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The Drunk

This story has been flagged by the automated processing system as potentially being very hard to read. The main causes of this flag are that the story may be very badly formatted or where a NLP program was unable to intepret an unambigious and consistent plot in the story.

Beth and Shana sat on the sofa talking quietly while Bobbie played

in the Porta-pen. The front door slammed and a heavy-set man staggered in

drunkenly. He lurched into the living room and paused when he saw them

sitting and staring at him silently.

He looked at the baby in the playpen, then at the baby's mother,

Shana and sneered.

"You here again?", he said fiercely. He glared at his


Beth and said, "Don't you have anything better to do with your time than

sit around gabbing? I'm going to take a nap. With any luck they'll be


when I wake up!"

He staggered out of the room trailing a toxic effluvium of alcohol

fumes behind him. Shana watched him leave then shook her head and


"I don't know what you see in him Beth. I'd have left him



"Dennis is a good man.", Beth said through clenched teeth.


's just

that when he drinks he's...he's.."

"He's impossible.", Shana said decisively.


just that he's difficult when he drinks. He gets rude and

abrasive. He makes me so angry when he's like this.", Beth said.


wish he

was a little boy so I could put him over my knee and spank him."

Shana smiled viciously and asked, "Why don't you?"

"Me????", Beth asked.

"He must weigh twice what I do. I can't

spank him, he's a grown man!"

"What if he was younger,......a lot younger? Say five years old, or

three, would you spank him?"

"Certainly I would, but he's not and it doesn't do any good to talk

about it. I just have to live with it.", Beth said with a sigh.

Shana persisted, "Would you like the chance? I can help you."

"What can you do?", demanded Beth.

"I can turn him into a child, a small child."

"How?', Beth asked, fascinated by her friends sudden flight from


"With this!", she said, holding out her hand and displaying an

ornate antique ring on her middle finger.

"And just what is that? O

ther than a ring.", sneered Beth.

"It houses a water elemental.", she said.

"And it's under my

control. This elemen-tal has dominion over all processes with a watery

nature. Water is the element of life and youth. If I command it, the

elemental will change him into a little boy. Do you want me to command it

to change him?"

Beth laughed. Shana must be kidding her. She decided to play


"Yes, cer-tainly. Change him. Make him so small I can hold him down

on my lap with one hand. I'll spank him with the other."

Shana nodded and smiled, then put the ring up to her mouth and

whispered to it. Beth could barely hear what she was mumbling, it seemed

to be a foreign language. The sound of rushing water came from the other

end of the house and Beth's mouth dropped open.

"What was that?", she said.

"My elemental.", Shana smirked. Shana stood up and said, "Shall

we go and see how your hubby looks?"

Beth followed her down the hall, then crept into

the master

bedroom. The bed-room was pitch dark; the windows had been covered

with lightproof curtains to allow daytime sleeping.

"Dennis," she said.

"Are you awake?"

The room was quiet except for

a soft snor-ing sound coming from the bed.

"Dennis, are you okay?" Beth moved up to the bed and peered

down into the darkness at the mound of bedclothes. She bent over him to

check his breathing and reached down her with her hand expecting to feel

her husband. She felt the coverlet, then groped around and touched the

back of his head. She stoked his hair and discovered her hand could wrap

itself around his head from ear to ear. Confused, she explored the shape in

their bed with both hands. About a foot and a half down from his head she

felt something small, round and smooth, like a baby's bottom.

She yelled, "Dennis, Where are you? What's happened to you?"

She turned on the light and looked at the bed. Asleep on their bed

in place of her husband was a naked li

ttle boy lying on his stomach.

"Who is this? What's happened to Dennis?"

"That's Dennis in front of you. I changed him, remember?", said


She looked at him, then at Shana.

"You really did it! I didn't believe

you. I thought you were kidding. Where did you get that ring?"

"Well?......Are you going to spank him?", Shana said, ignoring her


"I...I can't spank him now, he's just a baby! He doesn't know what

he's done.", Beth quailed.

"Of course you can spank him. He still has all his memories and

knowledge. It's just his body that's gotten younger. He has the mind of

adult. Tell him why you're spanking him. He'll understand. You said that

you wanted him small enough to hold down on your lap with one hand.

Now's your chance. Bring him out to the living room and spank him.",

Shana demanded.

Beth picked him up hesitantly and carried him out to the living

room and sat down with him on her lap.

Dennis looked up

at her sleepily.

"Am I dreaming?", he thought. He

looked down, beholding his hands in wonder as if for the first time. A small

runnel of drool coursed down his chin unheeded and dripped onto his

chest. He stretched his hands out and played with his fingers, fascinated by

their appearance and motion, grasping each of them in turn in his tiny fist.

"My fingers are so short!? What a strange dream!? What's happened to

me?", he wondered.

