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Marissa Stevens shifted her feet in her heels, listening to the head of her department.

"Marissa," said Dr. John Baxter, "You're a gifted psychologist. However, I just don't see how you can accomplish your research goals there's no way to objectively collect the data..." Inwardly, Marissa fumed. She was a pretty, petite blond used to getting her own way, and she didn't like being thwarted. She stood 5'2" and weighed just 106 pounds. Adjusting her expensive blazer she said: "Dr. Baxter, I've been working part time at the day care center as counselor as part of my project. I've become very friendly with Mrs. Johnson, the owner. She employs girls from the local Catholic school as care givers in fact, her daughter not only works in the center but goes to the school herself. We've become friends. I can't see why I can't interview her and use the experiences as the basis for my paper..." Dr. Baxter pushed back his glasses and sighed.

"Marissa," he said, "You know as well as I do that the research has to be first hand. Your original thesis dealt with the psychology of teenage girls and their reactions to taking care of children essentially a gender and role assignment investigation. Your working at the center has given you access to valuable data. As a bonus, you've been able to give these girls guidance and do relevant observational studies. From the early drafts of your paper, you've done a magnificent job. Now you come to me and want to add a section about first hand experiences. This doesn't have anything to do with Jenna Hightower, does it?..." Marissa bit her lip. Jenna was her rival for the Departmental Chair. Dr. Baxter was rumored to be retiring soon and both she and Jenna were angling for the job. They were each involved in their own research, hoping that the publication of a major paper would sway the selection board in their own favor. While she was confident about her own abilities, Marissa had heard through the grapevine that Jenna was working on something big. She had to make sure her work carried an extra punch. Before she could answer, Dr. Baxter went on.

"In any case, you want to use an interview. You know as well as I do that wouldn't be ethical. In order to get the data you're looking for, you would have to become one of the students and work with them at the center..." He paused and looked up at Marissa. Smiling, he said, "I think you're a little old to go running around in a school girl jumper and mary janes, don't you?" Marissa blushed at the mental image. She was 24, a newly minted PH.d on her way to becoming a noted psychologist. She was not tall but she compensated for it by wearing heels. She wore her long blond hair up in a professional bun. Her clothes were stylish, and while her breasts were not large, they were firm and supple. She looked every inch the smart, attractive, professional woman that she was.

"I don't think it will come to that, Dr. Baxter" she said indignantly. Marissa didn't like the smile on his face. What on earth was he thinking?.

"You want first hand experience," she said angrily, "Then I'll get it!". Turning on her high heels, Marissa stormed out of the office. She had formed a plan, but she was going to need help.

All that following weekend, Marissa made her plans. She went shopping on Saturday and had no trouble picking up some of the things she would need. Later that day, She telephoned Mrs. Johnson, explaining that she was going to need her help on an important project. Susan Johnson was 35, and despite their age difference, she knew that Marissa considered her a friend and colleague. Susan had a degree in education, with an extensive background in child welfare. She had been delighted when Marissa had approached her about working in the center. Marissa already had her doctorate and possessed an impressive background in counseling. Although they got along reasonably well, there had been more than a few discussions about Marissa's attitude. She was rather aloof and distant, and seemed to care more about her research than people.

Quite a few of the girls whom she employed as care givers did not like her. They said she was cold and haughty. What ever her faults, she thought, the young woman certainly had talent. Marissa had the gift of being able to see all sides of the human equation and penetrate swiftly to the core of most problems. What she lacked was any real empathy for the girls she counseled. Susan listened as Marissa described her plans to gather firsthand experiences from the Catholic school girls who worked at the center. She could see all kind of holes in Marissa's scheme.

"Marissa," she said, "Why don't you meet me over at the center tomorrow afternoon. You know we're closed on Sunday, so things will be quite and we can talk. I have some ideas that I think will help you..." On the other end, Marissa said with delight, "Thanks Susan, I knew I could count on you! I'll see you around 2:00, bye!". As she hung up the phone, Susan Johnson smiled. So Marissa wanted firsthand experience well, she was going to get it but perhaps not in the way she thought.

As Marissa pulled into the parking the following afternoon, the first thing she saw Mrs. Johnson's daughter, Cindy. Cindy was 13 years old and at that awkward age where a gawky girl begins the slow transformation to a young women. She was tall and spindly, her chest just beginning to fill out. She wore a plaid A line school jumper along with white tights and black mary jane shoes. It was the Catholic schools regulation uniform. Marissa was puzzled for a moment about this and then realized that Cindy must have just come from church. As Cindy turned to wave to her, a breeze caught her dress and Marissa caught a glimpse of her tight, white cotton panties. She smiled at this charming sight. In turn, Cindy watched Marissa get out of her car. She looked on in envy at Marissa's stylish power suit. The tailored blazer and slacks clung to her curves, the dazzlingly white silk blouse was set off nicely against her blond hair and tan skin. Her high heels tapped sharply on the concrete, and Cindy could see that she was wearing pantyhose. In contrast, Cindy felt like a geek in her school uniform and childish white tights. Someday, she thought, I'm going to be all grown up, too. I'm going to have my own car and go where I want. Marissa felt that she and Cindy were friends, but Cindy resented the comments that were sometimes made at her expense. Marissa was always saying don't be in such a hurry to grow up. More than once she had counseled her mother on this subject. As a result of Marissa's advice, Cindy wasn't even allowed to wear make up or even have a more adult hairstyle.

Marissa walked up to Cindy and said brightly, "Hiya, sport, how was church? you look so pretty in that outfit cute underwear, too!" Cindy blushed, and smoothed her uniform dress down. In her executive pant suit, Marissa certainly didn't have to worry about her underpants accidently showing, that was for sure. It wasn't fair!. Before she could say anything, they were joined by Sister Elinor and her mother, who had just emerged from the front of the building.

"Marissa, high!," said Susan.

"You know Sister Elinor, right?". Marissa did indeed. Sister Elinor was the thin, no nonsense nun who was the principle at St. Ann's, the local Catholic school. Marissa had seen her several times when her girls were being dropped off at the center.

"Hello, Marissa," said Sister Elinor, looking at the attractive young women in the business power suit (the things these young women wear these days, she thought).

