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Part 3

Written by: Baby Jay NY

Mary finished taping the diaper nice and tight she reached into the draw where she took the changing pad and pulled out a pair of Teddy Bear printed plastic pants. Again I am wondering why she has these things. How do you like these my little baby boy? See they match your new Teddy Bear mommy gave you today. These pants belonged to my' son Johnny. We call him John now because he is 26. John was a bed wetter until he was 18 or 19. It was very hard washing all those sheets and all his PJ's while I was working a full time job. So I decided to put him into diapers and plastic pants at night. Mary is putting my legs threw the holes in the plastic pants as she is finally explaining why she has all these baby cloths. He got so use to them that, I was still babying him up until he graduated from college. He got a job through his college this past June. The only deal was he had to move to Seattle. I enjoyed babying him and so did his sister Heather. Heather is 28 she is married about 6 years. The poor dear. Michael had a very bad car accident and was paralyzed.

Heather is always there taking care of him. Feeding him, bathing him, changing his diapers. He sleeps most of the day because of the constant pain. He treated Heather really well while he was able to provide for her. The insurance money provides for them now. She has a nurse that takes care of him too. When she is tired or needs to go shopping, the nurse is there to take her place and care for Michael. They live right down the block. She got lots of practice with changing diapers. She changed Johnny, I mean John while he was living here. There was never anything sexual about our care. We just enjoyed babying him and he enjoyed being our baby. I really miss having a baby around here until now, you little cutie. Yes you are. You're my little cutie now. I was so interested in her story that I didn't notice that she had put on a cute tee shirt with the cookie monster on the front of it. OK all done.. Is my baby hungry? I nodded my head yes. Mary helped me up and leads me by my hand to the kitchen. All I have on is my diaper, plastic pants and a tee shirt. You look so cute she said as we enter the kitchen. She sits me in a chair and ties a big bib around my neck that she got from the kitchen draw. From the cabinet she grabs a bowl, milk, cereal and a spoon.

She fills the bowl with Cheerios and pours some milk in the bowl. I reach for the spoon but she slaps my hand away. Babies your age do not feed themselves. Mommy feeds her baby. With airplane and choo choo sounds she starts to feed me. Soon we make all gone and she washes my hands and face. She leaves the bib on and grabs my hand and leads me into the living room. Mary sits me in the middle of the couch and said, "Mommy will get you something to wash down your din din".

"You stay put".

I have this great feeling, that this is OK and that I'm no longer embarrassed. I'm enjoying myself. I have my eyes closed enjoying all these new feelings when I feel Mary sit on the couch on my left side. I open my eyes and .smile at her, she smiles back and said "OK ready for some ba ba". Mary picks me up and places me across her lap face up with my head resting on her right shoulder the way babies lay to be feed. We get comfortable and she reaches to the end table and brings to my lips a baby bottle filled with warm milk. She slips the nipple between my lips and I start sucking.

Good boy she cooed. I was thinking more of a real nipple. Mary is tickling me under my chin and tickling my belly. She looks down and said, "Now if only I can get this pee pee of yours down so you can go to sleepy". I open one eye and smile at her. I finished half the bottle and she picks me up and puts me over her shoulder and tries to burp me. The only sound I made didn't come from the north direction it came 'from the south. She laughed and said "I guess I rubbed the wrong button". Mary continues to feed me the bottle until it is completely empty.

She holds me close and tight to her. I feel warm and contented just like a real baby. I'm so relaxed that even my pee pee is starting to relax but I didn't want it to relax. I looked up and saw she had her eyes closed so I started to nibble at her titty right threw her blouse. I was hoping she would get the hint. Mary opened her eyes and said is my baby still thirsty? Well I can help him with that. She pushes me up a little so she could remove her blouse. Her right nipple was right in front of my face. I was looking at every little babies and every baby boys dream. Here we are. Mommy doesn't want her baby to go to bed thirsty. Mary holds the back of my head firmly and guided it to her right nipple. I opened my mouth and take the nipple and started to suckle. I was in Heaven. Never had I ever felt like this before. I was getting so turned on that I wanted more. My right hand started rubbing its way up over her belly and under her left breast.

I started to massage it and play with the nipple. She had her head back on the couch with her eyes closed. She was breathing a little harder and deeper as I continued my attention. My hand started to go back down to her belly. My hand passed by for a short tickle on her belly button and proceeded to her waist. There I found her waist band for her pants and panties. I pushed my way under the bands and followed down over my mommy's hair. I tickled there on my way down. I reached my goal and started to massage her clit. She-was already wet I had no problem getting two fingers to enter her. I pushed my fingers into her again and again. Her hips were in motion with my fingers. She was breathing real deep and very fast. Mary started to remove her pants and her panties at the same time. With my other hand I help her off with them as they fell to the floor. I switch suckling her nipples. A little here a little over there.

My mouth started its way down her belly. I start kissing and licking her all over. Down to her belly button and threw my mommies hair. Licking and kissing all the way down. My mouth moves to her very wet baby door and I start licking and sucking her. My fingers are doing a magic dance in her. I am working over time and I can smell and hear that I am pleasing my mommy and that is what I want to do. Please her for the attention she has been giving me. Without warning, Mommy pushes me to the other side of the couch and jumps on top of me kissing me all over. She is kissing me deep in my mouth with her tongue. Mommy removes my plastic pants. She rips off my diaper. When she is done she starts her way down my belly.

Kissing and licking all the way down to my pee pee. She opens her mouth and takes me in. Mommy is sucking my pee pee and my balls. She has me almost ready to unload. She stops and jumps on top of me. She places my pee pee into her and starts to ride up and down on it. I hear her really breathing hard and heavy. She is touching me all over my body. She has a hold of my hair and is pulling it for all she was worth. Mommy lets out a yell, my balls tighten up and I let my load go straight up into her. She rides me harder and yells again. Oh what a good baby you are. That's it baby make mommy feel good. Oh what a good baby I have, "oh yes". Mommy lets my hair go and she lays exhausted on my chest. She leans her head by my ear and tells me.

"OH what a good baby you are". I smile at her knowing that I pleased her and that she is happy. I try to catch my breath too and relax in her arms. She has her arms around me hugging me tight.

We lay there in each others arms for about 20 minutes or so. Mommy gets up and leaves the room. She returns with her bath rob on and a warm wash cloth and a clean diaper and baby powder. Mary lifts my legs up and places the diaper under me. She lowers my legs down and starts to clean me up. She bends down and whispers in my ear again. I may never let you grow up then kisses me lightly on my lips. Mommy continues to wash me clean. She spreads my legs and powders my front door and my back door each time rubbing the powder in. I don't want my baby to get a diaper rash front or back. She pulls the diaper between my legs and tapes the ends nice and tight.

I feel as relaxed and snug as a bug in a rug. Mommy replaces my plastic pants and makes sure they are protecting me from an accident. You were such a good baby tonight you are going to sleep with mommy. Mommy locks the front door and turns the lights out. She picks me up and we head for her bedroom. Her bed is a king size with big posts and fluffy pillows. The bed spread is already pulled down. She puts me under the covers and tells me she will be right back. A few minutes later she returns looking all refreshed. She slips under the covers with me. She turns the lights out. Mommy turns and puts her arm around me.

"Good night baby boy. I am never letting you go. I'm going to baby you and care for- you until you are at least 60 years old". We drift slowly to sleep in each others arms.

To be continued. . . . . .

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