Beth was charmed by his perplexed expression and infantile


Shana sat down beside her and said, "Don't worry, I can change

him back anytime you want. Aren't you still angry with him? Remember all

the times he's embarrassed and humiliated you in front of your friends. If

you give him a good spanking, maybe he'll think twice before doing it


"Spanking?", he thought.

"What is the bitch talking about?"

"You're right.", she said with a look of grim determination on her

face. She turned him over her knee and sai

d, "Dennis, you've been a

naughty boy. Beth is going to give you a good paddling!"

She slapped his bottom hard with the flat of her hand and quickly

followed it up with another.

"Is Dennis going to be a good boy?"

Dennis bit his lip and stifled the moan that threatened to escape

his mouth. Beth repeated the blows and said, "Are you going to start

behaving yourself?"

Dennis remained silent.

"If that's the way you're going to be, Beth

will give you a real spanking!"

She began savaging his behind with her hand. His bottom turned a

rosy pink, then a bright red as she continued to spank him. He felt helpless

and humiliated. Tears welled up and fell from his face as he squirmed to

get away from her.

"Don't you try to get away from me!", she screamed

down at him and rained blows on his behind.

The pain increased with every

swat and he began to suffer intensely.

"I have to make her stop!", Dennis thought in desperation.


stop!", he tried to yell.

All that came from his mouth was a terrified squeal.

"I'll be good!",

he screamed.

Dennis suddenly realized that he was only making baby sounds. He

couldn't speak! Dennis panicked, twisting and thrashing hysterically. He

was in a frenzy, his emotions were completely out of control. The torment

was unbearable and he began to cry in terror.

All at once, she stopped.

"Dennis!!??", she said in surprise.

"What have you done?"

She removed him from her lap and laid him face down on the sofa

beside her. In the center of her lap where he had lain was a large spreading

yellow puddle.

"He peed on me!", Beth exclaimed.

"He peed all over my


Shana chuckled and said, "Looks like you scared the piss out of

him. Why don't you go and change clothes. I'll take care of him."

Beth nodded and left the room, leaving Dennis in Shana's care.

Shana turned him over on his back and pulled her son's diaper bag next to

her. His face was red and puffy fr

om crying. His chest heaved with fear and

he sniveled in self-pity. She reached in and pulled out a disposable diaper,

then picked up his legs in one hand and began diapering him. When he saw

what she intended to do, Dennis writhed and kicked his legs at her try-ing

to make her stop.

"Stop that!", she scolded.

"Do you want another

spanking? You peed all over Beth's lap and now you're going to have to

wear diapers. Now be a good baby and be quiet or Shani will spank!"

She picked him up and put him in the playpen with her infant son.

She leaned over him and said, "Now be good while Shani makes lunch."

She reached into the bag, took out a pacifier and put it in his

mouth. Dennis put his hand up to take it from his mouth and she shook

her finger at him and said, "Naughty, Naughty! Suck on your Binkie or


will spank!"

Dennis was mortified. He sat facing the side of the playpen with his

knees bent and the bare soles of his feet pushing against the net side of

playpen, while Bobby gurgled and played behind him. The diaper was

heavily perfumed and reeked of baby powder. Affronted, he chewed on the

pacifier in anger. Beth would return in a few minutes and see him sitting in

a playpen wearing only a diaper and sucking on a pacifier. He shifted his

feet to get more comfortable and he looked down at his feet. His feet??!!

Those weren't his feet, these feet were round and soft and chubby like the feet of a..... He was in a baby's body! He wanted to cry!

This was

a bad dream, a nightmare, it couldn't possibly be real! Tears of utter

humiliation rolled down his face.

Shana picked up the diaper bag and went into the kitchen. Five

minutes later he heard Beth calling to Shana.

"Shana, where are you? Oh,

there you are. Where's Dennis? He's still in the living room?"

She walked in the living room and looked on the sofa for Dennis.

Bobby's playing caught her eye and she glanced down at the playpen. She

stopped and stared, th

en started to chuckle. The sight of her husband, clad

only in a diaper, weeping silently and sucking furiously on a pacifier made

her giggle uncontrollably. He made such a cute baby!

She bent over the

playpen and said, "Dennis is going to be a good baby for Beth, isn't he?


see Shana's put Dennis in dydees. Dennis looks soooo cute in dydees!"

She chucked him under his chin and said, "You look so sweet

sitting in the play-pen. Beth's going to get her camera so we'll have


to remember how adorable Baby Dennis looks."

She left and returned a moment later and found him trying to take

off his diaper.

"No Dennis!", she scolded.

"Dennis, don't be

naughty. Leave

your dydee alone. Little boys who aren't potty-trained have to wear


I can't have you making messes in my lap. You'll wear dydees to pee and

poop in until we change you back into an adult! Now smile for the birdie,

baby!", she said and began snapping pictures of him.

