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Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

This story does not correspond with any real event and all characters and names are fictional. If any reverences relate to real events or people, please consider totally coincidental. Do not change but readers may distribute to others sites and use for personal use but do not change the story in any way.


Chantal is a 15 year old girl who loves with her mom, Christine, in a two bedroom flat after her dad died in a parachute accident has a deep interest in nappies who spends the majority of her summer holidays in them, as well as using them to the full intention. However she takes advantage to the pleasure of staying in control and starts to lose all of her bodily functions which include peeing, pooping and suckling. Will it work out?

Chantal was ready for her nappies. There they where waiting for her on her bed ready to be taped across her powdered fanny and butt and to be used for their purpose. Her mom sent her a text saying that she is probably going to be working late and Chantal saw this as a risky chance to have one of the precious moments with her nappies and baby items she has not been able to use since the summer and she had started school.

Chantal was a beautiful curvy brunette standing at just 5'2" at age 15. She was quite popular in school but often stayed in at night to go on nappy sites. Since Chantal had a lot of time over the summer, she often had a nappy on under her shorts while in house when her mom was at work. She would do everything in the nappies and then change a couple of hours later. When her mom came home, she took off the nappies so her mom wouldn't know her secret she had been keeping from her for the last 3 years.

Chantal could buy two packs of nappies from the internet, and she made the most of them. She literary spent all of her allowance on nappies.

However a problem arose on the first day of school. Since it was the first day, Chantal made the effort not to wear a nappy to bed as she knew her mom would come in. Usually Chantal would have a wet nappy in the morning after learning to bed wet but forgot that it also would be the case without the nappy.

"Shit, Mom will kill me" Chantal thought as she felt the warm wetness spreading around her, soaking her sleepers and sticking to her skin.

The smell of pee quickly filled the room. Chantal quickly got out of bed and went to the window and opened it to let the smell out. She quickly took off her now cold sleepers and got a dirty towel to try and soak up the pee in the mattress.

Her mom now came in for Chantal's wake up call, unaware she has had an unwelcome one already. She opened the door to find her naked daughter scrubbing a wet spot on her bed. She knows all to well what has happened as she used to work on the children's ward in the local hospital. She is now a freelance (in other words a temp) teacher in primary school teaching kids with learning difficulties and finds the job more rewarding then any other. She sympathizes with Chantal and takes over drying the bed. She tells Chantal to get showered and dressed and breakfast will be ready shortly.

Chantal got a shower and then dressed in her uniform and went downstairs to have her breakfast. Not a word was said by either one of them about the bed wetting. Chantal didn't want to talk about it, afraid of giving away the reason of her bedwetting away and her mom didn't want to bring it up until Chantal was ready, or if it was necessary to do so.

Chantal set off to school on an uneventful morning. She was so bored and found herself missing her nappies. She starts thinking of her nappies while having a lecture on a science biology based subject of some sort. All of a sudden, she awoke from her daydream to laughter and pointing. Also chants of 'She's wet herself' or 'where is your nappies baby' and then realized she has wet herself. Chantal was mortified. Now, she had regretted in not buying any pull-ups for school, but never once regretted the nappies over the summer taking her continence away. She loved it, the losing control turned her on and it excited her. She just wished it wasn't on show, being so humiliated. A nappy was her way of keeping her secret while doing what she loved best.

The teacher sends her off to the school nurse who was not surprised at Chantal's predicament. As a school nurse, she has seen her own share of wet trousers and learned not to be shocked at even the most extreme situations. The nurse got Chantal a fresh pair of trousers and panties and began to call the mother. Her mother was upset that her daughter may have an infection and was worried that it could be more serious then it appeared.

"I'll be there as soon as possible." Since she was at a school of learning difficulties, the end of the school day was at each dinner time, so she was able to come and get her within 10 minutes. Before she set off, she made a phone call to their family doctor to book an appointment for Chantal. Luckily she was able to get an appointment in an hour after a cancellation.

"Thanks a lot Dr. Travis, we'll be there" Christine told the receptionist of the practice. Christine got into her car and then drove to the school to collect Chantal. When she got there she went straight to the nurse and had a 5 minute talk about Chantal and how the panty wetting was nothing to worry about.

Christine wasn't too sure the nurse was right because of the bedwetting. Christine never told the nurse of the morning incident and assumed it was best if she didn't. She would tell the family doctor but not anything that the school can get hold of.

