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Found Out and Punished

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Well, let me see where I should start. I have had a fascination with disposable diapers for

as long as I can remember. I have managed to keep this little secret for a very long time. I

am married, 42 years old and have three kids. One day a couple of years ago I purchased

my first package of adult disposable diapers. It took me only a couple of seconds when I

got home to try one on. Man what a feeling I can't even begin to explain how excited I

was. I messed around for a while and then decided I needed to try and see if I could pee

in them. It took me forever, I tried sitting in a chair and laying down with nothing to

show for it but a very full bladder. Eventually I ended up standing leaning against the

bathroom counter with my legs spread apart. That was when it finally came. That warm

flow that flooded into my diaper and felt so good I couldn't wait to do it again. And I did,

I did that every chance I could get. On several occasions I would wear my diapers to

work. I found I could sit at my desk and pee and no one would ever know. After I would

pee, I could sit there wet and enjoy the wonderful feeling. After a while I found I could

pee in them a couple of times with out leaking so I could wear the same diaper for a

longer time. I just love the heave baggy feeling you get when you are very wet. After

doing this for a while I decided I needed to progress to all day in the same diaper. Well, I

am a heavy wetter so I needed to find a way to keep the chance of leaking down. I

searched the internet and found just what I needed. A pair of adult sized plastic pants. I

saw them and fell in love. As soon as I found them I broke out the old credit card and yep

they were on the way. After a couple of anxious days of waiting and speeding home from

work so I would be sure to be the one to bring in the mail, they were finally here. They

were just what the, add said they would be. While they were a little larger, they looked

exactly like what II remember them looking like when the cloth diapers were big. Bad

news though, my wife would be home in just a little while and I would need to have them

stashed away so she wouldn't see them. Although we had an open relationship and had

tried some kinky things I didn't think she would like the idea of her man being a big

baby. After a couple of days my schedule and hers got to the point where I could try out

my hidden treasure. I put my diaper on and then my beloved new plastic pants. The way

they hugged my legs and my waist I just knew there was no way they would leak so I

could wear the same diaper all day and go whenever I wanted to. I did this for so long

that I became aware that at times I would be wet and not even realize I had gone. My

wife even said a couple of times I smelled like pee, like a baby that needed to be changed.

I got to the point where I, peed the bed a couple of times and since my wife was so mad

about it I decided I needed to quit wearing. I stashed my diapers and plastic pants under

the head of our waterbed and forgot about them. I began to try and retrain myself like a

child. I set my watch to chime on the hour so I would remember to go to the potty.

Things were going pretty well until I got caught in a traffic jam and had an accident.

When I got home my, was very upset. She asked if I was turning into a big baby. This

caused a huge argument and we ended up not talking for a while. I slept on the couch for

a while until we made up. Well after a while things got back to normal and life was going

fine. That is until I came home from work to find our waterbed mattress out in the yard. It

had sprung a leak during the day and my wife had drained it and cleaned up the water that

came out of it. We decided we didn't want to risk another leak so we went to get a

mattress that would fit into our waterbed frame. This turned out to be a California king

mattress. Now I don't know if you have ever bought a mattress this large but they are

expensive and as it turns out very hard to find sheets for. At the end of the day my wife

was very cranky. I decided to put the mattress into the frame. After I did this I told my

wife if she made the bed I would fix us some dinner. Well remember the diapers and

plastic pants I stashed under the head of the bed? Well I didn't, when my wife went to put

the sheets on the bed she found them. She came into the kitchen without saying a work,

she fixed me a soda and she fixed her a glass of ice water. I didn't think anything of it so

I drank it down and we talked for a little bit. What I didn't know was that she had put a

couple of crushed up sleeping pills into my soda. Well the pills did the trick because I

ended up falling asleep sitting in a chair. When I came too, I was wearing a diaper along

with my plastic pants. My wife was sitting next to me and once she was sure I was awake

and paying attention she began to explain a few things to me. First of all she told me I

was the one who bought the diapers and plastic pants so I was going to be the one who is

going to wear them. Also she told me that for the foreseeable future I was going to be on

a baby's diet, all of my food was going to be puréed and I would be drinking formula just

like the baby I apparently wanted to be. She also informed me that I was not to use the

restroom. I bought diapers and plastic pants so I was going to use them just like a baby

would regardless of where I was or who was around.

