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Tara looked out her bedroom window, on a bright Saturday morning, at her neighbor's kids playing in the front yard. They didn't have a care in the world, except play and have fun. At 17, Tara wondered what it would be like to be carefree again, with no worries of school, boys, or the future. She had babysat for those kids many times. Kayla was 2 and Aimee was 4. Both were still in diapers full time, as Aimee was having trouble training. Tara liked how cute they looked outside in just their diapers and t-shirts. It was hot outside and their mother let them play in just their diapers while she did yard work. Tara decided to go outside and play with them. She got up and changed out of her pajamas and into a white t-shirt and her favorite pair of short overalls. Then she tied her hair into a ponytail and headed outside.

On her way out she passed her mother and told her she was going outside to play with the kids.

"Hi Kayla, hi Aimee!" Tara shouted happily. The kids were happy to see her. They loved to play with her. Mrs. Johnson, Kathy their mother, was also happy to see her, as it would allow her do concentrate on her work and not the kids.

"Hi Tara, thanks for coming to play with the kids, they love it when you come over."

"Oh, it's no problem Mrs. Johnson, I love playing with them too, it makes me feel like a kid again." Replied Tara. Tara went over to the kids, who were on the driveway, and started drawing with them. They were using chalk to draw on the driveway. Kayla couldn't do much more than scribble, but Aimee had drawn a big bright rainbow, with a big sun at the end of it. Tara secretly loved the sound the diapers made as they crinkled when they moved. Tara and the girls drew for quite a while. In fact, Tara didn't realize how much time really went by. As she looked over a Kayla, she noticed her diaper was really sagging.

"Oh Kayla, you're soaked. Let's get you all cleaned up." Tara picked up Kayla and took her inside. On her way she passed Mrs. Johnson and let her know.

"Mrs. Johnson, I'm just taking Kayla for a diaper change."

"Okay, thanks Tara, you're such a great help to me." Said Mrs. Johnson.

She carried Kayla to her nursery and laid her on the changing table. Tara knew her way around this room easily from all her times babysitting. She looked down at Kayla smiling with her pacifier in her mouth. Tara started undoing the tapes on the diaper and pulled it out from under her. She rolled up the diaper and put it in the diaper pail. She looked down at Kayla and saw how happy she was, grabbing for her toes, sticking her butt up in the air and not even caring who sees her.

"You are so lucky sometimes. Nothing worries you, you don't care about anything but a clean diaper and a warm crib. I wish I could be like you for a while, just to see what it is like. Wear diapers, drink from a bottle, sleep in a crib, have someone else take complete care of me. I even wonder what it would be like to be bibbed and fed in a highchair." She then reached for the wipes, as she reached up she saw one of Kayla's extra pacifiers next to the box of wipes. Curiously she quickly popped it in her mouth and finished changing Kayla. She sucked on the pacifier a few times. She kind of liked it. It was somewhat soothing. She caught a quick glimpse of herself in the mirror and smiled.

"Pretty cute", she thought. Just as she was about to take it out of her mouth Mrs. Johnson came in.

"Oh, so do I have another baby to take care of?" she said jokingly.

"No, no. Sorry, I don't know what I was thinking. I was just curious, you know?" Tara said almost panicking.

"I know, I was in the kitchen and overheard what you said on the baby monitor. Was it all true?" asked Mrs. Johnson. Tara now really blushing replied, " was just kind of ramblings, nothing anything I guess. It's just their life seems so easy. I guess..I dunno..sometimes babysitting them I think about it." Tara turned beat red.

"I can't believe I just said that!" exclaimed Tara.

"I've kind of had a feeling you were curious. I've watched the way you change their diapers. The way you look at the diapers and smell them sometimes and the way you feel them. But after hearing what you said and seeing you with a pacifier, now I'm sure." Responded Mrs. Johnson.

"I'm really embarrassed, I think I should go." Said Tara.

"Don't be embarrassed sweetheart. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. You have a curiosity, everyone has them about one thing or another. But not everyone gets to experience them."

"What do you mean experience them?" asked Tara.

"I mean, would you like to be a baby for a day? My baby? It will help you curb your curiosities, and you never know, you might have a lot of fun." asked Mrs. Johnson. Still embarrassed Tara didn't know how to respond. She partly wanted to say yes, but did she really want to do it. This she didn't know. What would her mother think? How would she ever be able to babysit for her again after this? How would the two girls react?

Tara looked at Kayla again still laying on the change table in a fresh diaper and pacifier in mouth.

"Okay, but we can't tell my mother." Exclaimed Tara.

"No problem Tara. I'll tell you what. Why don't we start tonight? You can come over around 5:00pm and spend the night and all day tomorrow. as my baby."

"What about my mother, won't she be curious?" asked Tara

"Don't worry about her, I'll take care of that. She won't suspect a thing."

Tara now had a big smile on her face, but at the same time was worried how everything would go. How was it really going to feel to be a real baby again, and to be treated like a real baby again. Mrs. Johnson went and picked Kayla up off the changing table and headed for the kitchen. On her way out she looked at Tara.

"Tonight Tara baby, just to get you a little more excited, this will be your room, oops! I mean nursery!" said Mrs. Johnson.

Tara took a long look around and anticipated what was going to happen to her very soon. I big smile came over her, and so did a million butterflies. But she was excited. She followed out to the kitchen and saw Aimee at the table eating a sandwich her mother made her and drinking from a sippy cup. She watched her and then asked Mrs. Johnson and few questions.

"I was just curious, how old are you going to treat me like?"

"Well since you are so fond of Kayla's stage, I will treat you like her, 2."

She looked at Kayla, now sitting in the high chair, with a bib, waiting for her food. She was looking at Kayla in a different light now. Everything that was now happening to Kayla was soon going to be happening to her. Later that evening she would sitting in that same highchair, with that bib on, waiting for her food.

"Are you going to feed me the same stuff you feed Kayla?"

"Of course, you're going to be 2, what else would I feed you. You're going to get the full treatment sweetie!" replied Mrs. Johnson.

"Ha ha," snickered Tara.

"Aimee is going to be my big sister!"

"Yeah, that's true isn't it?" said Mrs. Johnson.

"Well for tonight, the only thing you'll need to pack is a couple of t-shirts. Cute ones if you have any, it will suit the part better. And that's all you'll need, your whole wardrobe this weekend is just a diaper and t-shirt for all to see." Said Mrs. Johnson.

"OH!!" exclaimed Mrs. Johnson, "I almost forgot. We are going to need diapers for you. You surely won't fit into any that I have for the girls. It's 2:30pm now, why don't you go to the store and buy some big diapers for you and bring them back here. While you are gone I will talk to your mother about our arrangement." Said Mrs. Johnson.

"Okay, sounds great. I'm a little nervous about buying diapers though, what if people see me?"

"Well they'll be seeing you tomorrow, so don't worry now honey."

