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A Family Affair

This is a story of a unscrupulous pharmaceutical company which recruited a family for product testing and turned them into adult babies.

~~~ Tommy - (His Story)

Last Saturday afternoon, I was lounging around reading "The Village Voice" when I came across the following classified:

Subjects needed for genital skin care product trials. Requires the use of incontinence products. For further information call...

I read on, but the ad kept nagging at me, so I finally called the number. A woman answered and I explained that I had seen the ad and was curious about the test. She explained that she represented a pharmaceutical company which wanted to market a new line of products geared towards the graying Baby-boomer market who were discovering that growing old frequently meant returning to diapers. I asked her what qualifications a trial subject would require and she said only that they are willing to wear (and use) incontinence products twenty four hours a day and use various skin care products and record the results. I was somewhat dumbfounded at the idea of wearing diapers but then she added that I would be paid $100 a day for the duration of the trials, which could be expected to last two to three months. I was more than intrigued; certainly I could use an extra $700 per week so I asked if I could be considered. She agreed to take my name and number saying someone would contact me if an opening were available.

I was a little disappointed that I didn't get into the program immediately but I soon dismissed the whole incident from my mind. I was surprised when on Tuesday, I got a call from a clinic asking me to come in for evaluation for participation in the trials. I set up an appointment for the following afternoon

After leaving work early, I drove to the office and checked in at the desk. The sign said the clinic specialized in urology. I saw there were three other persons in the waiting room, a young woman, a teenaged girl and an older man. The young woman looked up at me and gave me a strange smile. When she was called, I noticed she had a large wet spot on the back of her jeans!

After a while, I was brought in to an examining room and asked to fill out a general health questionnaire and then I was asked to disrobe for an examination. The exam was pretty typical and then I was left alone for about fifteen minutes. I vaguely recall that some very soothing background music was playing. A man and a woman came in and introduced them selves as representatives of the pharmaceutical company running the trials and said that I had met their basic qualifications for participating in the trial. They said that for the trials to be most effective, I would have to allow them to render me incontinent and to depilitate my torso and pubic region. They quickly added that the procedure was generally reversible, but there was some risk of not being able to regain control particularly at night. They said if that were to occur, I would be supplied with incontinence care products and a weekly stipend of $500 tax free, however, if I continued in the program beyond the initial two months, the stipend would be increased to $1000 per week plus complete medical care. Furthermore, the depilitation was usually permanent for men over 45 and some men complained about impotence resulting from one of the products being tested.

I hadn't bargained for diapers for the rest of my life but the money was good and I've never liked body hair anyway. As for impotence, sex is a major risk with four children, and besides I prefer oral sex to intercourse. I told them I'd like to participate.

I was asked to sign a number of forms and then I was given several pills and a shot. A nurse came in and proceeded to rub a cream into my skin from my knees to my neck. Soon, my skin began to tingle and after about 10 minutes, the nurse literally wiped away all my body hair. I was standing in the center of the examining room when I noticed that I was dribbling urine down my legs with out even realizing it! The women said it was time to acquaint me with the first of the skin lotions. She began to spread it on me paying close attention to by penis and testicles. I was very surprised not to have an erection and she seemed to sense my thoughts as she volunteered that this was an effect of the pills I'd taken which would pass soon, but the effect was very useful to them during the initial screening. However, she continued, if I were to continue to take the pills, I would be paid an additional $500 per week though she could almost guarantee total impotence, even to the point of total atrophy of my genitals. I looked blankly at her, not knowing what to do. She broke my silence by saying it was time to get me into a diaper and that I would have plenty of time to make a decision.

I was soon trussed up in a thick cloth diaper and rubbers pants and given a supply of diapers and medication to ensure that I used them plus a box of skin care products and a relaxation tape. I was asked to return in three days for evaluation.

By the time I got home, I was thoroughly soaked and I quickly went in to the bathroom to change. I was standing in the bathroom with a soggy diaper around my ankles admiring my hairless crotch when my wife walked in. She looked at my diaper and me and kind of shook her head and said that the clinic had called and said they were sending over more supplies including a mattress cover for our bed. She said they'd asked her to come in to discuss my condition since it would likely require some adjustments in our day-to-day relationship. I quickly put on a new diaper and went out to help get dinner ready.

That evening before bed, my wife told she wanted to get me ready for bed. I was pretty surprised at this and said I really could do it myself. She insisted so I lay down on the bed and she diapered me and pulled on a pair of plastic panties. As I lay there in bed, my wife leaned over, patted my diapered crotch and said "Nighty, night, Baby Hubby".