Shana walked in and smil

ed as she witnessed his humiliation.


Mommy taking pictures of her darling baby?", she chuckled.

Beth kept shooting and gave stage directions to Dennis; "Now get

on your hands and knees, Dennis. That's right. Crawl around the playpen.

Crawl so Mommy can take pictures of you at your best. That's it. Good


Give me an endearing pose, I want to see your sweet inner child. Mommy

will have a album of you acting cute and adorable. I'll have these

pictures to

remember when you were my precious little baby. From now on I'm going

think of you as the sweet, precious, little baby in these photos. I'm never

going to let you forget these pictures either, Dennis baby, ever!"

Shana said, "Whenever you're finished with him, we can eat lunch. I

made some sandwiches for us and I have some baby food for the kids."

"I'm ready right now.", Beth said.

She dropped the camera on the sofa, then picked Dennis up out of

the playpen and carried him into the kitchen. Bobby

's diaper bag, a


spoon and two jars of baby food sat on the table. Beth sat down at the

table with Dennis on her lap and waited for Shana and Bobby.

Shana came in with Bobby on her hip. She pulled out a chair

opposite Beth and turned it ninety degrees. Then she took a brightly

colored cloth decorated with a cute nursery print from the diaper bag on

the table, tied it to the chair and sat Bobby down on top of the cloth.


took the front of the cloth and pulled it up between Bobby's legs and tied

to the back of the chair to form a sort of fabric harness. When she was

finished the cloth's purpose was obvious; it was a portable high chair.

Shana took a feeding bib from the diaper bag and tied it around Bobby's

neck. She went to the counter and re-turned with a plate and glass and put

them in front of Beth. Shana said while sittting her-self down in front of

son, "Why don't you get started while I feed Bobby. When Bobby is


you can feed Dennis and I

can eat."

She opened a jar and began spooning baby food into Bobby's

mouth. Bobby's face was soon covered in uneaten baby food. Shana talked

while she fed Bobby; "You know, you don't have to have me change him

back immediately. I know you just wanted the chance to paddle him, but

this is a golden opportunity......"

She paused to scrape baby food from Bobby's chin and feed it to

him saying, "You sure are a messy eater, little boy!"

Shana continued, "....

You could let him stay a baby for a week, or two

weeks,.... or even a month. The humiliation would do him good. I think

he'd be a lot better behaved if he spent a little diaper time with you."

Shana finished feeding Bobby and wiped his face with the bib, then

untied him from the chair.

"There now.", she said to Bobby.

"Your all


Now it's Dennis's turn."

She picked Bobby up and put him on her hip. Beth got up to

change places with Shana. Shana went to the counter and got her lunch

then put it on the

table where Beth had sat while Beth tied Dennis into the

chair. While Beth was getting ready to feed Den-nis, Shana sat down at the

table with Bobby. Beth left Dennis momentarily while she took the feeding

spoon to the sink to rinse it off under the faucet.

Dennis busied himself trying to escape from the feeding harness

before Beth re-turned. First he tried to pull the front of the cloth down,

Beth had tied it too tightly to move. Then he tried untie it but the thongs

had been threaded through the outside rungs of the chair and tied on the

middle rung behind his back. He couldn't reach the knot without turning

completely around in the chair, but he was tied in much too securely for

that. His only option was to come out of the top, Dennis decided. He

pushed down at the sides of the seat with his hands to lift himself up out

the harness, but he found himself caught on the fabric. He looked down

and realized what the problem was; she had pulled the cloth all the way up


o his chest like a bib. The height of the harness prevented him from

slipping around the top to get his legs out. He was trapped!

Beth came back, tied the bib around his neck and sat down in front

of him. She opened the remaining jar and spooned out some baby food.

"Now open wide, Dennis.", she said, putting the heaping spoon in front

his mouth.

Dennis sat in the chair with his mouth closed resolutely. Beth said,

"Now Dennis, if you don't eat this right now, Beth will spank!"

Dennis opened his mouth reluctantly and Beth ladled in the food.

It was some kind of meat-vegetable mixture ground to an unidentifiable

puree. He wasn't sure he could get it down and if he did manage to choke

down, he wasn't sure he could keep it down. Before he could swallow she

had another spoonful ready to put in his mouth. She cheerfully forced it in

his mouth and resumed the conversation.

"You think I should let him stay a baby? I'm not sure I'd want all

the extra work

. He's a handful enough as an adult.", said Beth.

"Extra work!?", exclaimed Shana.