Tara was really nervous about going to the store. She didn't know what to look for in a diaper, or really what size she needed. She walked down the street and into the grocery store and headed for the diaper isle. They didn't have much choice for adult stuff, but she found two choices and quickly grabbed a package of Attends. She checked the size chart and figured she needed a small and grabbed the package off the shelf. She quickly headed for the checkout to make a quick transaction and leave. She carried the package back to Mrs. Johnson's house and put them in her nursery. She enjoyed the fact that it was now `her' nursery, at least for the rest of the weekend.

"Okay, I did it. My diapers are in my nursery." Said Tara.

"Great. Well why don't you head home for a bit. It's 3:15 and I have to put the girls down for a nap and then tidy up and get some things ready for your little stay."

"Sounds good to me, I'm really excited and can't wait for tonight Mrs. Johnson." Said Tara anxiously.

"I'm glad to hear that, and by the way, you might as well get used to calling me `Mommy', since that is what I'll be."

"Okay...Mommy." said Tara. It felt weird calling someone else `mommy' but it made sense. Even Tara's own mother hadn't diapered her, or even seen her naked for that matter, in about 13 years.

Tara was so excited. This is something she wanted, but never thought it would happen. All those times babysitting, wondering what it would be like, and now it's going to happen.

Tara walked into her house trying to act normal. She didn't want her mother to suspect anything unusual was going to happen while she was gone. She walked up to her bedroom and looked for her most babyish shirts she had. She found a couple of nice white ones with pink trim and a little bow in the neck. She had had this shirt since she was 12 and somehow it still fit and was very cute. The other was plain white with a colorful flower in the middle of the chest.

"These will be perfect." Tara said as she held them up in front of her. These shirts were perfect she thought. These were the ones she always wore her tight blue jeans. They came down just above the belly button, which usually looked really sexy, but now they will help show off her diapers. Tara then heard a knock on her door. It was her mother. She pushed the door open and walked in.

"So I hear you are staying at Mrs. Johnson's for the rest of the weekend?" said mother.

"Yeah, I hope you don't mind." Replied Tara

"Oh, not at all, I think it's nice of you to help her with the kids. She said she had a lot of work to get caught up on and without your help she would never get it done." Her mother replied.

She put her shirts in the bag and looked at the clock. It was 3:45. The countdown had begun and she was watching every minute. She was worried that her mother might find out, or what any neighbors might say if they saw her. She was only across the street. Tara decided to go watch some TV to help pass the time.

Tara had drifted off to sleep. It was hard to imagine falling asleep with all the excitement ahead of her but somehow she managed. She woke up with a start, she thought she was going to be late. She didn't realize that she had fallen asleep. She quickly went over to look at the clock, it read 4:50pm.

"WOW!! It's here!!"

She ran up to her room and grabbed her bag of t-shirts. She went to say goodbye to her mother before she left.

"Okay Mom, I'm going. I'll see you tomorrow night when I get back."

"Okay Sweetheart, have a good time." Replied her mother.

As fast as she could she ran across the street to Mrs. Johnson's house.

"Hi Mommy!" she yelled as she entered the house.

"Well there's my little baby girl. Are we ready for a great weekend?" asked Mrs. Johnson.

"I'm really nervous and a little scared, but I'm ready." Said Tara.

"Well then let's get you settled in. The girls are still napping so when they wake up you'll already be a baby. They are going to love it."

They walked into the nursery and Kathy took Tara's bag and put it by the change table.

"First things first, let's get you into your diaper, and then we'll go over the rules for you while you are here, okay?" said Kathy.

"Okay." Replied Tara.

Kathy motioned for Tara to get up on the change table. She didn't think she would fit and she barely did. Her butt was right at the bottom of the table, she could barely keep her heels on it and the base of her head caught the top end, but she was able to stay up on it enough for Kathy to do a diaper change. It was a home made table she made since her six year old was still needing changes. Tara laid there with a whole lot of emotions going through her.

Kathy then started taking off Tara's clothes. She undid the buckles of her shortalls and then slid them down her legs and pulled them off. Next she undid Tara's bra and slid it off the end of her arms. Lastly was the big girl panties. Tara was now laying there completely nude. Kathy could tell Tara was nervous and didn't know how to act, so she quickly grabbed one of Aimee's pacifiers and put it in her mouth. Tara started sucking on it immediately. She then started cooing at her and tickling her, like she would for Kayla, she then reached down and grabbed one of Tara's diapers, opened it up, and slid it under Tara's butt. Tara could here the crinkling of the diaper and it excited her. This time it was her diaper, not Kayla's. Kathy then rubbed a good portion of baby oil into her diaper area and then gave a nice coating of baby powder. Tara loved the smell of the powder and started to smile. The diaper was then brought up between her legs and fastened snuggly.

Tara was now fully diapered and loved it. She didn't know how she was going to feel once the diaper was on, since she had never worn one before, but she loved the bulky feeling. She liked the way the diaper was thick and smooth and very crinkly. It made her feel like a baby. Kathy sat her up on the table and grabbed one of Tara's shirts and slipped it over head. The shirt came down to the top of the diaper. Kathy liked the look of her new baby and gave her a big hug and kiss.

"How's my new baby?" asked Kathy

"Happy, I want to see myself in the mirror." said Tara.

Kathy took her over to the full length mirror on the back of the door. Tara looked in awe, she could not believe how much she looked like a baby girl. She couldn't help but reach down and feel her diaper. It was so thick, she couldn't believe she was wearing one, and in front of someone she knew. She played with it for a while, making it crinkle, and loving the feeling of it. She put on a big smile and continued sucking her pacifier.

"Okay baby, time to go over the rules."said Kathy.

"What kind of rules, Mommy?" asked Tara.

Kathy picked up Tara and took her over to the rocking chair and sat her on her lap. She didn't fit that easily and wasn't that light either, but she managed.

Here are the rules:

Rule 1: You are 2 years old. Adult Tara is not here, if you act like adult Tara you will get a spanking.

Rule 2: Diapers at all times, and they are to be used

Rule 3: I will dress you, feed you, and bath you

Rule 4: You will obey me at all times, I am your mother

Rule 5: If you want something you must ask for it

"Do you understand these rules baby?" asked Kathy

"Yes Mommy, me understand" replied Tara.

"Good girl, mommy loves you sweetie." Said Kathy.

Kathy took Tara by the hand and lead her to the family room where all the girls toys were. She let Tara sit down on the floor and start playing with toys. Kathy turned on the TV to the children's station and let it run. Tara spent a lot of the time crawling around to hear the sound of the diaper. This is something Tara wanted ever since she started babysitting the girls. Now she was going to know what it felt like to be a baby. A few minutes later Kathy returned to the room carrying a baby bottle and a bib. Tara knew it was for her and smiled.

