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I went to Burger King to have a bite and there was this woman by herself She seemed pleasant and out going,very friendly So I started to talk with her So this when on for sometime I go to BK and see her and chit chat about this and that We became Good Friends, Then one day she asked me to her home for dinner I accepted I walked to her house at 6:00pm She made Chicken Cordon Bleu w/Rice Pilaf It was so Delicious,for Dessert is was Apple Crumb Pie Then We sat in the Parlor, Talking,Talking,Talking etc......

It was getting very late to late to walk home So She said I can Sleep here If I wanted Too I said Ok. I told her I didn`t plan on staying overnight I didn`t bring my Pajamas,toothbrush, So she says I got some PJ`s for you, So she says Why don`t you go take a bath or a shower, So I did that then I forgot to take the PJ`s with me, I yelled to her She said they were on the bed Where I was going to sleep, So I said Thank You.

After the Shower I felt very clean and naked because There was a bath lotion that took my pubic hair off I said to her I used the wrong bath lotion, She said No problem as she grinned terribly , I asked her Where is The room I`ll be sleeping, I`ll show you, So We go to the room She told me to sit on bed, There was a Big Crib, a dresser drawer, a daybed(changing table), I said this is a Baby`s room As she was pulling down the bars of the crib She said I know it`s a Babies room But it`s a BIG BABY Room, I was in a state of cofusion As she went in the drawer pulled out plastic pants and baby powder, Then went to the Diaper Stacker to get a Diaper, I couldn`t believe Those diapers have prints on them like pampers did when I was a kid Then I realized the lotion wasn`t the wrong lotion.

So she told me towel off any lay down I was crying told her I was to big boy I don`t wet or pooped the bed She was totally ignoring me As she started unfolding the diaper She grabbed my ankles as if she was diapering a real baby lifting me up Slid that diaper under my butt She took the baby powder and spread it all over my freshly shaved area and proceeded to diapering me it felt weird because the diaper had only one tape on each side, like the old pampers did, When she finished putting it on me, I looked at down on the diaper it has ABC/123 `s on it, As she grabbed the plastic pants held them up then she put them up to my knees, Then she takes the PJ`s it was a footed sleeper but they snap at the waist she put my shirt on then the footed part up to my knees Tells me to stand up so I did as she was pulling up the plastic pants over my diaper, I can hear a smack from the plastic pants on my waist, Then she pulls my PJ bottoms up then snaps them together, I felt like a Toddler.

So she was getting the crib ready for me And said come here Timmy I did she said climb in Ok I said, I was in a state of confusion to What`s going on with this scene here. She lifts the bar of the crib with me swaddled in it, Then she goes to kitchen getting a baby bottle full of milk Here you go Timmy sleep well my little man.

I was there in the crib thinking out loud , feeling like a baby, And said HUH some friend I met little did I know the Baby Monitor was on She heard what I said, So that morning I woke up all wet and smelly She comes walking in " How did my little man sleep" Ok I guess She said I heard you on the monitor last night "You said some friend HUH".Don`t look at it like that look at it like I`m your new mommy So she started to lower the crib bar down I got out she said go to the bed so I can change you I did that as she was getting another diaper and the outfit for today. It had Elmo prints on the front. I have to wear this stuff today too She said yes and for always Timmy You are mine know Sweetie.

Also you know that saying never talk to a stranger.

I did now look at me back to a baby at 25.

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