The ride was a silent one. Neither Christine nor Chantal spoke a word. To make it worst, the radio was bust so the atmosphere was awkward and tense in the extra silence. Chantal dazed out of the window. She was scared that the doctor may figure out that Chantal has lost her continence, and maybe by doctoral instinct, figures out why. The chance of that happening was next to nothing, but it didn't calm her nerves.

They got into the doctors practice and was told to wait until the doctor was finished with the current patient. They didn't have to wait long to be seen to. The receptionist calls for them to tell them that the doctor is ready for them. They went to the door and entered to be greeted by the doctor.

"So, what can I do for you ladies, which one needs the examination?

"It's my daughter, she has had some bladder problems lately, just want to check it wasn't an infection that's all" Christine replied.

"Ok, then let me have a look" the doctor said while patting the waterproof bed for examining, indicating Chantal to jump on it. Chantal jumped up and unbuttoned the schools trousers and her panties and pushed them down to her knees. She wasn't embarrassed about this as her mom had seen naked many times and the doctor was a doctor and Chantal knew she wouldn't take advantage of her in any way. The doctor put on some surgical rubber gloves and then poked around Chantal's groin area.

After examining the groin for some time, the doctor told Chantal to redress and sit down. Chantal sat down after she buttoned up her trousers and the doctor proceeded to tell what she found. Or in this case what she never found.

"By as far as I can tell, there is nothing wrong with Chantal. The only reasons of the bedwetting I can say are that it is psychological. The more common reason is stress which can be the source of family troubles, school problems or insecurity."

Chantal left relieved, but could all but think of her nappies and how close the doctor come to the truth about Chantal. Christine drove her daughter home and made dinner. Chantal sat in the living room and then Christine decided that it was time to bring it up.

"Is there anything you want to tell me?"

"No" Chantal said instantly. The speed of the response causes a little suspicion.

"Are you being bullied? You would tell me if you were wouldn't you?"

"Of Course Mom, you know I would come to you if I had a problem."

In truth this wasn't a lie as she never considered her nappy obsession as a problem. She loved her nappies and she has never had such an urge to wear a nappy as she did now.

"I'm going upstairs, I feel a bit tired."

Christine didn't blame her. Today must have been exhausting for Chantal. In fact, she was going to take a little siesta herself. She went upstairs and walked past Chantal's room. She heard shuffling. She thought this as odd because she thought she was going to bed, but that didn't seem to be the case. Instead of going to her room, she decided to see if she was alright, and opened the door slightly, enough to see what was going on.

What she saw was a shock to her. There was Chantal on the bed, naked with a powdered groin and something that looked like a cushion under her bum. It took her a while to notice it was an incontinence pad, or in other words, an adult nappy.

"What on earth is going on here?" Christine said, loud enough to make Chantal to jump out of her own skin.

Chantal was in shock and froze, so her mom could see all of her supplies before Chantal could even think of trying to cover them. On the bed were her baby bottles, bibs, dummies (pacifiers in America ) and her baby sleeper. Christine shut the door and then went back downstairs. She sat on the sofa and went into a deep trance. She was soon awakened by her daughter wrapped covered in a towel. Now Christine was out of the trance, the day made a lot more sense.

"W-W-W-Why?" Christine said.

"Please don't think any worst of me mom; it's just something I like."

"You Like? How could you like it?"

"I don't know why mum, it's just when I do wear them, I feel warm, secure and safe."

"Oh, and do you use them?" Christine said and without waiting for an answer, she answered for Chantal.

"Of course you have used them, it explains the loss of control you have had today."

"Mum, I'm sorry I didn't come to you, but understand, this isn't normal and I thought you may hate me for it."

"I don't hate you sweetheart, I will always love you but this is big. Go upstairs; I need to think about this."

Chantal went up the stairs, crying. This is the only time ever that she has ever felt guilty over her nappies.

Chantal never went downstairs that night except to get a snack and she was careful not to disturb her mother who was still sitting on the sofa staring at the wall in total darkness. Chantal went upstairs with her snack and went to her bedroom and put on a nappy to prevent the bed getting wet from an almost certain bedwetting incident. Neither of them spoke to each other that night.