"My baby must be hungry." Said Kathy

"Yes mommy, I am." Replied Tara

Kathy went over to Tara and tied the bib around her neck. Tara was really loving the baby treatment. She didn't have to worry about anything, it was all taken care of. Kathy sat on the couch and motioned Tara to come over and lay her head on her lap. She did so and Kathy put the bottle in her mouth and she started sucking. This was starting to be everything Tara was hoping it would be. Tara loved the taste of the warm formula and sucked the bottle dry.

"Wow, my baby was hungry. Wait here while I get another one."

Kathy went to the kitchen and put another bottle in the microwave to heat it up. A minute later she was back and Tara started to drink that one. When she was about half way through the second bottle Aimee woke up from her nap and came downstairs. She looked puzzled for a bit and then walked into the room.

"Tara is that you?" she asked.

"Yes," her mother replied, "she is going to be your baby sister until tomorrow. She is going to be the same age as Kayla so I want you to treat her the same way you treat Kayla. Okay?"

"Okay, she looks so cute in a diaper. She's the biggest baby I've ever seen, but it's going to be a lot of fun." Said Aimee.

Tara finished the second bottle and removed it from her mouth.

"Hi Aimee, want to play?" asked Tara, in her baby voice.

"Okay, but mommy has to change my diaper first, I'm really wet."

Kathy put Tara in Kayla's playpen while she went upstairs to change Aimee into a clean diaper. Tara played with the toys. She wasn't thinking about anything in her real life right now, she wanted to enjoy this as much as she could. Tara never realized how filling formula was, she was actually feeling almost full from the two bottle she drank.

Upstairs Kathy put Aimee on her bed and started undoing her diaper.

"How come Tara is going to be a baby?" asked Aimee

"Well, she wanted to know what it felt like to be a baby. After all these years of babysitting you girls, and changing your diapers she was curious, so I told her I would treat her like a baby this weekend if she wanted to really find out. And she agreed."

Kathy finished changing Aimee's diaper and let her go downstairs to play with Tara. Kathy went and looking in on Kayla and saw her awake lying on the bed. Her diaper was wet too, so she took her to the nursery and changed her diaper. When they were done they went downstairs and Kayla saw Tara for the first time.

"Look Mommy!! Tara's wearing a diaper like me!" she exclaimed.

"Yes honey, Tara is a baby this weekend. She is the same age as you."

Kayla went over and gave Tara a big hug. Tara returned it and asked to get out of her playpen. Kathy went over and picked her up and put her on the floor. The girls started playing happily together while Kathy got their dinners ready. After about half an hour pf playing, Tara felt the urge to go pee. At first she didn't know what to do so she held it in. But then she thought, why hold it in, I am a baby in a diaper, I'm supposed to pee, just like Aimee and Kayla. And with that thought she let it go. The warm pee flooded her diaper, her crotch warm and wet. She felt the pee spread around to her butt, and it felt really good. Tara realized she loved the freedom to just pee at any time, and she loved the feeling of a wet diaper. She sat there for a while not doing anything, just enjoying the feeling, when Aimee noticed her diaper.

"Mommy, Mommy!!! Tara wet her diaper!" cried Aimee.

Tara blushed bright red. She was so embarrassed that she just peed a diaper like a real baby. Kayla and Aimee looked at her and then her diaper and giggled. Tara was nervous and then started to cry. This really surprised the girls, they had never seen Tara cry before or wet a diaper. Kathy came over and comforted Tara and took her into the nursery to change her diaper.

"Oooooh, my baby's first wet diaper. It's okay sweetie, you don't have to cry." Said Kathy.

"I can't believe I started to cry," said Tara, "I just didn't know how to react with the girls around. It just kind of hit me that I had just peed a diaper like a baby, and I got scared." Tara said.

"That's okay Tara, that's what babies do"

"I have to tell you though, I really liked wetting the diaper, it was fun and felt really relaxing. Actually I really like the feeling of being in a wet diaper too." Tara blushed again.

"You like a wet diaper? Well you're the first baby I met that likes a dirty diaper. So in that case I'm going to leave you in that diaper until after dinner, that way you can enjoy it. But I'll have to watch that you don't get a rash."

"Can I please?" asked Tara.

"Sure I'll change you later then."

Kathy and Tara came out of the nursery and Kathy put Tara down to continue to play.

"Mommy, how come you didn't change her diaper?" asked Aimee.

"Well she isn't that wet, I just wanted to calm her down and stop her crying. I'll change her after dinner. Now go and play okay." Said Kathy.

Tara sat on the floor feeling her mushy diaper and loved it. It made her feel like she was a real baby and wanted to feel that way for a while.

It was now about 5:30pm. Tara and the girls continued playing with the toys. She kept looking at Kayla and Aimee in their diapers and realized she looked the same. They were all playing when Kathy came in and said that their dinners were ready. Aimee and Kayla ran to the kitchen and Tara followed. Kathy looked at Tara and said,

"Sorry Tara, you'll have to wait, I only have one highchair. I'll feed you when I'm done with Kayla."

"Okay," replied Tara, "I'll just keep playing."

Tara went in the other room but couldn't help watching Kayla get fed in her highchair. She actually felt a little jealous. She loved the treatment Kayla was getting and couldn't wait for her turn. She was getting really excited when Kayla was almost done. She had never sat in a highchair before, not that she could remember anyway, and was really excited about it. Aimee was old enough to feed herself, and old enough to have normal food. Tonight she was having chicken fingers and fries. She loved to dip them in ketchup. When Kathy was finally finished with Kayla, she called Tara. She let Kayla out of the highchair and gave her a bottle of apple juice to drink while watching TV. Tara walked over, with her soggy diaper, to the highchair and Kathy helped her get in.

At 17 she was a tight fit. Tara was not a big girl, but normal for her age, 5'3" and about 115lbs. She was no toddler, and would never fool anybody by wearing a diaper, but she managed to fit in enough to make the chair work. She couldn't use the foot rest or her knees would hit the tray, so she let her feet dangle. Aimee looked over a t Tara and smiled.

"You look like a baby in there, Tara."

"That's the whole point right Aimee," replied Tara.

Kathy walked behind Tara and tied a bib around her neck. Tara had these strange feelings come over her as she sat in the chair. She was really starting to feel the role of a baby and was really liking it. With the bib tied around her neck and sitting in the chair, Tara was ready to eat. Kathy brought over the bowl of food and a sippy cup of juice and started to feed Tara.

"Tonight we are having strained carrots, pureed beef and strained peas," said Kathy.

Tara looked in the bowl at all the food mushed up, it didn't look too appealing, but this is what she asked for. As Kathy brought the first spoonful to her mouth she opened wide and took her first taste of real baby food. Tara winced at the taste, it was awful. The pureed beef was bland as it had no preservatives or seasoning like salt or pepper. She almost spit it out, but managed to get it down.]

"Awwww, does my little girl not like her din dins?" laughed Kathy.

"It doesn't taste very good at all," said Tara

"Well that's what babies eat, and that's all you're getting for the rest of the weekend. Now eat up or you'll be in big trouble sweetie. I don't want to have to force feed you." said Kathy.

