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Naughty Little Girl

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"Princess, dinners ready" I called. She turned her head slightly in my direction, but her eyes never left the screen. She was watching a cartoon on the Disney channel, and did not want to interrupted.

"I said dinners ready, Stephie". Her eyes flicked to me for a

second, then back to the screen, she was still pretending that she couldn't her me.

"Stephanie Alice Johnson, you march yourself to the table right now missy".

"Otay daddy" she got up off the floor, switched off the TV and skipped over to the dinner table.

"Why didn't you come over to the table when I asked?"

"I didn't hear you the first time, Daddy"

"What do you mean, the first time?" I asked her. Her eyes widened in fear, she knew she

was caught.

"I'm sorry daddy"

"I know you are, Princess," I said, giving her a wink. She did not like that at all. Perhaps it

was my being so calm, and not instantly punishing her as I normally would. I told her to sit

on the floor, and then I left the room.

I came back a few minutes later, carrying an adult size high chair. Before I came into her

line of sight, I told my baby girl to close her eyes. I took the high chair into the room and

put it at the table. I then lifted Stephanie off the floor and put her in the highchair. I saw her

eyes begin to part, as she tried to see what I was doing.

"No peeking," I said, as I playfully swatted her thigh. I strapped her ankles to the legs of

the chair, and put the feeding tray over her arms. The high chair had a bar going from the

feeding tray down to the base of the chair between her legs, to stop my mischievous little

girl from sliding out under the feeding tray. Once she was securely strapped in, I told her to

open her eyes. She opened them and looked down at herself, relized what had happened,

and beamed happily at me. She began to squirm, testing the limits of the restraints. I could

tell she was enjoying herself.

"Now, you stay there while I get our dinner". I left her, still squirming around in her chair. I

brought back my own meal, and placed it in front of my seat. Stephanie looked at me with

a puzzled look on her face.

"Where's mine Daddy?"

"Yours is coming Princess", I went back into the kitchen, picked up Stephanie's plate of

food, and tipped it into the blender. I reached for the switch, paused, and the tipped in her

glass of milk. I then turned on the blender.

"What's that noise Daddy?" I heard from the other room.

"Nothing Princess", I called back. When the food was a smooth consistency, I poured it

into a bright pink plastic bowl. I took a spoon and tasted it, and cringed. It was disgusting. I

took it into the dining room and put it in front of my baby.

"There you are Princess", she looked at it uncertainly. She glanced at my plate, then back

at her own, and frowned. She knew that the contents of my plate would be the same as

the contents of the mush in front of her. She thought it wouldn't be so bad, but then she

spotted my glass of milk. She thought for a second and realized what I had done. She

cringed, just as I had done. I loaded up an oversized tablespoon with the mush comprised

of roast lamb, peas, potato, carrot, pumpkin and a glass of milk. As her hands were stuck

underneath the feeding tray, she could not stop me as I forced the mush into her mouth.

As soon as it hit her tongue, she gagged and spat the food all over the pace, mostly down

her own front.

"Ewwy, I don't like that, Daddy" she whined.

"Princess, I worked very hard to make this meal for you, so you're going to eat it or go


"Fine!" she shouted, "I'll go hungry!"

"Oh no you won't, no little girl under my care is going to starve"

"Then why did you give me a choice? That's not fair! I don't..." she never finished that

sentence, because at that moment, I shoved another spoonful of the disgusting mush into

her mouth. Again she spluttered, and the mush went everywhere. I tried to push another

spoonful of the mush into her mouth again, but it was clamped shut. She would not be

fooled into opening it again. I tried again, but all that did was smear the food all over her


"What a messy baby" I said, as I tickled her sides. She did not giggle, and she most

certainly did not open her mouth. I tried her comes the choo choo train, and every other

thing I could think of. I even tried pinching her nose, which did make her open her mouth

to breathe, but her teeth stayed clamped shut. I was starting to get frustrated, but I didn't

show it.

"OK sweetie, I'll make you a deal. I'll only let you down off your high chair once you've

finished all of that", I said as I slid the feeding tray out to let free one of her arms. I then

tied her left arm to the chair, as a precaution.

"There, you can feed yourself, at your own

pace". She simply looked at me, then without warning, she lunged at my plate, trying to get

some of my food, but I was too quick for her, and I slapped her hand away. She recoiled,

and her eyes began to well up with tears.

"Well, you obviously can't be trusted, but I suppose I can give you one more chance, and if

you know what's good for you, you will eat all of that" I said. I then walked around behind

her, and picked her up, chair and all, and carried her over to the corner, placing the chair

facing into the corner. She started to quietly sob.

"Now Princess, I'm going to finish my dinner, and I better not hear a peep from you, until

you've finished eating". I walked back over to the dining table and sat with my back to the

corner, and started to eat. I was almost finished when I heard a crash behind me. I turned

to see the feeding tray on the ground, and the upturned bowl of mush on the floor.