"We're looking forward to Mary's arrival I've made all the arrangements and will be back to pick her up later by the way, where is she?" Marissa was puzzled. She had no idea what Sister Elinor was talking about. However, Susan caught her eye before she could speak and said, "Mary will be here at the end of the day, you can count on that, Sister!". Marissa had caught Susan's look and said nothing.

She decided to let it go and ask Susan what was up later on. The three adults stood talking about the school when Cindy said, "Mom, the school play is coming up and..." she was cut off in mid sentence by Sister Elinor.

"Child, don't interrupt when adults are talking! I've taught you better than that!". Marissa smiled at Cindy's scolding. Cindy caught the look and flashed her a quick look of hate. Susan said, "Why don't you go play, Cindy, but don't get dirty!". Cindy was humiliated. She wanted to stay here with the adults, but she was being sent off to the swings! she was almost 14, not 6!. However, she knew better than to argue and ran off in the direction of the playground. As she did so, her dress flew up, again revealing her white cotton panties.

"And be careful about your dress", Marissa called after her.

"A polite young lady doesn't go running around with her underpants showing!". Cindy yanked her dress down in embarrassment, wishing there were some way to get even with Marissa.

For the next several minutes, the women talked about the center and the school. Sister Elinor then excused herself saying that she would be back to pick up Mary later. Once again, Marissa was puzzled, but she figured it had something to do with one of Susan's clients. She got her small suitcase from her car and went into the center. Cindy came up from the playground and joined them.

"Cindy," smiled Susan, "There's going to be a new girl from the school working here at the center for the next couple of days..." Cindy looked over at her mother and wondered why Marissa was blushing.

"Oh yeah," she said, "who?". Susan nodded in Marissa's direction.

"Dr. Stevens wants to gather some firsthand data on you girls. To do that, she has to work along side you. It also means she has to fit in with you as much as possible. She can't just stand off to the side and take notes..." Cindy was having trouble grasping what her mother was trying to say.

"Fit in with us," she repeated. Suddenly, the reason for Marissa's embarrassment became clear.

"You mean she's going to be a schoolgirl, wear a uniform and all?"

"That's right, Cindy," said her mother, "and we're going to need your help..." Cindy could not believe her ears. A once in a lifetime opportunity had just been dumped in her lap. Let's see how Ms. bigshot likes being treated like a little kid, she told herself. It's payback time. Grinning like the cat who ate the canary, she said, "Sure mom, anything..." Marissa looked over at her, not sure why Cindy was smiling.

"Susan," she said, "I picked up a uniform yesterday. It's more or less what the girl's wear. I even bought the tights and shoes that go along with it..." As she said this, Marissa pulled the garments from the suitcase. Susan scrutinized them carefully. The dress was a plaid school jumper, but in a rather large size. It would probably come down to Marissa's knees, she thought. A proper uniform would have to be shorter. She also found fault with the tights. They weren't the regulation 100% heavy cotton ones that the school dress code required. They were a lightweight, poly blend style more suited to an adult rather than a young girl. The shoes, however, were authentic black patent mary janes. Her thoughts were interrupted when Marissa said, "As I told you on the phone yesterday, I'll change into it when the girl's arrive, work with them for a few hours, and then write up my notes. I'll be more of an observer than a participant...". Susan listened to this and appeared doubtful. Before she could speak, Cindy said, "Mom, don't you think Dr. Steven's should try on the uniform now?". Susan nodded her head and said, "I think that's an excellent idea. That way, if there's a problem, we can take care of it before tonight, uhhhhh tomorrow...".

Cindy could barely contain her excitement. The sooner Marissa was out of her power suit and heels, the better. She was going to enjoy seeing the ultra professional, haughty young woman running around in a school jumper! Before the surprised Marissa could say anything, Susan said, "Come on Marissa, let's you get out of those clothes..." Marissa looked at her in confusion. This wasn't exactly what she had in mind. She had planned to leave the uniform in her office overnight and change into it the next afternoon when the girls from the school arrived.

"I don't think that's really necessary," she said.

"I'll just..." she was cut off by the ringing of her cell phone. Taking the phone out of her blazer pocket, She smiled apologetically at Susan and took the call. Turning away as she did so, she missed the disapproving frown on Susan's face. It was her answering service with a few routine messages. She was just completing the call when Susan came around to her and took the phone from her hand!

"Susan, she cried, "what's the big idea?!". Susan, her eyes flashing impatience, said, "I'm trying to help you out with your research and you can't even give me five un interrupted minutes of your time...if you're not serious, maybe we should just call this whole thing off..." Susan was taken aback. She knew that Susan was a little touchy about such matters. She would have to more careful about offending her.

"I'm sorry Susan, I wasn't thinking," she said.

"of course I both need and want your help. I promise, no more distractions. Now, what were you saying?". The older woman looked over at her and said, "I was saying that you should try the uniform on so we can take care of any problems...however, you don't seem to have the time to do even that...". Marissa said hastily, "Of course I do! I'll just be a minute!" She gathered up the uniform. She didn't really want to try this stupid thing on right now, but if it made Susan happy, than why not? It would only be for a few minutes.

"Good!," said Susan.

"You go and change...I'll hold onto your cell phone and purse..." Marissa started down the hall to her office.

"And when you come out, be sure to bring your pant suit and heels with you!". Marissa was puzzled by this last. Why would Susan want her to bring her suit? She probably just wants to make sure it gets hung up to avoid wrinkles. Good old Susan, she thought, always so detail orientated.

Alone in her office, Marissa stepped out of her high heels. Barefoot in stockings, she went to her small suitcase and pulled out the A line school dress. I can't believe I'm going to have to wear this thing, she thought. Well, it was for her paper. She slipped off her suit jacket and unbuttoned her snug trousers. Stepping out of her pants, Marissa stood there in her white blouse, the overhead lights bouncing off her sleekly pantyhosed legs. She ran her hands over her smooth nyloned thighs, relishing the feel. She could never understand it when other woman complained about having to wear pantyhose. She loved the feeling, as well as the look, that wearing them bestowed on her. With a sigh, she reluctantly pulled them off and undid her blouse.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she saw a pretty young woman in expensive lingerie. Her lace push up bra defined her small breasts, and her silken panties hugged her shapely bottom. School clothes or not, she told herself, at least I'm keeping my grown up undies on! She was startled by a sharp knock on the office door and heard Susan call out, "Marissa,'s it you need any help?". Marissa covered her chest with one hand and her crotch with the other.