Tara reached for the sippy cup to help wash the food down. As Kathy kept the spoonfuls coming Tara tried her best to eat the food. She was not enjoying it but soon hoped she would get used to it. Kathy scraped the last of the bowl and put it up to Tara's mouth.

"Last one baby, then you can have dessert."

Tara took the last bite and took another sip from her cup. She was hoping dessert would taste better.

"What's for dessert?" she asked.

"Well for being such a good girl and eating all of your first meal, I'm going to give you some ice cream."

"Yeahhhhhhh!" cried Tara "I love ice cream."

Finally dinner was done and Tara had finished her ice cream. That's when Kathy noticed she still had on her wet diaper from before.

"Oh sweetheart, that diaper must be soaked, you're going to get a rash. It's time to get you cleaned up and into a fresh diaper." Said Kathy.

"Oh yeah, it's really soggy mommy," said Tara.

Kathy took Tara to the nursery and put her on the changing table. Kathy put a pacifier in Tara's mouth and started to change her. The diaper was just soaked, all the way up the back and the front, and was sagging. She undid the tapes and pulled the diaper down and inspected Tara's area to make sure she was not getting a rash. Seeing that everything was alright she pulled the diaper out from under her and threw it into the diaper pail. Kathy then reached for the wipes and started to clean her off. The feel of the air against her skin felt good. Finally her skin could breathe again. The coolness of the wipes also felt good on her skin and vagina. Kathy made sure she did a good job to get all the cracks clean. Tara was getting a little aroused by this and smiled.

As much as Tara enjoyed the wet diaper, she really like getting cleaned up and put into a clean one. Kathy finished wiping her and grabbed the powder and put an ample amount this time. The smell of the powder hit Tara's nose. She was really enjoying how this was going, in fact she didn't think she would enjoy it this much. She was hoping this weekend would never end. Kathy pulled the diaper up between Tara's legs and tightly fastened the tapes. The new diaper felt really snug around Tara's hips, must better than the old one that had started to sag.

"Does my baby feel better?" asked Kathy

"Much better mommy, I love wearing diapers, and I like being your baby." Said Tara.

"These diapers are really crinkly, mommy, especially when they are new. They sound so babyish."

Kathy picked Tara up off the table and took her back out to the playroom where the other girls were.

"Did mommy change your diaper Tara?" asked Aimee.

"Yeah, I'm all clean now. I like having a clean diaper, don't you?" asked Tara

"Yep, it feels much better." Replied Aimee

The girls started playing with some dolls and were having a great time. It was now about 6:30pm. Kathy was finishing cleaning up the kitchen and was watching the girls play. She was noticing that Tara was now really acting a lot more like Kayla. She wasn't acting like the Tara that used to babysit her kids the last few years.

Kathy finally finished up in the kitchen and came into the room where the girls were.

"So how are we all doing?" she asked

"FINE!" they all said in unison.

"Can we watch a movie mommy?" asked Kayla

"Yeah, can we?" Aimee pleaded.

"Well okay," said Kathy, "but then it's bedtime for everyone."

"I want to watch 'The Little Mermaid'" cried Kayla

"Okay, that sounds good" said Kathy.

They all cuddled up on the couch under a blanket in their t-shirts and diapers and Kathy put the movie in to play. Kathy sat down on the couch between Tara and Aimee and put Kayla in her lap. She smiled as she had all her little girls surrounding her. Tara also loved the feeling of closeness and felt a sense of place that she hadn't felt in a long time. She felt really happy and really thought that she was Kathy's daughter and was still a toddler in diapers. Tara snuggled up really close to Kathy and sucked on her pacifier as the movie started.

Halfway through the movie Tara had already wet her diaper and was enjoying the feeling again. The warmth and the wetness surrounded her regions. As the movie played on, Tara now had the urge to poop. Her new diet of baby food was going right through her. She got a little nervous and forgot about the movie momentarily. She didn't know if she should just let it go or tell Kathy she had to go.

"Mommy?" said Tara

"Yes sweetie," replied Kathy

"...ummmmm....nothing." said Tara

Tara was going to say something but then realized she was a baby and babies usually don't say anything. So she decided she was just going to let it go. She started to blush and could feel her cheeks get red. She had never pooped herself before and didn't know what to expect.

She relaxed her muscles and let the poop come out. As it started to go into the diaper, Tara, without noticing, tightened her grip on Kathy's arm. Kathy felt this and looked at Tara. She didn't say anything, she just watched her. Within a couple of seconds Tara had filled her diaper and Kathy realized what was going on. The poop was soft and Tara had no trouble filling her diaper. It spread around her butt area and down to her crotch. She had pooped out a lot more than she had expected, she was hoping it wasn't going to leak. The feeling was alien to Tara, but like her wet diaper, she kind of liked the feeling of a loaded diaper as well.

Pretty soon the smell got around to everyone's nose. Kathy and Tara made eye contact and Kathy saw the puzzled look in Tara's eyes. She knew Tara didn't know what to do next.

"It's okay sweetie," whispered Kathy, "you can poop your diapers. I'll change you after the movie, don't be worried, it's okay."

"Ewwwwwwww!" cried Aimee.

"Who pooped?"

"Tara did." Said Kathy

"You did Tara?" asked Aimee

"Yeah, but I'm aloud to." She said in her defense.

"My diaper is poopy too!" exclaimed Kayla

Kathy pulled the back of Kayla's diaper to check and, sure enough, she too had a poopy diaper. She hadn't pooped as much as Tara, I guess that's why she couldn't smell it, but it was messy. They all got comfortable on the couch again and finished watching the movie. Tara delighted in her messy diaper as the movie finished, but she also was looking forward to another diaper change and bedtime. This would be her first night in a real crib.

Part Four

As the movie finished Kathy asked Aimee and the other girls to go to the nursery and await diaper changes for bedtime. Kathy had her hands full at night with three diapers to change, not to mention two poopy ones.

They all climbed off the couch and Kathy watched as the three diapered butts walked and crinkled their way upstairs. Kathy finished cleaning up the kitchen and headed upstairs.

She entered the nursery and saw the girls sitting on the floor playing. Aimee was a big enough girl to get herself ready for bed so she changed her diaper first.

"C'mon Aimee. Let's get you into your diaper and then you can go and put your pajamas on and brush your teeth." Said Kathy

Aimee climbed up on the changing table and let her mother go to work. Tara watched every move Kathy made. She loved watching the girls get their diapers changed, the way Kathy was so gentle and cooed at them and made them feel loved. She pulled the tapes off the diaper and pulled it out from under Aimee. She grabbed the wipes and cleaned her off. She then laid another clean diaper under and gave her an ample coating of baby powder and then brought the diaper up between her legs and snuggly taped it shut. When she was done she picked her up off the table and let her stand. She gave her a quick pat on the butt and sent her to get ready for bed.