Now, she said, I have laid you out some clothes so get into the bedroom and get changed

into them. When I got into the bedroom I saw she had laid out an old pair of sweat pants

and a white t shirt. When I put them on it was very obvious I was not going to be hiding

the fact that I was wearing a diaper and plastic pants. This was made even more obvious

when I walked, the sweat pants seemed to magnify the sound of the plastic pants. When I

came out of the bedroom she was laughing at me. She told me to come with her. We went

to the car and she told me I was to ride in the back seat. I got in and when I looked up she

was there to put my seatbelt on me. We drove through town to a pharmacy and she told

me to come with her. When we got inside we went to the incontinence aisle. When we

were there for a little while a lady asked if we needed help. My wife told her we needed

the thickest and noisiest diapers she had. Well these turned out to be made by molicare

and I will give them credit, they are thick. My wife told the lady I would be wearing one

home so she asked if there was a bathroom where she could change me. The lady led us

into the back room where there was an actual changing station. My wife made me get up

on the table and she fastened a strap over my arms and chest. I was stuck until I was

released. After I was strapped down my wife told me she would be right back. When she

went out she asked the lady if they had suppository laxatives and an enema kit. The lady

started to laugh so hard I could hear her where I was. The lady told my wife she had idea

if my wife was game and if I was really as bad as my wife was making me out to be. She

told my wife that they had some muscle relaxant that some doctor ordered and never

picked up. She said it was so strong that it would render that part of the body useless.

Well they came back with a couple of pretty big smiles. My wife took hold of my pants,

pulled them down around my ankles and also did the same with my plastic pants. Then

she undid my diaper when it was loose she lifted my legs when up so my knees were

against my chest. When they were there she began to smile again and I felt a sharp stick

right in my sphincter and then a burning sensation. My wife held my legs up like that for

a little while then she and the lady traded places. The lady held my legs and my wife

went to work. My wife pushed two of the suppository laxatives into my rectum as far as

she could reach. Then she took the enema and inserted it and squeezed the contents into

me as well. With a very big smile my wife said there all set baby, you are going to know

what it is really like to need to wear diapers. She proceeded to take one of the new

diapers and place it under my bottom and pulled it up between my legs. My legs were

lowered and she finished my diaper off by taping it into place. She pulled my plastic

pants back up and that barely fit over the new diaper. She checked to make sure the

diaper was inside at the legs and then she unstrapped me and told me to get up. When I

stood up she checked the top of my plastic pants to see that they were secure as well and

pulled my sweat pants back into place. On the ride home she told me that the pain I felt

was an injection that would make me have absolutely no poop or pee control. She said I

would be lucky if I had any feeling at all down there for several days. As we were driving

home she decided to stop and get me some food and some formula. When we pulled in

she saw something that caught her eye. It was a tattoo parlor. She told me if I gave her

any trouble I was out on my ear as I was dressed and she would let everyone know I was

a big baby who pooped and peed my pants. When we went in the parlor she told me to lie

down on my belly while she talked to the man. The man came over and took his belt off

and wrapped it around me and the table and once again I was stuck only this time I was

face down. The man pulled up my shirt and he pulled my diaper down a little. He took

out a pen of some kind and started to draw. It was going to be pretty big whatever it was

going to be. After he was done drawing he asked if that was what my wife had in mind

and she said it was perfect. He took his tattoo gun out and went to work. After a long

while he said he was done. He let me loose and told me to take a look before he put a

bandage over it to protect it. I nearly passed out, it showed a baby in a diaper that said

Baby Poopy Pants in an arch over the picture. We left there and went into the store. I was

walking funny because I was in a very thick diaper and I was sore from the tattoo. My

wife walked over to the baby food section and began to pick out several kinds of food.

She also picked up a large amount of formula. This didn't really bother me, I figured it

would be just like powered milk. When we were walking around I began to cramp up I

told my wife we needed to get out of the store because I wouldn't be able to hold it for

long. She laughed and said if I mess in here there will be a punishment. Before she was

even done it was too late, I couldn't stop it, the muscle relaxer did its job and I could do

nothing back there to prevent the mess. My wife looked at me as she heard the diaper

filling up and could tall by the look on my face that it was a mess. She said well my

stinky baby lets go get a punishment. As we walked she reached behind me and rubbed

my bottom smearing the mess in and squishing it all around. She walked me over to the

jewelry counter and made me sit down on a stool next to the counter. She walked over

and talked to the girl behind the counter and discussed a few things. When they were

done they both came over to me. The girl said someone sure was a stinky little baby. She

walked around behind me and took a pen and marked 2 places on my ears she then told

me my wife said I was going to be a baby girl now since I was a messy baby. So there I

was getting my ears double pierced. That wasn't so painful but they decided that I needed

pink studs and little ballerinas in the other holes. From there we went home I had to sit in

my messy diaper for a few hours before my wife would change me. By then I was

beginning to get a nice little rash. While my wife was changing me she used a couple

more suppositories I knew what she was doing this time but decided to play it cool and

hope that she decided to let off. When she was done with changing me she fixed me a

bottle of formula, this is when I found out that baby formula doesn't taste anything like

powered milk. When I was done with my formula I was told it was my nap time so I was

laid down and I went right to sleep. When I woke up I was soaked, so my wife changed

me. She took me out and fed me my dinner and let me be to myself for a while. While I

was sitting around I needed to go again and it just came without me trying very hard at

all. My just happened to be looking in on me to see me kind of hunched over and she

asked if I was being a poopy baby again. I looked at her and didn't say a word. She then

told me that I would get used to it after a while so to just go with the flow and enjoy what

I brought on myself.

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