~~~ Mary - (Her Story)

When I got the call from the clinic, I was shocked; what had Tom gone and done now? When I saw my husband standing there with a diaper around his ankles and a hairless crotch, I thought it was the weirdest thing I'd ever seen. But as the evening progressed, I began to realize that it fit him, that it was right for him, that I liked him that way!

As I drove to the clinic in the Morning, I was still wondering what my husband has gotten himself into. I have to say he looked pretty cute in his diaper though I wish he still had body hair. He doesn't seem to have any sex drive either; I wonder what I can do to correct that. God, I hope he doesn't loose bowel control! I will have to do something about his panties, the bed was pretty wet on his side.

A young woman who I could have sworn was wearing diapers greeted me at the clinic, strange I thought. She also seemed to be dressed in a very juvenile manner. I was brought to an examining room where soft-soothing music was playing in the background. I sat there for the better part of an hour and after a while I began to grow very tired; I must have dozed off for a while because the next thing I knew, a nurse was shaking me. I awoke feeling very confused with strange thoughts, thoughts like I should make sure my husband used his diaper all the time, that I wanted him to use the medication that would make him impotent, that pubic hair was ugly and unhygienic and should be removed. It was very confusing to me, where had I come up with these thoughts? At the same time, I felt very relaxed and as I sat in the examining room, the more these thoughts seemed correct. I also began to wonder what it would be like to wear diapers myself.

A woman came in and introduced herself as Susan McCabe and identified herself as a representative of a pharmaceutical company. She said that my husband was helping her company with several product studies. I found I was having trouble concentrating; I kept having thoughts about needing to help my poor baby husband and I kept worrying about whether I was going to wet my self and how I had to get rid of my yuchie pubic hair.

After several minutes, the kind lady asked me if I needed to use the toilet. She led me by the hand and helped me get my wet panties down. I couldn't believe it, I'd actually gone out of the house without a diaper, what was wrong with me; I have had to wear diapers for years ever since the birth of my last baby. She handed me a disposable and told me she had a new long lasting depilatory cream, which was especially designed for the pubic region that she would love for me to try. I told her that I'd be happy to use it, to which she replied that she had a trial program where her company would pay me to evaluate different skin care and incontinence products. Furthermore, she said they were looking for additional test subjects particularly men and women 20 to 50 years old and they also had a program for teenaged bed-wetters. Goodness, I thought, my son will be 20 next week, perhaps he'd be interested; I certainly was!

Once I was into a nice dry diaper, we went back to the examining room where I signed up for the program and Ms McCabe said she would send over several additional products for my husband and me to try. She also gave me some tapes that she said would help us relax. She said she'd look forward to meeting my children and said that they might enjoy listening to the tape as well.

I could hardly wait to get home to get rid of my nasty pubies; why I had put up with them all these years I just can't say. I'll have to be sure to tell my daughter and some of my girl friends too!

~~~ Tommy

Going to work wearing diapers was pretty interesting, especially trying to gauge how long I could go between changes. I was glad that I still had bowel control - I can just imagine how much effort clean up would be. Still, I was surprised how much more I got done by not having to get up and go the bathroom. By the end of the day, I pretty much figured out that I'd need to change myself mid morning, at lunchtime and if I were careful, I could make it home before needing another change. So far, I hadn't developed any rash and my skin was wonderfully soft! I suppose it may have been the medication that I'd been given yesterday which prevented erections but I also found I was able to interact with the women in the office on a much more professional basis, rather than just looking at their physical features. The women seemed to notice the change too and it seemed to me that it was a very productive day!

My wife almost flew into my arms when I got home, kissing and hugging me and telling me how happy she was that we'd both signed up for the program. I was sure surprised to see that she was wearing a diaper too. She really surprised me when she said she'd gotten rid of all her "nasty pubies", and she almost scolded me for not insisting that she do it years ago!

Dinner was a bit unusual because it was all soft foods with a lot of bulk and no meat. My wife said it was a lot healthier and it would promote good bowel habits! The children were not impressed... After dinner, my wife said we should all listen to the relaxation tapes, so I retired to my office and put it in to my Walkman. It was so soothing that the next thing I knew my wife was shaking me and telling me that it was time to go to bed! My wife again insisted that she dress me for bed, and tonight in addition to the diapers and my panties as she called the rubber pants, she dressed me in footed pajamas with snaps up the legs! When I was dressed, she lay down on the bed, undid her diaper and pulled my head down into her crotch.

The Children