Tara was glad she was last. She was hoping Kathy would take a little extra time with her and it also gave her more time in her poopy diaper, which she was enjoying, but it was starting to get itchy. She watched again as Kathy changed Kayla.

It was finally Tara's turn. She was a little embarrassed as she has never had someone clean her butt after she pooped. She climbed up on the table and lay back as Kathy undid the tapes on her diaper. Kathy pulled the front of the diaper open and gave a surprised look.

"Oh my! I've never seen such a full diaper. My baby is a big pooper." Exclaimed Kathy.

Tara giggled as the fresh air made contact with her diaper area. It felt good to get the heavy diaper off and have some fresh air. Kathy pulled the diaper out from under Tara and grabbed about three wipes and started to clean her off. The poop had spread all through the diaper, there wasn't a clean spot on her.

"Hmmmm!" exclaimed Tara

The cold wipes soothed her and felt refreshing to her. Kathy started cleaning her up and wiping up all the poop. Tara loved the feeling of the wipes especially when she went deep up the crack of her butt. Again she was a little embarrassed, this was a new experience and not a usual one for a 17 year old, but she wanted to enjoy it so she tried not to let it bother her. The smell of her dirty diaper had filled the room and knew she would smell that all night, as this was her room tonight. Tara was starting to feel at ease with her new role and stuck her thumb in her mouth.

"No, we will have none of that," said Kathy, "we don't suck thumbs in this house. Here's you pacifier."

Kathy placed the paci in Tara's mouth and she started to suck on it happily. Kathy went about finishing the diaper change. She grabbed a fresh diaper out of Tara's supply and placed it under her. She applied an ample coating of powder and then pulled the diaper up between her legs. Tara liked this part. She like watching Kathy bring the diaper up between her legs and securing it. It gave her a great sense of security knowing she was diapered.

When she finished she put a pair of white anklets on her and then picked her up off the table and put her on the floor beside Kayla.

"I need you two to stay here and play while I finish putting Aimee to bed. Can you do that for me?" asked Kathy

"Yes Mommy" they replied.

Kathy went off to Aimee's room and saw Aimee in bed waiting for her mother to tuck her in.

"Is my big girl already for bed?" asked Kathy.

"Yep, I'm all ready for bed. Can you read me a story Mommy?" asked Aimee

"Sorry sweetie, not tonight. I've got my hands full with the other girls. I promise I'll make it up to you though." Replied Kathy.

Kathy gave her daughter and kiss and then put her pacifier in her mouth and tucked her in. On her way out she made sure the night light was on and then closed the door.

She headed for the kitchen, making sure to check on Tara and Kayla as she passed the room, to get their bedtime bottles ready. She saw the girls were fine and went to the kitchen. She took out three bottles of formula and placed them in the microwave. As they were heating up she grabbed two bibs off the back of the highchair for Tara and Kayla.

"BEEP BEEP BEEP!" the microwave sounded as the bottles were finished. She went over and tested the temperature. They felt fine and she put the tops back on and headed for the nursery.

She opened the door to the nursery and saw the girls playing quietly with some toys. She sat down on the floor with them and tied the bibs on them. Tara was enjoying the fact that she was getting a bedtime bottle, it made her feel babyish, which of course she liked.

Kathy had the girls place their heads each on a lap. Kathy fed them there bottles simultaneously. Tara laid back and sucked her bottle. The formula was nice and warm and felt good in her tummy. She looked up at Kathy and liked as she saw her smiling back down at her. Tara started playing with her diaper making it crinkle, she like the sound and how thick it felt. The first bottle went down fairly quick. She finished much quicker than Kayla.

"All finished Mommy" she said.

"Oh no you're not little girl, you have two bottles tonight." She replied, "The formula will help you get a good nights sleep."

She also wanted to make sure that she woke up soaked. Kathy was also having fun with this situation and wanted Tara to really experience babyhood. When she was changing her diaper she noticed early signs of diaper rash, but didn't bother to put any cream on it. She thought it would be interesting to see how she reacted to suffering from a diaper rash. Kathy popped the second bottle into Tara's mouth and let her suck that one down too.

Both girls were finally finished their bottles and were ready for nighty night. Kathy removed their bibs and cleaned their faces.

"Okay Tara, time to get you into your crib." Said Kathy

Tara really like the sound of that and got a little aroused by it. Kathy walked over to the crib and dropped the railing so Tara could get in. Tara was starting to get the shakes. She couldn't believe that her dream of sleeping in a crib like a baby was coming true. As she stood up she felt the warm formula settle in her stomach. She knew her nice clean diaper wasn't going to be clean for very long.

She walked over to the crib and lay down. The crib was a little short and she had to bend her legs a bit, but not much, she was able to get comfy. Kathy put her pacifier in her mouth and then covered her in a thin blanket to keep her warm. Kathy also left Aimee's old baby blanket for Tara to hold on to. She turned the mobile above the crib on, kissed Tara on the head and then put the side of the crib up.

"Have a good sleep my little baby." Said Kathy

On her way out she made sure the night light and baby monitor were on. She wanted to hear any noises Tara made during the night. She then picked up Kayla, closed the door and headed to her own room.

Tara lay in her crib, eyes open, amazed. With the night light she could see the whole room. She saw the bars of the crib, the mobile spinning above her, the changing table, and the rocking chair. As she lay there sucking on her pacifier and feeling the thick diaper between her legs she realized now, despite her age and size, that she was without a doubt in her mind, a baby girl.

She didn't want to fall asleep, she felt if she did she wouldn't be able to enjoy being in this situation, and this was her only night that she would be able to do this. So she just laid there, snuggling the baby blanket, enjoying the moment. She looked around the room, listened to the mobile and tried to stay awake, but as hard as she tried she couldn't. The formula was taking effect and she was drifting off to sleep. She also felt her bladder asking for release. Without hesitation she let it go, she peed for about 15 seconds and when she was almost done, she felt herself poop. It was really soft and not very much. She tried to stay awake to enjoy the feeling for a while, but she couldn't fight the drowsiness, and felt her heavy eyes shut. She was very comfortable and happy in her diaper as she drifted off.

Tara woke at some point in the night with a strong urge to pee. She wasn't sure what time, as there was no clock in her nursery, but it was still dark out. She found herself laying on her back. She let the pee go into her diaper. She peed a long time this time. She wasn't sure if it her diaper was going to leak, but then she realized that is not for her to worry about, 'Mommy' will take care of that stuff. Her butt was also very itchy. Laying on her back most of the time she had been laying in her poop and it was pressed hard against her bum. It was very itchy, not to mention she did have to poop again. She let everything go and filled her diaper to what she thought would be capacity. Tara tried to get comfortable again to go back to sleep, but she couldn't, the diaper was too itchy and uncomfortable. Everytime she moved her legs her diaper area hurt and itched. She didn't know what to do.