"I'm ok Susan," she called out.

"I'll be right out..." Now why would I need help getting dressed, thought Marissa. It's not as if I'm REALLY a little girl. Turning her attention back to the task at hand, she shook out the white poly/cotton blend tights and looked at them with distaste. She hadn't worn anything like them in years. At least they weren't the authentic 100% cotton ones, she told herself. She tugged the garment up her legs and up over her bottom. She slipped on the dress and smoothed it in place. Putting her hair up in a pony tail, she stepped into the black mary janes and stood back to admire her handiwork.

She couldn't believe what she saw. Wow, she thought, I look like a schoolgirl! The A line dress came to a modest length just above her knees. Her white cotton blend tights itched, and she looked wistfully at her silken pantyhose lying in a tangled heap on her office couch. They looked as empty as her abandoned business suit. She disliked going without her nylons next to her pumps, she considered them one of the clearest signs of her adulthood. Taking a few tentative steps in her mary janes, Marissa was reminded of the extra height she had lost when she had given up her heels. Things in her familiar office somehow seemed larger. A subtle transition had seemed to have taken place. Well, she thought, she had exchanged her executive pant suit for a school uniform, her pantyhose for cotton tights, and her high heels for mary janes. It was odd how strange she felt. Well, she decided, there was nothing to do about it. She had willingly traded in her adulthood for the life of a schoolgirl. She was just going to have to get used to it.

Now that was a weird thought, she told herself. She was getting too caught up in all this, that was it. She would spend a day or so gathering data and then write her paper. The story of how she got it would make a great tale to tell her friends over drinks after she became head of the department! Still, it was awkward, standing in her own office dressed like a child. How many times had she counseled young girls in this very room? She had always been professional, even aloof. She caught herself thinking that she shouldn't be in here alone what if someone came in? With a start, Marissa pushed these strange thoughts down. This is MY office I'm still an adult, no matter how I'm dressed. She found a hanger and hung up her pant suit and silk blouse. She draped her expensive pantyhose over the neck of the hanger and picked up her pumps. Taking a deep breath, She left her office and went to find Susan and Cindy. Walking down the hall, Marissa felt like a fool. She was taking small hesitant steps like a frightened child rather than a self confident adult. Well, she thought, she had never walked these halls dressed like a little girl. She came into the empty common room and saw Cindy and Susan waiting for her.. Twirling around, Marissa said, "Well, what do you think do I pass muster?". Both mother and daughter burst out laughing. Cindy thought Marissa looked several years younger, but she looked like she was wearing a costume. It was nice to see Ms. smug psychologist out of her stylish business suit, but she still looked like a grown up woman. Mrs. Johnson was thinking along similar lines. Going over to Marissa, she lifted up the A line dress and saw that she still had on her grown up panties.

"Marissa," she said, "You're going to have to do better than this just putting on a school uniform doesn't make you a kid again you know. I think you need a make over I can help with your plan, but you'll have to trust me and go along with what I say..." Marissa looked at her and wondered what she meant. Beyond wearing this ridiculous dress, what more could she do? Well, in for a penny, in for a pound. She HAD to get the needed data, or Jenna would get the top job in the department! "Well, ok Susan," she said, "But what do you mean?". Mrs. Johnson clapped her hands in delight.

"Good! that's settled," she said.

"From now on, I think you'd better call me Mrs. Johnson. After all, a school girl doesn't address adults by their first name!". Marissa turned beat red with humiliation. Susan was older than her but they were both adults. They had worked closely with one another as colleagues. Still, she had better get into character or the plan, whatever it was, would not work.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Johnson," said Marissa in a small voice. Cindy giggled. Marissa was certainly getting a crash course on how to be a polite little girl! "Here's what I propose," said Mrs. Johnson.

"We'll say that you've gone away for a few days and that your little 12 year old sister is going to be staying here for awhile. In fact, your "sister" is thinking about enrolling in the Catholic school and working here. You'll be her, of course. That way, you'll get firsthand experience that you can use for your paper". Marissa heard this and gasped, "But I'm not 12 years old! no one's going to believe I'm my younger sister!".

"Well, not looking like that they're not. Come along child!". Marissa automatically turned towards Cindy, thinking that's who Susan was talking to. Cindy was smirking. Turning red with embarrassment, Marissa followed Susan down the hall to the bathroom. Cindy followed, hardly able to contain her excitement.

In the large bathroom, Marissa was sitting on a wheeled office chair that had been brought in by Cindy.

"But WHY do I have to change my hair style?" Marissa complained. She had been told to take out her contact lenses and was now squinting. She had always been proud of her golden locks, and had kept them well groomed. She was therefore alarmed when Susan had asked her to sit in the chair in front of the sink, her back to the mirror. She knew that Susan could cut hair after all, it was how she had put herself through school. Still, looking at the scissors, she said, "Susan, I don't think this is really what I had in mind. I..." she never finished her sentence. Susan looked down at her and said, "You agreed to a complete make over. Everybody knows you have long hair. I'll give you a nice shoulder cut. You wear your hair up most of the time, anyway. In a month or so, it'll be right back to it's present length. What's the problem?" Marissa had to agree but was still uneasy. Before she could answer, Susan had begun the process. Before she knew what was happening, Marissa saw clumps of her beautiful hair falling onto the bathroom floor. She was eager to see the final result, but Susan indicated that she lean back with her head in the sink.

"I want to rinse you out, to better see the new style,"

Susan explained.

"I've got a new shampoo I want you to try". Marissa had no choice but to comply. Let's just get this over with, she thought to herself. If I really hate the results, I'll just make an appointment with my own stylist next week. She felt a slight tingling sensation on her scalp, and then Susan was doing a final rinse. A shower cap was placed on her head.

"Let it set and dry," explained Susan. Marissa didn't have time to argue as she was led to the shower. Susan took a damp cloth and began to wash her face.

"Hey!" cried Marissa.

"I'm using a special cream here," explained Susan.

"It's a tan remover..." seeing Marissa's incredulous expression, she said, "To make you look like your younger sister, we'll get rid of the tan and make your look fair..."

"But that's impossible!", said Marissa.

"It's really not," said Susan.