"He wouldn't be any more trouble

as a baby, he'd be less. There'd be more clothes to wash, but the loads

would be smaller and lighter. He'll make his messes in his playpen, so you

wouldn't be spending any time picking up after him. Bathing him wouldn't

take any time, he's so small that a quick wash in the tub wouldn't take

more than twenty minutes every other day, unless he gets really dirty. You

wouldn't have to spend a lot of time preparing his meals, you'd just



"What about fixing formula for him? Mixing, bottling, and heating

a formula must take time.", declared Beth.

"Premixed baby formula doesn't take any time. You don't have to

heat it, just give it to him at room temperature.", said Shana.

"I'd rather have him drinking from a baby bottle than a liquor

bottle.", mused Beth.

The thought of drinking formula from a baby bottle horrified

Dennis. He s

wal-lowed the entire mouthful of food convulsively. As he

gulped down the baby food, he felt the front of his mouth with his tongue

and discovered that he only had a couple of teeth. He couldn't have eaten

regular food if she had given it to him!

Baby food dribbled down his chin

and dropped onto his bib. Beth turned to Dennis and said sweetly, "Would

you like me to be your Mommy, Dennis?"

Dennis's jaw dropped open and Beth promptly filled his mouth

with puree, pre-venting any babbled comments from the peanut gallery.

"What about diaper changes? Surely that takes time.", she said to Shana.

"He'll go through eight to ten diapers a day. Most of them will only

be wet, they'll only take a minute or two to change. Unless he's sick


only have two or three poopy diapers a day. They'll take about three to


minutes to change. You'll spend a total of twenty to thirty minutes a day

changing him, probably less. You probably spend that much time every day

picking up beer

bottles and emptying ashtrays. If he stayed a baby, you

wouldn't be doing that.", Shana said smugly. Shana could see she was

starting to waver.

"I hadn't thought about him smoking.", Beth mused.

"It would be

nice to have a house that didn't smell like a used ashtray. And not having

live with a drunk would be a nice change too!"

She smiled at Dennis and ladled another heaping spoonful of baby

food into his mouth.

"It looks like you're going to be a baby for a


Dennis. I guess we're going to have to go shopping this morning for baby

furniture and clothes for you."

She turned to Shana and said, "How long should he stay a baby? It

wouldn't be worth it to buy furniture if he's only going to be a baby

for a

month. Maybe I should rent the furniture."

Shana looked thoughtful and said, "If you want to just humiliate

him, then let him stay a baby for a week or two. If you expect this

experience to make lasting changes in his behavior, then I would let

him be

a baby for at least six months. He'd have gotten use to being sober by


I'd buy the furnishings if I were you. Once you become his Mommy, you'll

always be his Mommy. If he misbehaves again after you let him become an

adult, you may want to put him in diapers again temporarily. Having a

nursery available down the hall from your bedroom would make a pretty

effective threat to make him behave him-self." Shana laughed and said, "


Dennis's case, It won't be A Man's Home is his Castle'. It'll

be, A Man's

Home is his Nursery'!"

Beth chuckled at the thought and finished spooning baby food into

Dennis. Then she scraped his face with the side of the spoon and fed him

the scrapings. Beth wiped his face with the bib, then stood up and untied

Dennis. She picked him up and sat down on the other chair with him on her

lap facing Shana and Bobby. Shana reached into Bobby's diaper bag and

produced two capped baby bottles full of formula. She handed one bottle

to Beth, then set

tled Bobby back on her lap. She offered him the bottle of

formula, which he grabbed eagerly from her hand. He surrounded the

nipple with his mouth and suckled hungrily, murmuring in delectation

while making loud sucking noises. Shana smiled with maternal tolerance

and understanding at his behavior and held the bottle for him while he

nursed. She was pleased by her son's healthy appetite. Beth settled Dennis

back on her arm and forced the nipple into his mouth.

"Now drink your

formula baby, or Mommy will spank!"

He struggled briefly against his fate, then surrendered completely

and became flaccid in utter defeat. He sucked on the bottle submissively,

obedient to Beth's command. He nursed in a dilatory way, just enough to

satisfy Beth, then to his horror, his mouth be-trayed him and he started

nursing and sucking the nipple voraciously, the formula filling his mouth

and rolling down his throat. His infant body needed and craved the

formula. He could taste it not only on top and s

ides of his tongue, but on

the sides of his mouth. He was very thirsty after eating the baby food.

Sucking felt sooo..good. It was a deep, gratifying, stimulating, almost

sexual pleasure that pervaded him with a feeling of lassitude and security.

He distantly heard her say, "That's a goood Baby! Drink your formula all


He was embarrassed, humiliated and helpless, but he kept nursing

the formula, his lips tingled with every movement of the nipple. He

couldn't control himself. The sweet aroma and taste of the formula

permeated his mouth. Dennis listened to Bobby sucking delightedly at his

formula and realized that his nursing must look and sound like Bobby's.

Shana smilied at the sight of Dennis's discomfiture.