After her first burst she started to cry, and then just outright bawled her eyes out. She was uncomfortable and wanted her mommy.

Through the baby monitor Kathy heard Tara crying. She quickly ran to the nursery to see Tara kneeling in the crib with her arms reached out for her mommy.

"Oh sweetheart, what's the matter?" said Kathy as she put her arms around Tara and gave her a big hug.

"My diaper hurts mommy." Replied Tara

"Well let's get my little baby girl all cleaned up and into a fresh diaper. You've been pretty active tonight, your diaper is just about overflowing" Said Kathy.

Kathy took Tara out of the crib and put her on the changing table. Tara was still sucking on her pacifier and sobbing at the same time. With a tissue Kathy cleaned up Tara's tears and started to change her diaper. When she pulled open the diaper and cleaned her up she noticed the rash was a little worse. This time she would put some cream on it. She didn't want the rash to get too bad, as Tara would probably be doing a lot of moving around in her diaper tomorrow. She put a nice new diaper on Tara and taped it snuggly. She rocked Tara back to sleep in the rocking chair and then put her back in her crib for the rest of the night.

She watched Tara sleep for a bit. She looked so peaceful in her crib and diaper, quietly sucking on her pacifier. Tara was really taking to being a baby, she didn't know how Tara would ever go back to being herself again. Kathy gave Tara a kiss on the forehead and left the room.

Part Five

The bright sun filled the nursery. Tara was still asleep as Kathy stood there watching her. Kathy noticed her diaper was wet again, she must have wet again after her last change. Kathy watched and a few seconds later Tara shifted and her big diaper crinkled with every move. Kathy gave her a few pats on the butt and then decided it was time to wake her up and start her day. She grabbed her shoulder and gave her a few gentle rocks.

As Tara started to come to she first noticed the bars in front of her and then felt the big bulge between her legs and after a few seconds everything came back to her. She remembered the previous day and all she had done, even her middle-of-the-night diaper change. As Tara opened her eyes she saw Kathy looking down at her. Tara couldn't help but smile, she then got up on her knees and gave Kathy a big hug.

"Good morning, Mommy" she said.

"Good morning, Precious" she replied

As Tara knelt in front of Kathy the urge to pee hit her very quickly and hard. Without holding back she let her bladder go. The pee streamed hard into her diaper, which worked very hard to catch everything. Kathy couldn't help but notice what was happening and cupped her hand around Tara's crotch as the pee filled the diaper and spread around.

"My, my we are quite the bedwetter aren't we?" smirked Kathy, "let's get you all cleaned up and ready for the day. Aimee and Kayla are already in the kitchen having breakfast."

Kathy picked up Tara and put her on the changing table. She undid the tapes on the diaper and pulled it out from under her. She grabbed a few wipes and cleaned her diaper area. She noticed the diaper rash and put some more ointment on it. After putting a fresh diaper under her, Kathy put a generous amount of powder and rubbed it in. She then pulled the diaper up between Tara's legs and snuggly taped it shut. She went over to Tara's bag and picked up the second shirt Tara had brought. Tara had spent yesterday and last night in the other shirt, so it was time for a change.

Once dressed, Kathy clipped Tara's pacifier to her shirt and took her to the kitchen. Aimee was sitting at the table eating cereal and drinking juice. Kayla was sitting in the highchair eating toast with peanut butter and jam. She had managed to get most of it on her face. She also had a sippy cup of juice in front of her. Tara sat in one of the chairs at the table as Kathy got Kayla cleaned up.

"Tara, mommy said that we can go and play outside after breakfast, do you want to play with us?" asked Aimee.

"Yeah, I'd love to. We can play in the sandbox, okay" replied Tara.

Kathy had finished with Kayla, getting her cleaned up and out of the highchair. She let her go into the other room to watch TV while her big sister Aimee finished her breakfast and they could go outside. Her diaper was sagging and was very wet and messy. Kathy didn't want to wake Tara in the nursery so she decided it would be best to wait and change Kayla after Tara got up.

Kathy put Tara in the highchair and put her bib on her. Tara like the bib she had on today. It was a white vinyl bib with pink trim and a little blue bunny on it. She thought it looked really cute. Kathy then put a bottle of apple juice on the tray and then brought over a bowl of hot oatmeal. She pulled a chair over in front of Tara and started to spoon feed Tara. Tara was really enjoying the attention and the fact that she didn't have to do anything.

The oatmeal wasn't very tasty, it was just plain oatmeal. Kathy was feeding it one spoonful at a time, but at the same time was purposely missing the mouth a little making Tara's face a little messy. She kept giggling every time the spoon missed, this was making Kathy laugh too. By the time they were done Tara had quite a bit on her face.

By this time Aimee had finished her breakfast and was eager to go outside and play. It was a really nice day. The sun was shining and it was about 83F with a nice breeze. Tara was a little weary about going outside in just the diaper and playing like a 2 year-old, all the neighbors knew her and they might see her over the fence playing. Kathy got her all cleaned up and let her out of the highchair. Kathy handed her the bottle.

"I want you to finish this soon, I don't want you getting dehydrated in the sun. I have more for you when you are finished" said Kathy.

"Yes Mommy, I'll make sure I drink lots today" replied Tara

Before she could say anymore Aimee grabbed her hand and led her into the backyard to the sandbox. Kathy smiled as she watched the two girls head outside, they were having so much fun. Just then Kayla noticed them going to the sandbox.

"I wanna go play outside too Mommy" cried Kayla.

"I know you do sweetie, but we have to get you changed out of that dirty diaper and into a clean one" said Kathy.

Kathy picked her up and headed to the nursery. She quickly took off the old diaper and within a few minutes was taping on a new one. As soon as Kathy let Kayla down from the change table she ran straight for the sandbox and the other girls. Kathy felt safe having the girls play outside without her supervision. Even though Tara was supposed to be a baby this weekend, she knew she could trust her to look out for the girls when necessary. Kathy took advantage of this time to clean up after her three little babies. Breakfast time can be quite a mess with three toddlers running around.

She first started with the kitchen, cleaning the highchair and then the table where Aimee was sitting. She rinsed off the two bibs and draped them over the back of the highchair for later use at lunchtime. When the table and highchair were clean and all the dishes were put away Kathy headed to the nursery.

When she walked through the door she smelled the strong odor of poop. Tara's diapers had been sitting in the diaper pail from last night and this morning.

"The diaper pail was not designed to handle such a load I suppose" Kathy thought to herself.

She went back to the kitchen and grabbed a garbage bag and headed back to the nursery to dump the pail. It also had Kayla and Aimee's diapers as well so it was pretty full. She then took the bag to the garage to be later taken to the curb on garbage day. She then sprayed the room with a Lysol deodorizer and opened the window to let some fresh air in. Then it was off to the playroom. Toys were everywhere. Kathy couldn't believe her kids had so many toys. She picked up all of them and put them in the corner where they would be for all of 5 minutes when the girls came back inside.

