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Part 1

Written by: Baby Jay NY.

It's hard for me to write stories at home so I found myself a much better place. My local park. I live by the East River. It's quit, it has a nice view of Manhattan and it's easier to concentrate there. I've been coming down to the park now for about three months. One summer afternoon, I was sitting on a chair, note pad in hand, feet up on the sea wall and drinking my 5th cup of coffee of the day. I'm writing my latest story ("Caught by the Wife 2"). The best part of this summer day is that I'm wearing my Depends Diaper and a pair of plastic pants. Now I don't even need to get up to look for a bathroom, when the urge comes I just let it flow. Just as I'm thinking this, the urge comes over me and I have to pee pee real bad. (Think maybe it was the 5 cups of coffee)? I looked around to see if anyone was close to me. I don't see anyone so I let go into my diaper. What a flood. I was worried because it was a lot of pee pee. I thought to myself my plastic pants should hold it, not to worry. I lean back into my chair and enjoy the warm feeling I just put into my diaper. I resume my writing. After about 15 or 20 minutes I felt a tap on my right shoulder. I picked my head up to see a nice older lady standing there. She was maybe 52 or 53 year's old tall about 160 pounds nice looking lady. She said, "excuse me, my name is Mary", "are you a writer"? I reply "sort of'. Why do you ask I replied? Because I have been coming down to the park for my walks along time and I've noticed that you are always here writing, staring out at the water and smiling. You look like you enjoy what ever you are writing. Well I do enjoy writing.

"Oh I sorry I said my name is Carl". Mary asked "what kind of stories do you write Carl"? I can't tell her that I'm writing AB/DL stories so I tell her a little fib, I tell her "I write children's stories (well almost true, Adults who wish they were children)". Mary said, "That's really nice".

"It's nice to see our younger generation taking an interest in children's books". I do drawings for an ad company in the village.

"Do you ever use drawings in your stories" she asked? No the only think I can draw is a hot bath. I moved my legs over a little so she could sit down in front of me. My legs were going to sleep because they were so high on the sea wall. We started to talk about what we do for a living. We were exchanging information about ourselves when I start to get a wet feeling down around my back just below my belt. I can feel the now cold pee pee I flooded my diaper with about 20 minutes ago starting to leak past the waste band of my plastic pants and onto the chair. Must be because I have my legs up so high on the sea wall. I'm feeling very uncomfortable and start to move around in my chair.

"Carl" Marie said, "Are you OK"? "Sure" I said with a smile, my legs are going to sleep. I pull my legs up to put them down on the ground. Mary said with a little grin, "looks like someone had a little accident". I turn beet red, I was so embarrassed. Looks like some one could use a change. I'm sorry, I have a bladder problem from a car accident I had a few years ago. I'm looking down as I put my feet back on the ground hoping that she believed me. Mary said, "Don't be sorry all little boys have an occasional accident now and then". Ya but I'm not a little boy, I'm 24 years old I replied with a little attitude. I told you I have a bladder problem from an accident. Mary asked again "so what kind of stories did you say you were writing Carl"? As she comes closer to me she grabs my pad out of my hand and takes a few steps away from me. I start to get up but my bottom and my chair are soaked. I quickly sit back down before anyone sees me. Mary started to read what I had been written down. She said, "Sure you write children's stories very sarcastically". You mean adult baby stories like the little baby I see sitting in front of me. I sometimes draw pictures for writers at some of the on line sites, so I know all about this.

"No no you have it all wrong" I said.

"I don't think so" Mary said. That is why you are always smiling when I walk by. You wish the stories were about you. Don't you know that it is not nice to fib to your elders? I think it is about time we get you a change. Do you have spare diapers in you truck? I . . I . . She grabs my keys off the sea wall and said "let's just take a look shall we"? But I start to say, "NO"! Mary said with a big grin "No buts about it" oh get it "BUTTS" as she opens the back door of my truck. She finds a bag. See I yelled, "I told you I have a bladder problem from an accident". They are there in case of an emergency.

"You keep fibbing to me and you will get a little surprise that I'm sure you haven't had since you were a real baby she explains". Mary opens the back side door and tells me to get in.

"I'm not going any where" I said. She comes over and grabs my ear and starts to bend it. The park is packed with people and children. They are looking at us as she is dragging me to the back seat of the truck. I see them laughing at me. I'm only 5 foot and weigh 126 pounds so I don't have a choice. She guides me into the back seat and buckles me into MY TRUCK. Mary closes the door and puts my wet chair and writing pad in the back and gets into the drivers side and drives off. I'm burning up with embarrassment but I'm also enjoying it. Here I was writing about fantasies like this and I'm going to someone's place to have my wet diaper changed by a woman I don't even know. To be continued....

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