~~~ Betsy

My parents sure were acting strange tonight. Mom fixed this really weird meal; I felt like we were eating baby food. Dad usually hassles us about our homework and picking up and stuff, but tonight he sat in his study and listened to some tape. Mom gave me and Bill one to listen to too. She gave me some lotion that she said was a really great depilatory especially for my bikini area. I never knew that mom cared about stuff like that; she always complains that I show too much any way. I listened to the tape and it was pretty nice; I feel really relaxed! I decided to try the lotion mom gave me and I ended up using it all over! My skin feels soooo soft now! I tried on my skimpiest bikini and it looks perfect! My boy friend is going to go nuts when he sees me! Wow, do I feel wicked! Now I need to work on my tan. Mom just came in and I told her what I'd done and she said she was glad and said she done her self too! She really flipped me out when she said it made oral sex perfect! Then she asked me if I still wet the bed and if I did to let her know because she had found a clinic that had really helped her! What is going on, I haven't wet the bed since I was five or have I? Mom got me thinking about it because sometimes I am a little sloppy, maybe I should use something just to be safe. On her way out, mom said I should listen to the tape one more time before going to sleep and then she came back with a diaper for me! Oh no, I seem to be dribbling, I better get the diaper on now.

~~~ Bill

Mom is really keen on these relaxation tapes; I told her I'd listen to it tonight after doing my home work. Speaking of dinner, ugh! I am not into baby food! Dad seemed to enjoy it though. I listened to the tape after I did my homework and it really relaxed me, perhaps a little too much because I had wet my self a little. Normally, I'd freak if I did something like that, but tonight, I feel like it's OK. I'm feeling so relaxed now, I think I'll get into bed and fall asleep listening to the tape.

When I woke up this morning I realized I'd really wet my self overnight; I see I'd also left the tape player in continuous play mode. I feel really bad about the wet bed, no so much cause I wet it but because I'm making extra work for mom. I seem to be dribbling too. I guess I better get to the doctor that mom told me about last night.

In the Morning

~~~ Tommy

When I woke up, I realized I was very wet and that I'd messed myself as well! I was mortified but my wife told me not to be upset because this was what she wanted her big baby hubby to do and then she squeezed my bottom and rubbed it all around. I noticed her diaper was pretty wet as well. After showering and dressing I went down to breakfast were I found my son sitting looking very dejected. I asked him what was wrong and he said he needed to go to the doctor. I asked why and he shame-facedly said he'd wet his bed! My wife went over to him and gave him a big hug and told him not to worry since it happened to both her and me all the time, but she would get an appointment for him at the clinic where we both went. My daughter began to tease her brother about needing diapers, but suddenly she stopped and began to cry. I looked at her and saw that her pants were dripping wet! I rocked Betsy while she cried her self out and then Mary and I got her into a diaper and changed her into dry clothes. It's an unnerving feeling diapering your 18 year old daughter.

The Clinic

~~~ Susan McCabe

Running the ad in the "Village Voice" has been a stroke of genius! For several years, my company had been trying to lengthen the time that children used diapers. We have had great success with point-products like "goodnites" and "Always" for women but we have had little success with the general population. It would be ideal if we could develop a national mindset where incontinence would be considered the norm (surely Jockey and Victoria's Secrets could adapt).

We have been trying to test a whole series of products from everything like skin rejuvenators and semi-permanent depilatory creams, plus some drugs we can use with sex offenders who opt for chemical castration or for men with prostate problems to incontinence care products. Unfortunately, very few healthy people are willing to be guinea pigs. When Tom Franklin called, he was the thirtieth person who'd called and we'd actually decided not to accept any new applicants. When he described his family though, we decided to let him in because we had not gotten any teenagers and we needed them desperately for the enuresis product testing. We also had very few women other than fellow employees involved. Usually we have to resort to hypnosis, drugs and subliminal suggestions to get people to commit to the program, but Tom required only minor persuasion except for messing himself and the chemical castration trial; I would be willing to bet that Tom is a closet infantilist! I decided to enlist his wife for help with the latter and she has proved to be wonderfully compliant. Today she called to ask if she could bring two of her children in as they were wetting uncontrollably after listening to the tapes and she needed some more of the depilatory cream to give to her neighbors. I decided to try the skin rejuvenation cream on her as well. I will think about restoring daytime bladder control to the children. I want to work with Bill and see if he is a good candidate for libido normalization testing. Betsy sounds like a hot little number; I think I will look in to using her to bring in young men for the enuresis and libido programs. In the mean time, I need to change my diaper, Oh well, occupational hazard, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

