. The guard told her that it didn?t matter what she would be in three months, she was just a regular prisoner now and that the diaper was there to be used.

She was told that this cell was her home for the next ninety days and that she could not leave for any reason. Since there was no toilet in the cell she had better use the diaper, or she would be disciplined. It was hard to pee in a diaper at first, and she had to squat down to do it. As the warm wetness spread through the waiting cloth she felt feelings that she had never felt before. Wetting the diaper was almost sensuous, and turned her on for some unknown reason. When she was finished wetting she slipped her hand inside the diaper and plastic panties, where she felt the warm moistness. Her finger found her clitoris and it was hard. The urine was not the only moistness, she was excreting lubricating fluids. She had about three orgasms when she noticed that there were several guards watching her along with the lieutenant. She quickly pulled her hand out of her diaper, but her other hand kept rubbing the soft plastic of the back of her panties. Since this was her first offence she was sentenced to three days of being chained spread eagle to the back of her cell. The guards opened her cell and came in the pushed her down on the floor and unsnapped her plastic panties. Then they unpinned her diapers. They wiped her diaper area with a diaper wipe and spread Vaseline all over her most intimate parts. Then she automatically lifted her bottom and four thick diapers were laid under her. She was heavily powdered and the guards quickly pinned each of the four diapers on her. She was told to lift her bottom again and the plastic panties were put under her, and the front pulled up between her legs and snapped in place. A special tool released one of the links of her shackles and she was led over to the back wall and the remaining links of her shackles were attached to chains coming out of the corners of the wall. She could not bring her legs together.

One of the guards started rubbing the crotch of her plastic panties, and as she did the soft cloth of the diaper went between her lips and made contact with her clitoris. She felt herself get moist. Almost without warning she exploded in several orgasms. The guards smiled and left her alone, after placing a pacifier in her mouth. She sucked on the pacifier and rubbed her legs together causing a continual series of orgasms as the thick cloth of the diapers rubbed against her most private places with each movement of her thighs. Sometime in the middle of the afternoon the guards came into her cell and held a couple of bottles to her lips for her to have something to drink. When they left she realized that she had to pee again. It was impossible to squat down, and it was difficult to pee standing up, but finally the flood erupted from her and entered her diapers. It slowly spread throughout the thirsty cloth, and was trapped in place by the plastic panties. As evening approached she had wet several more times. At supper time, she was fed a quart size bottle of formula and another bottle of water. When bed time came her shackles were removed from the chains on the wall and then the shackles were removed from her wrists. She laid down and her diapers were removed.

Again she was put in four diapers, but this time she was helped into pull on style night time plastic panties. She drank several bottles and then fell asleep while rubbing the crotch of her plastic panties.

Cathy was finally finished with her punishment and quickly adjusted to the normal routine of bottles, diaper changes and life as a prisoner at Diaper Prison. She would forget the rules and ended up in stocks for three days and with her hands chained over her head for three days. Cathy adjusted well and it wasn?t long before she too was turned on by the sight of a diaper under a pair of plastic panties. The ninety days went quickly, and she was taken back to the training center where she participated in her graduation ceremony. Cathy had to wear disposable diapers for a few weeks after graduation until she gained full control of her bladder and bowels.

Bowel control came quickly but it was several weeks until she gained confidence to go without a diaper. She had a month off to go home and visit her parents before she had to start her new assignment. She realized she had made a good choice, and knew that she was going to like her job at diaper prison.

Third Diaper Prison Series Story Fraternizing With the Inmates at Diaper Prison By Cassie I had been an inmate at the Crime Control Center, better known as Diaper Prison for over five years when I first met Cathy. It had been over five years since I had been outside my cell. I was so used to wetting and messing in my diapers that I didn?t even know that I was wet. As my bowel movements were so regular, I messed right after my morning bottle, before I was changed into my double diapers and pull up plastic panties, I knew when I was messy. I was turned on by just the sight of diapers under a pair of plastic panties. Additionally I was turned on by bras which I was sentenced to wear every waking moment. Even though I was shackled every day for over five years, the shackles did not become a ?usual thing.? After being in a cell for over five years I lost track of the day of the week, but it must have been a Monday when I first met Cathy. She was beautiful and I instantly fell in love with her. Even though I could not see the bra she wore under her guard uniform, my nipples poked out noticeably through my bra, and my diaper was tented out by the erection I got from seeing her. My penis was small because of the hormone treatments I received to grow C-cup breasts, it was infantile, but you could make out the outline of the head of my baby penis on my snap-on baby panties. When Cathy saw it she smiled and in some ways appeared to take special note of me and my erections, both penis and nipple. It was the first day of her tour of duty as a guard in my cell block.

After her tour of the cell block where she was to work and her introduction to the prisoners, she went home to get some sleep so she could return to work the night shift.

As she drifted off to sleep her mind turned to the last prisoner she had met. She was fascinated by the way he was dressed. He had on a white bra, and double diapers with plain pink snap-on plastic panties. She noticed how his nipples poked out through his bra and how his cute little baby sized penis. Cathy had never had sex with anyone.