"The Japanese developed it several years ago having a tan in their culture is not very fashionable. All it does is remove the mellan from the upper layers of your skin. It won't harm you and its perfectly safe. Besides, you tan pretty easily a couple of days in the sun and you can get it right back...". Marissa didn't like what was happening. First she had to change out of her fashionable power suit, then she had received a hair cut, now her golden tan was being taking away! she had almost decided that this make over was just not worth it when Susan said, "Into the shower!...use the body wash cream...keep it away from your, let Cindy and I help you with that dress..." Susan then unzipped the dress and Marissa found herself standing there in bra, panties and tights.

"Look mom," said Cindy, "she's wearing a padded bra!" Marissa blushed. Her breasts might be a little small, but she didn't have to take ridicule from a 13 year old! "Susan", she said sternly, "Why doesn't Cindy go do her homework or something...".

"Oh, I think we're going to need her help," was the reply.

The tights were pulled down and her bra and panties removed. Naked, Marissa blushed.

"Wow," said Cindy, "You don't look so grown up now...I'm bigger than you!" Marissa blushed angrily and was about to retort when Susan said, "Really Marissa, it was wrong of you to wear this kind of bra you just don't need it and these silken panties? we'll have to find you something more appropriate..." Cindy laughed and Marissa felt herself close to tears. She caught herself and with a will, stifled her conflicting emotions. I'll get back at Cindy, later, she told herself, sticking her tongue out at the girl. She was rewarded by a sharp slap to her little bottom.

"Get in that shower now, child!" said Susan. Marissa did as she was told. She quickly soaped up using the special cream and was soon rinsing off. Susan handed her a towel and removed her shower cap. Her hair was fused with for several minutes by the older woman and then she was led out of the bathroom and down the hall to the kindergarten classroom. Without her contacts, it was hard to see.

"Here you go," said Susan, handing her a pair of glasses. Marissa squinted again and saw that they were her emergency pair from her desk. She NEVER wore these ugly glasses! They were a holdover from her own school days. However, it was better than going around bumping into walls so she took them. They were thick, black horned rimmed glasses, the kind that young school girl's wore. She glanced into the large mirror on the wall.

"My God," she gasped as she put them on, "What have you done to me?" her long blond hair was now a mousy brown, and cut shoulder length. It was pulled away from her face and tied in two pigtails. A row of bangs hung down on her forehead. The shine was missing, and it looked dull and lifeless. But that wasn't the worst part her beautiful tan that she had worked so hard on was gone! she hadn't really believed Susan when she told her that the skin product could remove her dark tan, but it had! her skin was now stark white, almost pink!. She gasped again as she noticed her proud, womanly bush was gone she was as bare as a newborn. It was then she noticed the final indignity freckles had appeared on either side of her nose! "Oh damn," she said softly, her eyes welling up with tears.

"There, there "Mary," said Susan, calling her by her new name and patting her little bottom.

"Don't be upset. The freckles are a by product of the tan removing lotion. They'll fade in time. And you can always change your hair style..." Marissa got hold of herself. Susan was right. She may look like a child, but she was an adult! she would see this thing through and show everybody! Marissa then got another shock as she saw the clothes that were waiting for her. She was expecting her grown up lingerie along with the modified A line dress that she had brought with her. Instead, Cindy held up a white cotton training vest.

"But I'm a grown up," Marissa protested.

"I need a bra I can't wear that silly T shirt!".

"Mary", said Susan, "you do have pretty little breasts, but you don't need a bra...that push up you were wearing was really a joke..." Cindy giggled and then chimed in, "Yeah Mom, I had no idea how small she was. I'm about half her age and twice her size!" Marissa blushed with embarrassment. She had always been a little self conscience about her small size, but her padded push up bra had taken care of any doubts. Besides, the "waif look" was in, and she fitted that image to a tee. The vest was drawn over the protesting girl's white shoulders, and Marissa was horrified to see how much it flattened her chest out. Before she could utter another word, she was told to step into the panties. Looking at them, Marissa saw that calling them panties" was perhaps too generous a description. They appeared to be training underpants, the kind worn by toddler's when potty training. In fact, they were barely a step above diapers! They were thick and white, adorned with a pink trim. To Marissa's surprise, they fitted her rather loosely.

Glancing in the mirror she was dismayed to see that her curves had disappeared into a sea of white cotton.

"This underwear doesn't fit right!", she complained. Susan smiled and said, "Mary, it was those silly, grown up undies that you were wearing that didn't fit fact, you had it backwards. The bra emphasized a chest that wasn't really there and the panties...well, someone with your figure is better off in cotton underpants. I won't even mention the pantyhose!". Marissa seized on this last comment.

"My nylons!," she cried.

"At least give me back my nylons!". Hearing this, Cindy laughed out loud.

"Oh Mary, schoolgirls don't wear pantyhose..."

"She's right, Mary," said Susan.

"and schoolgirl or no, neither should you. You just don't have the curves for them". Hearing this, Marissa grew angry.

"I'm 24 years old! I've been wearing a bra and hose since I was a teenager...besides, I have curves!..." Susan glanced at Cindy and smiled.

"Your physical age has nothing to do with it. It's what's appropriate for your body size that counts..." saying this, she tucked the waistband of Marissa's tight fitting vest into her loose panties. Marissa flushed and looked into the mirror. Seeing herself in this underwear with mousy brown hair, not to mention the thick glasses and freckles, she could almost agree with what Susan was saying! Cindy came up to her and stood by her side. She was taller than Marissa, and seemed more developed. Marissa was shocked to see that far from looking like she was 13, the makeover had made it look like she was 8! or was it that an 8 year old was really under all the fancy business suits and expensive lingerie, just trying to get out? Marissa shook her head to clear her mind of these strange thoughts. She had to stay focused on the ultimate goal her research. After all, it was why she was putting herself through all this.

With a heavy sigh, she stepped into the thick, white cotton tights that Susan had offered her. She noticed that these weren't the tights that she was wearing before. These were the genuine article 100% cotton, not the poly nylon/cotton mix tights that she had bought at the store. Only yesterday, Marissa never would have believed how much she could miss her pantyhose. Like her bra and grown up panties, she completely took them for granted and the adulthood that wearing such garments bestowed on her. As Susan adjusted the tights about her hips, Cindy brought over the plaid, A line school jumper with the white collar. It looked different from the uniform dress that she had tried on earlier.

