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My Diaper Punishment

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My wife Linda has always been my mistress. It's no secret that I married her because I loved how she strict she was, but I had no idea how strict she could


until recently. It all started one morning about six months ago. I was awoken from a deep sleep by my sexy wife's beatiful voice.

"Wake, up little man." she intoned harshly.

I opened my eyes obediently to see her standing over me. Just as quickly I felt that she'd tied me to the bed. Across the room, our television set seemed

to be cued to play some kind of video. Silently, Linda pressed the play button on the vcr and surveillance footage from my office job began to play. It was

me in the lobby of the building, openly chatting with the female desk clerk. I watched myself talking with the young woman on the security footage for about

a minute, before allowing her to kiss me on the cheek and, just before I walked away, squeeze the front of my pants, with no visible sign of disagreement

from myself. My wife stopped the video.

"How long have you been cheating on me? Answer truthfully."

I tried to form a reply as quickly as I could.

"I wasn't cheating, I was just-"

"You were just what, spending time with another woman? Enjoying her touch? Did you think I wouldn't check up on the comings and goings of my own husband?

As far as I'm concerned, this is a violation of our marriage vows."

"But I-" I tried to protest, but Linda cut me short again.

"But nothing. You have failed my trust, and things can't be the way they were before between us, not now that I've learned how irresponsible you really are.

Now, my husband, you have a choice to make. I have two contracts here. One is a simple divorce contract. It will require our seperation and return to you

all the shared property of ours which is rightfully yours. The other is a continuance of marriage contract. It will allow you to remain my husband, but

only under very specific terms, which are outlined in the contract, and which will be explained to you only once you have signed it and yourself over to me.

Both are legally binding. You are going to sign one today, or I will drag you and this video through court and take everything you own. Which contract will

you sign, divorce or marriage? Choose now."

"M-marriage." I stuttered fearfully as I thought of what the contents of the contract might be. With that, she placed a pen in my hand and moved a paper

close enough to it for me to sign. I was afraid of what she was going to do to me, but I couldn't stand the thought of never seeing my beloved mistress

again. I signed the document. My wife leaned in and planted her painted lips on mine, her tongue probing and penetrating my mouth as her right hand

searched my body, fondling first my torso, then my penis. She began to pump my member with my hand, then slowly began to kiss her way down my neck, then my

chest, then my belly, then, just as her open mouth was hovering over my rock hard prick, she withdrew.

"Good boy." She proclaimed, and smiled at me.

"Now mommy can begin your punishment." She reached under the bed and pulled out what appeared to be several

white sheets.

"These, my pet, are diapers. Your diapers, to be exact. Of course they don't actually belong to you, nothing in this house belongs to you

now, not even your own body, but these diapers are now your permanent wardrobe, so you should think of them as your diapers." Linda explained this as she

slid six of the diapers under my bottom, then continued as she poured lotion, baby oil, and talcum powder all over my nether region. She then pulled the

thick cloth diapers into place and pinned them tightly with bright silver safety pins, continuing to speak as she did so.

"It's obvious to me that you have no self control. You just let your dick guide you around with no thoughts of my feelings whatsoever, and this is

completely unnacceptable. You have not acted as a man, but as a child, and I intend to control you like one. Obviously you don't need a wife, you need a

mommy, and that is what you have made me today with your signing of our marriage contract. You have renewed our marriage vows with additional vows of

financial slavery and diaper chastity, and I intend to make you keep them. From now on, everything you make will go directly into my personal bank account.

There will be no chance for you to use any money to be unfaithful to me in any way. Furthermore, as I have explained, since you have demonstrated that you

can only act as as child, I see that I have no choice but to control as a loving mother would her unruly son. This means I am reintroducing you to diapers.

You are my baby now. You will always be my baby, and you will always wear diapers for me."

As she explained this, she produced a pair of white plastic pants with silver chains around the waist and leg holes. She freed my legs, pulled the plastic

pants up over my diapers, and locked them shut.

"There, you're trapped in your diapers. I've made sure that they're very thick, and your plastic pants have an extra thick shield in the front, so there's

no way you can you stroke yourself. As a matter of fact, you're never going to touch yourself ever again. Only I, your mommy, now have that privilege. I

intend to be a very attentive mommy, so don't worry about being hurt by diaper rash. If anything, I want to show you how much I love you by keeping you nice

and clean and by preventing you from injuring yourself through self-abuse. From now on, you won't have the opportunity to run around behind my back, because

you're going to need mommy to change your diaper regularly. Of course, I don't want you inconveniencing people to come across town from your office to be

changed in the middle of the day, which is why I've had you fired from your old job and installed in my office, as my new secretary. Here is what will

happen. I am going to feed you a breakfast laced with powerful diuretics and laxatives. Then, I am going to take you to work with me. You will be placed

in the office of the business I oversee with several of my employees. As you work, you will also be digesting your breakfast. When your breakfast is

digested, you will need to relieve your bladder and bowels. You will not want to relieve your bladder and bowels there in public, but you will have no

choice in the matter. The bathroom door at my office is locked, and you will be the only one without a key. That bathroom is off limits to you, as are all

bathrooms, unless I have taken you into one to bathe you. You will tense your bowels, cross your legs, do everything you can to keep from using your diaper

like a baby, but it will be impossible. You will use your diaper. You will use it profusely, and you will use it in public. Then you will want to be

changed, and I will change you, happily. But you may not walk across the room and whisper to me that you need a diaper change. Instead, you must shout, so

that the whole office can hear you. In a loud clear voice you must proclaim "Mommy, I need a diaper change!" and then I will change you. Is this

understood, little boy?

