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It's sad to see how some guys get trapped in their marriage. They are perfectly normal healthy males with a perfectly normal healthy sex drive and they marry a woman who is just the same. Everything goes along well for months or years, they have kids, they grow a mortgage, they have a wonderful time together and then one day everything changes.

They wake up one morning and their wife has lost the urge to have sex. It's completely gone, they're totally disinterested and some of them can't even stand being touched any more. What does a guy do in a situation like that?

When Tom was facing that problem he went out and found a couple who were looking for a third. He found Beth and me; Tom found a woman who craved hard driving sex almost every waking moment of the day and Beth found a guy who could help to keep her satisfied. Together we all found some no strings fun.

Tom could get all the sex he wanted and be able to go home to the wife he still loved without having to worry about a jealous lover coming along and destroying his home life. Tom also got a chance to extend his boundaries because Beth and I are both more than a little kinky. That suited Tom because he wanted to try everything that he had missed out on.

So there was our happy little threesome one Saturday afternoon. We'd had a raging threesome that had started at the front door when Tom arrived and not finished till half an hour later when Tom and I doubled on Beth on the floor in the dining room and filled her ass and her cunt with hot cum. Now we were sitting down having a drink and watching a porn DVD that Tom had picked up.

It was pretty wild too. At first we had laughed when we saw that the whole story was based around two couples who wore diapers but then it began to look interesting, it began to turn us on and by the end of the movie we were ready to fuck again. Tom and I took turns nailing Beth's cute ass as she knelt on the floor in front of the fire and by the time we had finished she was a quivering moaning mess on the floor. There was cum running down the inside of her thighs and she was rubbing her own clit just to prolong the pleasure.

That movie must have really got to Beth because she talked about it with me several times through the week. She also talked about it with Tom when he came round midweek for a solo session with her. Tom and I had also been excited by it but perhaps not as much as Beth.

The next weekend we found out just how excited Beth was by that diaper video. When Tom arrived for our regular get together Beth took us both into the bedroom and ordered us to strip. There was nothing unusual in that, we were anxious to get our clothes off and get out cocks into her anyway but when we started advancing on her she held up her hand.

"Not so fast you two. Before we go any further I'm going to put these on you," and she held up two big squares of towelling.

I don't know what Tom thought but I was certainly puzzled.

"What on earth are those for?" I asked.

"They're diapers, I made them up especially for today, and you guys are going to wear them."

I guess some guys would have laughed and told her not to be silly but before I could even think of that I began to recall some of the scenes from the diaper DVD that we had watched the week before. It started to turn me on and my cock began to grow stiff.

I glanced over at Tom and it was having the same effect on him too. Without hesitation we lay on the bed and Beth, with all the expertise of a mother, put the diapers on us.

She put my diaper on first and had a lot of trouble getting it over my hard cock. She was really cheeky too and licked and sucked my cock a few times while she was putting the diaper on me.

"There baby, does that feel good?" she cooed at me with a wicked grin on her pretty face.

When it was Tom's turn she really went to town on his cock.

"You've been such a good baby while I put Ben's diaper on. You need a special reward," she murmured as she slipped the diaper under his ass.

Before she began to fold it over him she gently ran her fingers down the full length of his hard cock. He moaned with pleasure and then caught his breath as Beth went down on him and took the full length of his cock into her mouth and deep down her throat.

When his eyes were about to pop out of his head she slowly slid her lips back up his shaft and then began to softly lick the knob.

"Would I make a good mommy?" she asked as she looked at me from under her long eyelashes.

Before I could reply she ran the underneath of her tongue around the top of Tom's cock and the site of my sexy wife pleasuring another man and was almost too much for me. The cheeky bitch laughed when she saw how much trouble I was having and then went right back down on Tom's cock once more but this time she kept her eyes locked on mine the whole time.

Tom moaned and squirmed and I could see his toes curl tightly as she rewarded him for being such a good baby. She slowly withdrew again and Tom almost heaved a sigh of relief. Beth just laughed and licked her lips.

"Ooh baby ... your pre-cum is sooo sweet."

And she kept on looking at me and teasing me with her big eyes.

Poor Tom, she had pushed him right to the brink and his cock was really aching for some serious action but she wasn't ready for that just yet and nor was I.

"Ok Beth," I said when I had myself under control.

"You've got us in diapers but what about you?"

"Ahaaa," she laughed as she stood up from the bed.

"Just look at this!"

She stepped back from the bed and held open the robe that she was wearing. Underneath she was naked except for a diaper. Some how it suited her and made her look so desirable that I started to advance on her again.

Once more she held up her hand.

"Not so fast, your sweet baby needs some pacifying," she said in a cheeky little voice.

"Your baby needs something to suck on and she might even need to be fed."

She dropped her robe on the floor and lay on her back on the bed. And while you're pacifying your babe one of you should start to teach me how good it is to have your clit played with.

We both knew what she wanted and I knew just how much she loved having Tom go down on her so I knelt over her face and fed my cock into her hungry mouth. At the same time Tom went down between her smooth thighs and gently pushed her diaper to one side.

While Beth sucked greedily on my cock and took it deep into her mouth Tom began to lick and tease her clit. While she built sucked and slurped on my cock Tom gradually built her up till she was beginning to thrash about on the bed.

Tom kept her hips steady and I had her head between my knees. She desperately wanted to retake control of her own body but we wouldn't let her and as the orgasms began to take control of her she really began to work on my cock. There was pain from her teeth and pleasure from her tongue. And every moan of pleasure that came from her vibrated through my body.

She sucked, licked and bit at my cock till I was ready to explode. My pre-cum was going straight down the back of her throat and I was beginning to fuck her mouth as if it was her pussy instead.

I was just on the brink of totally losing control when she pulled my cock out of her mouth.

"Fuck me Tom! Oh God stop licking and get your fucking cock into me!" she gasped.

Tom didn't hesitate; he knelt between her knees and pushed her diaper to one side. Then he guided his cock between her pussy lips and with one hard driving thrust drove his thick cock deep into her tight cunt.

"AAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH FUUUUUUCKKKK!" she screamed as her hands came up onto my hips and she dug her nails deep into my flesh.

He drove into her again and again and her screaming became louder and louder.

"Pacify her Ben," Tom laughed.

It was easy for him to say but she was in such a frenzy that if I stuck my cock into her mouth now she might bite it off.

"Oh ... oh ... yes ... please ...Ben," she sobbed between thrusts.

"Pacify me ... feed ... me Ben. I've been ... a good baby."

The diapers and the wild kinky action were too much for me. I just couldn't hold back. As Tom drove his cock into her cunt I drove my cock into her mouth. She gagged on it the first time but then took each thrust right down her throat.

Suddenly I heard Tom gasp and I looked up to see his face twisted as if in pain but there was no pain there, only pleasure. Even though my cock was buried down her throat Beth still managed to gurgle a laugh as she felt Tom's hot jizz pour into her cunt.

And then I was blowing my load in her mouth. I held back from her throat because I knew she loved the taste and if I was going to feed my baby I wanted her to enjoy it.

That was our first lot of fun with diapers but it hasn't been our last and we've even extended our threesome with a couple of other sexy women who love to be dressed in diapers, pacified and fed.

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