She had to work so hard just to make it through collage and had to work hard to get a scholarship while she was in high school that she didn?t have time to date. She wasn?t attracted to women but she did have an attraction to breasts and had often thought about touching and even sucking on another woman?s breasts. She was attracted to men, but preferred more effeminate men and men that were not Mr. Macho. She was turned on by the small penises on the prisoners who wore bras. She was also turned on by wearing diapers herself, as she learned to love them when she had to live as a prisoner for ninety days as part of her training. Just the thought of a diaper around her bottom started her love juices flowing, but more than that, there was something special about that last prisoner. She put her hands inside her panties and started to rub her clitoris. Her body shuddered with emotion as she came, and she drifted off to sleep.

That evening she reported to work and jumped right in changing all the prisoners from their double day time diapers and plastic panties into four thick night diapers, and then helped then into their pull up night time plastic panties. The night time plastic panties this day were pink and had little baby bunnies on them. There was only one prisoner left to get ready for bed. It was the last prisoner, and he needed to have his shackles and bra removed as well as have his diapers changed. The other guards started to pass out baby bottles filled with water, and give the prisoners clean pacifiers for the night.

Cathy shuttered as she entered my cell. She took out the key and unlocked the shackles around my wrists, and then set them out side of my cell. Then she unhooked my bra and set it outside of my cell. As I lay down on my back she gently brushed my breasts, and then gently unsnapped my plastic panties. Then she unpinned each of the diapers I was wearing. She wiped me all over my diaper area paying special attention to my penis. There was something special and overwhelming about her touch, and she kept wiping it, paying special attention to the head. When she had me clean, she started to smear Vaseline on my penis, testicles and the front of my diaper area. She told me to lift my butt, and placed four thick diapers under me, and then sprinkled my diaper area with extra amounts of baby powder. Again she wiped my small penis with the baby powder for an extra long time. Then she pinned the thick diapers tightly around my waist. When she finished pinning on the last diaper, she told me to stand up and she held my plastic panties for me to step into. She tucked the diaper in the plastic panties. Then she had me lay down and started rubbing the front of my plastic panties talking about how good they made me feel and she kept rubbing until I came. There was something unusual in the look on her face, she was paying special attention to me. Her eyes closed and she had a dreamy look on her face.

Each day that Cathy worked she would make sure that she changed me into my night diapers. It seemed that each day she took longer and longer to change me. She spent more and more time getting me cleaned up and more and more time putting Vaseline on my diaper area, and more and more time powdering me. She would spend time talking with me and listening to how I ended up in diaper prison, she seemed to be genuinely concerned that I did not belong here. She even stayed overtime some mornings to change me into my daytime diapers and plastic panties. On those mornings that she would change me she would help me with my bra and would spend time smoothing out the cups on my bra and would almost fondle my breasts. At times she would spend an hour or more in the morning dressing me in my diapers, plastic pants and bra.

One particular morning she came into my cell and pulled down my plastic panties. She unpinned my diapers and left them fall to the floor. She had me lay down on the changing mat and cleaned the poop from my bottom. She carefully wiped my penis and testicles, as well as my diaper area. Before she put the Vaseline on me she started rubbing my breasts, paying particular attention to my nipples. My nipples were standing at attention as she opened her uniform shirt and let me see her chest and bra.

She started kissing my penis and took it in her mouth. When i didn?t respond quickluy enough she put my plastic pants in my sight and I instantly became hard. She continued kissing and sucking on me. She took my hand and put it on her breasts.

She kept sucking until I came. Both of us were lost in pure pleasure. Neither of us heard the other guards approach, nor did we realize that the lieutenant was watching.

When Cathy finished, she was immediately arrested, and the other guards finished diapering me. After I put my bra on the guards shackled me and then chained me to the wall of my cell with my hands over my head. The lieutenant came back just before lunch, and told me that Cathy was given 120 days as a prisoner, and that she would be brought back to this cell block later that day. I was sentenced to 10 days of being chained to the wall.

After the noon diaper change and bottle, Cathy was brought in dressed in only four diapers and a pair of snap on plastic panties. Her arms were shackled, and she was placed in the cell across from mine. Her shackles were attached to the ceiling and she too had her arms over her head. I could tell that Cathy was in love with me, and that I too was in love with her. The ten days shackled to the wall was very hard and I had a constant erection looking at Cathy in her diapers chained to the wall in her cell. I could tell by the way that Cathy squirmed her legs and rubbed her thighs together that she too was extremely turned on. The times that we were allowed to talk to the other prisoners near our cells further cemented my love for Cathy and her love for me. When her 120 day discipline was over she was released, and transferred to another cell block. I was devastated and thought that I would never see her again.

When Cathy was released from her cell she signed out diapers and plastic panties for her to wear. New guards and guards just getting off discipline were allowed to sign for diapers and wear them. Cathy had become addicted to diapers herself.

Every day she would wear a double diaper under her uniform. Her double diapers were covered with a pair of snap on plastic panties. Off duty Cathy would wear four diapers covered by pull up plastic panties. She always picked pink or pink with baby animals for her pull on plastic panties. At work she wore white snap on plastic panties. When she got off work she would rush home and take off her uniform, stripping to just a bra and diapers. She would change her diapers and powder herself. She would lay on her bed and dream about the diapered man she loved and masturbate for hours.

