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The story of how I got into wearing diapers...

by Thorlof

Well, the first time I remember wanting to be in diapers. Was when I was seven or 8 years old.

I don't remember exactly how old I was I just remember once going into the bathroom and looking at them wondering what it would feel like being in one well I decided to try it out I put one in and all kinds of feelings I didn't understand then came up well suffice it to say I was hooked the next time I remember being in diapers was about 6 months later and my dad caught me and my sister playing house and that time I was the baby now being he oldest of three children my dad was not that impressed and old my mom to diaper me and treat me like a baby I protested but to no avail my dad would not listen to me and mad me be a baby as this was happening I realized I like the attention now at the age of sixteen I rediscovered diapers when my mom mentioned to me for some reason now that I can't remember now that they make diapers for adults I remember saying that's silly and stupid but it stuck with me and I brought back all the emotions I remembered as a little kid well the first chance I got I went to the drug store and bought diapers attends I think they where I remember being so embarrassed about buying them but I got through it and came home an d hid them in my closet well my mom went to work that night having by now divorced my dad well I went into my room and striped and pulled one out of the package sitting naked on my bed looking at this over sized diaper being unfolded out brought a rush of feelings to my head almost making me dizzy

well I laid down on the diaper and put it on and just felt like I was in heaven from that time on I was hooked and am now living on my own at 35 and in diapers 24/7

thanks for reading this


After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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