Stephanie was in the process of freeing herself. She had already untied her arm, and was

in the process of untying one of her legs. I stood can slowly walked over to her. When I got

to her a grabbed a handful of her hair, untied both her legs and forced her to the ground. I

then shoved her face into what remained of her food, which was now all over the floor.

" I gave you more chances than you deserved tonight, and now you're going to be

punished, but first, you need to finish your dinner". With her hair still in my clenched fist, I

forced her face to the ground, and shoved it in the mush.

"Lick it all up". She did as she was told, and started to lick the mush off the floor, all the

while gagging and sobbing. It took half an hour before I was satisfied that she'd had

enough. She was exhausted and crying as I dragged her over to the couch, sat down, and

pulled her over my lap. I pulled down her Pull-Up, "How ironic", I said to myself. I then

began to rub her bare bottom, her crying began to ease. Then, without warning, I lifted my

hand, and brought it down as hard as I could on her poor defenseless bottom. She

screamed in agony, and I continued to smack her as hard as I could. She had been very

disobedient tonight, and she needed to be taught a lesson. She was still screaming and

squirming by the fifth smack. By the tenth, she was swearing, and cursing my name. By

the twentieth slap, she was struggling less, but choking in air, in between sobs. The

spanking continued for a full ten minutes, by which time she was hanging lifeless over my

knees, with her hands and feet dangling on the carpet. I finished and rolled her off my

knees, where she hit the ground and curled up into the fetal position, with her thumb in her

mouth. I grabbed her jaw, and forced her face towards my own.

"What do you say?" I asked her. I barley heard her mumbled response. I smacked her bum

again, and she screamed out

"Thank you Daddy!"

"Good girl". I gave her two minutes to recover, which I knew was not nearly enough. Then I

said, "that's the disobedience dealt with, now I think its time to do something about that

potty mouth". I was referring to her cursing during her spanking, but she knew that. I made

her crawl in front of me to the bathroom. I followed her, admiring her bright red, still naked


When we got to the bathroom, I grabbed the bar of soap, and forced it into her mouth, and

began to wash away the dirty words. She barley even struggled, as she was so exhausted

from the spanking. When we were finished in the bathroom, I made her crawl in front of me

to the bedroom. She was coughing and gagging the whole way. When we got to the

bedroom, I told her to go and kneel in the corner, and to keep her back strait. I knew she

couldn't hold that position for long, especially after all she'd been through tonight. When I

had gathered all the things I needed, walked up behind my Princess and blindfolded her. I

then grabbed her ear and dragged her to the foot of the bed, where I had a changing mat,

and a unfolded disposable diaper waiting for her. I laid her down on the waiting diaper,

which made her wince in pain, because of her sore red bottom.

"Now sweetie, I'm not going to give you any cream for that sore bottom of yours, nor am I

going to powder you. That way when you wake up with a nice wet diaper tomorrow, you

might have a nasty wittle diapy wash", I said in a mock baby voice.

"No Daddy, pweese, I be good giwl".

"It's a bit late for that", I replied. While she was busy thinking of something else to say to

change my mind, I picked up a rather large vibrating butt plug from the ground beside the

changing mat, and began to rub lubricant on it. I then lifted her legs, and without warning,

slid the butt plug into her tight little ass. She screamed out in pain, at the invasion.

"Shh sweetie, it's not that bad", I said as I turned the butt plug on, and watched her squirm.

I then lowered her legs, and brought the dry diaper up between her legs, and taped the

sides together snugly.

"Oh no sweetie, this diaper has a big hole in it", I said as I poked her wet vagina through

the rip in bottom of the diaper. I smiled to myself, she was getting horny because of this.

"What should we do about the hole in this diaper, I wonder?" Even though I was playing

dumb, I had always known the diaper had a hole in it, after all, I had cut it myself.

"Well I guess you'll just need another diaper to cover this one", I said, as I pulled another

disposable diaper over the first. When that was securely in place, I said

"Oh no, this diaper has a hole in it as well". I pulled yet another diaper over the first two. I repeated this process twice more, until my baby Stephie, had five very thick disposable diapers on. I then proceeded to put her hands into leather bondage mittens, which I then locked behind her back. She started to protest while this was happening, so I picked up a ball gag and put it in her mouth, and tied it around the back of her head. I then put on the ankle cuff and tried to lock them together, which was a major struggle because of the thickness of the diapers. I did eventually lock the ankle cuffs together, and my little girl was bound for the night.

"OK Princess, bedtime", I said as I picked her up off the floor. I heard her muffled cries of

protest, most probably because of the early hour I was putting her to sleep.

I did not tie her to the bed as she was already gagged, blindfolded and bound. So I just

laid her down and tucked in the sheets very tightly around her. I then leaned down and

gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"Goodnight Princess, sweet dreams", I whispered, as I stroked her hair. All I got in return

was a muffled response. She was undoubtedly very , very uncomfortable, but also very,

very tired.

She was asleep before I had even made it back to the dining room, to clean up my

naughty babies mess.

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