"Let's get you into your dress, honey," said Susan. Before she knew what was happening, Susan had the uniform on her and was zipping it. Marissa was dismayed at how short it was. Looking in the mirror, she saw how the hem barely came down to her crotch. This allowed the front of her panties, clearly visible under the tights, to peak out. Marissa turned and her worst fears were confirmed fully half of her pantied, cotton tighted ass was only display.

"This dress is too short!" she wailed, trying to tug the hem down further on her hips. Her complaints were cut short as Cindy put the black mary janes on her feet. For Marissa, the transformation was complete. Looking at herself in the mirror, she whispered, "Where did I go?". She felt out of phase with reality. The mental self image that she carried of herself didn't match the reflection. Instead of an attractive young woman with pretty blond hair, she saw a rather plain and geeky looking girl in a to short school uniform. Her dull, lifeless brown hair was pulled back, exposing a youthful looking freckled face framed by thick glasses. Her legs looked spindly in the cotton tights, and her white cotton training underpants peeped out even when standing perfectly still. I traded in my executive pant suit for this?, she asked herself. Not to mention my pumps and pantyhose.

She suddenly noticed that Cindy was no longer in the room.

"I have to go make a phone call", said Susan.

"can you sit here and not get into any trouble?" Marissa was taken aback she had reached for her cell phone out of habit and then remembered that it had been taken by Susan. She blushed and said, "I'll be ok..." Susan looked hard at her. Marissa again flushed to her new found dark roots. Holding her jumper down with one hand, her mary janed feet turned inward towards each other, she meekly said, "I'll be okay Mrs. Johnson".

"That's better," said Susan, turning and leaving. For the next several minutes Marissa wandered around the room. She had been in this classroom many times before, but never looking like she could join the class! Her cotton tights itched terribly, and she scratched at her thigh.

"Child!" she heard, "Stop touching yourself or you're going to get a spanking!" Susan had appeared and Marissa turned beat red in embarrassment, having been caught in such a private moment. She was taken by the hand and led to her office. As she was being marched down the hall, Marissa was very much aware that her underpants were showing. She tried to take small steps, one hand holding down her short jumper. Cindy followed from behind, reflecting that now Marissa really DID have to worry about her underwear showing. She was curious ever since seeing Marissa naked, she wondered if her mother would let her try on the business suit after all, she had more up top than did Marissa! As the reached the office, Susan went inside followed by Marissa and Cindy.

Marissa felt a stab of anger Susan was now standing behind HER desk her territory was being invaded!. On the desk she saw her pant suit, blouse, grown up undies, heels, and purse. What was going on? She was about to comment when Susan grabbed the purse and dumped out the contents.

"My, My," said Susan, "look at what we have here..." Marissa turned beat red as Susan held up her birth control pills.

"Here's something you won't be needing any longer," she said, throwing the pills in the trash.

"Hey, shouted Marissa, "those are mine!" Susan looked at the child and sternly said, "Little girls are not sexually active". Before Marissa could retort, Susan had confiscated her car keys and license.

"But I'm going to need those!" she cried. Looking as she did, she was afraid that NO ONE would believe that she was really 24!. Susan merely smiled and said: "Mary, 12 year olds don't drive. Don't you worry, I'll see you get to where you need to go!". Marissa was pondering these words when Susan took her house keys, credit cards, and all her identification.

"You won't be needing these so I'll just keep them safe".

Marissa stood there in her own office dressed in school girl clothes and watched the trappings of her adulthood melt away. She glanced in the mirror and once again found it hard to reconcile her mental image of herself with that of the reflection. I'm a 24 years old, a psychologist, she told herself. I'm smart and attractive, my long blond hair and tanned, flawless skin are the envy of everybody back at the university. I dress with taste and style, wearing only the latest fashions. So why am I standing here in a Catholic school girl uniform with my underpants showing? She was reminded again that her long blond hair was gone, and in its place was a mousy brown mess in pigtails. She was now only a freckle faced, gawky, little girl with pale skin and thick glasses. Of the professional young women who had stood proudly in her business power suit only an hour ago, there remained not a trace. She didn't even recognize herself.

Marissa blushed as Susan held up her now empty pantyhose.

"It's a good thing we got you out of these," she said.

"you might have ruined them..." Marissa was suddenly reminded of the scoldings she had received as a child when she had played dress up with her mother's things. As if listening to her thoughts, Susan said, "Really, mustn't try to wear your "big sisters" grown up clothes any more..." She then collected the remaining garments to include her high heeled pumps. Marissa could only watch in stunned silence. All her possessions, all ties to her grown up world had now been taken from her and she had allowed it to happen! Cindy looked over at her and grinned, relishing seeing the professional women, once so haughty, stripped of all adult status and reduced to a helpless school in tights with underpants showing. After collecting all her possessions and placing them in the suitcase, Susan motioned that Marissa should follow her. They went back out into the common room. Cindy took the suitcase from her mother and whispered something in her ear. Susan smiled and merely said, "Of course..." Cindy disappeared upstairs with the suitcase. Marissa was bothered that her possessions were no longer under her control. She flounced down in a chair in the common room, heedless of the display she was putting on. She fought with her jumper, trying to pull it down more on her thighs, then gave up in frustration. Susan announced that she was going into her office and would be right back. Marissa sulked and said nothing, trying to come to terms with her new reality. She was lost in her own thoughts for several minutes when she heard the sound of tapping high heels on the floor. Getting to her feet, she turned in her short dress and gasped. There was Cindy, wearing HER power suit! "Well, Mary, what do you think," she asked, turning this way and that. Cindy had changed her hairstyle and was wearing light make up. In Marissa's grown up pant suit, she looked like a young woman of 18! She was taller than Marissa in stocking feet, and the heels only added height. Looking down, Marissa could also see that Cindy was wearing her pantyhose! "You little bitch!", she screamed.

"you take off my clothes before you ruin them... Susan!", she yelled out. Susan came out from her office, wondering what the ruckus was.

"Susan," said Marissa, "look what Cindy has done...she's playing dress up with my expensive business clothes!" as she said this, she stamped her feet in her maryjanes, showing a generous amount of her training panties. Cindy looked on at the frustrated little girl with the freckles she sure was having a tantrum! it pleased her to no end to see the once mighty Marissa reduced to a mousey haired child with no adult rights. Susan went over to Marissa and gave her white, cottoned pantied ass a good swat.

"OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" yelled Marissa.

"What did I tell you about calling adults by their first name, young lady?", said Susan.

"and as for Cindy and those grown up clothes, I gave her permission. After all, you're wearing her things. I couldn't see the harm, not after all we've done to help you!...besides, you shouldn't have been wearing them in the first place"

"Yeah Mary," chimed in Cindy, "I think you're mixed up on just who was playing dress up!". Marissa was taken aback. Her mind keep coming back to the phrase Susan had used "those grown up clothes" not "your grown up clothes" weren't they still hers? she was still an adult, right? She couldn't believe that Susan was treating her this way. Her original plan had just been to work with the girls in the day care center for a few days. She had even been prepared to wear a modified version of their school uniform. But before she knew what was happening, she had somehow been transformed into a gawky little girl. She had to think this through!

"Cindy," said Susan, "why don't you take Mary outside and let her cool off". Marissa was horrified to go outside dressed as she was, but could see that arguing was going to get her nowhere. She allowed herself be led outside by the now smartly dressed Cindy. Marissa felt slightly dizzy by the sudden role reversal. She heard her own high heels tapping on the concrete on Cindy's feet!. Cindy steered her towards the playground. Half way there, they came upon a group of older teenage boys, who were obviously looking after their younger siblings at the playground. As an attractive young women, Marissa could always count on the attention of men. With boys, it was no different. The would fawn all over her, eager to please. She was mortified then when they completely ignored her and focused their attention on Cindy! They crowded around her, paying compliments on how attractive she was in her stylish outfit but it's really MY outfit, Marissa screamed in her mind. Her thoughts were interrupted when one of the boys said to Cindy, "Hey, whose this, your little sister?...why don't you send her off to play on the swings so we can all talk..."

"Yeah," said another, "we don't need this skinny little girl hanging around..."

"That school uniform is something else, right guys," said a third.

"cute panties, though..." Through her humiliation, Marissa felt a surge of anger. It was all very clear now. The boys didn't see her as a beautiful young women with gorgeous blond hair because that version of herself no longer existed. In her place was a little geek of girl, a child in tights with ugly brown hair. She was being dismissed and made fun of, and she wasn't going to stand for it not while Cindy stood there in her own heels and business suit, basking in all the attention!

"I'm NOT a skinny kid, young man!", Marissa shouted, whirling toward him and oblivious of the show she was putting on by exposing more of her underpants.

"I'm an adult, and I won't be treated this way!..." To emphasize her point, she stuck her tongue out at him. Now why did I do that, Marissa asked herself. Cindy leaned down to her and grabbed her arm.

"OWWWWWWWW!" said Marissa as she felt it twisted.

"Little girls should be seen and not heard..." said Cindy.

"and they shouldn't interrupt adults when they are talking...why don't you go play on the swings before you get into real trouble..." Marissa turned beat red with humiliation and felt the tears coming. How did this happen why, it was if she and Cindy had somehow changed places! Turning away with her bottom once again coming out of her school uniform, Marissa started to run back towards the center.

"Be careful about your dress," called Cindy after her.

"Remember, a polite young lady doesn't go running around with her underpants showing!" Marissa burst into tears, hearing her own words to Cindy earlier coming back at her. She had to end this nightmare, now!

She ran back to the center and down the hall to her office. I'm going to get my things and get out of here, she thought. I'll have to get my clothes back from Cindy. Once she was safely back in pumps and pantyhose, along with her stylish suit, she could then deal with the little brat.. She turned the knob of her office door it was locked! She rattled the door in frustration and then turned and saw Cindy coming down the hallway.

"I don't know what you think you're doing, Cindy..." she said.

"you can enjoy your little triumph now, but when this over, I'm going to make you sorry you ever messed with me! I'm the adult here, not you, regardless of what I'm wearing..." her words were drained of meaning, however, when she again stuck her tongue out at the girl after her speech. Cindy just laughed. She placed both hands on her hips and addressed the little girl.

"What YOU don't seem to realize is that this is not make believe. The image you see in the mirror is really you, regardless of what mental image you have of yourself. I've got news for you "Mary" when people look at you now, they don't see Marissa the grown up with her long blond hair and fancy clothes. They see a little kid with glasses in a school uniform. You can't drive, you have no identification, no money, nothing! do you think anybody is going to believe you're 24?" Marissa was stung by these words, hearing out loud what she been thinking for the past hour. She couldn't even get into her own office any more!

Her thoughts were interrupted when they were joined by Susan.

"Cindy," said Susan, "Go up and change. The van from the school is here. I told Sister Elinor that you would spend the night at the school so "Mary" would feel more comfortable..." Cindy nodded and sped off. Once Cindy had gone, Marissa said, "I'm calling this whole thing off! I"m not a little girl! I won't be treated this way! Why is my office locked? where are my things? I just want to get OUT of here!" Susan just looked at her and smiled.

"The office is locked so that little girls don't get into trouble...and its much to late to call things it or not, your going to be a well behaved little girl...or else!". Marissa was stunned! She was speechless that Susan would talk to her this way! She was about to give her a piece of her mind but then thought of her research. Ok, she thought. I'll play it your way...for now. She said nothing as she was led by the hand to the waiting van. Outside, she blushed as she saw Sister Elinor. Marissa was mortified to be seen in little girl clothes. In vain she tried to pull her short uniform dress down, trying to keep her cotton underpants from showing.

Sister Elinor batted her hand away from the hem of the uniform. Marissa was half expecting to be recognized, but Sister Elinor only said, "I'm Sister Elinor, the principle of the school where you'll be staying. I know your sister. I don't know what foolishness you got away with at your last school, but at St. Ann's, we expect our students to be well behaved! do I make myself clear, young lady?..." Marissa felt her face flush. Only two hours she had stood in her heels at this very spot talking to this very woman. Her attitude was now very different. Of course, she wasn't being seen as an adult now, just a gawky little girl. She felt her anger rise. Keeping her emotions in check, she merely mumbled "Yes, Ma'am", and borded the van.