After finally getting things straightened up about an hour had passed and she was exhausted. She decided she would go check on the kids in the backyard and see how they were doing. She went to the sliding door in the kitchen which led to the backyard and peered out. It seemed the girls were doing fine. They were still in the sandbox playing, laughing and giggling together. Kathy noticed Tara had finished her bottle and went to the fridge to get her another. At the dame time she grabbed a bottle for Kayla and a sippy cup for Aimee.

When Kathy got to the sandbox she noticed that Tara had gotten most of the juice on her new shirt instead of in her mouth.

"Oh sweetie, look at your shirt, and I don't have another one for you" said Kathy.

Tara still had juice running down the side of her mouth and on her chin. Kathy took the bottom of the shirt and wiped her mouth.

"Let's go find you something to wear, I can't leave you in that all day. I might have something in my closet that you can wear until you change into your own clothes and go home later" said Kathy.

She grabbed Tara's hand and led her inside.

"Aimee, can you please watch your sister while I'm gone. I'll just be inside" said Kathy.

"Okay Mommy" replied Aimee

Kathy and Tara headed up to Kathy's room. Once there Kathy told Tara to sit on the bed while she went through her dresser to find something that might fit her. After about 10 minutes of searching Kathy found a baby blue cotton camisole that she usually wore to bed and thought it would do.

"Stand up sweetie" said Kathy.

Tara stood up and Kathy removed her dirty top. She pulled the new top down over her head and pulled it down as far as it would go. It went just a little longer than her other shirt, it actually covered a bit of the top of the diaper, but it fit fine. The shirt was sleeveless as it had spaghetti straps, Tara thought it fit and felt more comfortable than her own shirt.

Tara then headed to go back downstairs and outside again.

"Ah, ah, ah missy" said Kathy, "you're going to need this."

Tara saw Kathy unclip the pacifier from the dirty shirt and then clip it to one of the shoulder straps of her clean shirt.

"And don't go any further than the kitchen. I think we have enough proof that you will need to be bibbed for the rest of the day" joked Kathy. As she held up her dirty shirt.

Tara went down and waited in the kitchen. Soon Kathy came down and pulled out a bib from a drawer by the sink. This bib was a terry cloth bib with a vinyl back. Kathy went behind Tara and tied it on.

"This one will soak up any spilled juice and protect my shirt from getting all dirty" Kathy said.

"Thanks mommy" replied Tara.

"Your welcome sweetie, now go play outside while I get lunch ready" said Kathy.

As Tara turned and left, Kathy grabbed her diapered butt and gave it a shake hearing it crinkle loudly. Tara turned and smiled and then headed outside. The girls were now on the swing set waiting for Tara.

Kathy quickly went about getting lunch ready. It was now about 12:30pm and the girls would be getting hungry soon. She decided that Aimee and Kayla would have sandwiches and Tara would have baby food. It might be the last time she has that chance so Kathy thought she might as well make the most of it.

The sandwiches were finally made and Kathy had dished up Tara's meal into a bowl.

"Come on girls, lunchtime" Kathy called out into the backyard.

The girls got off the swings and came running inside. She noticed that Tara and Kayla both had wet their diapers and quite heavily too. Tara's had started to sag a little.

"Mommy, my girl spot hurts" cried Tara.

"I know honey, you have a diaper rash and it's probably getting worse with all the activity you are doing in your diaper. I'll get you all cleaned up and into a fresh diaper after lunch" said Kathy.

Kathy let Kayla sit in a chair at the table. She gave her a booster seat and kept a watchful eye on her as to not let her fall off. Kathy then motioned for Tara to get into the highchair. Kathy took off Tara's terry bib and replaced it with the bigger vinyl one that was on the back of the chair. The girls started eating their sandwiches and Kathy fed Tara in the highchair. Tara liked that she was getting the baby food again. She really wanted the full baby experience and she was getting it. She really didn't like the taste, but she swallowed it down anyway.

After lunch Kathy took Tara and Kayla to the nursery for fresh diapers. Kayla was changed first and then let go to play with Aimee. Tara then got up on the change table.

"This will probably be your last diaper change Tara" said Kathy.

"Nooooo" cried Tara, "I can get one more. I will probably go home around 7pm and it's only 1:30 now. If I drink lots of juice I'll wet again soon. And I might poop after eating lunch too" said Tara.

"Well, we'll see how it goes. I know you love getting your diapers changed, but if you go home too late your mother might get worried" said Kathy.

Kathy finished changing her diaper and tended to her rash. It was getting worse. With all the running around the diaper was rubbing her crotch a lot and really chaffing her skin. Kathy put an ample amount of rash cream on her and thoroughly rubbed it in. This gave Tara pleasure in both ways. One by getting the soothing cream rubbed into the rash and, two, having her mound rubbed nicely while getting diapered. She then poured a good amount of baby powder on her and pulled the diaper up between her legs and taped it on snuggly.

While they were eating lunch and getting fresh diapers some dark clouds had moved in and looked like it was going to rain. Kathy decided it was not a good idea to go back outside, but rather stay inside and maybe watch another movie. The girls quickly jumped at the opportunity to sit and watch another movie. This time they settled on "Mary Poppins". This was one of their favorites, and Tara's too, from when she was a kid. Once again they all snuggled on the couch and got comfortable. Just then a huge crack of thunder ripped through the air. Kayla jumped and screamed and ran into Kathy's arms. Tara was also hoping that she had to pee soon and poop, she really wanted one more diaper change before going home.

Just about half an hour into the movie, she got her wish. Tara flooded her diaper with pee. It was quite a bit too. She looked at Kathy and gave a big smile. Kathy noticed this and gave a smile back, she knew that Tara had used her diaper and was going to get another change after the movie. Tara was glad she peed early into the movie. She was hoping that she would be able to wear it for a while before getting changed out of it. They sat quietly and watched the movie to the end. They got so into it that they didn't notice that the storm had continued the whole time ripping loud bangs of thunder and huge streaks of lightning.

As the movie ended the storm was actually clearing up. It was just one of those quick afternoon storms that happen on humid days. The sun was starting to poke through the clouds and the ground was drying up. They got up off the couch and Kathy looked at the clock, it was almost 4pm. Kathy looked at Tara's diaper, it was soaked.

"Okay baby, let's get that diaper changed. I don't want that rash getting any worse" said Kathy.

Kathy took Tara to the nursery one more time. Tara got up on the table and anticipated her last diaper change of her best weekend ever. Kathy came in and looked at Tara on the table and smiled.

"Now aren't you glad you took my offer to satisfy your curiosity?" asked Kathy.

"I sure am, Mommy. I have had the best time. At first I didn't think I would enjoy it, but I really started to love it. Is that weird?" asked Tara.

"No, not at all, but you know that you will have to go back to being yourself again when it's time to go home" said Kathy.

"Yeah, I know. I wish I didn't have to go home" Tara said.