The next morning, Christine came into the room and woke Chantal up, who after an exhausting day slept through her alarm. She pulled back Chantal's covers and looked at the obvious bulge underneath the sleeper that she ahs put on a nappy for the night. Christine shakes Chantal up, waking her, and Chantal pulls her covers back up her to hide the hopefully not too obvious bulge in her sleepers. Christine sits on the bed.

"Honey, I have thought about it, and I will do anything for you and stand by your decisions. Do you want to wear nappies all the time?"

"Really mum, you really don't mind?"

"No honey, if that is what you want."

Christine looks momentarily on the floor and can see a rather large baby bottle protruding from under the bed.

"But understand if you choose to wear nappies, there will be conditions that will have to be followed. I will not tell you these conditions, but you have to think if nappies are something you want, will you put up with the consequences that follow? I want an answer by the end of breakfast."

Chantal thought hard. How bad could it be, I love nappies, and nothing can stop me from wearing nappies. But what if I have to wear them in public, can I cope with that? This was the main question in Chantal's mind, but in the end she decides on the answer. She goes downstairs, and sits at the table in her wet nappy and sleepers.

"By the way, my answer is that I want to wear the nappies. Nothing can stop me from wearing them and I'll never stop wearing them" Chantal said before even touching her breakfast.

"Are you sure? If not say now because as soon as I get through the rules, you will not be able to break them, or you could lose your nappies forever. Never n this house will you be able to wear them again."

"I'm sure Mum, like I said, I like them and they make me feel good."

"Ok, eat your breakfast while I go over the rules."

Chantal started eating her breakfast. Her breakfast consisted of a bowl of porridge and 2 pieces of toast with a fine cup of tea to brighten the day.

"Ok, here are the rules" Christine said while Chantal had a mouthful of porridge. Christine handed over a piece of paper titled rules. Chantal started to read the rules.


- You may never take off your own nappies.
- You may only be changed when I decide you are ready to be changed.
- You will only be changed by a parent or guardian who may be looking after you from time to time.
- You will from now on call me Mommy or Mama
You will not use the bathroom unless you need a bath. Strictly no toilet privileges.
- You will be my baby and the spare room will be turned into a nursery which will have the relevant furniture and equipment.
- Your baby status will not be a secret to anyone whom wishes to visit the house.
- All rules will be followed. If any rules are found to be broken, you will lose your nappies forever.



"You will have to sign at the bottom if you agree to these rules" Christine said while holding a pen in front of Chantal. Chantal took the pen and signed the rules.

"Ok then Mrs. Potty Pants, lets get you changed" Christine said talking in a baby voice. She took Chantal's hand and pulled her up to her bedroom.

"Tell mommy where you keep your stuff" Christine said revering to the nappy stash that Chantal had.

Chantal pointed to her bed which had a large box underneath where she kept her most favorite stuff. In it was baby powder, baby oil, nappies, plastic panties, cloth nappies, nappy pins, dummies, rattle, baby bottles and a few fisher price toys.

"Look at this, someone is good at keeping secrets" Christine continued as if talking to real baby.

Chantal thought this to be strange being treated like this, but it was a good strange. Already she felt more loved then any baby out there. Christine was the same. She too felt the strangeness in talking to her daughter in a babyish voice but thought this was going to be. Now she is gladder then ever to be involved in this with Chantal. A new bond was formed.

Christine proceeded to unzip the sleeper that was on Chantal and exposed her very wet nappies for the very first time.

"Someone is very wet today" Christine said while getting the supplies ready. She took out a disposable nappy, baby powder, baby oil, wipes and a dummy. She popped the dummy into Chantal's mouth which she instantly suckled on. Christine untaped the nappy and proceeded to wipe clean the nappy area. The smell of stale urine filled the room but neither one winced at the smell. Both were quite used to it as Christine who was a nurse changing bed pans or wet beds, and a teacher who dealt with children who wet their pants once in a while and Chantal who has worn nappies for about 3 years and often changed wet nappies and some of her messy nappies as well.

After Christine wiped Chantal clean, she noticed a slight soreness in her crack of the bottom and noticed the tell tale signs of a nappy rash, so she got some Vaseline from the bathroom. She came back and applied the Vaseline on liberally all over the nappy area.

