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Written By: Baby Jay NY

I like to play pool when I'm not working. Sometimes I go when I'm finished with work or most of the time I will go home shower powder myself up and put on my diaper and plastic pants. Yes I said Diaper and plastic pants. I Loooove wearing a diaper. I don't know many people down there so I'm not afraid of getting caught. I can really relax and have a good night when I'm there dress this way. I didn't go out before, dressed like this until recently. I'm separated from my wife and now I live by myself. So I can do what I want.

I don't play pool to bad. I use to play when I was in the service. I still have my cue stick that I bought in Japan . I play maybe 20/25 games a night. I'm at the pool hall at least 5 times a week. That includes week ends. There is always a tournament on the week end. I entered a few times but never got lucky enough to win. But I enjoy the completion anyway.

It was Friday afternoon. I went straight home after work and took a shower and put my baby cloths on. I was feeling warm and very comfortable in my diaper and plastic pants. I arrived at the pool hall about 7:30 pm . I went early so I could have a bit to eat and practice for the upcoming tournament this week end. Thought I might even get lucky this week end and possible win one time. I finished dinner and got a table in the back. I was there about an hour when a young lady took the table next to me. She was about 22 or 23 years old, very young looking and very pretty. Great shape, nice titties and a cute little ass. When she first arrived I had to show her where the rack was for the balls. She started to play and I went back to practice. I was watching her from the corner of my eye. She was pretty good with a cue stick. I guess she must have been watching me too because a few times she said nice shoot. I said thank you and told her she wasn't half bad either. I played about 5 games and had a few drinks and needed to go pee. I wasn't sure if I should go in my diaper or to the bath room.

So I decided to go to the bath room just in case. When I got back the young lady gave me a smile. It was a curious smile so I just smiled back. I started another game and was lining up a shot when she came over and whispered in my ear.

"Why did you go to the bath room if you are wearing a diaper"? I miss cued and almost ripped the table cloth on the pool table. I turned beet red and said "excuse me". I'm sorry but I noticed that when you were bending over the table to take a shot, the top of your diaper was sticking out. I was so embarrassed I didn't know what to say. She said, "that it was alright she didn't think anyone else had noticed". Ya, I said to myself but you noticed. I just stood there. I couldn't move. I was so embarrassed I had tears in my eyes. Oh that's OK baby, I won't tell anyone. I told her thanks and started to play pool again. But I know she was watching me and I couldn't sink a shot for love or money.

I took the rack of balls back up to the counter. Paid for the hours I had practiced. I sat down on one of the couches in front of the big TV and ordered another drink. She went up to the counter a few seconds after I did. She came over were I was sitting on the couch. The waitress was still next to me so she ordered a drink too. She sat next to me and with a big smile said, "I hope you don't leak if you have to do pee pee". No I won't leak I have plastic pants, thank you for you concern I told her with a worried voice.

"No one can hear us with all this noise, stop being such a baby" she said.

"Oops I'm sorry no pun intended" she giggled. So I found out she said. What's the big deal? Either you need them or you enjoy wearing them. SO grow up.

"Oops she said again "no pun intended". That wise crack made me smile. That's a good boy she said to me with a little smirk. A little smile always goes a long way. My name is Samantha. Hi Samantha my name is John. Please to meet you she said and shook my hand. Please call me Sam , OK I said "Sam".

The waitress came back with our drinks. I went to pay for them but Samantha (Sam) won't hear of it. She said "she had given me a hard time and that she wanted to pay for the drinks". OK then I will get the next one. We sat and talked for awhile. I found out she was a hair styles. She owned her own business in the city. I told her I was retired but had a part time job as a truck driver. I asked if she was married and she said no.

She asked if I was. I told her that I was separated after 33 years of torcher I mean marriage. I told her I lived by myself now a few blocks from here. She said that "she lived in the city with a room mate". I asked boy or girl? She said "girl". I asked her "what she was doing in this neck of the woods". She said "she was visiting her mother who lived in the neighborhood".

Sam and I talked for about 3 hours. We had a few more drinks and were just relaxing. It was getting late but I really didn't want to leave her. I asked her "if she had plans for the rest of the night". She said "she didn't and asked what I had in mine". I told her "there was a night club up the block and maybe if she wanted we could go have a few more drinks and dance a little". Sam said "she was beat maybe another time". Besides she said "Won't you need a change soon"? I turned fire engine red again. I was having such a good time talking to her that I did wet my diaper. I would say by the color of your face the answer to that is yes. Why don't we go to your place and I will help you with your little problem. Sam took me by the hand and said "come on little boy lets get you change and into a clean diaper". I followed her like a toddle holding his mommy's hand.

We walked up the block. She held onto my hand even when we were crossing the street. She got real cute and started to teach me how to cross at the green and not in-between. We laughed all the way to my door. Not once did Sam let go of my hand.

We entered my apartment and I asked her if she would like something to drink or eat. She thought a minute and said I would very much like to see the little baby in front of me in his wet diaper. Now take your cloths of for mommy or would you like mommy to do it for you? I looked at her with my mouth open.

"You can't be serious" I said. OH yes I am. Now come over here so I can get you undressed and changed. I couldn't believe my ears but I still didn't move. Sam got up and came over to me grabbing my hand saying, "Did you hear me little one"? Now stop this nonsense and let's get you out of your wet diapers before you get a diaper rash. Sam grabbed my hand and forcefully pulled me into my hallway looking for my bedroom. When she found the bedroom she threw me on the bed and went right for my zipper.

"Now hold on there Sam" I protested.

