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Granted, I had a vague idea about what my girlfriend, Jezebel, was into when we hooked up. I mean c'mon I met her in a BDSM chat room, but this chick is twisted.

About six months into our relationship I drop the dreaded D-bomb, yes I'm into diapers. I suppose I should have known something was awry when she just grinned and said, "Don't worry love, Mama will work it all out."

So, one day, not long after, we're walkin' around the Springfield mega mall right? She's sporting this killer skirt, her tennis, and a rockin' see through sweater type thing, her hair all swept up in a pony, emerald green eyes glistening like star shine, and this huge backpack she customarily has with her. She asks me if I love her and I'm totally feeling the doe eyes, so I say, "Yes, truly and deeply babe."

Now, all giggling she asks, "Feel like having some excitement, maybe a little promiscuous adventuring, all at my pleasure and your expense? "

"Aw babe," I reply, "you know Id do anything for you." Little did I know how loaded that statement would be..

She giggles some more, takes my hand in hers and begins leading me across the mall, all the while strapping on her Domme boots and getting me to agree that she's large, in charge and anything goes. Before I know it she's lead me into the family restroom, and locked the door behind us. I'm so friggen stoked you could use me as a cannon ramrod.

"Close your eyes love," she says. I close my eyes; hear the zipper on her pack, and then rummaging. Unbeknownst to me, Jez pulls out a plushy style wolf pup head with all the fixings. I mean this thing comes equipped with locks (all hidden), eye covers, built in removable ball gag, you name it, this hood is tricked out. This aint your Daddies furry costume! Next thing I know I'm locked in, and she is strapping matching bondage puppy mitts to my hands, click go the hidden padlocks. Damn, no mouth, no eyes, no fingers, only my ears and they are becoming acute by this point. She asks if I'm ok, I nod. She asks if I'm ready for phase two, I nod vigorously.

She sits down; I'm assuming on the throne, pulls me near and begins undoing my pants. She shoves them down around my ankles like a set of hobbles.. I don't wear undies so BAM, lil' wolfy jr. is free, rock hard and wanting for love. Mmm, I feel some sort of hot wet mouth action, and hidden in the sounds of the moment, her sucking and my grunting, I hear the faintly audible sound of a trickle. Water running? No splash. Hell, what do I care, I'm concentrating on other things. Just as I'm about to explode down her beautiful waiting throat she slows down and begins her own grunting. While she seems distracted, I start getting frustrated since my own selfish needs aren't being met. I begin a few thrust maneuvers, but she aint for having any of that. SMACK! I whimper through my gag as she slaps my iron hard erection with all her might.

"No, bad boy! Mommy's in charge here," she reminds me.

I am right on the edge of the largest orgasm of the year and she stops entirely, and slaps the crap out of lil' wolfy. How do you like that? She stands up and I hear some fumbling again. Man is she good at this. My dick is straining against its own skin. All of a sudden there's a brush of something between my legs, just a hint. She grabs my member with her free hand and begins to wildly jerk me off until I'm right on the verge of cumming again (which didn't take long let me tell you, nanoseconds). She can feel it coming too, she is an expert on this. Oh! God, almost, NOOO! She brings me just to the peak of orgasm and then ruins the whole shebang. The cum oozes out in globs like wolfy is having a snotty cold. My whole wad dribbles out the end of my shaft and I'm heartbroken. I HATE ruined orgasms, but secretly love her control of me..

So, here I am, cum dripping out, big and hard as an iron wood tree, no orgasm, frustrated as hell, and she pulls what I now recognize as the front panel of a diaper up between my legs pressing it firmly against my manhood. Whoa, weird sensations encase my groin. Stickiness, obviously my freshly milked cum, wetness both warm and cold... OMG She's been wearing and wetting this diaper the whole morning we've been out! This thought makes me strain even harder, now fighting the cold wet diaper pad separating me from her hand, this in turn presses the cooled urine out of the fabric and it trickles down my erection.

Rock on... I love my Domme. Next she slowly, agonizingly slowly, brings up the back of the diaper to meet the front at the hips, and alarms start popping off everywhere. She, she, she... she messed, she pooped in this diaper. RIGHT in front of me! Ewww, she is locking me into a diaper she has soiled!

Standing behind me, she presses her belly up against my butt, holding the soiled diaper between us in place. As she reaches around the front, grabbing the front panel and pulling it tightly into place I begin to squeamishly wiggle and squirm, struggling with my predicament.

"No, no, anything goes remember?" she says, quickly pulling the diaper down so she can wallop my excited cock. SMACK! I jump and quickly stop squirming, recalling who is in charge, my stinging dick a steady reminder.

