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Fantasy to True

"Man, this is so weird...but it feels so right..." Jake had known about his feelings inside for diapers since he was in the first grade, but up till a year ago had he actually experimented with actual diapers.

He looked at the diapers he pulled out from under his bed and thought to himself: "What would the guys think of me? I feel so embarrassed, but it at the same time, so good. The smell, the feel of them in my hands..." As Jake went on, all he could think about was putting them on.

The reason this is so weird for Jake, was the reason that he was a guy that many people looked up to. He was a star football player, very strong and athletic. He had a normal family, mom, dad, and a brother, Damion.

Very close to his family, Jake always enjoyed helping them out with certain tasks and always enjoyed them being happy, but if they found out about Jake's diapers, their relationship, which was going great, might change.

"Well, no one is home, it's 9 am, and no one will be home till 5. I can really do a lot in my diapers, so ill put one on." So Jake laid out a diaper on the floor and stripped his clothes off. Jake is very muscular looking guy, very big for only being 15. As he lay his naked butt ontop of the diaper, he folded the diaper ontop of his penis and got an instant hard on.

"Oh man...heaven..." Jake folded up his diaper, trying to tuck his penis down, and taped up his diaper. He laid there on the ground for a moment and thought.

"I have a diaper on..." Jake got up and looked in the mirror on his door, reveeling his whole body. There he was, a very athletic looking upper body, with a diapered lower half. He didn't care anymore, Oh the things Jake could do, and he could do this every day for the weekdays. He was now starting to get into it.

"I'm a willow goo..." So Jared wanted to make this extra sweet. His mother had some very cute, kinda babyish looking socks that he rolled up to look like baby socks. He went into the family room and began to act like a baby and watch abby shows like teletubies and sesamea street. He drank a lot of water earlier, so he had to pee. He thought: "Well, I've got this diaper on, and I want to make the most out of this day, soo..." Just then, Jake began to wet his diapers. He stood up with his legs spread, and watched the yellow begin to spread in his diapers. His wetting was being slightly interupted as his penis became very long and hard.

"O no, I wet my dypers," in a little baby sound, "I think I m gonna cwy" And jake wannded like a little baby, but then becmae very horny. Jake new what he was going to do. He slid his hand into his diapers and grabbed his long hard on, in the diapers, and began to masterbate. The pleasure he got was to erotic.

He laid back in his wet diaper, in the middle of the room, stroking his penis faster and harder untill...

"Uh oh, wittle baby jakey cummed in his diadee" Jake felt great, but it was now time to clean up, but tommorow was another day.

That night when his parents were home, he wanted to go to the store, which was just a few houses down which had some "essecialls." Jake thoght he could be better prepared for tommorow.

So he went to the store and bought a few things: baby bottle, pacifier, stickers to put on his diapers to make it look like a real baby diapers (Barney, baribie, ect..), and a baby rattle. Then he went next door in a department store, and bought a pare of large women's panties with cute flowers on them, to act like it was a diaper underwear cover, boy did he feel like an idiot buying all this stuff.

So he went home and hid all his things away in hid room, awaiting next day.

He heard his mom leave and new it was time to play. Before anything, he filled up a baby bottle with milk and put it in the fridge. Then he went into his room and stripped his clothes. He put on a diaper and tapped it up. Just for pleasure, he grabbed he crotch, and got an instant hard on. But it want time to pway yet. He though it would be more realistic if he had a thocker diapers, so he put on two more. By this time, the bulge of his butt was huge and he couldnt close his legs. And then he put on some stickers, and then the cute underwear.

He was forced to crawl, not really, he just acted like a baby, and climbed down the stairs like a baby and got his bottle and went into the tv room and watched blue clues. Acting like a baby he would yell like a baby, "a cwue, a cwue, " and gave off a little baby giggle.He laid back and sucked on his botle. When is was done, he put his pacifier in and sucked on it for awhile. As he sucked, he began to go pee pee, in his diaper. He was so horny, but h had to go poopy.

"Hmmm, what should i do, messing my diaper sounds like so much fun, ill be like a real baby." So with that, he messed his diaper, and a big full, smelly load at that. There was a big lump that could easily be seen on his butt from his poopy on the back of the diapers.

Then he went and started toplay with a messy diaper, and got a big hard on. He took off the extra two diapers, and it really began to smell, but he masterbated and pleasured himself for awhile.Just then, he blew a big load into his diaper and cummed all over himself. Being a regular baby, he sat their with a messy diaper that was wet and freshly cummed in, he felt so relaxed.

He cleaned up, planning to do the samething tomorow. But that night, his neighbor amanda called, she was very beutiful, and jake had a crush on her. She had a very nice pckage with blonde silky hair.

"Hey Amanda, whats up?"

"Listen Jake, ummm..."

"Is something wrong?"

"Well I saw you diapers drinking from a baby bottle..." Just then, Jake's heart sunk, he couldnt talk, all he could think about was she would defintaly tell everyone, he was screwed.

"I peeked in your window...I...I want to be a baby too..."


"I have a fetish with diapers to, I want to play with you.

"wow this is great, come over tomorow at 9"

"ok but jake, you cant tell anyone ok" So jake was so excited, he couldnt wait, tomorow will be the best day of his life...

To be continued very soon...

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