~~~ Tommy

The kids had a rough night I guess; but my wife told me she was happy about the bed wetting because now she wouldn't be worrying about them staying out over night! I should really make sure they have plastic covers on their mattresses; we have enough diapers for the whole family. I hope they can control them selves during the day. I want to talk to Mary to see how she feels about not having intercourse again; I am ready to sign up for that part of the program but I want to make sure she's happy with it. I will be very happy never to be horny again - Last night was so wonderful, I was able to use my tongue to bring her to orgasm five times. Just before I fell asleep, she put her nipple in my mouth, I couldn't have been happier! I pooped myself this afternoon at work. I couldn't get away to change myself but suprisingly, there was no smell; Mary's baby food diet seemed to help the smell. I had better pack some diaper wipes and cream for tomorrow because my bottom is raw tonight. Dinner was without a doubt, baby food, Mary even gave me and Bill formula to drink in a bottle; she and Betsy are drinking from normal cups. Well, she knows best. The kids seemed much more at ease this evening then I've seen them in months, years, even. Bill is definitely wearing a diaper; Betsy is wearing a really skimpy top that Mary picked out for her and tight jeans that seem full at the crotch. Betsy has a date tonight and Mary gave her a tape for Todd to listen to. I worry about Betsy when she is with Todd, he's such a Mach-o man.

Mary looks at least 15 years younger, she says it's the result of a new cream that the clinic asked her to try out. This evening, one of Mary's 40-something girl friends stopped over and they disappeared into the bedroom, when they came out, Jill looked barely 14! When I told Mary that I wanted to use some of that cream myself; she said she was going to use it on me tonight!

I listened to another one of the clinic's tapes this evening. I am so happy to be back in diapers, it is such a relief not to have to worry about staying dry. At bedtime, Mary coated my whole body in the cream and then she dressed me in even a more baby-like outfit and fed me a bottle while she got herself ready for bed. She looks like she's about 15 now, no stretch marks, her tummy and breasts are firm and her pubic region is incredibly inviting now that it's hairless. Mary told me she had gotten Betsy a really cute pair of pink waterproof panties to wear over her diaper at night; Betsy told her that they were too cute to save for nighttime and that Bill and I should wear some too! Mary giggled and said she'd have to think about that; it might be fun to have a sissy-maid for a husband

Mary said that the clinic had helped Betsy so that she had bowel control and only needed shields to control her wetness during the day, she would be testing some nighttime control techniques later. For the time being, Bill was in diapers like Mary and me 'round the clock. I broached the subject of future intercourse, and to my pleasant surprise, Mary said she wanted me to get rid of "those nasty things" between my legs! When I said I'd do it, Mary kissed me and gave me a pill that she said would cause them to wither away and then she pulled me to her breast and began to nurse me! I am so glad I am married to Mary!

Six Months Later

~~~ Tommy

The last few months have been wonderful for me! Every day, my body becomes less masculine; I can no longer feel my testicles and my penis has nearly disappeared. My beard stopped growing about three months ago and now I am wonderfully smooth everywhere. If I look in a mirror, I look like a very tall 10-year-old girl, especially now that Mary has been dressing me as one. I can't think of the last time I used a toilet; it seems like an anachronism now. Still it is useful for rinsing out my diapers. Betsy pierced my ears last week and Mary wants to do my little pee-pee with a little bell. When I first began to dress like a girl, I got some comments at work on my attire but they settled down after Mary and I passed out some of the relaxation tapes and skin creams. I'd say that about half the staff now looks like they're in their early teens or younger and I'd bet that many of them wear diapers too! Recently, someone installed a diaper dispenser in each restroom.

Betsy and Billy's grades are way up this term! Most of their friends are diapered now, and no one seems to be "playing around". They don't hang out any more but get together to study at each other's houses. Billy and Betsy dress like twins now. They both used the rejuvenation cream so they look like 10 year olds; I certainly can't tell that Billy is male. They really look cute in their matched pinafores and Mary-Jane's.

Last week I saw that the grocery store has expanded its incontinence section and Victoria's Secret now carries waterproof panties! On the news tonight, there was a story about how violent crime is down by over 75%. I noticed that the newscaster was dressed in a very juvenile fashion instead of her usual business suit. During the show there was an ad for Adult Diapers: "I'm so confident with my 'Pull-ups'" and another for libido control: "My boys are so well behaved now that they take their 'One-a-days

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