As soon as Chantal was 'pampered', she was dressed in a t-shirt and a pair of dungarees to keep the baby status but not too babyish as she will be going out in public today. Christine is going to hand in the notice so she can spend her whole time with Chantal and treat her as a baby, and maybe even start home-schooling her. She took Chantal downstairs into the living room and put cartoons on the television. Meanwhile, while Chantal was watching the TV, Christine rings up work and asks for her boss, Mr. Travis.

"Hi, it's Christine; I'm calling to let you know I will only be coming in today to hand in my notice. Please don't ask for a reason because it is very personal and I just need to know that you'll support my decision."

"Ok, I won't ask any questions. Are you sure I can't change your mind"

"I'm sure. It's just something I have to do."

"Ok, see you soon."

After the phone call, she phoned Chantal's school and told that she would not be in today and she would like to speak with the Head Master of the school. She got an appointment for that afternoon and would keep perfect timing for her visit to her own boss.

Half an hour later, Christine got Chantal and put her in the back of the car. She got into the drivers seat, started the engine, turned on the radio and moved off towards her workplace. She got her daughter out of the care and headed towards her boss's office and knocked.

"Come in"

"Hi, it's Christine."

"Come on in"

Christine opened the door. She headed for a seat and sat down.

"I need a big favor" Christine asked Mr. Travis.

"Well, depending on what it is, I may be able to grant you that favor. What is it?"

"I need to finish today, is that possible?"

"Not with a notice, but I could pay you now and then you can just quit. How's that for you?"

"That's fantastic, I really could do that."

As soon as the details were sorted out and Christine got her last payment, then quit, she headed straight to the school to arrange for Chantal to be home schooled from now on. This was fairly simple as Christine was a registered teacher and was able to take Chantal out of school.

All that was done and Christine and Chantal went back to the car. Chantal had wet her nappy while in the Head Master's office and her mom knew it. She saw the relief in her daughters face.

"One more stop and I'll change you, ok dear."

Chantal nodded and sat in the car. A few people later, she noticed that they were going onto the motorway and wondered where her mom was going. What she didn't know was that Christine went on the internet the previous night and looked at Chantal's internet history and checked each site. On a number of sites, she often saw the same link selling AB clothing and furniture. After seeing this advertisement about 10 times on as many sites, she decided to look at the site and noticed it is in the neighboring village to Hull called Hedon.

Christine eventually pulled over to a driveway suitable for 3 or 4 cars and then got out of the car. Chantal still had no idea were they were and why. Christine went to the front door and knocked, and a maid opened up shortly afterwards in a rubber maid suit. Chantal started to get a bit nervous. Something about her looked funny even smelt funny. She soon realized she had a nappy on which she has pooped in to the full capacity, but she didn't seem phased that people knew what she had done and what she had on. She instantly had a crush on her, even though she never had a crush on a girl before. The way she dressed and how it didn't bother her turned her on. How she wanted to be the one to change her.

They went to a room and met a woman who was dressed in skin tight latex with her breasts showing, bright red lipstick and a big leather whip. She greeted her mom with a nice sensuous wet French kiss, which to Chantal's surprise she accepted and replied, and surprised her more by the mistress coming to Chantal and kissing her the same way with the fondling of the nappy.

"I love kissing pampered girls, especially when they are wet pampered girls. Seems to have more taste" the mistress said and smiled at Chantal's blushing.

"Follow me ladies and babies" she added.

They went into a large room which was decorated in a pastel green colour, and Chantal was struck with excitement as she saw her dream come true. AB Crib, AB changing table, AB nappy pail and everything an AB could need. Christine had a through look at all the items in the room and ended up buying nearly everything. They were 3 highchairs, 2 cribs, a changing table, nappy pails, 4 adult sized dummies, 10 cloth nappies, 3 plastic panties, 30 nappy pins, playpen, 4 adult sized baby bottles, 2 baby mobiles and 10 boxes of 80 adult nappies with baby prints, which she ordered and will get the same each month to her door. Chantal loved all the items, and the maid with the messy nappy came to join them.

"Who's the messy baby slave" the mistress said to the maid.

"Mommy, me messy" she replied.

"Let's get you changed. Care to join us?" she asked Christine and Chantal.

Chantal also needed to wet again and did, and revealed a very puffy bottom under her dungarees and Mistress noticed this.