All the way to the school, Marissa fumed. She sat in the back with her school dress bunched up about her hips. She didn't care who saw her underwear anymore. Cindy sat up front with Sister Elinor. Marissa couldn't believe that she had allowed herself to go along with this whole crazy plan now she was even going to spend the day in Catholic school before coming to work with the girls in the day care center! she was a little afraid of them seeing her like this, but knew that they wouldn't recognize her as their counselor. The went through the gates and then into the Dormitory building. They were met by Sister Mary Alleyfont. Before she knew what was happening, Marissa was led into the large common room of the girl's dorm.

"Look everybody, we have a new girl!", cried a girl who Marissa knew as Jane. More than once she had counseled Jane about being a bully. Jane came up to her and pulled one of her pigtails.

"Owwwwwwwwwww!" yelled Marissa in pain. She whirled around to deal with Jane but was stopped short as she was forced to look up at her. Without her heels, Jane was taller than her! Sister Mary Alleyfont then came in and clapped her hands, "All right, girls, get ready for bed! lights out in ten minutes!". The girls scrambled away, and soon Marissa found herself dressed in a baby doll nightie that barely came down to the crotch of her juvenile panties. It seemed that no matter what she wore, her underpants were going to be on display! She was soon in bed and the overhead lights were turned out. Emotionally exhausted from the afternoon's events, Marissa soon fell sound asleep.

Cindy took the glass of warm water dipped Marissa's index finger in. The sleeping girl adjusted her position and then went still. Suddenly, as Cindy and the other girl's looked on, a wet spot appeared on the front of Marissa's thick cotton training panties. The sleeping girl stirred and opened her eyes.

"What's going on?", she cried. Then realizing that she had just wet the bed, she yelled, "Cindy! this is your fault! You little bitch, I'm going to get you!". Marissa sprang out of the bed in a rage, her loose, wet panties hanging down. The other girls laughed in delight at the sight of their former counselor in wet panties. Suddenly, the overhead light snapped on and Sister Mary Alleyfont was in the room.

"Sister," said Cindy, "Mary wet the bed!..." Marissa gave her an angry glance. Somehow, Cindy and the girls had set her up! "So Mary,' said Sister Mary Alleyfont, "We can't control our bladder...or is this just a bid for attention?" Before Marissa could speak, she was grabbed by the arm and led down the hall.

There was a small first aid room and Marissa was told to sit on the table. Her mind was a jumble, the days events overwhelming. Just when she thought the worst was over, Cindy had contrived for her to wet the bed! Oh, the little brat was going to pay! "Mary," said the Sister, "I think you're going to need some protection for the rest of tonight...perhaps through tomorrow. We'll see if this solution will cure your problem..." Marissa's eyes grew wide as she saw the disposable diaper in the nun's hand. A DIAPER? surely she couldn't be serious! she had to end this, now. Jumping off the table, she said desperately, "Sister, this may sound strange, but my name is not "Mary". I'm Dr. Marissa Stevens, a psychologist working on a project. I'm 24 and have a position at the university. I'm working undercover on a research project. This is all a terrible mistake!" The words poured out of her, sounding ridiculous even in her own ears.

Sister Mary Alleyfont looked at her and said sternly, "Child, that's one of the wildest stories that I've ever heard. We don't abide our students telling lies at St. Ann's!". Before she could speak further, she found that her baby doll top had been whisked off and her wet panties pulled down. The Sister whirled her around, taking her across her knee! Marissa began to fight for dear life, determined need to add to today's indignities with a bare bottomed spanking! At the first stinging slap, Marissa cried out in pain.

"OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!". Despite her struggling, there was nothing she could do to prevent it. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!. Again and again, the Sister's hand came down. Marissa, being spanked like the child she now was, could only kick her legs and cry out, her tears flowing down her face. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "Naughtily little girl," said the Sister, "Wetting your bed and telling lies! We'll teach you some manners, young lady!". Whack! Whack! Whack!. Marissa felt her ass grow hot with heat. I'm being SPANKED her mind screamed. I'm NOT a little girl! I'm an ADULT! I don't BELONG here! Then the spanking was over, and Marissa was told to lay on the table on her stomach.

Marissa, her face streaked with tears and her ass on fire, meekly did as she was told. She gasped as she felt the soothing lotion being applied to her now tender bottom. Then there was a smell of baby powder in the air and she felt it sprinkled over her lower half. Marissa heard the sound of tape ripping, and was told to roll over on her back. She winced at the pain in her buttocks but complied one spanking tonight was enough. She gasped as she saw the disposable diaper.

"Please, Sister," she said.

"I don't need to wear diapers! I won't make any more messes, I promise!". Her words were in vain, Marissa saw. Like or not, she was going to diapered! She was told to raise her hips. As she did so, the open diaper was slid underneath her. She squealed when her skin came into contact with the waiting pads. The Sister lost no time. She taped one side up and then the other.

"There," said the Sister.

"All nice and snug...that wasn't so bad, was it?" Marissa was perfectly still, trying to come to terms with the fact that she was now wearing a disposable diaper. It felt like someone had strapped a pillow between her legs. Marissa could only moan. Plastic pants were being drawn up her hips and onto her waist. A fresh baby doll top was now placed over her head.

Diapered and in plastic pants, Marissa could only hang her head in shame. Her mind reeled over what had just been done to her. As a desirable young woman, she had never given diapers a second thought. Now, she found herself helplessly taped up inside them. The plastic gripped her ass with a firm grip, which still stung from the recent spanking. The plastic pants crinkled with her every movement, and the waistband dug into the sensitive flesh around her middle. I'M WEARING DIAPERS! Her mind screamed. Her thoughts were interrupted by the Sister who said, "There's a cot in here where you'll sleep tonight. My room is right next door. I don't want any more trouble out of you tonight young lady...understand?" Marissa could only nod her head. She waddled her way over to the cot. She was tucked in and the light in the room was turned out. Crying silent tears, the diapered psychologist soon fell into a dreamless sleep.

Marissa struggled in the high chair, her diapered ass hot in her plastic pants. Her mind was numb with the humiliation that she had experienced in only 24 hours. Yesterday a professional woman, today a diapered baby. Smelling of lotion and powder. She had awakened in the morning only to find a fresh diaper and a new school uniform waiting for her. She tried to block out the humiliation of attending a sixth grade class with her diapers showing from underneath her short dress. The girls at the school has teased her unmercifully. At recess, Cindy and the others had been especially cruel, making catty remarks about her diapered condition. Marissa had just taken it all, afraid that any outburst would only make the situation worse. She had burned with shame and humiliation, all the while thinking that it would soon be over.