"This is horrible! She's got me drinking formula out of a baby

bottle, wearing nothing but a diaper while sitting on her lap! That bitch

Shana is laughing at me!," he thought miserably.

Dennis turned beet-red with embarrassment as he sucked on the

ple. He fanta-sized about how he would take revenge for this

humiliation while Beth and Shana talked about how they would furnish the

nursery. He watched in horror as Shana sat Bobby up in her lap and burped


"Will Beth burp me next?", he thought in alarm.

After he had finished a third of the bottle his mind was pulled back

to reality by a strange sensation. His crouch felt warm. It felt almost as

if.......He had! He had wet his diaper! He stopped sucking on the nipple

tears welled up in his eyes.

He had wet his diaper in front of them while

nursing on a baby bottle. In a few minutes they would find out and they'd

laugh at him. His tummy gurgled with all the food and formula and he felt

his bowels move slightly.

"Oh no!", he thought in dismay.

"I'm going

to go poopie in

my diaper too!"

He felt his anal sphincter relax and his bowels contract at the same

time. Poop oozed from his anus into his diaper accompanied by a faint

wave of pleasure from his belly.

"Oh God, I'm

pooping in my diaper!


never let me live this down!," he thought in anguish.

He moaned inwardly, kicked his legs in frustration and started to

cry. Beth looked down at him with a surprised expression on her face and

said, "What's wrong baby?"

Shana looked at him, sniffed and said, "I think he needs his diaper

changed. He smells a little poopy to me."

Beth smiled at him with an expression of amused tolerance and

said, "Does baby need his dydee changed?"

He looked up at her fearfully and nodded. She laughed and said,

"We'll wait until you finish your bottle baby. You need to get used to

wearing dirty dydees. You're going to have them two or three times a day

from now on."

She put the nipple back in his mouth and he resumed nursing. He

whimpered quietly and Beth took the bottle from him and said, "Does

Mommy's baby have a bubble? Mommy will take care of that."

Beth sat him up and patted his back. He burped involuntarily and

she said, "That's a

goood baby." and put the nipple back in his mouth.

whimpered as he felt the dirty diaper beneath his bottom. The back of his

diaper pressed the small mound of poop firmly against his behind and the

poop squished between his legs every time he moved them.

He filled his diaper again... This time it felt like he would never stop pooping.

Beth saw the back of his diaper filling with poop. She called to Shana...

"look he must have added at least a pound of poop to his diaper. They both laughed uncontrollably.

He was

miserable, the sodden diaper felt cold and sticky on his behind, reminding

him of the depth of his disgrace.

When he and Bobby had finished with their bottles they were

burped and carried into the living room and put on the floor. Beth and

Shana sat themselves on the sofa and watched them on the floor while they

finished their shopping plans. Beth decided she would turn his den


joining the master bedroom into a nursery. He wouldn't need a den or

his books now. Beth decided that she would leave the stereo system in the

nursery; she could play lullabies on it. Shana suggested that she should get

him some books appropriate to his age, something Beth could read to him;

like Mother Goose and Winne the Poo. She could read her favorite book Everybody Poops a story about poop to celebrate the conquest of her husband.

Shana said that she'd like to get a present for Dennis. Maybe a big

rocking chair for the nursery and a Winne the Poo teddy bear for him to

cuddle in his crib.

"It'll be fun to pamper him now that he's a little


Shana said.

Beth said she would buy a roomful of baby furniture and toys for

him. She smiled, thinking how cute it would look when she got finished.

"I'll paint it powder-blue and put up a matching nursery wallpaper


e indoor-outdoor carpeting would be nice too, it would give him a warm

floor to play on and cushion his little bottom when he falls."

Beth told Dennis, "Baby, I want you to crawl around the carpet. You need

the exercise. Look at Bobby.

See how he's crawling? Be a good baby and

crawl like Bobby."

Dennis crawled slowly around the living room as the drooping

diaper sagged lower and lower under the weight of his pee and poop. When he got

half way across, he stopped. The urge to go potty was overpowering. He knew


wouldn't be able to control it for long and he was already wearing a

dirty diaper, so he thought, "What the Hell? It can't get any worse.


she'll change me if I have a really dirty diaper."

He relaxed and his bowels cut loose. He felt a swell of movement

and the urge became uncontrollable. A fluttering quiver spread through his

viscera. It radiated from the perineum, beneath and behind his pubic region

to his belly button. He felt a hot rushing sensation spreading over his


Chills of delight ran up his spine. A warm languid feeling of relaxation and

release enveloped him. With mounting horror he realized that his id

delighted in making messes in his diaper; it gave him not just a feeling of

physical relief, but caused an intense, almost sexual, pleasure as well. His

legs felt warm and he realized that he had soaked the diaper and was

dribbling pee on the carpet. He looked down and saw a puddle growing

between his legs on the floor. Dennis glimpsed the diaper and saw it was

hanging soggily

almost halfway to the ground. Dennis wanted to cry. He

had saturated the diaper and made a mess on the rug just like a baby.