"And we will get you changed too"

They headed to the changing table on display and Mistress got 2 disposable nappies and baby wipes with powder. Chantal watched in awe as the maid prepared to be changed. Mistress first untaped her messy nappy and the smell intensified. Mistress didn't seem to mind. She got the wipes and proceeded to wipe the maids butt and vagina until it was cleaned. She got the baby powder and wiped it into her skin, paying more time on her vagina. Maid seemed to enjoy this and cooed at the attention. Soon she was nappied and she got off the table.

"Your go" Mistress said to Chantal.

Chantal was shocked that the woman would change her. She soon realized that her dungarees were on the floor after Mistress unhooked them and then patted the table. Chantal got on ready for her change. Chantal didn't need as many wipes as she was only wet and got the same amount of attention on her fanny as the maid. She loved the touch of the smooth hand over her hairless mound. Soon she was too nappied and redressed and Mistress said that she would personally make sure the stuff will be on the truck and she would personally deliver them herself with her maid and drive behind them to their house so they could start their new lifestyle straight away.

They were all soon at the house and they all started on the new nursery together. Mistress shared a few kisses with Christine and a very long one with both the maid and Chantal. Chantal loved the kisses, and thought they were better then the boys she kissed. She loved the woman's lips against hers and soon imagined that they were somewhere else.

Eventually the nursery was done and Mistress and the maid left to go home, leaving Chantal and he mom with the new nursery. Chantal couldn't wait till she slept tonight, and then the bombshell hit.

"Chantal, honey, I'm going out tonight with Mistress and I have arranged a babysitter."

This is happening way to fast for Chantal.

"Why tonight?"

"I want to. I can't stay in the house the entire time sweetheart. Mummy needs a life too. Don't worry, you know the babysitter. It's your best friend, Betty."

Chantal now was officially shocked and didn't for one second think that her best friend would find out about her.

The doorbell rang and Christine took Chantal to the playpen, and answered the door. It was Betty. Chantal wet her nappy at the thought that her best friend would know her secret. Would she laugh or run away? All she knew was that she would find out in a matter of seconds which was the correct answer.

"Where's Chantal" Betty asked Christine.

"She's in the living room. Do us a favor; check her nappy to see if she's wet please"


Betty entered the living room and saw Chantal in the playpen. Betty smiled but didn't laugh and didn't seem to be too shocked at Chantal's attire. Without a word said by either one of them, Betty stuck her fingers in the nappy and checked if it was wet, and it was. It was warm too so it must have been a very recent wetting. Then the doorbell rang again and this time it was the mistress who was dressed quite nicely and looked like they were going to the ball.

"Bye sweetheart, be good for Auntie Betty" Christine said while giving her a kiss.

"The rules that I set are on the table. Make sure none are broken."

"Ok. Have fun" Betty said.

As soon as the door shut Betty got straight to the question.

"Why are you in nappies and using them?"

"I like them."

"Cool, how long for?"

"I have liked them for about 3 years now and now I am in them probably for life."

"And you have to use them?"

"For everything toilet related, pee and poop."

"Wow, this is gonna sound strange but why do you like them?"

"They kind make me feel safe, cozy and warm. Ever since Dad died, I have worn them because they make me feel the way he did."

"That makes sense."

The night was great. They both watched "Hoodwinked" on pirate DVD and it was quite a good copy too. Half way through, Chantal wet her nappy. Betty saw the change in her nappy. She stopped the DVD so they could go upstairs into the nursery. Chantal got on the changing table and waited while Betty got the supplies ready. As soon as Betty was ready, she untapped Chantal's nappy and opened it up. Chantal was very wet and Betty knew it was just from the pee, it was also her being turned on by being changed by her best friend. Betty too was enjoying it, but not only because she was changing the nappy, but she was touching an adult nappy for the first time.

Soon as Chantal was nappied, they went downstairs to the living room to continue their film and Chantal got hungry. Betty went to the kitchen and warmed up two bottles full of baby formulae. Betty laid Chantal across her lap and fed Chantal the drink she had prepared while watching the end of the film. Chantal fell asleep in her lap after 1 ½ bottles and still was suckling the last of the bottle in her sleep. It seemed to come naturally to her to act as a baby. She must feel so content. Betty woke her up so she could go to bed, and slowly they both went upstairs. Betty tucked Chantal in and kissed her goodnight while she thought god she smells so good and then turned on her baby mobile. The tune made Chantal doze off and Betty now felt the urge to try the nappy. They seemed to look so comfy and beautiful. When she was quite sure Chantal was asleep, she sneaked into the room and crept to the changing table at the far end. She took a nappy and turned only to knock the baby powder on the floor and made a loud thud which woke Chantal. Chantal only saw Betty with a nappy in her hand.