"Well you can't be a baby forever. This was just a one time thing to let you have some fun. You'll fo back to babysitting them again next week as usual" Kathy said.

"But I loved it so much" replied Tara.

Kathy laid Tara back and started to undo the tapes. At this point Tara's mother, Patricia, decided to wonder over to Kathy's house to check on every one after the bad storm. She knew Kayla was afraid of big storms and was hoping Tara, who was supposed to be babysitting this weekend, could handle everything. She walked up to the house and saw the front door was open and just the screen door was closed. Kathy and Pat were good friends so she didn't bother to knock, and went inside.

She saw Kayla and Aimee in the room playing. Tara and Kathy were not around. She wondered where Tara could be, she was supposed to be watching them.

"Hi Aimee" said Pat.

"Hi Miss Scully" she responded.

"Where is Tara and Mommy?" she asked.

"They are upstairs in the nursery" she replied.

Pat decided to go and find them to see how everything went this weekend and to find out when Tara would be home. She decided not to call out, she knew where the nursery was, she had been here many times. As she got to the top of the stairs she heard them talking and went right in. She could not believe what she was seeing. Just as she walked in she saw Kathy was just finishing taping the new diaper snuggly around Tara's waist


Kathy jumped with a start. She did not hear Pat come upstairs or even expect her in the house for that matter. As Kathy turned to look at who was screaming, Pat saw her daughter lying on the change table with her knees in the air and wearing a disposable diaper.

"Pat, what are you doing here?" asked Kathy.

"I came over to check and see if everything was alright. With the big storm I wanted to make sure Tara didn't have her hands full with the kids while you were catching up on your work" explained Pat

Tara just laid there with her mouth open and tears welling up in her eyes. This was her biggest nightmare. She never wanted her mother to find out about what happened this weekend. There was no way she could hide what was going on, she was there in plain sight for her mother to see.

"So this is what you were doing all weekend? Wearing diapers and pissing and shitting yourself?" Pat making note of the diaper that Kathy had just put into the diaper pail, she was absolutely furious. Not only did her daughter and good friend lie to her, but her daughter was wearing diapers and acting like a baby.

"So you want to be a baby, do you?" remarked Pat.

"My 17 year old daughter wants to be a baby. Well that's just fine because that it what you're going to be" said Pat.

"Pat I can explain" commented Kathy, "it's not what you think it is."

Pat walked over to Tara and grabbed her by the hand and practically pulled her off the changing table.

"Come on BABY!" exclaimed Pat, "Let's get our little baby home, it's probably nap time."

Pat was being very mean to Tara and Kathy didn't like it, but there wasn't much she could do. Tara was Pat's daughter and it was out of her hands. Kathy would try to have a talk with her later when she calmed down and was a little more easy to talk to. In the meantime she watched Pat pull Tara downstairs and out the front door. Tara was crying real hard now and pleading with her mother. Pat walked her across the street in broad daylight in front of all the neighbors. Tara was just wearing Kathy's top and her diaper. She was trying hard to keep up to her mother but Pat was walking at a good pace, and with the diaper and no shoes Tara was falling behind. With running to keep up, her diaper was crinkling really loudly, which of course Pat noticed, but it was also making her rash worse and now Tara was starting to hurt down there too.

When they got home Tara was told to go to her room and stay there until Pat came to get her, and she was not to remove that diaper.

"And if you have to go to the bathroom you know what to do, don't you?" screamed Pat.

Tara lay on her bed bawling her eyes out. She had no idea what her mother was going to do. Her whole weekend had come to a crashing halt in a matter of seconds, all her good times were now over, Tara's fate was now in her mother's hands.

Part Six

Tara did not know what to think. What was her mother going to do? Was she going to be punished? A thousand questions were running through her head. She felt the urge to pee, so she did, there was nothing else she could do right now. With all the excitement and emotion of what had just occurred Tara felt very sleepy and drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile, Patricia was down in the kitchen trying to get dinner ready, but was largely distracted by the thoughts and images in her head of her 17 year old daughter spread out on a change table wearing a diaper. The thought that Tara would do something like this and let another woman treat her and see her like that angered her.

"How am I going to deal with this" she thought to herself.

"Well obviously she likes being treated like a baby, so maybe that's what I'll do. I'll keep her a baby until she's sick of it" she mumbled to herself.

She kept about getting dinner ready leaving Tara in her room to stir about her weekend and what might still be to come. She put the lasagna in the oven and set the timer for an hour. She then went in the den and turned on the TV.

Tara slowly awoke from her nap. She was unsure of how long she had slept, but decided just to stay in her room as her mother had instructed.

Pat was an average build for her height of 5'4". She had brwon shoulder length wavy hair and pretty blue eyes, but she had a streak in her that would frighten most men and Tara knew not to disobey. Pat also has a bit of a mouth on her. Growing up with three older brothers and a father who loved his "Jack Daniels" hardened her. Her husband, Gary was no better. He was a career trucker who had spent a few years in the joint before hooking up with Pat. Somehow she always ended up with those kind of men. Pat and Gary were forced to get married when Patricia got pregnant with Tara. It was not a situation Pat wanted, but her family forced her to, for money reasons, he was her only financial support. Pat has always carried a little resentment towards Tara for that, even though it wasn't Tara's fault. When Tara was very young Gary died of a heart attack while driving a load down to Georgia. The insurance policy through the company was quite substantial, but nothing that she could live on forever. She decided that with that money she was going to live her dream and go back to school to become a teacher.

Tara's diaper was wet and now getting cold and itchy, she also had to pee again. She let her bladder go slowly into her diaper, her first wetting was quite big and she was worried that another big wetting would cause it to leak. The warm stream filled her diaper and it felt good. Her cold clammy diaper was now warm again and she loved the feeling. It was saturated to the max and another wetting for sure would end up running down her leg. She put her hand on her diaper and felt how full and squishy it was. It was a great feeling, warm, soft and heavy. She felt babyish again.

She then heard her mother coming upstairs and walking towards her room.

Tara just laid there on her bed with her diaper in full view, there was no reason to hide it now. Patricia opened the door and looked in. She saw Tara lying on her bed in just the diaper and was disgusted. She decided at that moment what she was going to do.

"So how's the baby?" she asked in a smartass kind of tone.

But before Tara could answer......

"OH for heaven's sake!!! I leave you alone for one hour and you've already pissed yourself!!!" blurted Pat.

Pat went over to the bed and grabbed Tara's diaper in her hand, squeezing it to see how full it was.

"Look at you, completely soaked. I guess you really are a baby after all" she said.

Tara started to cry again. She just wanted her mother to understand.

"Mom please let me explain. It isn't what you think that happened at Kathy's house" Tara pleaded.

Tara was really sobbing hard now and could barely talk coherently. She was embarrassed, frightened and anxious. Even though she loved wearing diapers, she wished this had never happened and that things would just be normal. But things were far from normal and Tara was afraid of the outcome.


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