It had been over six months since I had seen Cathy, and I missed her very much.

I enjoyed wearing my bra, and loved being in diapers. I totally loved having my diapers changed and when the guards would rub the soft plastic of my panties until I came, but there was something missing, it was Cathy, oh how I missed her.

One particularly uneventful morning I had just finished messing in my night time diaper and was waiting for the guards to change me, I felt something unusual, or should I say heard something familiar. Cathy came to the door of my cell. She was holding my daytime diapers, bra, shackles and snap on plastic panties. Surprise she said, as she unlocked the door to my cell. She rolled out the changing mat, and told me to lift my legs so she could pull down my plastic panties. She gently unpinned my diapers, and cleaned my diaper area. She quickly put Vaseline on my diaper area and powdered me. She swiftly had me lift my bottom and slipped the diapers up between my legs.

She pulled the front of the first diaper up between my legs and pinned it tightly between my legs and then repeated the process with the second diaper. She had me lift my bottom again, and slipped the plastic panties under me. She brought the front of the plastic panties up and snapped them in place. She made sure that the diapers were encased inside the plastic panties. She had me sit up, and she helped me put my bra on, and hooked it in the back. Then she locked the shackles on my wrists. She put the dirty diapers on the cart in the hall, and seeing no other guards she unbuttoned her shirt and took one of her breasts out of her bra. She held it to my lips saying here is a special treat for my special baby. She told me how much she loved me and how much she missed me as she rubbed the front of my plastic panties. I nursed at her breast as the soft cloth of the diaper floated across my penis. I came in a violent explosion.

Cathy was rubbing her clitoris inside her plastic panties, as she had also dropped her uniform pants down. When we were both satisfied she got redressed and left my cell.

Later the afternoon, the lieutenant came to my cell with a set of stocks, and had the two guards put me in them. I was sentenced to thirty days in the stocks for what had happened with Cathy that morning. He told me that Cathy was already sentenced to life without parole, and had started her training to be a prisoner as well as be diaper dependant. Because it was Cathy?s second offence with a prisoner and especially the same prisoner, she was to be kept in the cell across the hall from mine. We could see each other, we could talk to each other, but we would never be able to touch again.

The guards unsnapped my plastic panties, and as I was dry they just put two more diapers on me and re applied my plastic panties. Thirty days in the stocks was painful, and seemed to last forever, but the most painful was that I would never again be able to touch Cathy, nor would I ever feel her touch me. The next five months went slowly, but the day finally came when Cathy was led back to the cell block and locked in the cell across from me.

It was just about lunch time and when Cathy was brought in. She was dressed in thick diapers for transportation from the training center. She had her hands and feet shackled, and white pull on plastic panties covered her thick diapers. The guards who transported her waited as the guards from our cell block changed her diapers. She was told to lay down in the changing mat and to lift her butt. She did as she was told and the guard pulled her plastic panties down, she lifted her legs without being told, and the white plastic panties were taken off entirely. Her diaper was found to be wet, so the diapers were unpinned layer by layer until she was naked. She shivered as the cool air hit her diaper area. The guards were constantly telling her how good the clean diapers would make her feel, as they wiped her entire diaper area. They stayed on her clitoris for several seconds and then started to apply Vaseline and then a thick coating of baby powder. I was in heaven to have her in the cell across from mine where I could see her an talk to her during the times we were allowed to talk. She lifted her bottom as the guards placed the diapers under her. As the front of each diaper was pulled up between her legs and pinned tightly around her waist the guards would rub her crotch pushing the fabric between her lips and against her clitoris. Finally a pair of pink bunny print plastic panties was placed under her lifted and diapered butt. The front of the plastic panties were pulled up between her legs and the sides were snapped shut.

They then tucked the thick double diapers inside the waiting plastic of her panties.

When they were all done they started to rub the crotch of her plastic panties and I could see her squirm and moan as she had an orgasm.

Even though the treatments to grow breasts had reduced my penis to an infantile size, it was rock hard and its head was clearly visible on the front of my plastic panties.

Watching Cathy have her diapers changed had made me extremely horney and I started rubbing the front of my plastic panties. The vinyl of the panties slid across the soft cotton fabric of the thick diapers which rubbed against my penis and i quickly came. Even though my erection subsided, I kept rubbing the front of my plastic pants.

There is no feeling in the world as good as a soft thick cotton diaper rubbing against my penis as the soft vinyl of the plastic panties slips across the fabric. Both Cathy and I kept rubbing our plastic panties until the guards came for our diaper changes and brought us our lunch bottles.

Even though Cathy and I could never touch it was wonderful to bee able to watch her have her diapers changed. I was happy to just see her in her diapers in the cell across from me. We were in love. She enjoyed seeing me in my diapers and bra, and enjoyed watching my diaper change. We could talk for several hours each day, and once or twice have been chained to the back walls of our cells for days at a time for talking to each other during silent times. We have both adjusted very well to our lives in Diaper Prison.

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