"What are you doing with one of my nappies, Betty?"

Betty froze and then broke down into tears. Chantal managed to get out of the crib and went over to Betty and hugged her.

"It's ok, do you want to try one on. Is that it?"

Betty nodded and Chantal beckoned Betty to the changing table. Betty went over still crying and Chantal put a dummy in her mouth.

"Baby's are to be seen, not heard."

Chantal put the nappy on Betty and then got one of her footed sleepers and then undressed Betty for the night. At this point both of them were very wet and both looked at each other lustily into one another eyes. Chantal shook it off and dressed Betty in the sleeper. When she had zipped it up, they both went downstairs, got a baby bottle each which was filled with a purple liquid. Christine as asked Betty to feed both bottles to Chantal at bedtime as one contained a sedative and the other had a mild laxative in it. Christine wanted Chantal to lose control in her sleep so she would be totally incontinent, even when she slept, just like a real baby. They retired to the sofa and drank their baby bottles. Betty was really enjoying the drink, which turned out to be prune juice and soon she felt tired as she happened to get the bottle with the sedative. Chantal, also drained after the day she has had, wanted to go to bed. She helped Betty up the stairs and put her in the spare crib that her mother had bought. Chantal managed to get Betty into the crib and she raised the bars. She got a dummy and popped it in Betty's mouth, which she instantly sucked. She has really got into the role as a baby Chantal thought. When she was sure Betty had fallen asleep, Chantal got in her own crib and raised the bars until they clicked in place. Now she was trapped in a baby bed, with no way of getting out. She soon started drifting off to sleep, when the sudden urge to poop came. She didn't want her first messy nappy in front of her friend so she tried to hold it. Soon she felt the urge get stronger, and then desperately tried to find a way out of the crib. Then as she was trying to shake the bars free, she let go, and a flood of semi solid poop found its way into the nappy. She cried after pooping her nappy right in the company of her sleeping friend and sat down. Soon though, she fell asleep comfortably in a messy nappy.

Chantal woke up to a strong smell and her mother waking her up.

"I see you two had fun last night" pointing to Betty in the other bed, half naked ready to be changed, also messy.

"I saw you both in nappies last night and thought of cute you were. I smelt a messy nappy from the laxative I put in the bottle, but you were dreaming so I knew you didn't take the sedated bottle, Betty did, didn't she?"

"Yes mommy" Chantal said babyishly, thinking that what they did was wrong. Laughter filled the room shortly after. Betty was laughing at Chantal, who was looking at the verge of tears.

"You don't think I'm mad do you sweetie? How could I be mad at my baby? Come on, let me feed you breakfast, and then we will get you changed and discuss your situation."

All three went downstairs, and entered the kitchen to see two highchairs set up and also mistress was at the table, while the maid was making the breakfast, while wearing a very sodden nappy. Chantal and Betty was strapped into the chairs, trays pulled down and then placed beside a chair, presumably where the 'adults' will sit.

Soon breakfast is set. Chantal and Betty are spoon fed chocolate cereal by the adults. Both enjoyed the attention they were getting and they clearly showed it. Mistress, who was feeding Betty, was making sure breakfast was as messy as possible. Chantal paused a second and her mother looked at her. A wet fart filled the room as Chantal was still feeling the effects of the laxative.

"Aren't you glad we didn't change you? Mommy knows best."

Chantal smiled, showing she agreed to her mom. She had just had one of the best sleeps in her life sleeping in a messy nappy and a crib. Now, while sitting in a very smelly messy nappy, she felt more content then ever. She loved her new life. After a bottle of baby formulae each, Christine took Chantal, Betty and the maid to the nursery to be changed. Maid went first and then Betty. Chantal went last because of the extent of her messy nappy. Betty seemed to be slightly embarrassed when her privates were exposed to her best friend, her best friends mum and a total stranger whom they called maid. Soon it was Chantal's go. She hopped onto the table, after being undressed and her nappy was a dark brown colour from the entire poop contained in the nappy.

