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Kathleen, Puppet

Chapter 1: Prep Work

Kathleen sauntered casually down the street . She was 19, 5"9, with long dark brown hair, smoky eyes, and an ass to die for. Tonight was the night she had bought the sexiest lingerie and corsets she could find, and was going to show them to her boyfriend, Josh. She saw the abandoned theatre Josh lived next to. He had picked up the house and the theatre for a song. She admired his bartering almost as much as his body. His eyes would explode once she put them on. Josh himself wasn't the most popular guy in school, and a little overeager to help her with whatever she needed, but Kathleen dominated him mentally and physically, and tonight she would prove it.

Or so she thought.

Josh was laying on the couch playing Dead Space when he heard a knock at the door. His heart started racing. He also had a plan, one far more interesting to this site's patrons. *sound of fourth wall breaking* Josh arranged his jeans to hide his erection and went to get the door. Kathleen stood there, slowly twirling the key he gave her then forgot about. It took tremendous will to not let his knees buckle. Kathleen had already let herself in with the key, than changed into her lingerie and knocked on the inside of the door. Josh 's head reeled than he composed himself.

"Uh, come on in."

"Don't mind if I do, sweetie."

Josh went down stairs to finish playing when Kathleen stormed downstairs, ripped the controller out of his hands, threw it away, and straddled him. She tore his shirt off, growled sensually, and got off him. She started walking to the bedroom, swaying her heavenly butt back and forth, beckoning him. Josh took off his jeans, and followed her wearing only boxers. She was looking in his closet. Josh's heart skipped a beat. If she saw now, it would be ruined. He slapped her butt playfully, and slid his hand around her front and up to her breasts. She sighed and thrust back. Josh ran his fingers into the front of her panties. Kathleen gasped and held her breath. Softly, he drew out his hand.

"I need a drink. Do you want something?"

Kathleen would never let any boy get her drink, but Josh was a sweet guy. He wouldn't pull that stunt now. He was getting it anyway.

"Just water."

There wasn't anything he could put in water. She was safe. He returned with a root beer and water. Josh wasn't an alcohol guy, and he never kept it in the house. Not that he could get her drunk anyway. Kathleen was a party girl, and her tolerance was very high. Josh handed her the water and chugged his root beer. Kathleen slowly sipped her water. When she was done she crawled over to him across the bed and arched her back. Josh smiled put down his glass and turned to meet her. She licked her lips , and her mouth felt suddenly dry.

"I think I need more water...."

"No, it's fine. That means it's working, puppet."

"What did you call me? Puppet? Did you spike my drink? I swear, if you spiked my drink.... I trusted you!"

"Don't worry, baby. You'll thank me. When I let you."

Kathleen slid off the bed, found her feet, tottered around the room, and fell into Josh's waiting arms.


"Sleep tight, puppet."

The last thing Kathleen saw was Josh stroking her face, then she blacked out.

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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