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Part 4

Written by: Baby Jay NY

I slept like a baby last night, no cares, no troubles and no alarm clocks. I'm feeling this unbelievable feeling of love after last night's love making. I'm lying in mommies' bed with a big smile. I was such a good baby last night that mommy let me sleep in her bed with her. I remember going to sleep with her arm around me. I hear the door open and I open my eyes to see Mommy entering the room. How did my baby sleep last night she coos? I smile warmly at her as she comes over and sits on the side of her bed. She kisses me on my forehead and reaches into the leg of my plastic pants to see if I am wet. My baby didn't go pee pee last night or this morning. Don't you always go pee pee when you first wake up? Maybe, I will give the baby a few extra minutes to correct what is expected of all babies, and that is to do pee pee in their diapers.

Mommy gets up and leaves the room. I didn't pee in my diaper while I was sleeping but I do have to go now. So I close my eyes and relax and let the pee pee flood my diaper. I'm enjoying the warm and very secure feeling. I hear mommy come back into the room. Did my baby wet his diaper? I'm smiling enjoying the warm feeling between my legs. She sees my smile and pulls the covers down to the end of the bed. She can tell by the yellow stain in my plastic pants that I did as she requested. Good baby she said. OK now its time for breakfast. Mommy helps me out of bed and grabs my hand and we walk to the kitchen. I sit in my chair and she ties the bib around my neck. She walks over to the counter and grabs a dish and a spoon. Mommy sits down next to me and starts to feed me scrambled eggs and potatoes. I'm hungry so I am eating the eggs as fast as mommy can shovel it in. Mommy finishes feeding me washes my hands and face.

Mommy picks me up puts me on a blanket in the living room. She turns cartoons on. Here you go baby, here is your ba ba. Drink it all up and be a good baby while mommy eats her breakfast. When I am done it will be bath time. By the time she returns I have finished my ba ba. I'm watching cartoons and laughing like a 1 year old. She comes in and said, "Why is it that all men and boys no matter how old they are love cartoon"? Mommy picks me up and we are off to the bath room. There is a bubble bath waiting for me. She takes my tee shirt, plastic pants and diaper off. Mommy takes one look at all the hair around my pee pee and said "babies don't have any hair down there yet" Mommy lays me on the rug. She reaches into the medicine cabinet and gets a can of shaving cream and a razor. Mommy puts the shaving cream all over and starts to shave off all my hair. My pee pee, balls, legs, chest, arms are now as smooth as a real baby.

Mommy picks me up and places me into the tub. There are a number of boats floating in the water so I start playing with them. We hear the door bell and Mommy said, "Now who can that be"? You, little one stay put and don't get out of the tub. She leaves and closes the door behind her. I'm playing with the boats and realize that she has been gone about 15 minutes. I can't hear a thing because the door is closed. I get curious and get out of the tub and put my ear next to the bath room door to see if I can hear anyone. I don't hear a thing so I open the door a crack to investigate. I didn't realize that mommy and a lady were right out side the door. I close the door in a hurry and tried to get back into the tub but the door opens and Mommy catches me half in and half out of the tub. With a very angry voice Mommy said, "You bad baby".

"I thought I told you to stay put and not to get out of the tub". I can see that someone needs to be reminded of my rules again. Come on in Heather. Heather this is your baby brother Carl. Carl this is your big sister Heather. I look up and said to myself, "Heather is knock out beautiful". What a doll. Long brown hair, blue eyes a cute little body "about 5' 2". I start to grab as many bubbles that are left in the tub to cover my naked ness. She laughs and said,

"Don't be silly". I've seen little babies pee pees before. I have a husband home that is just like you. I bath him, feed him and even change his diapers. I see him naked everyday. So I know what's under those bubbles. I smile back at her and say "Hi". Boy Mom Heather said, "I guess you really must miss John"? "Johnny was always a good baby" Mommy said. But baby Carl is a little better if you know what I mean. Heather hesitated for a few minutes and then said, "OH a little better" and gave her mom a wink. I had an idea what they where talking about but I said nothing. Mommy asked Heather "Would like some breakfast honey"? Sure Mom. OK then, you clean your baby brother while I am preparing your breakfast. When you dry him off call me. OK mom. Mommy turns to me and said, "And don't think I forgot about your misbehavior little one". I will deal with you later. Heather comes over and sits down next to the tub.

What's the matter baby kins is your mommy going to give your little hinny a spanking for not listening? OH my. I just realized that this beautiful young lady is going to bath me. This must be a dream I'm thinking to myself. I pinch my hinny and it hurts. Will I guess I must be a wake? Heather grabs a wash cloth and starts to lather it up. She starts cleaning me from my head to my belly button. Every thing that was above water. OK baby stand up so big sister can wash the rest of you. I hesitate for a few minutes. Come on. I told you I do this for my husband every day. The only difference is that you can move for me and he can't. UP. I take a deep breath and stand up. The first thing that poops into her view is my rock hard pee pee and my hairless crotch. For some reason I said I was sorry. Looks like mom gave baby a close shave.

Heather starts to relathers her wash cloth and starts at my back door. She cleans me inside and out. She moves her cloth to my legs and my feet. She comes up the front of my legs right to my balls and hairless crotch. She is now eye to eye with my pee pee. She is cleaning my balls but she has her eyes on my pee pee. She reaches over and starts to kiss and lick it. I feel a little funny and step back a little. She grabs me with the cloth and pulls me closer. She opens her mouth and slides me in between her lips and her tongue. Heather is washing my balls and sucking on my pee pee. I start to get rubber legs and have to hold on to her not to fall. I see her go down between her legs with her other hand and start to massage herself. When she touches herself I hear a very soft moan. Her speed is increasing and so is my arousement. The faster she is sucking me the faster she is fingering herself. I feel close to losing it and pull out of her mouth but that doesn't stop her from completing the job. I start to cum and Heather cums too. The wash cloth is over the tip of my pee pee and she grabs it all in the cloth. We recover and she puts the cloth into the sink. Heather helps me sit down in the water so she can rinse me off. As she is rinsing me off, she leans closer to me and whispers in my ear.

"Thank you Baby Brother I needed that". Heather helps me out of the tub and dries me off and wraps the towel around me. As we are leaving the bath room, she yells.

"OK mom we are done Heather grabs my hand like a big sister and we head for my bed room.

To be continued. . . . . .

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After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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