"Maybe...Maybe now she'll change me!", he thought with a sob.

"I think you should change Dennis's diaper now, Beth. He's making

a puddle on the carpet." Beth got up and took a diaper from the bag then

got down on the floor with Dennis.

She laid him on his back on the floor and said, "Dennis, before I

change your diaper I want you to agree to be my baby."

She talked to him

in a prattle as if she was ex-plaining it to a small child; "Dennis is a


baby now. He'll have to be fed, diapered, bathed, and looked after. He

needs a mommy. Babies need Mommys to love and care for them. Look at

what your philandering has brought you, Dennis! You can't walk or talk.

You can barely even stand. You can't be more than a year old! Dennis,

you're only a diaper peeing and pooping baby. If you don't want me to be

your Mommy, then I guess I can find someone el

se to take care of you."

Dennis looked up at Beth. The movement of his legs made the

plastic of the disposable diaper rustle and reminded him that, except for

his diaper, he lay naked before her. He felt completely exposed to her. He

squirmed uncomfortably, knowing that he looked as defenseless and

impotent as he felt. He was absolutely helpless and utterly in her power. He

realized in the world's eyes, he was only a small child still in his


He was completely dependent now on Beth's goodwill. She had taken

control of everything; his home, his life, even his body and imprisoned him

in the soft, warm prison of infancy. He panicked when he realized the Beth

could simply abandon him. She could call the police and say he had been

left on her doorstep. If she did that, he might never grow up. He would

spend the rest of his life as an infant.

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he realized the hopelessness of his

position. His emasculation had left him emotionally sha

ttered and broken

his resistance. She was right. He had to be washed, fed and changed like

any baby. He couldn't talk. He wasn't even sure if he could walk. When he

needed something, he could only whimper and cry.

He needed a Mommy! If

he agreed, she would love and pamper him, and scold or spank him when

he was naughty. She would control every aspect of his life. She really would

be his mommy! He nodded unenthusiastically.

"Fine.", she said.


be your

Mommy! You'll be my baby! You can be as childish and infantile as you

want, you're a baby now and no one will expect anything from you.

Since you act like a self-centered baby, then fine, you'll be treated

like a baby! You'll be pampered and coddled just like any other baby.


live in a nursery surrounded by clean linen and diapers. You'll sleep in a


and eat in a high chair. You'll be watched every minute of the day. If I


to leave the room to do something, then I'll put you in a playpen. You

won't get underf

oot while I'm working in the kitchen, making the bed, or

cleaning the house. You'll sit in your playpen quietly and play with your

toys. When you're in the car you'll ride strapped into a baby seat in the


seat. I'll decide when you'll get up and when you'll go to sleep. I'll


where you'll go, what you'll wear and what you'll drink and eat. You won't

be wining and dining in four-star restaurants anymore. You'll be drinking

infant formula from a bottle and be spoon-fed baby food.

Since you're a baby, you'll wear diapers. You needn't worry about

having to go the bathroom anymore, you'll just use your diaper like any

other baby. I'm going to buy you a wardrobe of the cutest, sweetest baby

clothes I can find. You'll be clean and sweet smelling from now on.


bathe you every day. After your bath or diaper change, I'll powder you


perfumed baby powder, then re-diaper and dress you in clean clothes! You'l


reek of sweetness and purity.

We'll go on long sho

pping trips like we did when we were first

married. Mommy will push you around in a baby stroller while she shops.

Mommy is going to love showing you off to all her friends at the stores.

Mommy will take care of everything; you'll be comfortably strapped into

your stroller so you won't have to walk. I'll pack a diaper bag full of


food, formula and clean diapers behind you on the stroller. If you get


and you want to take a nap while we're shopping, you can nap in the

stroller. If you're thirsty, you can suck on your bottle. You'll be able

to to

pee or poop whenever you need to since you'll be wearing diapers.

Mommy says your bad habits stop now! You've had your last

cigarette. If you want to suck on something, you can suck on your thumb or

your pacifier. Since you want to sleep curled up around a bottle, you will,

but it will be a baby bottle, not a liquor bottle.

I'll be able to invite my friends over for coffee again. When I bring

you out to show my frie

nds, you can crawl on the floor as you like. You'll

look sweet dressed in an infant creeper dragging your teddy bear and

blankee behind you. If the weather's warm, I'll take off your diaper and

can creep around the rug bare-bottomed in front of eve-ryone. You'll look

adorable sitting naked at my feet and sucking your thumb.

If one of them brings her baby, then you'll have someone to play

with. We'll put you in the playpen with her baby while we talk. You'll


to play sweetly with other babies your age.