"Shush" she said. If you do pee pee in your diaper like a baby then you get treated like one. Now be still or does mommy have to put you over her knee and give you a spanking? I wasn't sure what to do. This young lady was at least my daughter's age and she is bossing me around like I'm a one year old. I didn't want a spanking and I'm pretty sure she could handle me and get me over her knee. So I just laid there as she started to remove my shirt, pants, shoes and socks.

"Now that's a good baby" Sam said. You are a good baby for mommy and I promise we will both have a great night together. I heard that and immediately put my thumb in my mouth. She smiled and gave me a wink.

These are cute plastic pants Sam said with a smile. I like the teddy bears on them. They look like you, a little teddy bear. When I was younger and I would baby sit Sam said, I always liked when the babies would wear the plastic pants with the snaps on the side. It made it easier to change them without getting them undressed. Sam put her finger behind the waste band and pulled my plastic pants down and off. Wow she said.

"You are one wet baby". I said to myself, I'm wetter than before we left the pool hall because she shocked the pee pee out of me with her request. I peed right in front of her. Sam untapped the diaper. She lifted my legs (with my help) and removed my soggy diaper. Sam rolled it up and threw it in the diaper pail next to my dresser.

Now that I live alone all my baby needs are on the top of my dresser. Sam walked over and grabbed what she needed and started to clean me up. It looks like this little baby is enjoying his baby part she said with a big smile. I have never seen a "baby boy" with such a big pee pee before. Sam was holding my pee pee in her hands. I moaned when she put her warm hand on me. Oh you like that too do you, she said with a giggle. Sam lets go of my pee pee and said there is plenty of time for that later she said. Now mommy must get her baby boy diapered before he thinks he is a fireman and pisses all over me. I lift my butt up and she places a clean diaper under me. Grabbing the powder she sprinkles powder on me and rubs it in all over my diapered area. She pulls the diaper between my legs and pulls it up tight and secures it in place.

This is great because I could never get my diaper this tight by myself. Mommy thinks you look cuter with just your diaper so I won't put your plastic pants back on. Now let's go into the living room and listen to some music. Won't that be fun? Gee I should change your name now that you are a baby. That's it I'll call you Baby Johnny. Your mommies new baby Johnny and babies don't talk. They just act like babies. That is what you will do for me tonight. If you are a naughty baby mommy will put you over her knee and spank you until you have a red hinny. Is that OK with you Baby Johnny? I nodded my head yes. Sam grabbed my hand as we walked into the living room. Before we sat down Sam turned the stereo on. Sam positioned me in her lap. I cuddled up to her and put my head on her shoulder. Now this is nice. Mommy and her baby boy relaxing. Sam had her chin on the top of my head and she was rubbing my belly. Oh what a bad mommy I am she shouts. I didn't get you anything to drink before bed time. With that she pushes me up a little and removes her blouse. Sam unsnapped her 2 cups on her bra exposing her nipples in front of me. I didn't notice at first but then realized she had a nursing bra on. Sam removed my thumb from my mouth and put her hand on the back of my head and guided my lips to her right nipple. Now you drink up baby boy and enjoy.

I started to suckling. I was rewarded with her sweet mother's milk. I was surprised but very happy and hungry. I never tasted mother's milk before and I really liked it. I suckled the right nipple like I hadn't had anything to drink in days. Sam was moaning and switching in her seat. She pulled my head off the right nipple and placed it on the left. I continued to suckle. My diaper was so tight that I had to fix myself. By the sounds that Sam was making she was really enjoying my suckling. Oh baby she moaned suck your mommies nipple. Your lips are so warm on mommy.

"Good boy, good baby" she said. I continue my action. I feel her hand going down my bear chest passing my belly button as she tried to put her hand into my diaper. Sam can just barely get her hand into the diaper. The tightness of my diaper and my raising hard on she couldn't put her hand in the diaper. She stops for a minute to untapped one side of my diaper.

Sam continues to rub and stroke my pee pee. Sam is on fire. Her other hand is going threw my hair as she keeps saying what and good boy I am. Oh yes baby empty my breast and drink my milk. I'm not sure about Sam but I'm about ready to dump a load into my diaper.

Sam must have ESPN (lol) or something like that. No baby not yet. I want you in me when you cum. Sam pulls away from me. I let her nipple go with a pop. She releases my pee pee and removes my diaper. Sam undresses and puts my rock hard pee pee into her mouth and starts sucking like I was sucking her nipples but I'm to close to Cumming. I reach for her arms and pull her up to my mouth. We start to kiss. I'm so excited that I can't wait any longer. With my hand I guide my dick near her pussy. She grabs it and shoves it in. Sam is so wet that I slip right in with no trouble. We start out fast because we were both ready to let go. It took her a matter of minutes. Sam started riding my dick faster and faster.

Sam moaned loudly. Baby Johnny make mommy cum. Push your pee pee in harder baby. I lifted my butt off the couch and slammed into her with all my might. Yes baby do it to mommy. You are a good baby. Yes yes you are. She lets out a scream at the same time I exploded deep inside her.

I've never came like this before not even when I was married. Totally exhausted we lay in each others arms. Sam has her head on my chest as we starts to relax. What a good baby you are. Mommy is so please with her new baby boy. After resting for about 20 minutes Sam got up. She grabbed my hand and we headed for the bath room. Sam turned the water on in the shower and we both got in. We washed each other from head to toe. We got out and we dried each other off. Grabbing my hand again we make our way to my bed room. Sam pulls down the covers and I lay on the bed. She powders me and places a diaper tight around my waist. She replaces my plastic pants.

"I don't want my baby to leak on the bed tonight while we are sleeping" Sam said with a smile. I shift to the top of the bed. Sam gets under the covers naked and pulls the blanket up. We put our arms around each other. Good night baby Johnny Sam whispers. Good night mommy sleep tight I said and we fall asleep in each others arms.

To Be Continued. . . . . . . . . . . .

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