After a lot of wiping and a lot of baby powder, all the nappy girls were changed and each got a dress to wear chosen by Christine.

"Right, I need to speak to you two alone" Christine said, speaking to Chantal and Betty.

"Why mommy?" Chantal asked looking at Betty.

"Ok, when I found you Chantal, in a nappy, I was shocked and I had to tell someone. I rung your best friend's mother, Elizabeth, and had a little talk with her. It looks like that someone else likes nappies. Your mom, Betty, has been recording on what you have been on, and we both came to a decision. You will both be baby girls. The rules where made up by us and Elizabeth had also seen a site where AB furniture was on sale nearby. You will have exactly the same privileges and I and Elizabeth will teach you on weekdays, where you will be kept as babies and treated as such. The reason of last night was to get Betty's new nursery ready, and for you to fall in our trap. We knew you wouldn't be able to resist the urge to wear a nappy. So what do you think?"

"Wow, quite a plan you had there Ms. Fable."

"Betty, you will now call me Aunt Chrissie and you Chantal will have to call Betty's mom Aunt Lizzie. Understand?"

They both nodded to show they did.

"Now, you will have to stay here another night while me and your mother decorate your room, but you will both have to share a crib tonight. The other crib is for you, and as you have shown, you look very sweet in it. The crib is being taken to your home tonight."

The day was mainly uneventful but from the exception of feeding times and nappy changes. When bed time came, both were changed again and both given a baby bottle of prune juice, with again a trace of laxative. Both climbed in and Christine offered to tell a story. Chantal and Betty agreed to have a story, but instead of a fairytale that the girls expected to hear, she told of a true story of what happened the previous day when Christine went out with Mistress.

"Well, yesterday as you both know, I went out with Mistress. This was not a social matter. In fact, when I was talking to Mommy Lizzie, we found that a lot of the stories contained something called Adult Breastfeeding. You are both aware of this or not, but the vast majority had this content in it. Well, we did something about it. Mistress is also a qualified pharmacist and knows a thing or two about drugs which triggers hormones. We went to collect some of these drugs, specifically for breastfeeding and intend to breastfeed both of you. You will also get a drug that will stop any puberty that may come and to get rid of the pubic hairs you have. Soon you will both be as smooth as real babies. We soon will all live happily ever after. The End."

"The end" Chantal said, "That's not a story, and there was no ending at all."

Chantal was in shock, hence why took the speech as a story and not of what is to be.

"So, what was you expecting, it's now going to be a never ending story."

Christine left the room and turned off the light and left Chantal and Betty in the crib. Betty was smiling though her dummy, and Chantal knew she was as happy as ever. The thought of being breastfed excited her and to a certain extent it excited Chantal.

"I'm wet" Betty said out of the blue.

"You won't be getting a change till morning now, so you will have to sleep with a wet nappy on."

"No, not that sort of wet" Betty said giving Chantal a wink.

"Oh, can I feel" Chantal said, surprised of what she had just said.

"Sure, feel away."

Chantal reluctantly crept forward and put her hand in her nappy, and felt her fanny. It was wet alright and feeling it made her too. Chantal was rubbing her fanny when suddenly her fingers slipped into her hole. Betty moaned and then moved her hand into Chantal's nappy, and found too that she was wet. Chantal and Betty looked at one another and then kissed passionately. Soon both climaxed and held each other.

"That was the best orgasm ever" Betty said.

"Tell me about it" Chantal replied still out of breath.

"I had to that, mentioning the breastfeeding set me off. Don't think any worst of me" Betty said, clearly worried.

"Don't worry. I now know who and what I want."

"What's that?"

"I want you and the nappies. Speaking of nappies, I need to poop."

"Me too."

"On three. One... Two... Three..."

Both of the girls pushed, and soon enough they messed their nappies together. The smell was really bad, but figured they have to get used to it. They stayed in their messy and wet nappies over the night while fondling each others nappied bums.

To be continued....

There will be a next part of the story, but I will need reader's ideas to bring in fresh ideas. Please email me if you have any at Any ideas welcome.

Thank you for reading my story and I hope you enjoyed it. I know this story will not go with everyone's taste but I really do my best to try to keep everyone happy.

Happy Nappies.

Wildsey aka Baby Mike.

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