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I guess I'm just a diaper lover. I don't go in for the baby outfits or bottles. Up til now, my diaper play and fantasies had taken place with female lovers, but then I met Kevin, and we found he enjoyed diapers almost as much as I did. In the past a few guys I've dated found out about my diapers and liked to see me in them, but Kevin really wanted to share in my fun.

Kevin works at the hardware store near my house, and I met him during one of several trips I made there when I was having some plumbing in my kitchen. After several of his somewhat lame attempts to pick me up, I finally agreed to go out with him. We had been going out about a month when Kevin dropped by my house late on a Friday night. My girlfriend Abbey and I were supposed to go out for a night of dancing, but she called and cancelled at the last minute. I figured Kevin would already be out doing something with his buddies, so I settled in for an unexpected night of diaper fun.

I cut some slits in a disposable diaper, taped it tightly around my curving hips and made sure it was pulled up snug against my shaved pussy lips. After adding a second diaper to avoid leakage, I rolled myself a fat joint and retrieved a couple of beers from the fridge. I lit up the joint as I was finishing off the second beer, feeling a pleasurable pressure building in my bladder. I was up in my spare bedroom cruising through several Yahoo diaper sites, dressed in just my diapers and a sport bra when I heard Kevin's voice calling "Hello?" from downstairs. I froze as I heard his footsteps padding up the stair case. The expression on his face was one of pure astonishment as he peered into my computer room, and I tried, with no success to cover myself up. He didn't say a word at first, but his expression changed from amazement to amusement, and he finally asked "Can anyone join this party?" I didn't know what to say! I had never expected a guy to want to share my diaper fantasies. After a few moments that seemed like an eternity, I stammered "Sure.I guess". While he started stripping, I went into my bedroom to get him a diaper, all the while wondering where this was going to go.

Kevin has an average cock, about 6 1/2 inches long and a proportionate width, and it was stiffening as I taped the diaper around his waist, making it somewhat difficult to get a good, snug fit. He pulled up another chair, I re-lit the rest of the joint, and we went back to perusing the diaper sites. He was particularly interested in pictures of women in wet or pooped diapers, rubbing my padded crotch, all the while staring at the screen. After visiting several more groups, he asked "Do you ever try any of that?"

"Well", I answered nervously, "I like to wet my diapers, but I hardly ever poop in them because it's so easy to start vaginal infections if you clean up properly." If I promised to help clean you real good, do you think we could give it a try?"

"We'll see" I answered, both nervous and excited at this turn of events. I now had a nice glow going and felt like anything could happen.

We slid the bed closer to the computer desk and laid down next to each other, he was rubbing my ass the whole time. I suddenly was aware of an overwhelming pressure in my crotch. I still hadn't peed since Kevin popped in on me, and I was now wondering if even my double diaper job would hold all my piss. I told Kevin that I was going to the bathroom, explaining my concerns about my diaper. I was also somewhat embarrassed, at 23 years of age, to be pissing a diaper in front of a guy. Kevin pulled me back to the bed and said "I told you I would help you clean up, just stay here." So, with some reservations, I climbed back on the bed. Kevin had me get up on my hands and knees, and he went back to rubbing my crotch, the inner layer of the disposable creating a dry friction against my bald pussy and distended clit. As my orgasm approached, I knew I was not going to be able to hold my bladder any longer. The dual sensations in my crotch of long-awaited urine release combined with reaching the peak of a slow-build orgasm was just to much for me to take; I collapsed on the bed. I lay there for a couple of minutes, just languishing in the delicious numbness that had taken over my body and mind. As I began to regain my composure, I realized that during my loss of control my bowels let go as well, and I had a hefty load in the back of my diaper.

Well, the front of Kevin's diaper was straining against the tapes, and since I had had such a wonderful climax I wanted to share the moment with him. I started to pull his diaper down, figuring to give him a blowjob. He stopped me, saying "Oh baby, I see why you love the feeling of a diaper, I don't want to take it off." So, he poked a hole in the front of the diaper and popped his cock right through. I was back on all fours, and began nibbling on his dick head, taking a little more of him in my mouth with each downstroke. Kevin reached down my back to my dirty, somewhat sagging, diaper and began to rub my ass. He was spreading the heated mass all over my ass and down to my bare pussy lips. I had messed in my diaper before, but the sensation of someone else rubbing the warm, pungent mass all over my backside was bringing me close to another orgasm. I was hot, and I wanted to be fucked right then, but no matter how good that warm mass spreading over my ass felt, I couldn't have him pushing it up inside my pussy.

I made up my mind what to do. Still on hands and knees, I pulled his cock out of my mouth and said "Kevin, get behind me now." I then reached back on the outside of my diaper, finding the spot directly over my asshole, and made a mark with my fingernail.

"Grab those scissors in the desk drawer and cut a hole in my diaper right here." Looking a little confused, he did as I directed. I dropped down to my elbows, laid my head on the bed, and with my diapered ass stuck up in the air, I said "Fuck my ass, now!!" Kevin didn't have to be told twice. My still warm poop acted as a lubricant, and his cock slid in my ass with almost no resistance. I reached into the front of my piss-soaked diaper and fingered my clit as Kevin increased the tempo of his dick in my asshole. As I started to come for the second time I flooded my diaper again, and Kevin came within moments. After carefully untangling our bodies, trying not to make any bigger mess on the bed, we went and took a long, hot shower. After Kevin cleaned me up thoroughly, he pumped my pussy from behind while I had my tits pressed against the cool ceramic tile of the shower wall. I dated Kevin for about five more months, and we had several more wonderful diaper weekends until a job opportunity moved him to another city and we drifted apart. C'est La Vie!

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