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Part 2

Written by: Baby Jay NY.

You be a good boy back there and just look out the window. We well be home soon as she drove off. I'm excited at what is going on. I thought how this could be happening to me. I'm now one of my subjects that I write about in many of my stories. I don't know how long we were driving but it had to be a long time because when I heard Mary "say we're here baby Carl". I was half asleep. I had my head leaning on the window of the door. We pulled up to her house. I heard her get out of the truck to open the garage door. She drove inside and shut the engine off. I heard her walk around to my side and slowly opened the door. She unbuckled me and started to help me out of the back seat. My pants and diaper were soaked from the back to the front. My legs were a little wobbly so she picked me up and put me on her left hip like mommies do to their babies. That woke me up. Mary I said, "I can walk". Mary said to my further excitement of my new situation.

"That's OK baby I don't mind".

"What do you weigh about 100 pounds"? "You put your head on mommies shoulder and relax now". So I did just that. I heard the garage door closing and she went into the house. I have no idea where I am. I don't even know if we are on the same plant because things are developing so fast. Mary carries me upstairs to a bedroom. I notice that the bedroom is painted all blue with white curtains and a blue and white bed spread. I also notice that there are a dozen stuffed animals on the bed. Mary lays me on my back in the middle of the stuffed animals and tells me to stay put while she goes to the my truck to get my things. As she is walking out the door I notice a big brown Teddy Bear with a bow tie. It's the same one I just bought for myself for Christmas. I grab it and look around and say "Hi what are you doing here and put him on my chest"? I notice though the window next to the bed that it was getting dark.

Mary walks back into the room and said, "Looks like you found another new friend". I held him up and say "mine, home in baby talk". Oh you have the same teddy at home. Good then you won't be home sick while you stay with me. She walks over to the dresser and pulls out a big changing pad. Now where did she get that I'm thinking. Mary rolls me over on my side and places the pad in the middle of the bed, then rolls me back in the middle of the pad. She takes my tee shirt off and then starts to unbuckle my belt and un zippers my pants. With one big tug she takes my wet pants off and places them on the floor exposing my plastic pants and wet diaper. I'm not really paying to much attention because I'm to interested in my new friend the Teddy Bear.

Mary gets my attention when I hear her say, "My my baby is really wet". I look up as she is reaching for the waste band of my plastic pants. She gives them a good tug and they are on the floor next to my pants. I realize that this woman that I don't even know is going to diaper me. No one has ever diapered me except my mom when I was younger. I always wished this would happen to me and now it is. The feeling of being cared for again is very strange; I'm confused and a little embarrassed. My embarrassment grows and so does my pee pee. Mary begins to pull the tapes off the diaper. One side then the other. She seems that she has done this before. The diaper is untapped and she said "maybe we should look for a better diaper".

"You are really wet".

"No" I said "it was all the coffee I drank today". Babies do not drink coffee. She grabs my legs and pulls them up and removes the soggy diaper then places my legs back down. Mary throws the diaper into a diaper pail. A diaper pail? I'm now naked in front of this very nice lady.

My pee pee is standing tall. Mary grabs a few baby wipes from my bag and starts to clean me all up. She pays special attention to my rock hard pee pee, almost to the point of me shooting my load, but stops just before I blow. I hear Mary stand up but I don't know what she is doing because I have my eyes closed and I'm so relaxed. I open my eyes to see a chair being placed next to the bed. Mary then sits in the chair. I'm thinking to myself: #1 Naked Baby (me). #2 Chair next to bed. #3 Mary is sitting in a chair smiling at me. I don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand "SPANKING"? I sat up and dropped Teddy on the floor next to the bed. I look at her and say." NO NO NO", "I don't do spankings. I don't like them. I have never been spanked in my life" I tell Mary. But she has YES YES YES in her eyes.

"Well Mary said, maybe if someone would have spanked you when you were a baby you would have learned that it is wrong to fib". She grabs my right wrist hard and pulls me over her lap.

"I'm not the fibber" Mary said. I replied "I didn't fib". Oh no.

What type of stories do you write Carl? "Children's books"? Mary said (before I had a chance to answer).

"That my baby boy is a fib".

"Naughty little babies who fid are spanked by their mommies and they don't have a thing to say about it". With that she smacks me right in the middle of my two hinny cheeks. SMACK SMACK SMACK. I jump with pain but don't say a word.

"You're a bad baby. I will not have you fibbing to your mommy". SMACK SMACK SMACK. Now I'm feeling the pain. Mary really means business.

"Owe stop it hurts" I yell.

"Mary said with a giggle"

"They're supposed to hurt. You're a naughty baby". SMACK SMACK SMACK.

"I don't like to be spanked" I yell again hoping she would stop. Mary said, "Well I don't like fibbers". SMACK SMACK SMACK.

"Mary, please stop".

"What's my name baby boy"? Mary! SMACK SMACK SMACK.

"Wrong answer" she laughs. Mar... Mom... mommy, mommy. That's better SMACK SMACK.. Now I'm crying with the .pain.

"Peeasse stop mommy, no more fibbing I b good".

"Let this be your first lesson in my house" she said.

"I'm your mommy and you are my 13 month baby boy".

"If you forget this #1 rule I will not hesitate to remind you of it again". Mary lets me up. I'm crying uncontrollably. My hinny is on fire. Mary pulls me close to her and hugs me tight. She rubs my on fire hinny and said, "Mommy loves her new baby boy". Unless you listen to mommy her new baby boy will find himself back at the park writing dirty adult baby stories instead of being in one.

"Your choose", she said.

"If you do not like or want what is going on then you will be given the opportunity to leave" she said sadly.

"But"! If you are enjoying this, you may stay as long as you want. All you have to do is remember rule #1 which is? I reply in between sobbing "I must do ... what ever my mommy ... tells me to". Very good. Now what will it be Mr. Carl? Still crying, I thought about what has been going on. I'm really enjoying the situation I'm in. I hug her and say OK. She hugs me tight as if she is very happy with my decision. Mary picks me up again and places me on my back on the changing pad. She reaches in to my diaper bag and grabs a clean diaper. Mary lifts my legs and places the diaper under my super red hinny. I hear her giggle a little as she puts my legs back down. I'm still crying a little. Mary reaches into her pocket and pulls out a blue pacifier and places it into my mouth. My crying slows down as I start to suck on the pacifier. She reaches to the side of the bed and picks up my Teddy Bear and puts it onto my chest. I smile big at my big Teddy. Mary spreads my legs, sprinkles baby powder and rubs it in. She pulls the diaper between my legs and tapes the diaper tightly. Mary is smiling. It seems she is very happy that out of the blue she has her own baby boy to care for. I can feel something special in the care that Mary is providing. I do know that I'm feeling, comfortable, warm, secure and very loved.

To be continued. . . . . .

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