You won't embarrass me in front of my friends. As far as my friends

are concerned, you're only an endearing, lovable infant. If you want to

cute and flirt with my friends, go ahead, I don't mind. Only they won't be

thinking what a gorgeous hunk you are, they'll be thinking what a cute,

adorable baby you are! You'll cut quite a figure in front of them with


dripping off your chin and a diaper full of pee-pee. Blow bubbles, gurgle

and smile sweetly, and

maybe they'll play peek-a-boo or pat-a-cake with

you. If you're cute enough, they might bounce you on their knee.

You won't be rude or insulting to anyone, because you can't talk,

baby!! You're the baby in this house now! You'll suck your thumb, crawl

all fours, and make messes in your diaper! You'll obey Mommy and never

act naughty! In short, baby, you'll behave yourself. If you don't, I'll put

in a playpen for a timeout. If you still act up, I'll put you in your crib

for the

night. And if you're very naughty....." She paused for a breath of air,...


put you over my knee, pull down your diaper and spank your bare bottom

in front of my friends!!! Do you understand me?"

He gulped and nodded quickly, frightened by her tirade. He

whimpered and looked downward at his sodden diaper, then put his hands

down and pushed on the front of the diaper, trying to take it off. Beth's

stern demeanor melted at the display of Dennis's helplessness. She gently

took his han

ds away from the diaper cooing, "Hush baby, it's alright,

mommy's putting you in a nite-nite diaper so you'll stay dry all


Here, suck on this." She put a pacifier in his mouth. Beth smiled down at

him maternally while unfastening his diaper.

He got wide-eyed as she undid

the tape on the diaper, first the far side and then on the side nearest her,

smiling down at him and prattling baby talk to him non-stop, while pulling

the diaper up and away from his stomach and down between his legs in

front, revealing him completely to her thoughtful gaze. He lay naked and

exposed to her and he blushed in deep embarrassment. She smilied down

at him and said, "Oooooh..... Baby has a tinky dydee! Baby made a big

poopy in him's dydee!"

He was shamed and humiliated by his dirty diaper. He turned his

head away from her and kicked his feet in dismay as the stench from the

diaper reached his nose.

"Be still, Baby!", Beth said. With her left hand she picked up both of

his feet an

d lifted him easily until his bottom was free of the floor, and


her right hand she removed the messy diaper and put it aside. She took a

moist towelette from the diaper bag and wiped his bottom while holding

his legs up. She let him down, got another towelette and washed his pubes.

Then she lifted his feet with her left hand and slid a clean diaper beneath

his bottom. She pulled the front of the diaper up between his legs and

fastened the diaper tapes securely. Beth patted the front of the diaper,

saying, "There you go baby, now you're all snug and comfy in a clean


She tugged the diaper up over his bulging tummy and said

wistfully, "He looks so sweet and innocent as a baby . If we had had a


boy it would have looked just like him. I wish we could have had one


Shana laughed and said, "Oh, but Beth dear, you have. You're a

Mommy now. Your baby's right in front of you."

Beth picked him up and sat down with him on the sofa. She nestled

his head against her breasts and snuggled him close to her. There was

something about the sight of him in diapers that brought out the maternal

in her. She took him in her arms and cuddled him, telling him over and

over that she forgave him and still loved him. She turned to Shana and said,

"I guess you're right. He is my baby."

She fondled his cheek gently with her fingers and smiled when she

saw his lips make sucking movements. Dennis brought his left hand close

to his face with a yawn and closed his eyes sleepily, then put his thumb in

his mouth and began sucking it unconsciously. Beth smiled down lovingly

at her diapered, thumb-sucking husband; "When I was younger, I used to

wonder what it would be like to have a baby. I would fantasize what it felt

like to nurse a baby," she said to Shana

Shana smiled and said, "If that's what you want, I can arrange it."

She put her ring to her lips and whispered to it and a loud rushing noise

filled the room. Beth immediately fel

t a strange tingling sensation in her

breasts. A rush of energy swelled her bosom, filling them to bursting with a

warm throbbing glow. She looked down at herself to see what was the

matter and saw that her breasts appeared enlarged and distended beneath

her blouse. She sat back in the chair and unbuttoned her blouse to examine

her breasts. Beth pushed up her right breast with her hand and saw her teat

had grown larger, even the aureole had grown; it was darker and wider than

it had been. The nipple was erect and felt tender, not painful, just more

sensitive. She gently pushed on the teat above the aureole to test it and a

thin stream of milk squirted out. Beth sat stunned, looking at her breast.

She let her breast down and said, "What have you done to me?"

Shana smiled gently and said, "I've given you your wish; you will be

able to breast-feed him. Beth, why don't you give your baby some tiddy!"