She resumes the diapering, pulling the front up extra tight this time ensuring that my excitement will keep submerged in her cultivated sea of cold pee. Expertly, the four tapes are securely fastened and I lose her to fumbling and rummaging again. I'm straining to hear anything of importance at this time, and all of a sudden I hear the familiar sound of tape being removed from the roll. Four times, each piece of duct tape covered one of the diaper tapes to reinforce their strength, guaranteeing non-removal and compliance. So here I stand effectively locked into the soaking wet and messy diaper she created for me.

At this point, unsure what to expect she asks, "Does my baby have to potty?" I stop and think briefly, so wanting to shake my head 'no', but lying isn't an option in this sort of game. Lying only leads to trouble, and trouble to punishment. Apparently I lingered on the decision to long because a second later I felt a sting and rising finger shaped welts across my inner thigh. I let out a pain induced moan and shook my head yes.

"Good boy!"

Jez positioned me as she wanted, and guidingly pushed me onto the toilet, causing the diaper to tighten further spreading the cooling excrement around the seat of my diaper.

"Does my baby have to do poo poo's too?" she mocked in highlighted baby tones. Beneath my mask I learned new shades of pink and red and embarrassingly shook my head affirmatively.

"First things first, baby. Tinkle, Tinkle for mommy!"

I felt her reach down and cup her hand around the bulge of wet diaper and shrinking erection. She gave me an encouraging squeeze through the thick padding. She wanted to feel it. I opened the golden shower faucet, at first letting it slowly trickle into the wanting diaper padding, then letting it build to the inevitable gushing flood. The pee flowed freely through the diaper channel, seeping around my balls and settling at the bottom mixing with her mud, making matters considerably worse. No doubt part of her plan. Her hand kept the hot liquid pressed right up against me.. OMG this chick is sick, and what am I for loving every second of it?

When I was done wetting, she rubbed the heavily saturated diaper, exciting me once again until I was fully hard.

"Okay baby, now do your poo poo's for mama!" I was mortified. I have never done anything like this in front of someone, diaper or not. I didn't know what to do. She apparently sensed the hesitation or lack of effort because I felt that familiar sting of her fingers on my thigh.

"Now, young man!"

Immediately I began to push with sincerity. It was difficult at best, harder than I thought it would be anyway. The diaper tight around and against my butt combined with the already filled station of the seat made messing a real chore. She continued to offer encouragement in mocked baby talk which did not help matters. I pushed and pushed and it oozed forward enshrouding my balls and upward through my crack and then began to spread outward like a super thick lava flow across my cheeks. I labored until I was all cleaned out, it seemed like hours, it seemed like pounds. I was disgusted at the thought, the feeling, the situation I found myself in.

"Such a good boy!" Jez took my hand and pulled me off the seat. The diaper slid up, slowly, stickily, and spread the sludge even further. She patted my backside for effect and I winced at the touch.

"Mmm, I so love this little diaper slave. This simply MUST become a part of our regular routine!"

She pulled up my pants, fastened a big plushy tail to my belt to complete the ensemble and buckled me up tight. I was not escaping from this dirty diaper any time soon. She removed the eye patches, but left the plushy head locked in place, removed the ball gag and instructed me to keep silent.

Jez sat back down on the toilet, straight across from where she left me leaning on the wall watching her. Her skirt was hiked up around her tummy and a pair of white satin thong panties pressed firmly against her dripping sex. She proceeded to have three of the longest, most enthrallingly enjoyed orgasms through her panties that I have ever seen. WOW, Ill be damned, slap me go to hell, she was really turned on by all this!

She made sure that every truckle of her juices had been caught and absorbed in the front of that thong. Slowly, like some sort of slow motion exotic exhibitionist, she slid them down her bitchin' beach body legs. Holding them between her fingers, stretched hip to hip she asked, "Did you like your show dirty boy?" I nodded.

"Did you like what I did to my panties diaper boy?" I nodded more enthusiastically.

"Good boy, but for all things there is a price my dirty, wet, messy little diaper slave," she cooed at me.

"These are pretty expensive panties, they need special care. Can't just let them dry like this, you might ruin them you know? Oh! I have an idea!" she said with mocked irony.

"Open your mouth my little diaper slut. Your going to clean them for me, isn't that wonderful? I'm so clever!" I couldn't believe my ears, she was going to shove that dripping wet thong into my mouth. She was gagging me with her panties! What could I do? Before she had the chance to slap me again I opened my mouth and she shoved the crotch section, inside out, into my waiting mouth, placing the saturation right on my tongue.

"Now you just lick them clean diaper slut, while we make our way home for surprise number two!" At that she straightened herself out, took me by the hand and led me waddling from the mall to the bus stop out front, where I got the pleasure of sitting down on the hard seated bench waiting for the bus. I received many strange looks. My diaper smelled, the mess was everywhere, I looked ridiculous and all I could think about was; "What could possibly be in store next?" God I love her to death, but she is TWISTED with a capital "T".

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