I nodded, and began to agree.

"Yes Lin-"

She interrupted me.

"Say 'Yes Mommy."

"Yes Mommy."

"Good baby." With that, she pinched my nose shut, and began shoveling baby food into my mouth.

Two hours later, everything mommy said had come to pass. There I sat at my new desk, the bulk of my huge diaper obvious through my khakis. Behind me, mommy

was working in her office with the door open. To the left and right of me in offices with open doors were more of my new superiors, beautiful young women in

tight fitting business suits, and in front of me a pool of desks attended by similarly attired young women. My desk had just been moved in that day, and

everyone was looking at the man in the bulky pants in the center of the room. I had already been hearing titters all morning of "little diaper baby" and

"looks like someone's naughty". I had no actual work to do and instead was being forced to write with a crayon, in double sized letters on unlined paper, an

essay titled "Why I Love My Mommy". Many of the young women had already looked over and seen me writing, and I could tell they were stifling laughs. But

that wasn't what concerned me now. What I was worried about at that moment was the pressure in my urethra and lower intestine. I had to piss and shit, and

I couldn't last much longer. I began rocking back and forth in my chair in total frustration, and suddenly it happened. I released. Pee and poo filled my

diaper. Many of the women at the desks nearest me inhaled sharply and frowned at the smell of my waste. The heat of it was unbearable. My erection

strained for attention in it's shitty, pissy prison. I needed mommy to clean me, I needed her touch.

Almost involuntarily, at the top of my lungs, so everyone in the office could hear me, I yelled "MOMMY, I NEED A DIAPER CHANGE!" Mommy walked cooly around

to the front of my desk, joined by a young woman on either side of her.

"My my baby boy, made quite a mess in your diapers haven't you? Well, not to worry,

mommy's here to clean you right up. With that, two more young women rolled what plainly was a changing table with a stack of thick diapers and containers of

baby powder, baby oil, and a bottle of formula on it.

"This is your changing table, baby. Now lie down." said mommy. I did as I was told, and submissively

lay down for my first diaper change. Mommy and her helpers were very efficient in cleaning and rediapering me, their quick hands felt incredible against my

skin as they wiped me clean and rubbed lotions on me, driving me almost to the peak of ecstacy but never allowing me to orgasm. Just as quickly they

rediapered me, making my prison even thicker this time, and simultaneously the large bottle of formula was shoved into my mouth, and I was obliged to drink

until it was empty.

"Throw his clothes away, he doesn't deserve them anyway and I want to show off my baby boy to all you girls." Commanded Linda. With that, all my clothing

save my diaper was taken away from me and thrown down a nearby garbage chute. Mommy bade me stand, and she began to kiss me deeply while she squeezed my

diaper. Even though I couldn't feel her hand, I shuddered in arousal. Then, she tied a light blue baby bonnet around my head and popped a large pacifier in

my mouth, which was secured around my neck by a long baby blue ribbon.

"Now, go finish your essay for mommy." she commanded. I returned to my desk and as I

began to write I could feel the formula that I'd been fed working in conjuction with the chemicals that were already in my body. As I wrote the words "I

love my mommy" I could feel myself urinating involuntarily into my diaper. Without even thinking about it, I immediately called out again "Mommy, I need a

diaper change!" causing my pacifier to fall out of my mouth. The girls in the office laughed at this. Mommy called back to me from her office.


sweetheart? Did you pee pee or poo poo?" Part of me was still completely humiliated and resented being forced to this, but I couldn't resist announcing to

my wife "I pee peed in my diaper, mommy!" This made some of the women laugh a bit.

"Not just yet, sweety. You just call for mommy again when you poo poo,

okay?" I wanted out of my wet diaper, but I knew I'd have to wait.

"Yes mommy." I replied.

At the end of the day, just before five, I had thoroughly soiled myself, and was back on the changing table looking up at mommy as she put me into clean

diapers. She was being very kind and loving to me now, cooing softly to me in baby talk and planting kisses on me as she fastened my diapers.

"I want you

to know, baby, that I'm very pleased how this is working out, and I think you've been a very good baby for me today. I'm very proud of you for writing such

a good essay about how much you love me, and I feel that you deserve this diaper change. In fact, mommy's so happy with what baby wrote for her, that

tomorrow I'm going to let you write an essay on how you're going to be a good baby. Doesn't that sound fun?" I nodded humbly and mommy smiled and tickled

my chin, causing me to giggle and drool a bit.

"Ok, now that I've got your diaper changed, it's time for mommy to take you home." Linda announced. With this, she wheeled from her office a large stroller.

"Sit down in your stroller, baby. We're going home. Don't bother arguing with me or asking for any additional clothes, remember you signed a contract." I

sat in the stroller and mommy buckled me in, then wheeled me out of her office and into the elevator. My face was already turning beet red at the public

humiliation I was about to undergo, being publically displayed as my wife's baby in front of her entire office building. As the elevator descended, I

thought of a question.

"Um, mommy, are you going to let me cum?"

Mommy looked down at me and smiled, then knelt and kissed me first on the forehead, then on the mouth. She then clamped a hand onto my diapered crotch, and

whispered in my ear - "maybe for your birthday".


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