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My Wife's Best Friend

This story contains explicit content not suitable for all ages.

After a long day at work I came home with one thing on my mind, to get into a fresh diaper. My wife was still at work for the next three hours so I had all the time in the world to myself to relax and unwind. I pulled in the driveway and entered the house and went straight upstairs to the spare bedroom. I entered the secret room through the closet and entered my into my diaper supply room as I called it. My wife knew about my diaper fetish but we had a hidden room to hide them from nosey guests. After choosing a nice thick abena x-plus i went to my bedroom to get changed. After getting diapered up I got on the internet to look around the web for a bit. After a few hours my wife came home. Little did I know her best friend was with her. My wife came upstairs and found me in the bedroom. She said you better either get some pants on or take that off and walked into our master bathroom. As i got up I heard my wife's best friend Nicole coming up the stairs. I booked it into the opposite hallway that she was coming up that ran adjacent to that one. As she was turning the door knob I just got the other door shut behind me. I started to slowly walk down the hallway so she would not hear the wrinkle but I heard her approaching the other door and made a run for the guest bathroom. Once in there i grabbed the only thing I could find which was a wash cloth to cover myself up. I was now trapped in the guest bathroom. With my luck she entered the bathroom, I was hiding around the corner in the shower covered in a wash cloth. She peered around the corner and saw me in the shower so she opened the door. I told her that she had startled me and i was trying to take a shower. She left the bathroom and went to the down stairs bathroom. I was now extremely nervous due to the fact I think she saw my diaper. I wasn't sure but I was very scared because no one other than my wife Heather knew my secret. At this point in time Heather walked in to the guest bathroom to see what was going on. I told her what happened and I was scared Nicole saw me wearing a diaper. She told me to come sit on her lap and told me that she probably did not and it was going to be okay. At this point Nicole emerged back into the bathroom and i was in nothing but a diaper sitting on Heather's lap. I was now, for sure, caught. I tried to get up but my wife was holding me down. Nicole came in and laughed and said I thought you were wearing a diaper little boy. At this point Nicole sat down next to me and said come sit on my lap, at this point i was thinking about making a run for the door because this all had to be a bad dream and I'd wake up at some point. I was abruptly brought back from reality when my wife pushed me off her lap in Nicole's direction. I was speechless as I sat on her lap. My wife said to Nicole if you touch the front of his diaper he really likes that. Well then next thing I know I was extremely embarrassed with a hard on poking right into my diaper. Nicole laughed and said to my wife, He really enjoys this doesn't he and my wife said yes I told you that he did. I was taken back by this because my wife told Nicole about my diaper fetish but before I could say anything Nicole popped a paci in my mouth and tied it around the back of my head. I was now almost in tears because my wife lied to me and told her friend about me and now I was trapped in a room with them. Well the next thing I know Nicole is rubbing my diaper at a steady pace and I start to get excited and build. I tried to think of a way to make them stop, but I couldn't bring myself to really stop them because I was kind of enjoying the diapered hand job i was receiving by a new hand with a excellent touch. Then next thing I knew I was swinging my hips into her hand getting ready to explode, it was so exciting to be caught in this situation. I had always fantasized about it but never told any one and never thought I could bring myself to be in this situation. At this point I was squirming all over and Nicole whispered in my ear, go ahead make a sticky in your diaper for me, bam, I was shooting my load all over the inside of my diaper. They both realized I had climaxed and my wife told Nicole to make sure I was sticky all over. She slid her hand into my diaper and rubbed my cum all over groin region. I felt so naughty at this point and really wanted to go hide. But they had other plans for me, Heather said to Nicole its now time to get baby into a fresh diapee. They led me into my bedroom and proceeded to change my diaper. Nicole babysat every weekday for the last five years so Heather let her change me. It felt like she was an expert and I was in a new diaper in no time. We then went down stairs and watched a movie. I was allowed to suckle on both of their tits throughout the movie. I was getting more relaxed in the situation I found myself as I just laid there across their laps in a thick diaper. After the movie Heather explained to me that Nicole had a diaper fetish too and said she thought I would be happy with a new playmate. I was shocked at this and watched as Nicole lifted up her skirt to reveal a nice white crinkly Bambino diaper. I could not believe I did not notice she was wearing one but I guess I was too shocked earlier to realize it. Nicole ended up staying with us that night and I could not keep my hands off hear diapered butt. We made out most of the night and barely slept. In the morning my wife asked us why we didn't take it the whole way and have some hot diaper sex. We stopped eating breakfast and looked at each other, Heather said go for it. Before I knew it me and Nicole were rolling around the floor rubbing each other's diapers. We pulled them to the side and I put my penis right in her pussy. I felt like I was in heaven, her wetness rubbing all over me, the diapers rubbing together and the crinkle made it absolutely insane. It did not take long before both of us climaxed and she had cum leaking out of her into her waiting diaper. She then proceeded to get down and take my dick in her mouth and give me one hell of a blow job that made me cum again. I passed out immediately after this. When I woke up we proceed to have a three some and continued this everyday for at least two weeks. We still get together at least five days a week to play.

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