After recess, she had bordered the bus with the other girls to go to the center. She had planned to end this charade just as soon as she could. She couldn't wait to get back at Cindy! However, once there she had been lead to a high chair and locked in! Cindy came up to her along with several of the girls girls that she had once supervised and counseled. They thought of her now as just Marissa's backward sister an awkward little girl who couldn't even control her own bladder. A spindly geek with a bad haircut. Just then Susan came in.

"You girls go back out into the common room", said Mrs. Johnson.

"I don't want the children getting into trouble". Susan looked at her former colleague, struggling in her diapers, locked into a high chair.

"Well "Mary", she said, "I hope you enjoyed your day at school. I see you've had a little trouble controlling yourself, though! This is rich! Marissa, in a diaper and plastic pants, drooling at the mouth and locked in a high chair! Oh, this is priceless!..."

"You BITCH!" screamed Marissa.

"You let me out of her right now! I'm calling this whole thing off! I'll sue you and..." her words were cut of by the sound of high heels on the hard tile floor. Marissa's eyed widened in horror as she saw Jenna Hightower, her rival from the university, enter the room. She received another shock as she saw that Dr. Baxter was with her!

Marissa turned beat red with shame. Less than 72 hours ago, she had stood proudly in front of Dr. Baxter in her stylish clothes. She had been an adult then. Now she was just a diapered child. Seeing Jenna was worse. She stood there in her trim skirt, arms folded with a bemused expression of delight on her face. Marissa glanced down enviously at her pantyhose and high heels. Being seen in diapers in a high chair by her rival was almost to much, and she felt the tears beginning to come.

"Dr. Baxter, Dr Hightower," said Susan, "I'm glad you could stop by. With Marissa being called away suddenly, we've been left in a bit of a lurch. Anyway, this is Mary, Marissa's sister. She's proven very difficult to handle, having tantrums, wetting the bed, and generally misbehaving..."

"It's our pleasure," said Dr. Baxter, "Hello Mary," he said.

"I know your sister quite well...she works for me..." Marissa breathed a sigh of relief. At least they don't recognize me, she thought. However, she would have to confide in someone if she was ever going to get out of these horrible baby clothes and reclaim her adulthood. Dr. Baxter then turned to Susan and said, "Ms. Johnson, with Marissa being called away so suddenly, I thought Dr. Hightower could take up some of the slack here at the center. That is, if you agree..."

Marissa's eyes grew wide at this latest humiliation. What was going on? She had to end this, now! The tray to the high chair was unlocked and she was told by Susan to stand up.

"Dr. Baxter," said Susan, "I appreciate this! For starters, could Dr. Hightower counsel Mary?". Before Marissa could react, she was grabbed by the hand as Jenna propelled her down the hall.

"Jenna, it's me, Marissa!" she yelled, once out of earshot of the others. Jenna looked down at the diapered girl in the school uniform and laughed.

"I know who you are, Marissa. Susan called me and filled me in... I tell you, it's priceless seeing you in diapers and plastic pants. Which, by the way, I'm told you'll be wearing for quite some time... Marissa was too stunned to say anything. Jenna knew who she really was! it was almost worse this way, being seen as a diapered little girl by her rival from the university.

"I don't believe you know what MY project is for the university," said Jenna.

"well, its simple. It's about YOU. It's about how a 24 year old psychologist with a doctorate gave up her adult status and decide to begin life again as a 6 year old girl. You wanted firsthand experience... well, you've got does it feel? one thing, though I don't think you'll be writing up your conclusions for quite some time!..." Jenna smiled as she said this last.

"Oh yes, she went on.

"you're going to be a well behaved little girl. Nobody will ever believe that you're really an adult, no matter what you tell them. Just look in any mirror if you doubt me..."

Jenna smiled triumphantly. Marissa was stuck as a diapered child. With her out of the way, she would become the next Chairperson of the department.

"Jenna please!" said Marissa, her tears starting to flow. Still smiling, Jenna said, "Now Mary, you must address me as "Dr. Hightower". You've been told about that more than once. Let's go into my office and talk about it..." They had stopped in front of Marissa's office. Marissa felt the world spin. This nightmare never seemed to end. She was now in diapers and plastic pants, in the care of her rival from the university! No one believed her about her real identity Jenna had even taken her job as counselor at the center and moved into her own office! The humiliation of being thought of as a backward schoolgirl in diapers was not enough. Now she was about to counseled in her own office the tables had been completely turned on Marissa and there seemed to be now way out. Her plan had backfired on her. She was no longer the beautiful and talented young women that she'd been only yesterday. She thought back on the events of the last day and the speed at which they happened. From the changes in wardrobe, to the haircut, to the glasses, the freckles, everything. From professional psychologist to a diapered, geeky school girl in 24 hours! Marissa began to cry and get angry at the same time.

"You bitch!", she screamed.

"You can't treat me this way I want my adulthood back I'm leaving and you can't stop me!" Turning away from Jenna, Marissa ran down the hall. She emerged in the common room and 60 gaping school children all turned to see the diapered psychologist. Then they began to tease her.

"Baby, Baby, stick you're head in gravy..." they sang.

"Give me back my adult clothes!", screamed Marissa, the tears rolling down her face. She was stomping her feet and waving her arms, her diapered bottom constantly coming out of her short school girl uniform. Cindy stood off to the side, grinning broadly. This was the final payoff. Marissa had been such an aloof, proud adult. Always so prim and proper in her power suit. She was thrilled to see the once sophisticated and beautiful young women reduced to a gawky, mousey haired little girl in diapers and plastic pants, throwing a tantrum in front of everybody!. It was certainly firsthand experience. Jenna came into the room and joined Dr. Baxter, Susan, and Sister Elinor, who had just arrived from the school.

The Sister's face was flushed. Strong measures were obviously needed to deal with this spoiled child. As she advanced on her, Marissa felt a surge of fear. She stopped her tirade and looked around for a place to run. She was spun around by Sister Elinor whose face was a mask of pure anger. Suddenly, her bladder let go. In the now deafening silence of the room, everybody listened as the little girl wet her diapers. For Marissa, it was the final humiliation. As the world faded away, she fell to the floor on her stomach, kicking and crying loudly.

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