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I lay there, incredibly nervous. I tried to move to scratch my nose but the bonds holding my hands and feet wouldn't budge. the thick Tena diaper taped to me held tight as I struggled. then my wife came into the room, we had never done anything like this before. she walked up to the bed

"ooooh" she said sounding disappointed

"I thought you would need to be changed by now" she said as she ran her hand over the thick diaper. I couldn't hold it anymore, I let the hot stream of urine explode into my diaper

"that's better she said, then she walked to a the bathroom and came back with a clean diaper and wipes. she got on the bed and kneeled between my legs that were held apart by a spreader bar. she untapped my diaper and began to clean my up with a wipe, as she did I began to get a hard-on she continued until I was fully erect.

"well we are never going to get a clean diaper on over that and I can think of only one way to get it to go back down" she said. she began to strip, first her shirt came off showing her nicely shaped breasts contained by a black braw. she then took off her skirt reveling her wet GoodNites with the flowery print on the front.

she stratled me and began to rub her wet diaper on my cock, I moaned with pleasure. while still on me she ripped down the sides and pulled the diaper off and tossed it by my head, I could smell the urine it was soaked with. she then slowly slid by penis into her vagina and began to ride me, i stressed agsenst the bonds with pleasure and felt a explosion as we both orgasimed at the same time. after several more minuts she climbed off of me and pulled on a clean GoodNite and then changed me

"ill be back in a few hours and I expect that diaper wet again" she said as she left the room.

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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