Beth looked startled, then smiled and looked down at Dennis. She

laid his

head next to her breast and held him closely. He was so near to her

nipple that he could smell the rich aroma of milk coming from her tit.

"Would Dennis like some tiddy?", Beth said, taking his hand and stroking

her breast and nipple with his fingers.

Dennis lay there excited, red-faced, and fully erect under his diaper.

The smell of her breasts intoxicated him, made him want to grab them and

suck. She smiled broadly at him and said, "Will Dennis be a good baby if he

gets some tiddy?" He watched as she lifted her teat free of her blouse and

holding it from beneath, guided the nipple towards his questing mouth. He

put his lips around the nipple and felt the nipple grow, become erect and

fill his mouth.

"Good baby....Take it all in. Mommy wants Baby to get

everything that's coming to him," she said.

His lips snuggled the aureole and nursed noisily. Tiny jets of milk

filled his mouth, running down over the back of his tongue and down his

throat. His hunger for her tit con

-sumed him. He swallowed greedily and

gorged himself on her milk. He whimpered softly, lost in his return to

infantile gratification. His rational mind reeled with the emotions that the

sensations induced. His libido, which had never really matured, reacted by

regressing from the anal stage into the oral stage. Beth felt a yearning, a

ghostwind of sexual desire overcome her. What was happening to her?

Then she realized what was happening; breast feeding him was making her

horny! She had never felt anything like this! A hot sensation filled her

vagina and the world exploded. Her face broke into a wide grin of deep

satisfaction as Dennis continued to nurse.

Shana had a big grin on her face

and said, "Now you know how I feel when I nurse Bobby. Look at Dennis.

He's enjoying himself too!"

Dennis lay in her arms sucking her tit with a ecstatic expression on

his face. His legs kicked out languidly as he gorged himself on his mother


milk. Dennis floated in hedonic rapture, blissful

ly drifting in sensuous

ecstasy. She smiled lovingly at him and switched him to her other breast,

cradling his diapered bottom in her hand. Beth looked down on Dennis

from time to time to check on him and saw only a contented baby face

intent on suckling her. He was lost in the act of nursing, eyes closed,

oblivious to the external world.

"Diddums like Mommy's tiddy? Mommy

promises she'll breast feed you every day. Mommy likes breast feeding her

baby!", she said emphatically.

Beth chuckled and said, "You were a terrible lover as a husband,

but you're a wonderfully stimulating baby. You'll be Mommy's little


baby forever and ever, sweet baby.", she said, caressing him tenderly with

her hand while he suckled.

Dennis began to feel sated as his stomach distended with milk. A

curious serenity had descended on him and he floated in the infantine

tranquillity breast-feeding had induced. He felt warm all over and he was

getting very, very, sleepy. Presently he stopped nu

rsing and drifted off


sleep. Beth watched him affectionately as his eyes closed and her breast

began to slip from his hands. She pulled her teat from his lips and took her

breast from him tenderly. He dreamed bright, cheerful infant fancies,

regressing further into emotional infancy as he slept. Beth continued to

talk with Shana while he napped.

Later, he drowsed and opened his eyes. He snuggled in her arms

and looked up at her sleepily. Dennis felt dull, unable to think. His anger

had retreated from him, losing significance and substance.

His tawdry lusts

and desires had evaporated like the morning mist on a mountain lake,

leaving only a deep, pure, blue water. His happiness was endless. He wanted

to tell her, to tell the world, how joyful he felt. He gurgled happily, blew

bubbles, then reached up and caressed her cheek. Dennis tried to tell Beth

how much he loved her and how much she pleased him. He blathered and

jabbered silly baby sounds without communicating anythin

g but his joy.

Beth smiled indulgently at him, he was childishly enchanted by the

noises he was making and obviously pleased with himself. She looked at

him and saw him gazing up at her with obvious love and devotion.


loves his Mommy, doesn't he?"

Long forgotten emotions surfaced in his awareness. He had never

felt this way for Beth. Dennis lay placidly in her arms and looked longingly

into her eyes. He yearned for her touch. Even her simplest comfort was

precious to him. He wanted to be rocked asleep in Beth's arms, his bottom

cradled securely in her lap, his head nestled against her ample breasts.


her baby now. Mommy will take care of me.", he thought as he dropped off

to sleep again.

The chaos of Dennis's life resolved itself as entropy continued to

decrease, returning him to a simpler, more ordered existence. His

psychological clock ran inexorably backwards, turning back the days and

years to expose earlier pages of his life. While he slept, the

Oyearbook of

mind opened to his diaper days, then slowed and stopped. His thumb stole

quietly into his mouth and he suckled it with an expression of blissful

contentment on his face. When he awoke, he had forgotten that he had

ever been anything but her beloved baby boy.

Finis coronat infans

Copyright 1995 by Jennifer Loraine

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